Once upon a time, being a party lover attracted a lot of stigmatization.

However, the narrative is gradually changing due to the different enticing opportunities that come with this lifestyle.

This article is specifically tailored to introduce you to getting paid to party and companies that will help you get paid while you party all night.


Why Should You Get Paid to Party? 

Party is a means of bringing people to gather for a celebration.

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Whether it’s a simple outdoor family gathering or an overnight nightclub gathering, these social gatherings are a great avenue to bring loved ones together.

However, aside from gathering loved ones together, you could also make a lot of money, friendship, and seal business deals at a party.

In addition, partying is an excellent way to loosen up after a long stressful week.

Being around friends allows you to focus on things outside your needs and problems.

So, it’s time to turn your lifestyle into a steadier career that comes with a paycheck and a lot of fun.


6 Ways to Get Paid to Party


1. Become a Party Promoter

Encouraging a night lifestyle is the duty of a promoter.

If you are personable, social, and have friends with the right connections, you can make a lot of money by encouraging people to attend parties.

The most important qualities of a promoter are finding the hottest party in town and the presence of loyal followers who will attend those shows.

A promoter with a good follower can make over $150,000 or more in a year.


2. Get Paid to Party as a Seat Filler

Nobody loves to host an empty or half-filled party.

We all want our parties to be well attended and make the front page of the socialist magazine.

Therefore, in a situation where a party is not well attended, the host may require the services of seat fillers.

This job means you will show up for parties, shows, events, or clubs just to give the place a ‘full’ vibe.

You can register on apps like Surkus to render this service and make as much as $10 to fill an empty seat.

This is probably the coolest way to get paid to party and have fun.


4. Become an Event Reporter

Event reporters have access to almost anywhere and everywhere.

Moreover, every party organizer wants to read an interesting write-up on their party on the papers.

So, people will usually grant event reporters access and even treat them to a luxury lifestyle just to impress them to write good things about the party.

Usually, if you’re attending the party as an event reporter, you will be admitted for free and get paid for writing the article about the party.


5. Become A Bartender

If you can mix up martinis and specialty shots alike, then it’s time to put those skills to good use by offering to work as a bartender at local house parties.

With your experience, you can create a new drink and recommend new drinks to guests at the party.

If you feel you’re good enough, you could try your luck with clubs and bars.

As a bartender, you can earn as much as $27,000 per year.

But working at joints with a higher volume of guests can get you more.

This type of job will bring you to the center of the action, and you might occasionally have time to enjoy the fun.


6. Become a DJ or Musician

If you’re good with turntables and mixing music, then you can work as a DJ at any party.

You need to be creative and understand the mood in the room to play the right song at the right time.

In addition, if you’ve got a band, an amazing voice, and can play musical instruments.

Many bars will pay you to play live music for their customers.

Any of these options will give you a regular paycheck and ensure you’ll have the best time of your life to do what you love.


10 Best Companies That Really Pay You to Party


1. Stonecountry

Stonecountry is a nightclub in Illinois, USA.

They are seeking to add to their team. You can join this establishment as a nightclub promoter.

A nightclub promoter is someone employed to promote the club by bringing new customers.

Your job as a club promoter includes networking with a-list celebrities and notable people in New York and persuading them to come party at the club.

It’s important to note that this isn’t an office job, but you’ll spend less time in the office and more time on the road and in meetings.

In addition, you’ll regularly come up with proposals tailored to meet the club’s needs based on current realities.

To successfully execute this task, you have to be confident, enthusiastic and maintain an air of professionalism.

Click here to check out Stonecountry


2. RentAFriend

RentAFriend is an online platform that connects people who need friends with people ready to offer “friendship services” for a particular fee.

There are millions of people across different cities ready to pay people to make friends, network, as well as someone to attend events with them.

This is true especially for people who are new in a city.

These people are willing to pay for locals to be their friends and accompany them to events.

You can visit the RentAFriend platform to create your profile and attach your charges.

Through the website, simple search people will start contacting you directly to negotiate details such as time, date, location, activity, and price.

Click here to check out  RentAFriend


3. Capital A List

If you’re sociable, charming, attractive, well dressed, and enjoy hanging out with cool people, then you just might be the person Capital A List is looking for.

This firm is looking for stylish, well-dressed boys or girls to work as promoters that can publicize the organization and bring guests to the high-end club nights in central London.

This job title allows you to have fun by parting all night and earning money simultaneously.

You can earn between 50 – 150 pounds a night, and if you bring a birthday group, you could be making hundreds of pounds in a single night.

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4. Surkus

Surkus is an online platform that tailors a business’ ideal demographic to shows like comedy shows, live ticketed events, or parties.

This platform connects people with brands that need people’s services for different openings with people who are ready to offer such services for a particular fee.

We often see fashion stores, tech stores, restaurants, bars, and clubs willing to pay you to attend parties or wait in line outside their doors to make them look busy.

This is called the act of crowd matchmaking, and you can get paid between $25 to $40 depending on the client’s budget via PayPal.

But participants have to remain discreet about being paid.

Click here to check out Surkus


5. Circusbus

Party Planner Program (PPP) helps party-goers and students host their party bus events and make money.

Circus bus helps you become a hero by taking away the stress that comes with party planning while helping you plan and execute the greatest party ever seamlessly without you making any deposit.

All you need to do is to:

  • Pick a date
  • Register the party with Circusbus
  • Share the party link with friends on Social media, by email, text; however, you want

Your friends will purchase the party ticket via the link, and the money goes into your PPP Account.

However, at least 15 friends have to buy your party ticket before the party can hold.

Click here to check out Circusbus


6. Simplyhired

Simplyhired is a social media platform that connects two parties in a business transaction.

Through this platform, you could render your services as a sommelier or wine steward.

Your responsibility will include:

  • Compiling and maintaining a restaurant’s wine inventory
  • Educating customers about wine
  • Helping customers decide on their wine choice.
  • Maintaining and updating wine inventory.

Experience and skills are critical in this profession as you must have a perfect understanding of wine by tasting them, memorizing the inventory list, and describing the story behind each wine off hand.

The average salary of a sommelier is around $60,000 to $150,000.

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7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a digital marketplace for freelancers.

It’s a digital platform that connects freelancers (service providers) with people who needs their services (service buyers) through a unique way of offering services through “Gigs.”

If you’re an expert in communication, you can register on Fiverr as a Public Relations Expert and render your services to any club that needs your services.

As public relations expert, your job will include:

  • Generate positive publicity for your client’s club
  • Handle all public communications
  • Hold meetings and interviews as the face of the club
  • Evaluate marketing and advertising programs

Aside from partying, you’ll get to rub shoulders with celebrities, reporters, customers, and other PR personnel.

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8. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance company that connects services providers and people in need of their services.

One of the most rewarding services on this platform is Event Planning.

If you’re good with coordinating events, you can sign up on this platform as an Event Planner and render your services to people looking for Planners that can help them plan a party.

As an Event/Party Planner, your job will include

  • Make sure the guests are well attended to
  • Handle vendors and finance
  • Coordinate everyone involved

An average event planner salary is around $47,000 to $70,000.

Considering all the services you’ll render, this may look small, but the perk is being at the heart of the party itself.

Click here to check out Upwork and read this for more ways of earning with Upwork.


9. Casino Table Game Manager

If you’re a millennial who loves to gamble, becoming a casino table game manager may be a good fit for you.

Hilton, one of the world most popular hospitality companies, is looking to employ A Table Games manager to:

  • Conduct and operate the table game
  • Handle customers issues
  • Manage the casino
  • Monitor the gaming areas to ensure compliance
  • Keep the gambling, drinking, and partying safe and legal

As a casino manager, you will have to mingle with the high rollers, constant celebrity sightings, and manage the gaming segment of the establishment.

Casinos are always open, and you will have a lot of opportunities to party while you do your job.

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10. Supadupaflylove

Superduperfly is an establishment that organizes parties and logistics for people who want to party.

They have an offer for people willing to sell party tickets for some cash.

Therefore, if you’re able to convince ten or more people to buy any of their party packages tickets, you’ll get paid and receive incentives that include a free ticket to some of the best parties in Santorini.

This is a great money-making opportunity for students that love partying.

Visit their website to know more about this offer.

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Other Interesting ways to make money and get paid doing what you love:


Making Money Partying FAQs


Can You Get Paid to Go to Parties?

Yes, you can.

Different organizations such as fashion stores, tech stores, restaurants, bars, and clubs are willing to pay you to attend parties or wait in line outside their doors to make them look busy.

This is called the act of crowd matchmaking.

Besides this, you could also get paid to party by becoming a promoter, bartender, DJ, or musician at an event or gathering.

The exciting options available are limitless; you just have to be receptive to new ideas while you’re having the best of fun at every gathering you attend.


How Do I Get Paid to Party? 

  1. Become a Party Promoter.
  2. Be Paid to Be a Seat Filler.
  3. Become an Event Reporter
  4. Become A Bartender
  5. Become A DJ or Musician


How Can I Become A Party Promoter?

Becoming a party promoter is about being personable and social, along with a personality that can convince people to show up at a party.

The job of an ideal party promoter is to get people excited about an event through well-executed planning and advertisement.

A party promoter must be organized and detail-oriented to bring together elements that make up for a successful party.

In addition, a party promoter must have some experience in management, public relations, marketing and be good at making friends with people.


How Do You Make Money From Parties?

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Plan your event.
  3. Hire the right talent.
  4. Price tickets accordingly.
  5. Get the word out.
  6. Avoid double-booked VIP tables.
  7. Be a good host.



There you have it.

Parties should not be about celebrating and drinking alone.

You could also make a lot of money if you’re ready to turn your lifestyle into a career.

This article has explained the various ways you can get paid to party and organizations that help you get paid to do so.

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