Coin Master is a fun spin-to-win game that includes raiding and attacking other players’ villages to earn cards and coins.

You only get a few spins per hour.

But you can buy more.

Or, to get paid to play Coin Master, you can implement the methods in this article to get free spins and coins.

A couple of the methods even pay you in real money.

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Why Get Paid to Play Coin Master

Coin Master implements gambling principles to keep you engaged in the game.

It makes you want to compulsively keep playing because of the reward-risk aspect of the game.

Because Coin Master is so compelling, you may be more willing to buy spins to continue playing the game when the free spins run out.

However, you can get paid to play coin master by finding other ways to get free spins.

Also, getting paid to play Coin Master can help your friends and family.

You can give them free spins through social media, let them raid your coins, and even sell you account to them.


10 Best Ways to Get Paid to Play Coin Master


1. Get Free Spins, Coins, and Game Cards

You get paid to play Coin Master through free spins, coins, and game cards that you would otherwise pay to get.

Usually, you have to spend about $1.99 to get 30 more spins.

Spins are used to win.

  • Coins
  • Hammers
  • More spins
  • Raids
  • Sheilds

You level up in Coin Master by building villages.

The villages cost about $3 million to almost $6 billion each and there are at least 343 villages to be build.

Since you only get a few spins per day in the game, you would have to spend a lot of money to build the villages.

However, you can avoid paying for them by finding free spins and coins.


2. Sell Stuff to Friends

The Coin Master game lets you send coins and other things to friends through the gift button.

You can sell coins, game cards, chests, and pet food to get paid to play Coin Master.

You could also trade items with your friends so you do not have to keep paying for spins to win them.

For example, the in-game cards are very popular to collect.

They can be hard to find since there are so many for each level.

To get a complete collection, you can trade with friends instead of continuing to spin.


3. Follow Coin Master on Social Media

Coin Master gives away a lot of free spins on its social media every day.

You can follow all of its different accounts to receive that many more spins.

Coin Master also gives away spins for special events, playing games, sharing and commenting on posts, and inviting friends to join the page.

For example, Coin Master had a contest for winning 800 spins and pet food for people who identified two matching dogs in its picture.


4. Work for Moon Active

Moon Active developed the Coin Master game.

They are based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Moon Active has many job openings.

For example, you can get paid to play Coin Master by testing the game as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

You could also work for Moon Active in marketing, human resources, and several other departments.


5. Learn to Level Up Fast

The faster you level up, the more spins you get.

You level up by building villages.

Each village requires five buildings and each building must be leveled up to a five-star rating.

Amazon has guides for playing Coin Master where you can learn to level up faster.

There are a lot of game guides online, as well.

Moreover, streaming gamers sometimes play Coin Master and give tips for leveling up.


make money playing coin master game


6. Sell Your Coins and Spins on Online Auction Sites

If you are good at raiding villages for coins, you may have an excess of coins.

You can sell these to people just starting out in the game.

A spin is not guaranteed to result in coins, so people may pay a premium for the coins outright.

You can also get paid to play Coin Master by selling spins.

For example, one listing on eBay was selling 55,000 spins for $125.

When you sell coins and spins, you will need to accept payment off platform since Coin Master does not provide a way to transfer payments.

You would then send the coins and spins to the other person through the gift option in the Coin Master game.


7. Follow Gamers on Social Media

Gamers will give away free spins, coins, and other in-game items to increase followers on their social media pages.

To find them, search for popular hashtags like #coinmaster and #giveaway.

Be sure to do all of the required tasks to receive the free spins and coins.

For example, many want you to like, follow, and share their posts.


8. Download Apps for Free Spins and Coins

There are apps that pay you to play Coin Master by collecting all of the free spins and coins links for you each day.

You can also do things like watch advertisements and share videos on your social media to earn spins and coins.

These apps are usually free, but they have a lot of advertisements to make money.

Most of the apps have the same links, so you may not see much benefit to downloading more than one or two of the apps.

Read this for apps that pay you just for downloading and installing them.


9. Make Money Participating in Coin Master Events

The game has random events where you can win free spins and coins.

Participating in every event possible will earn a lot of free spins and coins.

Typically, the events are fun and easy to complete.

Sometimes, you even win rare prizes like cards and pet food.


10. Modifying the Coin Master Game

There are modifications you can download and install that alter the Coin Master game.

Several of these make it easier to get spins, coins, cards, and other items.

However, modifying the game to have unlimited spins and all of the cards destroys the reward-risk aspect of the game.

There is no challenge, no reward you do not already have, and no risk to playing the game.


10 Best Companies to Get Paid to Play Coin Master


1. Coin Master

If you sign up with Coin Master using your email address, spins and in-game gold will be sent to your email every day.

Coin Master requires you to use your Facebook account to play.

Be sure your Facebook account is linked to a real email address that you check to ensure that you receive the daily free items from Coin Master.

Click here to check out Coin Master


2. QA Mooncamp

Moon Active, the developer of Coin Master, offers a QA Mooncamp where you can learn about doing quality assurance for their games.

Quality assurance tests games for bugs and requirements, which sometimes means playing Coin Master.

QA Engineers are paid very well.

They usually make about $55,000 per year.

With Moon Active’s QA Mooncamp, you can get paid to play Coin Master and start a new career.

Click here to check out QA Mooncamp


3. Coin Master Twitter

Coin Master’s Twitter is one of many social media accounts where Coin Master gives free spins, coins, and other game items away for free.

They sometimes post multiple times a day, so it is worth following the account.

Note that a lot of accounts may look like they are the real Coin Master account, but they are unofficial.

Those give away spins and coins, as well, but the official Coin Master gives away the most.

Click here to check out Coin Master Twitter


Get Paid to Play Coin Master


4. eBay

Gamers sell coins, spins, and other game items on auction sites like eBay.

As of November 2021, there are over 600 listings for Coin Master items on eBay.

People who buy mobile game items from other gamers often know to check eBay first.

It is one of the top locations on the internet for selling game items like Coin Master coins and spins.

You can get paid to play Coin Master by selling your spins, coins, collectibe cards, and other game achievements.

Click here to check out eBay


5. Develop Your Life

Develop Your Life has an app called Spin Link in the Google Playstore that lets you win free spins and coins.

It also gives you rewards for sharing the app with friends.

The Spin Link app has almost 120,000 downloads in the Google Playstore and a near five-star rating.

Click here to check out Develop Your Life


6. Gamepur

Gamepur is a website that posts links every day to free spins for coins in Coin Master.

They collect links from around the web to share with its followers.

For example, Gamepur posts links to Facebook posts for free spins and coins.

Gamepur suggests leaving your game on the village screen when changing to view its website because it is faster.

Gamepur also posts videos on how to find rare items in Coin Master.

Click here to check out Gamepur


7. Level Winner Game Guide

The Level Winner Game Guide teaches you how to build every village, attack villages, and raid villages to level up fast in Coin Master.

The faster you level up, the more coins you have to sell.

You get paid to play Coin Master by following the Level Winner guide and earning coins and spins quickly.

Click here to check out Level Winner Game Guide


8. DGW Studio

DGW Studio has an app in the Google Playstore where you can earn free spins and coins and get tips on playing the game.

The app is very simple and easy to use.

The DGW Studio app has over 30,000 downloads and a near five-star rating.

It provides daily links to both coins and spins.

Click here to check out DGW Studio


9. RedMoonPie Mod

RedMoonPie has a modification for the Coin Master game that gives you unlimited spins and unlocks all of the cards.

You will need to download the APK from the website to your phone.

After the modification is downloaded, you just open it to install the modification.

Click here to check out RedMoonPie Mod


10. YouTube

YouTube allows you to start your own channel where you could discuss playing Coin Master and other games.

You can build a following and eventually get your channel monetized.

If your channel is monetized, you are paid to play Coin Master through ad revenues during your videos.

If your YouTube channel becomes popular enough, you may be able to become an affiliate with Moon Active.

Then, you might be given free spins and coins to give away to your followers, thus increasing viewers and pay from your monetization.

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Risks in Installing a Modification

When you install a modification, you give permission to the developer to make changes to your device.

Although you may only want the changes to be related to the game, the developer may have other modifications as well.

Sometimes, modifications collect user data or otherwise compromise the security of your device.

A badly designed modification could also make your system unstable and not work properly.


Best Way to Get Paid to Play Coin Master

The best way to get paid to play Coin Master is the way that pays real money in the most reliable way.

Going through Moon Active’s Mooncamp to become a QA engineer is the best way to get paid to play Coin Master.

You emerge with excellent skills and a long-lasting career.


Making Money Playing Coin Master FAQs


Does Coin Master Pay Real Money?

The majority of the ways you get paid to play Coin Master do not pay real money.

But a couple of methods pay real money.

Specifically, being a QA Engineer and testing the game, and having a streaming channel pay real money.

Also, selling your coins and spins to others pays real money.


What Other Games Are Like Coin Master?

Moon Active, the Coin Master developer, also has a game called Pet Master.

Other developers have produced similar games.

For example, there is Island Master, Pirate Master, and Coin Kingdom.



You can get paid to play Coin Master with free spins, free coins, collectible cards, and even real money.

The primary way you will be paid is with free coins and spins.

But working as a quality assurance engineer or selling your coins on online auction platforms pay real money.