If you love to play Animal Crossing, did you know that you can get paid to play it?

Yes, there are people playing others to design, make, and build islands in Animal Crossing.

Here, we’ll go over how to get paid to play Animal Crossing and the 10 best companies that pay or help you get paid.


Why Get Paid to Play Animal Crossing

For some people, Animal Crossing is more than just something that they do for fun and giggles.

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It’s a way of life, and they might enjoy just putting different islands together.

Some people don’t want to do some of the hard work that comes with this, which means they’ll hire people to do this for them.

This can get you some good money, and you may get paid to develop and build islands.


How to Get Paid to Play Animal Crossing

There are a few ways to get paid to play Animal Crossing, but we’ll discuss the most popular ways to get paid to play Animal Crossing.


1. Designing Jobs

Yes, some people just don’t want to design their islands.

They’d rather outsource it to someone who will do the hard work for you.

While it’s not necessarily right and may include some manipulation, it can be fun, and if you like to make things and start interior design, there are a lot of different potentials out there.

Plus, you’re playing Animal Crossing, which makes it fun.


2. Terraforming

Some people think this is a little different than designing the houses and such, but terraforming is a term for getting the island’s design right through changing the structures and shapes.

This does require some time, and some people just don’t want to do it.

You can actually pay someone to terraform your island, and you can get paid to do this.

It might seem silly, but there is always someone out there not willing to do the legwork.


3. Streaming

Finally, you can make money playing Animal Crossing through streaming.

This should seem obvious, but lots of people don’t realize that they like watching others relax and just play Animal Crossing.

That’s the cool part of it!

And of course, you can definitely find different people out there who will watch you look at your island and offer some great insight on how to make it look good.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Play Animal Crossing

Here are 10 companies that might have some opportunities that’ll help you get paid to play Animal Crossing today!


1. Olivia’s

Olivia’s is a homeowner’s brand that has an interior design company directly in Animal Crossing.

They hire people to help decorate the interior portions of someone’s home, and this is available to everyone no matter what.

They are a luxury homeware brand that requires you to set up and offer feedback on their home, along with suggestions for them, and also any other design changes, and it can even pay you up to $40 an hour.

It sounds like the perfect job for those who know what they’re doing with this, and it’s a remote job that lets you give suggestions in your favorite video game.

Click here to check out Olivia’s


2. Frontier Bundles

They have frequent jobs where they offer money for you to do something.

This time, they offered 21 hours of video games, specifically Nintendo Switch games, which means that they want you to play lots of Animal Crossing.

You need to do it with a friend, which is one of the requirements, and they require you to have a session of 21 hours of gaming, and it can be a great way to earn some extra income too.

They have a bunch of different options, and they do these frequently, too, so you might want to check these out too and see if they have one that fits you.

Click here to check out Frontier Bundles


3. High-Speed Internet

This is another company similar to the last one that wants players to play Animal Crossing.

They don’t care if you’ve been playing this a long time or are a newbie, but you need to play 50 hours of Animal Crossing.

It’s a $1000 payment, around $20 an hour, and they do these often, so you might want to check-in if you’re not chosen.

You do need to apply through their website, and if the office is done, you can check their site to see if they offer other options to get paid to play Animal Crossing.

Click here to check out High-speed Internet


4. Cyber Games Arena

Cyber Games Arena, a competitive Hong Kong based gaming arena company, wanted people to come in and design islands and such for them.

They are a competitive gaming company but also wanted people to step in and design different spaces.

They wanted “specific islands,” and it pays pretty decently, based on a freelancing basis.

While they aren’t open right now, there are chances for more and more opportunities for you to play Animal Crossing for them.

Click here to check out Cyber Games Arena


5. YouTube

Want to make money just streaming different Animal Crossing features or doing chill Animal Crossing streams?

Well, now you can.

YouTube does have different ways for you to stream, and you can do so and actually build a fanbase just on that.

Once you start to do this, you can build the following, and from there, create a fanbase of people who like you and want to support you.

Plus, you can typically get ad revenue from YouTube, and it isn’t blocked either, which is pretty neat.

Check out the following for more information on playing games and getting paid:


6. Twitch

Is YouTube not what you’re into?

Well, why not try Twitch?

Twitch is a gaming platform similar to YouTube, but some people do like it better.

You can get subs, and they end up paying you later on.

It’s a reliable site, and it can be quite easy to get a fanbase going as well, especially if what you’re playing is Animal Crossing since you can advertise them as chill streams people can like.

Click here to check out Twitch


7. Upwork

There are people who will post their jobs asking for people to design and terraform their island here.

While it may not be common, on freelancing sites, people can pay you to design the island to their tastes, offering interior decorating or designing islands the same way that they want them to be.

The pay can be hourly, which can be a lot, but the downside is that the job is very few and far between on the sites.

But if you’re already using Upwork and want to see if there is a chance that you can get paid to do this, then there’s no harm in that, that’s for sure.

Click here to check out Upwork


get paid make money playing animal crossing


8. Owncast

Owncast is a platform for you to stream on that’s good if you don’t want to just work with the same corporate streaming services.

It’s ad-free, offers customization, is good for current software, and lets you also have streams on mobile.

The one downside is that you will have a community that is limited and does require you to maintain the server that you have.

But if you’re looking to get into getting paid to do Animal Crossing, you can put a Streamlabs link in there and get paid for it.

Click here to check out Owncast


9. Caffeine

This is an option to get paid for streaming for not just video games but other sorts of streaming options.

They are desktop-optimized, and they do have some entertainment channels.

The one downside is that it is mostly focused on just the non-video-game realm, but if you like to do other things while also streaming Animal Crossing, it’s pretty good.

They do offer a bit of a lower resolution for games, but for a game like Animal Crossing that doesn’t need the highest specs, it’s pretty simple to start.

The site is pretty stylish too, and it definitely is great to use.

Plus, you can integrate streamlabs into it and other payment means too.

Click here to check out Caffeine


10.  Ustream

This is a streaming service also known as IBM streaming, and it offers different streaming services.

While it does focus on esports and talk shows, it is good for Animal Crossing streams too.

You’ll be able to stream without as many downtimes as compared to Twitch, which is one of the big plus points to this.

It does not have streaming directly off the switch, which none of these services have, but it’s a way to make money streaming if you’re tired of Twitch and don’t want to use YouTube, but you still want to play Animal Crossing.

It’s easy to set up and get started, unlike some of the others on this site, and it does support many of the platforms that people like to use, and it can be good for you to begin with.

Click here to check out Ustream


Making Money Playing Animal Crossing Game FAQs


What Do I Need to Get Paid to Play Animal Crossing?

You do need to minimally have a Nintendo Switch and the game, of course, but you also will need good communication skills and probably a good computer since most of the clientele you’ll be working with are going to be online.

You also will want to have some sort of knowledge of Animal Crossing.

That’s because anyone can play it, and many people do since it does offer lots of benefits.

But if you want to stand out, you definitely will want to make sure that you have something interesting to bring to the table.


What Do I Need to Do to Be an Animal Crossing Island Designer?

Knowledge of the game is a must, of course, and how island designing or terraforming works.

Part of the reason why people even bother others to do this for them is that they have no clue how to do it themselves.

But if you know that, you should know how to create structures in the game, and if you have a portfolio of different types of islands that you’ve made, include that here.

You also want to show that you can create what they want from this, and from there, show them exactly what they’re looking for.


How Much Can I Get Paid to Play Animal Crossing?

It does depend on what you choose to do with this.

If you decide to go into Animal Crossing design, especially interior or island design, you can get paid up to $40 an hour just to do that.

If you’re interested in just playing the game and want to do only that, then you can make about $20 an hour, usually through those companies that want to pay you to play video games.

If you’re interested in streaming, you can get paid a lot more, but it’s not as stable as other jobs may be.


How Hard Is It to Get Paid to Play Animal Crossing?

It isn’t hard to get paid to play Animal Crossing more so that it’s rare.

Some people think that you just sign up to play Animal Crossing, and you get paid, but that’s not the case.

It’s not as much of a wanted job at the moment because more and more people are going outside, and compared to 2020, more and more people are moving onto other games.

But there are still those people who need help, that want someone to play their game and help them, or offer suggestions on how to make their island look great, and that’s where you come in.

It’s less that it’s a hard job to do, and more of if you can find the job, it can be valuable and rewarding for you, but that requires you to have to find the job, and that can be a struggle.



Here you learned how to get paid to play Animal Crossing and the 10 best companies that pay you to do so.

If you’ve ever wanted to get paid to play Animal Crossing, now’s the time, and you can do so right away.