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In the great Northwest portion of the continental United States lies the state of Washington.

The capital city is Olympia and the nickname for this state is the Evergreen State.

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The Washington territory was provided statehood on November 11, 1889.

Interesting facts about Washington state is that it is the headquarters for Starbucks coffee, is the only state to be named after a United States president, home to the first revolving restaurant located in Seattle, is the largest Apple producer in the United States and is home to the last volcanic eruption in the United States.

The volcanic corruption occurred at Mount Saint Helens.

There are a couple of factors that make the state of Washington an important playing in an important role in the economy of the United States.

Due to their location due to their proximity to Alaska and Asian countries the Puget Sound of the Seattle Harbor is a critical harbor for the transporting of goods.

In addition, this area is playing an important role in the fishing industry that provides the great seafood for not only this part of the country but throughout the United States.

Technology is also a major component of the economy of the thriving economy of Washington.

Home to Microsoft and the magnet Bill Gates, the state of Washington plays a key role in the development of technology.

Also, the aviation industry is a critical component of the role and importance of Washington State in that bowling is an important part of the financial landscape with their production of jet aircraft.

Consequently, if looking to move to Washington state and getting paid, there are a variety of employment opportunities that will help you to do so.


10 Tips to Help You Get Paid to Move to Washington State


1. Learn About State

The first important tip before getting paid to move to Washington is to learn about the state.

Often, individuals who relocate to another state or area “barge in” to the local community not knowing anything about what makes a community check.

Therefore, it is important to research what area you will be locating to or wanting to relocate to and learn not only about the culture and community but about the people as well.


2. Calculations

A major financial tip before relocating to a different area is to compare the cost of living.

This comparison should be between where you are living now and the standard of living that you are experiencing and comparative to where you are relocating to.

There are a number of cost-of-living comparisons that can be accessed through a variety of online websites.

These websites will ask what your current salary is and then they will draw on the salary and expenses associated with living in your new city.

One such calculator can be found at https://money.cnn.com/calculator/pf/cost-of-living/index.html.


3. Taxes

Another possible hidden financial impact that can be a negative or positive on an individual’s finances is in the area of taxes.

Washington State is that there is no estate tax and this is certainly an added bonus when considering relocating to Washington State.

In addition, to not having any personal income tax assessed to an individual is that corporate income tax is not a part of the state’s economy.

The state tax for Washington is 6.5% but can be as high as 10.4% in other in a variety of locations.

The property tax rate for the state of Washington has a ranking of 29th out of the 50 states with a real estate tax rate of 1.03%.


4. Economy

Before making the physical relocation to the state of Washington, it is also important to check the state’s economy.

Specifically, me a specifically, the economy of the city that you are relocating to.

In some communities the economy may be thriving due to its technological base of industry whereas in some other communities it may be more depressed due to the fact that they are depending upon agriculture or the lumber industry.


5. Various Cities

Like most states, there are a variety of different terrains which is conducive to the economic importance of the state as well as the attraction of various occupations and people.

For example, the western part of the state is dotted with larger cities which are more conducive to technology, companies dependent on trade and aerospace technology.

On the eastern side of the state the second largest city within the state of Washington is Spokane.

Spokane is known for education, logging, mining as well as home to a large military presence by hosting the Fairchild Air Force Base.

In the center of the state is the agricultural city of Wenatchee that produces a significant harvest of apples.


6. Weather

On the West Coast of Washington state are the cities of Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia.

This part of the country realizes significant rainfall and occasionally will have snowstorms.

To the east of these cities, past the Cascade Mountains, are the more well-known cities such as Spokane, Yakima, and Kennewick.

The weather is much hotter during the summer time in the eastern part of the state and much colder winters.

In the middle section of the state, the rich volcanic ash lends to a rich soil which is conducive to agriculture.

A major city within the central part of the state is Wenatchee.


7. Outdoors

A major part of the state’s economy is the attraction to people who enjoy the outdoors.

Specifically, for skiers are the mountain slopes of Mount Hood and migraine year, an abundance of fishing opportunities, and a significant network of hiking paths.


8. Moving Costs

When considering a move and accepting a position with a company that will be absorbing the relocation costs, it is important to know what those covered relocation costs will be.

Specifically, it is important to be aware of what the company will pay for and what they will not pay for.

Specifically, as part of the relocation package they will cover professional moving expenses, any associated lodging needs, food, etc.

Also, it is important to understand how these costs will be covered.

Will they require you to pay everything on your own and then submit receipts for reimbursement or will everything be directly expensed out to the company for payment.

Also, when tax time comes around, you may be able to deduct any expenses related to your move your relocation move.

As with all tax matters, it is important to check with your professional tax advisor on claiming any deductions.


9. Home Buying

A financial tip to consider when considering relocating to the state of Washington is the purchase or cost of a home.

As of this writing, the average home sale price in the state of Washington lies between $400,000 and $500,000.

Of course is, it’s depends upon where you choose to relocate with home prices being more expensive on the western side of the state rather than the eastern side.


10. Cost of Living

Assigned to the states within the union, the reflection of a number provided by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC), a number is assigned to each of the states that take into account the cost of living index.

The number given to the state of Washington is 110.7.

The average is 100 and the cities that fall above this are above average whereas the cities falling below the number 100 are below average as it relates to the cost of living.


10 Best Companies & Programs That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to Washington State


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1. State of Washington

The state of Washington is offering a very attractive incentive to individuals who relocate to Washington.

The stipulations surrounding the receiving of this incentive require a three-year service obligation for young healthcare professionals to work in underserved and rural areas.

There are two sponsors of the plan, one is the Washington student achievement counsel which uses matching federal grant monies and the other is the professional loan repayment program that is strictly funded by the state.

That incentive is a $75,000 payment towards the relocating individual’s student debt.


2. Operations Supervisor

A company by the name of G2 is looking to hire an operations supervisor in Bellingham, Washington.

The job opening is looking for a candidate that is strong in leadership skills, experience in working with customers and a desire to learn.

This company is a major provider of support services to the airline industry.

The job requires familiarity with the regulations so probably surrounding the support airlines, supervise employees, ensure that regulations and procedures are followed, communicating with employees, making appropriate recommendations to supervisors, and more.

A relocation package is available.


3. Clinical Care Coordinator

Catholic Community Services of Western Washington, located in Aberdeen, is looking for an individual to join the medical team.

The job description entails working with families in a compassionate manner, providing for the needs of discharged patients, working with families of the medical patients, and a host of other responsibilities and roles.

A relocation package is offered.


4. Human Resources Specialist

The United States Army, in Seattle, is looking for a Human Resources Specialist.

The salary range is $32,000 to $82,000 a year and the individual will be primarily responsible for playing a significant role in managing the career of the US army soldier.

A relocation package is available along with a variety of other significant employee benefits.


5. Drone Pilot

This highly classified job position requires that the individual navigate an unmanned aircraft systems drone.

As the operator the successful candidate’s role will be to provide strategic information about Army related geographical relations of combatants as well as battle areas.

The qualifications include being a United States citizen, having a high school graduate degree, be between the ages of 17 and 34 and be open to being and enlist the into the Armed Forces or arm services reserve a possible relocation package is offered.

This job position opening is located in Redmond, Washington.


6. Domestic Violence Advocate

In Renton, Washington, the position of domestic violence Advocate is being offered at a salary range of $35,000 a year.

The qualifications must include being bilingual, having a driver’s license and being able to work in the United States legally.

The role of this advocate is to provide crisis intervention, safety planning and information for the victims of domestic violence, counseling the individual about their rights and legal resources.

Also, this advocate will act in concert between the US legal system and other appropriate systems to support the victim of domestic violence.

Other requirements and qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree or AA +2 years of experience, proficiency and computer skills, and more.

A potential relocation package is offered to the successful candidate.


7. Mental Health Therapist

The Catholic Community Services of Western Washington located in Tukwila are advertising for a mental health therapist.

Relocation assistance is available.

The job calls for an individual looking for a clinician to be forward thinking and their approach to providing services to the customers that they see.

The employment position is advertised as an opportunity to help children and families live together in a safe and secure environment that facilitates promise and hope.

The successful candidate will have a Masters degree in behavioral sciences, be energetic and enthusiastic, a natural ability as well to relate with others and a strong commitment and passion for maintaining the family’s unity and other roles and responsibilities.

The advertised salary is at a level of $66,222 a year.


8. Cyber Network Specialist

The United States Army is looking for a cyber network specialist and the employment position is located in Redmond, Washington.

The job strips and for the cyber operations specialist it entails skills necessary to defend the Army’s crucial and complex weapon systems.

Those weapon systems include satellites, navigation, and aviation systems.

The salary for this position is up to $40,000 per year and relocation assistance is offered.

The qualifications to be considered for this position include being a United States citizen, high school graduate or equivalent, between the ages of 17 and 34 and the applicant must be open to enlisting into the U.S. Army or being part of the Army reserves.


9. Vessel Boarding Agent

The position of the vessel boarding agent is being advertised by Norton Lilly international.

The job calls for relocation to Seattle Washington.

Salary ranges from $40,000-$60,000 a year and relocation assistance is being advertised as available.

The specific job duties of this position require the reporting of vessels that enter into port on a daily basis.

Additionally, the job requires planning and assigning weekly vessel rotation as well as assisting the operations manager with billing statements and procedures.

Other additional duties are required.


10. Behavior Technician

The job position of behavior technician requires that the individual work with individuals who have been diagnosed with autism.

Their function will be to help the autistic person to gain language skills, work on social skills as well as providing self-help the customer base can range anywhere from children, teens and adults.

The salary range is $18-$26 per hour and a host of other employee benefits.

Relocation assistance is indicated.


Personal Story

As a young man, I had the opportunity to go with our youth group to practice our pastoring skills with the good people of Washington.

We flew into Seattle airport and then in order to get to Wenatchee, Washington, we boarded a “puddle jumper” to fly over the cascade mountain range.

The joke was that we were so close to the top of the mountains that if we had been given the opportunity we could’ve reached out and touched and grabbed some snow off of one of the peaks.

Upon arriving in Wenatchee, the other memorable currents happened when we were fed upon our arrival.

What made it was so memorable was that the hosting pastor went to their refrigerated cooler and brought out a shovelful of apples that were grown in the area.

Without a doubt, those were the crispiest and most delicious apples I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

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Make Money to Move to Washington State FAQs


What Are the Benefits of Moving to Washington?

One of the major benefits, financially speaking, is that there is no state income tax for the state of Washington.

Washington is also a forward-thinking state that boasts of a job industry that is robust as well as educational, entertainment, and recreational opportunities.


What Are Some of the More Popular Jobs in Washington?

The job opportunities run the in the entire gamut as it relates to Washington state.

Because of the diversity, there are high tech paying jobs, aerospace industry and agriculture

Also, notable companies are headquartered in that the state including Starbucks, Amazon, and Nordstrom.



Employment opportunities abound in the state of Washington and there are companies that are willing to pay a good to excellent salary plus will cover possible relocation expenses.

Also, the state of Washington in concert with the federal government is offering the opportunity for student debt repayment in the lot of $75,000 if the individual wishes to use that as an incentive to move to Washington.

The home of Microsoft, Starbucks, volcanoes and great tasting apples is inviting you to take up residency.

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