If you’re a performer looking to get paid to perform, you may wonder how to do it.

It can sometimes feel like you work for peanuts, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Here, we’ll go over the best ways to get paid to perform and the 10 best companies that help you get paid for performing.


All in the Booking!

Booking is indeed your best friend.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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If you want to get paid for performing, you need to book content that gets you out there.

The reason being is because:

  • It gets your name out
  • Even if it’s not much, you’re getting paid!
  • It also helps others learn about you
  • You can use the opportunity to build your influence

Of course, in our world, it’s hard to learn the business.

But you can start making more and more money.

Phase VI has some good information on how they got paid gigs and shows, but it’s all in the gigs if you really want to make money as a performer.


Ways to Get Paid to Perform

There are a few ways to get paid to perform, and here are some tips to get you some bigger shows and gigs.


1. Network With People

Who you know is integral for success in the industry.

If you’re performing and the promoters are your buddies, talk to them and see if you can get some better jobs.

Start to talk to more people, build those relationships since it adds value.

A good way to do this is through social media.

Friend requests and also emails are a good way to talk to them, and getting in front of them to talk is integral.


2. Promote Your Own Shows!

If you’re tired of always having to struggle for gigs, why not pay for your own shows?

You can start doing that as a promoter.

Figure this out and throw together a couple of music showcases to begin.

You’ll eventually get more and more people, and these guys pay money.

It does involve a little more monetary risk, but it also does help to build that money.

If you want to get paid to perform but don’t want to sit there sifting through in hopes you find gigs, this is a potential option.


3. Build That Following

If you want to be known in the genre or niche you’re in, you’ll want to build a better following.

The top artists actually are a rare minority, and usually, the locals are the ones who have a lot more popularity in those types of markets.

You probably already have connections if you’re a big local artist, but if you’re not, then start to build this.

Over time, you’ll get better musicians, better tickets, and you also will sell more, and of course, get paid to perform.

The best way to do this is to play shows, use social media to your advantage in order to get the word out, and have fun!

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10 Best Companies That Pay You to Perform

Let’s say you don’t feel like just putting out a website or using SEO and going to shows to network.

What then?

Well, here are 10 amazing companies that pay you to perform, and who will help you get paid to perform too.


1. Afton

Afton is specifically for bands and rappers, and they’re an agent who will help you get in front of people.

They’re a streaming service and booking agent that actually handles your band and brand. They’ll have your shows on a live stream that’s pretty popular.

They also will get you booked at different venues, both small and large, and they do offer touring chances for you as well if you’re curious.

They’ve worked with over 200,000 musicians and over 250 venues, and they offer both real-world and virtual gigs for those who want to still keep their distance while performing.

They also handle the promotion antimarketing too, so they’re definitely going to help you get paid to perform.

Click here to check out Afton


2. Gigmor

Another gig platform is another streamlined gig booking service that helps to get the best talent out there.

They do cull their submissions, and they will choose only the best music, a band with good gigging history, and also will look at the metrics.

This is also a place where you can post and find gigs, and they also will help you get the right shows for whatever type of audience you want.

Another cool thing is it’s not just concerts, but they also handle events and weddings as well, so if your music fits that genre, you’re in luck!

This is the perfect place to find gigs as a performer, and for managers and people paying to find performers, it’s a great database.

Click here to check out Gigmor


3. ReverbNation

This is another music gig website that helps connect performers to the best clubs and venues out there.

It’s a struggle to find the perfect gigs, but their gig finder database is huge.

There are over 600,000 listings on there, and they’re customized for the band and the needs too.

You can actually filter out the capacity requirements, genre, and a whole lot of other factors to get the best clubs and venues.

They also will show other artists who may be booked there, and if you’re similar, that could be a good way in the door.

The free version offers local gigs, but there’s a premium that allows you to submit your EPK directly to managers at these venues.

Click here to check out ReverbNation


4. Gig Salad

This is another site that has so many gigs, depending on what you’re looking for.

This isn’t just music performances, either.

They offer band performances, dancing performances, comedy performances, and even princess party performances.

They break this up into bands and groups, ensemble groups, speakers, actors, children’s parties and events, and even food and beauty services, so it isn’t just bands that get found through this marketplace.

There’s a whole lot of options with this site in particular, and if you want just kind of an overall hodgepodge, this is a wonderful option.

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Click here to check out Gig Salad

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5. Musician Casting

This is another great resource that connects professionals, venues, and even local bands with one another.

You can look for talent and gigs on this site, but it also offers connections too.

Remember, networking is one of the key parts of being a successful performer, so if you want to boost your career and get more recognition, this is how.

They handle all kinds of jobs, and you can both post and browse for gigs to choose from.

Click here to check out Musician Casting

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6. Sonic Bids

This is another site that offers gigs for musicians and bands and offers performers a chance to build an EPK from their stuff.

They do work with some of the top indie companies and promoters around the world, and they offer a variety of musician tools for them to use.

It offers you a chance to apply to a bunch of different gigs, some you may not see on any other site, and this is a great way to get a leg into the music industry.

They have some handpicked ones, and you can even filter them.

If you want to get new gigs as well, you can set it so that you’re alerted once they post it.

They also offer the best EPKs for you to stand out in front of promoters. The people running this know what promoters want to see, and they’ll help you get in front of the best talent whenever you can.

Click here to check out Sonic Bids


get paid to perform


7. Indie on the Move

This is a great booking tool for many people.

They do offer paid plans but a lot of free opportunities.

You can still browse listings too and reply to interesting ones on their free service.

They have local and other venues, and some even offer touring options as well.

What makes this one different is that it has one of the biggest FREE online databases.

Also, you’ll be able to look up a ton of different information on the place, the types of music they want, and how big it is.

While there isn’t ever a guarantee that you’ll get a gig, there is a $9.99 premium plan that helps you get into colleges, which might be good if you want to start small.

Click here to check out Indie on the Move


8. Show Slinger

This is a booking site that was founded by an Atlanta musician.

You can apply for a free account, and they immediately send you offers.

You can choose to accept or deny.

It is a paid service, but you don’t need to pay for it until the gig is over.

It’s that simple, and you can get some pretty decent shows.

You can also browse the database and also look at the directory, but so far, it’s still growing.

There are also limited submissions on the free platform, but if you want to use this database to find ways to get paid to perform, it’s a good tool.

Click here to check out Show Slinger


9. Festival Net

If you want to get more into the festival track, this is a great one.

For people looking for gigs, they have a variety of different events and festivals, with different details that you can apply and book to.

You also can find a variety of different kinds of festivals.

From expos to craft shows to markets, there’s a lot of great audiences out there.

This one is definitely for the smaller people that aren’t looking to be touring across the country, but there are some great opportunities for networking and getting your leg in.

Click here to check out Festival Net


10. SoundBetter

This is a great freelance website looking for gig and remote work and is a good way to pay to perform the music that you want to perform.

They have a great marketplace for professionals to work with, and you can vet to find the ideal performers for you.

You can work with smaller groups or big-time artists, and it does have a lot of orders.

It is a high-competition place, and you should make sure that you’re ready to sell to stand out if you choose to use this company.

Click here to check out SoundBetter


Making Money Performing FAQS


Is It Hard to Find Performing Gigs That Pay?

Not necessarily, but there is a lot of competition.

If you want to get paid to perform, the bigger the venue and more popular it is, the harder it is to get in, and there is stiffer competition.

But with many gig websites, there’s a lot of great opportunities out there, you just need to look.


What Can I Do to Stand Out as a Performer?

You should figure out the niche that you want to work in, and from there, build a fanbase around said niche.

For example, if you’re not going to work with big names or anything, you’ll want to focus on cultivating the smaller fanbase that you have.

You should also work to bring something new to the table.


What’s the Most Important Tip for Using to Get Paid Performances?


If nothing else, make sure you’re networking.

Networking is how you build your fanbase but also meet other like-minded people and potential people to work with.

If you want to get paid to perform, sometimes it’s less what you know and rather who you know that matters at the end of the day.

Networking is a critical step that’ll help you get paid to perform the gigs that you want to perform at, whenever you want to perform.



If you want to get paid to perform, there are tons of gigs out there that’ll help you do better and get out there to do paid performances.

By applying to these gigs, meeting other promoters and musicians, and networking, you’ll be able to build your fanbase, and from this as well, also get your music and performances out to more people.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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