Thinking of moving to West Virginia and wondering if you can get paid to move?

Then this article is perfect for you. It reveals ways to really get paid to move to West Virginia, job opportunities for you and companies that pay or help you get paid to move.



How strong is your knowledge of geography?

If you were to be asked where the cities of Athens, Berlin, Cairo, Calcutta, Geneva, and Shanghai are you would most likely guess correctly the corresponding countries.

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However, did you know that all of these are cities in West Virginia and as such West Virginia has the most cities out of all the 50 states that are also international cities?

Another interesting fact is that one of the oldest rivers in the world is ironically named the New River.

A unique feature of this river is that it actually flows from south to north because it was formed before the mountains.

Speaking of water, on December 7, 1941, a day that will live in infamy, there were eight ships that were attacked and sunk by Japanese military forces.

Of the eight, two of the ships were unsalvageable.

Those two ships that were utterly destroyed were the USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma.

Six of the ships were resurrected from their watery grave.

One of those ships was the USS West Virginia and even though the ship was hit by six torpedoes and two bombs the proud ship was able to return to service and was instrumental in the siege of the Philippines towards the end of the war.

Similar to the battleship named after West Virginia, the state has also been torpedoed economically and is ranked as the second poorest U.S. state.

However, they are endeavoring to resurface with the help of a number of companies and programs that are inviting others to join in this endeavor.


10 Ways / Tips to Get Paid to Move to West Virginia


1. Plan

The first order of business if contemplating getting paid to move to West Virginia is to develop a plan of action.

The plan of action should include a timeframe with considerations being given to tying up loose ends in your current situation, doing the needed research, making an application for employment, focusing on the area of West Virginia that appeals to you, and more.


2. Cost of Living

Another important informational piece that needs to be part of your informed decision is to do a cost-of-living comparison.

One such calculator that can be accessed can be found at

Through this calculator, you will get an idea of what your current standard of living is in comparison to the location that you are considering moving to in West Virginia.

This is a critical step because it will help you to know what the living expenses are, the potential wage that you need to obtain, and ensure that the move that you are contemplating is a good upward decision as it relates to your current economic situation.

Having said all that, although finances are important, they should not be all-consuming or be the major reason for your move as there are other enriching benefits of moving from one location to another.


3. Research

You can take to the Internet to get a lot of this background information as well as e-mail various local Chambers of Commerce in the area of particular interest.

Another great option is to actually visit the state and the particular area or area that you are focusing on.

Another aspect of your research should include the culture of the city and the state under consideration.

For example, if you are used to city life and all the dynamics, excitement, and activities that are available in a larger metropolitan area, it may come as a cultural shock to you to relocate to a small city that is more laid back and focused on living rather than doing.


4. Budget

Now that you have all of the information that you need you can now create or revise your budget utilizing the information that you have received.

Some of that new information may require the adjustment of your expense line items associated with rent, insurance, food, entertainment, etc.

Once you have an idea of what the expenses will be like for your relocation, you then have a good idea of what is going to be required on the income side of the ledger.


5. Blogging

A great way to begin to accumulate money to get paid to move to West Virginia is by blogging the details of your move.

Blogging can begin with your vision and goal of moving to a new state and perhaps you have always had West Virginia in mind.

You can go into great detail about your decision process, the excitement that you may be feeling, perhaps share a little bit about any apprehensions, etc.

By being candid, this will resonate with your readers, and the potential of your readers supporting you in achieving your dream may be a reality.

Also, through your blogging website, you may be able to raise revenue through affiliate advertising as well as possibly gain a sponsor.

A great sponsorship opportunity would be from the state of West Virginia itself as you chronicle your adventure

One of many websites that will help you set up your blogging page is


6. Side Hustles

Another way to get paid to move to West Virginia would be to participate inside hustles.

A side hustle is an additional job to your current ongoing employment.

A side hustle could be driving for a food delivery company such as or shopping for customers and being involved with or utilizing your vehicle as a self-employed individual and taxiing customers around. One such website in which your car is utilized in this way is

Other side hustles could include utilizing your vehicle to do deliveries for individuals in your community, walking a dog, through, or putting to good use your skills and talents in helping others such as being able to do small repairs around their household.


7. Family

Another great opportunity to make this a family project is to solicit support from your family members.

They could help you directly with a gift and their return on their investment would be a vacation to West Virginia in which they would be able to stay with you and not have to worry about the expenses of hotel accommodation.

Or, as it relates to family, you could send out a text message or e-mail or through your social media platforms and ask for sponsors with the title of the fundraising project being “Almost Heaven.”

A possibility of raising funds this way could be to have individuals pledge a certain amount of money representing the number of miles that it takes to travel from your current destination to your new home in West Virginia.

This can be accomplished by getting on your bike or walking and for each mile that you walk or bike, a friend or family member would pledge a certain amount per mile or choose just to give a total amount.


8. Garage Sale

Whenever one is moving it is a great opportunity to de-clutter the home.

In this case, the de-cluttering of the home can be accomplished and those items that you no longer have need of or are not taking with you you can set them aside and have a garage sale.

In this way, you will be able to raise money and set that aside for your relocation move to West Virginia.


9. Freelancing

An additional way to get paid to move to West Virginia is through the opportunity of being a freelancer.

There are a number of freelancing websites that post employment opportunities to those who have registered with the site.

You conduct various searches on this site and if a job opening resonates with you you can make the application and if accepted, you will be paid upon the completion of your work.

When making an application on this website it is important to remember that as part of the service the Internet company is providing will be exchanged for a certain percentage of your total payment for the completed job.

Two such websites are or


10. Companies

Another great way to get paid to move to West Virginia is to find a company that is in need of your skills, experience, and qualifications and determine whether they offer relocation assistance.

If you can find such a job that would be a good match for your occupational skills you can make the application and if accepted you will secure a job and have your relocation expenses covered.


9 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to West Virginia


1. Ascend

West Virginia is offering qualified individuals $20,000 to move to the state. There are no strings attached

The name of the program is Ascend and is the brainchild of an individual who realized great success in Silicon Valley but was inextricably beckoned by his home state to return.

The actual $20,000 offered as an incentive is paid out in cash in the amount of $12,000.

This money is given to the selected individual over the course of their first year upon relocation.

The remaining $2000 is given to the individual in the second year.

The money can be used in any way that the individual wishes.

The remaining $8000 is reflected in free outdoor recreation opportunities that are valued at $2500.

In addition, the remaining amount of the incentive is represented by free co-working space.

There are two cities that are involved with this program.

One city is Morgantown and the other city in Shepherdstown.

The basic requirements of the program are that it is extended to individuals who will work remotely in the state of West Virginia but are employed full-time outside of the state.

You can learn more about the program by clicking on the Ascend link above.

Click here to check out Ascend


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2. Indeed

A significant job posting website that is pretty comprehensive can be found at

On this website, you can make searches based on which location in the country you are looking at for employment as well as another search bar in which you can put specific job titles, or in this case type out the words relocation assistance.

Click here to check out


3. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is another job posting site in which you can endeavor to locate job opportunities that are listed.

The postings include the job title, company that is advertising, where the position is located, the complete job description, qualifications needed, responsibilities that need to be performed, benefits, salary, and more.

Click here to check out Simply Hired


4. WV Great Barrel Company, LLC

This company is advertising their employment need for an operations manager.

The job is located in Caldwell, West Virginia.

The salary range is $65,000-$75,000 a year, is a full-time position and relocation assistance is offered.

A full range of benefits is offered.

The qualified candidate will have a bachelor’s degree, experience in a leadership position of three years or more, and manufacturing experience of five years.

The job description is that the dayshift operations manager will be responsible for all activities as it relates to the manufacturing of whiskey barrels.

The specific responsibilities include managing operations, working with the dayshift manager, adhering to policies and procedures, providing oversight on production, and other responsibilities.


5. Industrial Process Equipment

The position of general manager is being advertised by Industrial Process Equipment.

The location of the job is in Poca, West Virginia.

No salary is listed but it is suggested by the website that the range would fall between $69,500-$88,100 per year.

The job description requires the individual to manage the manufacturing activities of the screenshot, fabrication process and assembling.

They will be responsible for the overall management of production costs to ensure that the proper cost is affixed to the products.

The job requires that the individual have a bachelor’s degree in certain fields which could include engineering, accounting, finance, or business.

Also, they should have 3 to 5 years of experience in a senior management position, interacting with senior management level customers, have excellent computer skills, proven leadership skills, etc.

Benefits include medical and dental insurance, 401(k), and more.

Relocation assistance is indicated along with bonus pay.

Also See: Firms that Pay to Move to California & Companies that Pay to Move to Hawaii.


6. Community Works in West Virginia

The position of executive director is being advertised by this organization.

As the executive director, the successful candidate will work closely with the board of directors, interact with other member organizations, government officials, and the public

The four primary areas of the essential functions of this position include strategic leadership, resource development, management and operations, and community advocacy.

It is expected that the individual will have an entrepreneurial spirit and be strategic in their thinking.

The goal and purpose of the candidate is to take this smaller organization and maximize its potential.

A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree is preferred along with experience.

The compensation range is $70,000-$80,000.

Also, an extensive benefits package is offered along with relocation assistance to the city of Charleston, West Virginia.


7. The Woodmansee Group

The Woodmansee Group is advertising the vacant employment position of the digital strategist.

The qualified individual will present a bachelor’s degree, strong marketing experience of five years or more along with the legal ability to work within the United States.

This company is a digital marketing agent agency, and the individual will work in proximity to the city of Wheeling, West Virginia.

The successful candidate will also be required to maximize a strategy and execution of a development plan through Google ads and other search engine advertisement campaigns.

They will be heavily involved with direct social media, video, shopping trends, and more.

Also, they will have a clear understanding of competitors and the importance of conducting market research.

A broad range of benefits is available with the salary being $110,000 a year.

Also, relocation assistance is part of the benefits package.


8. Insight Global

The position of logistics manager is being advertised by Insight Global.

This company is located in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

The salary being offered is up to $125,000 a year.

The qualified individual will have a bachelor’s degree and will demonstrate five years of experience.

Along with a comprehensive benefits package is the benefit of relocation assistance.

The qualified candidate will be able to develop, maintain and report transportation metrics to ensure maximum savings.

The individual will be involved with control and analysis and be involved with the selection of an ocean transportation carrier.

Also, the individual will develop strategies to help reduce costs, manage warehouse billings, and develop automation of metrics through SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products – software).


9. Weyerhaeuser

The position of leadership development team member is being advertised by Weyerhaeuser located in Heaters, West Virginia.

The job entails the individual monitoring product quality, optimizing the manufacturing process by providing oversight on production rates, product quality, and yield.

Also, the individual should freely offer any improvement initiatives and implementation of any approved modifications.

The individual will have electrical engineering acumen, quality communication skills, an effective team player, and more.

Technical skills that should be demonstrated include a working knowledge of quality control, an understanding of statistics, and the optimization of various ideas and concepts.

The comprehensive employee benefits package is offered along with relocation assistance.


Personal Story

When my family and I were stationed in Pearl Harbor, we took the opportunity to fly my parents on over to the island to visit.

We’ve, of course, taken in all of the tourist attractions.

We walked along the stands of Waikiki Beach, went to Waimea Bay, visited the infamous blowhole, and even took in a traditional luau.

However, the most memorable moment came when my dad, a World War II veteran, insisted that we visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Taking the water ferry to the memorial that was built over the USS Arizona, an obvious hush came over the tourists and my father.

I have never seen my father cry and yet on that day, there was a glistening in his eyes that I can only assume was part of the impact of that moment as he was taken back in time.

One can only imagine what was playing through his mind and stimulating old memories.


Make Money Moving to West Virginia FAQs


What Are the Major Industries of West Virginia?

The major industries of West Virginia are:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Service Industry


What is West Virginia Best Known for?

The nickname of West Virginia is Mountain State.

This is because the state is comprised of the region known as the Appalachian region.

Consequently, West Virginia is famous for its broad range of activities that are conducive to the terrain.

Some of those activities include hiking, mountain biking, skiing, white water rafting, and more.


You Can Do It

Consider West Virginia.

Recently, they have fallen on hard times economically, but they are investing their resources to welcome new residents to this beautiful state.

If this is something that resonates with you and you meet a variety of the qualifications needed, then West Virginia awaits.

You can be part of the resurfacing of this state.



John Denver crooned “West Virginia almost Heaven…”

Perhaps he was onto something and was most likely referring to the beautiful valleys, mountaintops, pristine rivers, etc.

However, it would appear that West Virginia is also moving forward economically.

As part of the process, they are leveraging the natural resources of the state along with financial resources to potential partners to help towards the achievement of their goal.

Perhaps, then, you would like to move to “heaven” to be part of this heavenly plan.

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