Getting paid to play video games or earning from it is rapidly becoming a popular side hustle.

There are lots of video games that can make you extra bucks or more depending on the time you dedicate to playing it, your proficiency, and the amount of information available at your disposal.

Apex Legends is one such game, and you’re about to unravel how you can turn playing the game into a source of income.

If you love playing Apex Legends, then you are in luck as you can really get paid playing it!

This article reveals the best ways to get paid to play Apex Legends and best apps that pay or help you get paid.

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Requirements to Play Apex Legend or Earn From It

If you’re above 16 years of age, then you already qualify to play this game.

The Battle Royal game was launched in Feb 2019, and since then, it has gone on to become one of the most popular eSport video games.

However, certain things are required to play this game or earn from it.

They include:

  • Appropriate Gadget – As of now, Apex Legend isn’t available on smartphones. You can only enjoy it on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Hence, you need any of these gadgets to play the game.
  • Time – You need to dedicate more time to playing the game to advance to a new level and develop your skills if you want to earn from this game.
  • Skilled Gameplay – Your proficiency in gameplay is needed to earn from Apex legend, as skillful players have more tendency to earn than novices.
  • Information – Equipping yourself with the right information by reading blogs and articles like this also helps you earn from playing the game.


How to Make Money or Get Paid to Play Apex Legend

Once you have all the requirements to play the game and earn from it, the next thing is to know how to go about it.

Below are the various options you can explore:


1. Live Game Streaming

Here’s a sure-fire way of earning from playing Apex Legend.

If you’ve got excellent gameplay skills, humor, and a pleasant personality, you can get paid to entertain your viewers playing the game.

You must keep your viewers engaged and entertained during your live stream.

Money comes through paid subscriptions, donations, ads, affiliate marketing, among others.


2. Tournaments

It is rare to see an eSport video game stage an international tournament.

Unlike others, Apex Legend is known to stage international tournaments for players.

Its first international tournament was organized in January 2020.

Several teams competed for up to $3million prize money after qualifying in the regional rounds.

However, certain criteria are required to qualify for the Apex Legend Global Series.

You can earn from the competition by being part of the winners, and also by receiving a salary as a professional player from your team.


3. Coaching

A lot of individuals are making a career in becoming video gaming coaches.

Gaming experts with the ability to impart others with knowledge can get paid to help people build their skills through paid sessions of teaching and training.

The duration of the tutorial, your experience, and your level of proficiency determines how much you can make from doing this.


4. Placing Bets

You can also earn by placing bets with fellow players or friends or betting against the bookies online.

While official betting for Apex legend hasn’t gained much ground, it is believed that more betting opportunities are coming as the game’s acceptance increases.

Like every game, when you are betting against bookies at certain odds, your earnings would be your stake multiplied by odds plus other add-ons.


5. Video Tutorials

Sharing paid tips and tricks to get better at playing the game on platforms like YouTube can help you earn from Apex legend.

However, you need to be consistent with your video uploads and ensure the contents you’re sharing is practicable and valuable.

Beyond the paid subscription, ads, affiliate marketing, and brand ambassadorship are some other ways you can earn from it.


6. Freelancing

It is important to mention that people offer a paid service of playing Apex Legend for individuals looking to play with random people.

Most freelance platforms allow you to list this service, and you can get paid to play with anyone looking to have fun online playing with you.

Your skill level and the hours you’re willing to dedicate determine how much you can earn.


7. Trading Legend Token

Trading the gold token for real money is another means of earning from Apex legend.

The token is used to unlock in-game characters and also to improve your character appearance and sophistication in a way that gives you an edge over other players.

You can earn gold by performing several tasks during the game.

However, some players prefer purchasing outright.

1,000 Apex coins sell for $9.99, and various platforms can help you connect to buyers.


8. Blogging

With much dedication and proper implementation, blogging is a proven way of making money from any video game.

You can provide updates on global Apex legend tournaments, tips to get better with the game, or even blog posts with the title How to earn from the game.

This will help you attract more traffic and earn more when these strategies are well executed.


9. Affiliate Marketing

Earning from Apex legend can also come from reselling branded merchandise affiliated to the game.

There are numerous eCommerce sites where sales can be made.

All that’s required of you is targeting the right audience — the game fans — and promoting your eCommerce account on your social media pages.


10. Organize Your Competition

Organizing an Apex legend event on your own can be another feasible means of making money from the game.

A periodic paid event where people gather to compete, have fun, and socialize can earn you handsome cash on the side through ticket fees, sponsorship, and donation.

However, you need to consider the legal implications and other things involved (e.g., safety concerns) before proceeding.


10 Best Companies & Apps That Can Help You Get Paid/Earn From Apex Legend


If you’re looking to get paid from playing Apex legend or earning from the game in general, do not fret because you’re not alone.

Below are the companies that can help you through this journey:

1. LegionFarm

This is one of the companies that can help you get paid with Apex Legend.

The platform connects you with individuals looking to understudy a coach to upgrade their gameplay skills.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Not only can you earn as a coach, but others can also visit the platform to find someone to play with. You can earn from legionFarm by signing up as a coach.


2. GamerSensei

Here’s another platform like Legion that connects players looking to develop their gameplay skills with skilled coaches known as sensei.

It is regarded as ‘the world premier coaching platform’ for highly-skilled professional video game coaches.

You can sign up with Gamer Sensei through this link.


3. Twitch

This is the most popular and widely used platform for live game streaming.

The platform allows you to display your gameplay skills to amuse and entertain your audience.

The different monetization tricks you can apply using this platform have been discussed above.

Get started with twitch here.


4. YouTube

Regarded as the third largest search engine globally, this platform helps you showcase your Apex legend-related content to billions of viewers.

The larger your audience, the more your chances of generating revenue.

This revenue generation is mostly through ads, subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and amount of views you have on your videos.

Click here to check out Youtube


5. Eneba

This is a platform that enables the trading of Apex coins.

They help you get paid by listing you as a seller, opening you to potential customers looking to purchase apex coins.

The price of selling coins on the platform is much discounted (to the buyer’s advantage), but it is safe and secure.

Since it is safe, you can easily get the right value for your coin.

Check out Eneba and start trading.


6. Amazon


Well, Amazon is another platform where trading of Apex coins for real money can take place.

You won’t be the first to introduce that on the platform, as other accounts sell something similar.

Leveraging the sales of Apex coins is another opportunity for you to earn extra cash.


7. GamerCoach

The platform lives up to its name, as it provides gamers with highly-skilled coaches for a paid amount.

If you’re confident of your skill level and you feel you meet the requirements, you can always apply through here to get started.


8. eSport

This company oversees the yearly Apex Legend Global Series competition – which is the most lucrative way of getting paid to play the game.

The returns you can get from the tournament can be as high as $90k or more.

Check out the eSport official website for modalities on how to enter the next ALGS.


9. Fiverr

It’s one of the most popular freelance platforms where you can offer various services, including playing Apex legend with someone.

Here’s an example of a Fiverr account offering the same service.

You can always sign up on Fiverr to set your account up and get started.


10. eBay

This is an eCommerce site where you can sell Apex Legend merchandise as an affiliate marketer.

It helps you connect to millions of potential customers and loyal fans of the game.

You can promote your eBay page on your different social platforms to boost sales.

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Making Money Playing Apex Legends FAQs


How Do You Enter the Apex Legend Global Series Tournament?

Participating in the ALGS tournament starts online. You can start by competing in qualifying for the regional events.

It is the major tier of any Apex Legend competition.

It requires a full team with all the players as a Gold IV or higher in ranked series 2.

Individuals aged 16 and above can register as a player and be part of a team.

It’s noteworthy that only individuals with top proficiency in playing the game can make it to ALGS.


How Do You Increase Your Twitch Audience?

Increasing your live stream game audience takes consistency and hard work.

Here are a few tips you can apply to achieve that

  • Ensure you keep your audience entertained with your gameplay skills and personality.
  • Promote your twitch page on all other social platforms.
  • Keep your existing audience satisfied and engaged through chatting and other means.
  • Urge your existing audience to tell friends about your page
  • Create a referral code and add incentives.


How Much Can You Make Playing Apex Legend?

This depends on your proficiency, consistency, and the amount of time you’re willing to dedicate.

One of the wealthiest Apex Legend Players Phillip ‘ImperialHal,’ has amassed $96k from competitions.

The path you choose to pursue in any of the listed methods above also affects the amount you can earn from playing Apex Legend


Is Apex Legend Available on Apple Mobile Device?

The game is currently unavailable for either Apple mobile devices or Android smartphones.

You can only enjoy it on Pc, Xbox One, and Ps4.

Also, it doesn’t support cross-platform gameplay, i.e., you can only play with players using the same system as yours.


Is Apex Legends Pay to Win?

If you consider the gameplay alone, Apex Legend isn’t a pay-to-win video game, making it more fun.

Your skills and character expertise determine your chances of winning any gunfight.

Hence, there’s no need to pay for anything to boost your chances of winning, the in-game items only improve your character’s appearance, and they add nothing to performance.



Like other video games, Apex legend can also be explored to get paid for playing it.

You can also earn by leveraging your knowledge and skills in the game.

By following any of the methods highlighted above strictly, you can make playing the game a side hustle or even a full-time job.

Beyond the monetary value that can be explored, Apex legend is an exciting game, and it quickly gained acceptance from users within a few days of release two years ago.

Thus, not knowing how to play the game is like missing out on the fun, entertainment, and a potential income source.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE