Yes, you can really get paid to name companies!

This article reveals how this works, how to get involved and the very best companies that either pay or help you get paid.


For the average consumer if you were to place several popular or recognizable business names or logos on a sheet of paper, most likely the individual would be able to name what that company is.

Examples of standout logos or names representing the more popular companies could include Coca-Cola, Google, Nike, Disney, etc.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Speaking of recognizable companies, it is interesting to note how Amazon got its name.

When Jeff Bezos was asked about why he chose the name Amazon for his business, he said that he wanted to “get big fast.”

Therefore, he chose a name that began with the first letter of the alphabet and because of the expansiveness of the Amazon River located in South America.

Pretty good choice!



From Shakespeare who wrote about a rose being a rose, to selecting names for children, to our particular name to the naming of companies, names have always been important.

By speaking another person’s name we can interact with people personally. A person responds positively to their name being spoken.

Their unique name spoken out loud distinguishes them from the crowd.

In knowing a company’s name we recognize their product, value their product through purchasing which in turn increases the power of that recognizable name and allows them to be more profitable.


Personal Story

Many years ago my wife was forced to legally change her name.

To make a long story short, she was given a birth name that was reflected upon her birth certificate.

A few weeks later, her maternal grandmother charged into the situation and took guardianship of my wife.

In the process, being a “no-nonsense” grandmother she took it upon herself to change my wife’s name.

Of course, this was some years ago but the entire life of my wife was known by this name given to her by her grandmother.

Unfortunately, when we wanted to travel abroad and make an application for a visa, we had no official documentation to prove who she was.

Subsequently, we had to go through the process of requesting a name change.

On the day that we appeared in the court, we were sitting in the courtroom and I leaned over to my wife and I said now remember the judge will call you by your name on the birth certificate.

Anyway, it was a funny situation as the judge asked why on earth at such a late age in life she was requesting a name change.

All this underscores the fact that a name is a name regardless of the changes and desires of others.


11 Best Companies that Pay or Help You Name Companies


1: Naming Force

Naming Force gathers together several potential company names by hosting a crowdsource naming contest.

Their service or product consists of providing names for businesses, domains, taglines, and product names globally.

The contest begins as their clients give money to not only create the contest but in providing payment awards for those contestants who are selected

When the names are submitted, Naming Force’s clients have the opportunity to reject the name or classify the suggested name as one of the favorites.

As part of the process, the client of this company can also have a personal dialogue with the potential winner of the naming contest. This first phase lasts seven days.

The next phase of the contest is three days and goes through a series of questions and answers.

The final phase consists of seven days in which the clients are asked to select their overall winner.

The winner is then awarded the money that was funded and the client of Naming Force has the option of either using the name or not.

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2: Picky Domains

This company was founded in 2007 and also provides a platform for their customers to review suggested business names or their domain.

Picky Domain is also a contest-driven name selection platform and boasts of having over 100,000 registered contributors as part of its naming force.

The contest participants start making suggestions and the client of Picky Domain can either categorize them as likes or dislike.

The process with this company is fairly uncomplicated and when the name that resonates with the client of this naming site is selected, the contest is closed.

Upon completion of the contest, the winning entry receives the reward.

What makes the site unique is that it is classified as no risk to the client.

In other words, there is no payment of any reward unless the client of Risky Domain is not completely satisfied with the names that have been selected.

The other added advantage to this domain naming site is that it is rapid.

There are no phases and the process begins immediately with the receiving of names.

The other caveat to this site is that the client of the domain naming site can choose who and how many names they want to be presented.

There is a ranking system and most of the contributors have some sort of proven track record. Therefore the company can specify who they want to submit the names to.


3: Squad Help

This business-naming website not only looks to individuals to name businesses but to comes up with logos for their clients.

To their credit, Squad Help was listed by Inc. Magazine as an innovative company ranking within the top six companies listed.

This is a free site for those who wish to contribute names and logos and the minimum amount that an individual can win is $100.

The process begins when a client contracts with Squad Help for a proposal from the community to name their business.

The new business submits its business plan and based on that business plan, contributors can start making their suggestions.

Squad Help has a creative workforce of about 75,000 individuals who have registered with them.

The contest runs its course in about a week and generally, a couple of hundred entries are submitted.

The name is then chosen by the new company and the winner of the selected name receives a minimum of a $100 prize.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

4: Name This

This website is also a contest-driven competition where registered users can submit names for various start-up companies.

The contest is fairly short and within 48 hours a contest name and winner are selected.

The clients of this website can see all of the names and vote on the name that appeals to them the most.

A selection of three names is allowed by the website and a nominal fee for using the service and gathering the selected names is assessed.

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5: Naminum

This website is unlike the other business naming websites.

This site allows startup companies to use their search engine to find a possible website name for their new endeavor.

They argue that new companies and all that it takes for the entrepreneur to start the business do not need the added stress of generating a name.

Therefore, this website and its name-generating tool alleviates some of the new entrepreneur’s stress and helps them in identifying a unique and eye-catching name.

By logging in to, the individual can plug in some keywords into the search engine. When this is accomplished a comprehensive list of possibilities for potential names of the business will be returned


6: Name Contests

This company-naming website utilizes the power and expansiveness of social sharing.

With each contest that is created, this process maximizes the full use of the engagement of those social networking platforms.

A separate contest page is created for each naming activity and a wall is created where the submissions come in.

Consequently, it is a contest that is easily set up and managed.

Additionally beneficial is that it’s meant to allow each of the participants to be messaged through the separate walls set up for the activity.

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7: Ink & Key

The process begins in utilizing this platform with a series of questions that are posed to the startup company.

Following the compilation of the answers, professional interaction begins through an online collaboration tool known as Slack.

Through this process, those individuals wishing to be part of the naming project will have the opportunity to ask several questions.

The questions can be about the startup company to get a better sense of where the company is headed and to hear from the representative of the company about their vision and mission.

Following this interaction, it is anticipated that suggestions start arriving.

Through this collaborative tool, there can be continual interaction as the company representative can ask questions and vice versa.

This communication can be accomplished through a group process or with an individual participant.

This process is more interactive with the startup company and the individuals that are suggesting names.

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Get Paid to Name Companies


8: Crowd Doodle

As the name suggests, this company naming site is a little less formal. The company leverages its ease of the process.

They indicate to the newly forming company that they simply post a narrative about their company. Generally, submissions or responses occur very rapidly.

Available to the client are a variety of packages all designed to meet the client’s needs. These packages vary in price and the minimal package starts at $99.

Additionally, if none of the ideas resonate with the startup company they can withdraw their cash prize award.

Added to the mix of conducting the contest are options that allow the entries from being seen from other contestants, extending the deadline if needed, and a message system to all of the participants so that a certain direction can be suggested for the company name.


9: Crowd Spring

Utilizing this naming company guarantees the client at least 100 entries towards the naming process of their startup.

In addition, if the client does not receive a minimum of 100 entries, Crowd Spring offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

The length of the contest is seven days. However, if time is an issue, the client company can pay additional money to expedite the process.

Other additional options that the client company can pay for include awareness across social media platforms or preventing the contest to be revealed through search engine processes.

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10: Name Station

This naming website is a free service or with a $10 a month payment as a subscription.

In addition to offering their services free, they also provide the option to the client of utilizing a variety of sophisticated tools when the pro-level subscription option is taken advantage of.

The website offers or suggests many possible names for the startup company and provides these names in a variety of languages.

As a bonus, if the client is not able to pronounce the names there is a mechanism within the website that will provide the proper pronunciation of the name.

Although not primarily a crowd-sharing or contest-driven site that provides names through the giving of names from other people, that option is available through this website.


11: Hipster Business Name

This powerful website is a business-name-generating tool that will help a budding entrepreneur named their new enterprise.

By logging into the researcher will be directed to their homepage.

A search bar is offered and the individual searching for a company or domain name simply enters some words that are pertinent to their business.

For example, if wanting to start a copywriting business they may utilize the words copywriting, writing, purposeful, etc.

Once these keywords are entered then the generate button is pressed

The next screen will be filled with potential names for the client’s domain or company name.

The other added useful aspect of this generation of names is that it will show what names have been created and what names are still possibilities

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If you were to ask what’s in a name, Mr. Shakespeare would say that a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.

Far be it for me to dispute this great poet and playwright.

However, today a rose by any other name cannot have the same impact as obtaining a catchy, innovative, and descriptive name for a company.

Perhaps Amazon would not be the dynamic company that it is today if another name had been chosen. Somehow, Dry Creek does not have the same powerful connotation.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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