Yes, you can really get paid to move to Utah.

This article reveals the different ways and companies/programs that pay you to move to Utah.



“Yuttahih” is an Apache word in which it is believed that the eventual word and name of the state of Utah is derived.

The word in Apache means “people of the mountain” and was in reference to the Utes who are Native American people that reside in the mountainous region of the area.

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As the Europeans arrived the geographical area became known as the land of the Utes and eventually, this part of the country became known as Utah.

Many historical and present-day events have characterized the importance of the state of Utah.

A smattering of some of those significant events include:

  • Establishment of statehood on January 4, 1896
  • 60% of the state’s residents are members of the Mormon church
  • The Sundance Film Festival is held yearly in Park City, Utah
  • The greatest saltwater lake of the Western Hemisphere is found in this state
  • In 1848, seagulls came to the rescue of farmers with newly planted crops by eating a descending hoard of crickets
  • The California seagull is designated as the state bird
  • In May 1869 the first transcontinental railroad joined rails at Promontory Summit in the Utah territory
  • In 2010 Utah had the youngest population in the United States
  • And more


Now, added to the mix of significant events is the opportunity that you may get paid to move to Utah and consider the 10 best companies that might make it so.


Personal Story

After leaving the ministry I was able to secure a job nine months later with a not-for-profit.

My role within the not-for-profit was the position entitled development director and was just a fancy way of saying work with donors and raise more money so that the needed resources were there to provide the services to the community.

Roughly a year later, I knew that I had the potential of taking on increased responsibilities within the not-for-profit and began to look for positions beyond my current location.

My opportunity came when I received a call from a non-profit in the state of Oregon to interview for the position.

The job was a step up in pay with associated responsibility and also provided a little bit of money for relocation costs.

Before I went any further, I began to do more extensive research and look at the area where the opportunity had presented itself.

After doing several comparisons, both as it related to the culture, life in Oregon, and financially, I accepted their invitation to be a candidate for the position and thankfully was offered the role.

The point is that even when taking on a new employment opportunity that may pay more, it is always best to do one’s research and compare apples to apples as it relates to the move and all of the associated factors.

Or, in this case, moving to Oregon, comparing trees to trees.


10 Ways & Tips to Help You Get Paid to Move to Utah


1. Research 

When considering an employment move to Utah, it is important to conduct one’s research.

Ultimately, in conducting comprehensive research, it will be part of the process of getting paid to move to Utah when all of the comparisons are made.

Additionally, after the initial research is accomplished, when the application is submitted to the company, it is important to dive deeper and make sure that your decision will pay off financially and in all areas of your life.


2. Culture

One of the significant comparisons that should be made as it relates to finances goes beyond the salary or employee benefits.

The comparison of cultures of what you are used to and what may be awaiting you is important to determine whether this may be of value to you.

If there is a certain enjoyment in your life that is not promoted in Utah then that may be a concern if that activity or enjoyment is not available.

This may have an adverse effect on you socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically which may lead to a detriment in the health of those areas.

This in turn could be a strain on your finances if you need to travel to other neighboring states or cities to enjoy any particular interests that you have.



3. COLA 

Another important factor to consider is the cost of living.

If the salary that you are currently earning equates to a lower cost of living in the city in which you reside in comparison to the new potential city there may be a subsequent loss of money or just simply breaking even.

One such way that you can do a cost of living comparison is by logging on to Nerd Wallet.


4. Friend 

A practical way to get paid to move would be the sharing of any traveling expenses with a friend.

For example, if you are able to make the move in your privately owned vehicle and have a friend that wants to visit Salt Lake City, you could make an arrangement to have the expenses shared with that individual.

He or she would get a trip to Salt Lake City at a reduced price and you would be able to relocate to your new job position at a reduced price.

Once the sights and sounds of the city were taken in then your friend could fly back home and still would have saved money on this trip to Utah.


5. Housing 

Another important practical tip on getting paid to move to Utah will be your housing needs.

You probably have determined what the housing costs are like and where you may be looking to locate your new home.

It is good to keep in mind, that there are apartment locators such as who often, in order to increase their viability in finding apartments for individuals, will provide incentives.

Sometimes, they will offer the incentive of giving you a gift card in a fairly significant amount of money if you sign a lease or work through their website in securing a place to live.

Therefore, as part of getting paid to move to Utah, this may prove to be an option and one certainly worth checking into.


6. Taxes 

Another way to save money or to get paid to move to Utah is to ensure that you have researched the taxes laws in the state of Utah.

Those particular tax questions that you would need to determine as to whether you will save money through the move are understanding any sales tax, income tax state income tax thresholds, local taxes, etc.


7. Education 

Another important tip on getting paid to move to Utah is how it relates to your future educational goals.

Specifically, if you were planning on continuing your pursuit of an advanced degree, is there a college or university in Utah that will accommodate that goal and provide you with the needed educational opportunities in pursuit of that degree?

This is important to determine when getting paid to move to Utah has an advanced degree generally translates into additional income.

You also may wish to determine whether your new company will help with any educational grants.


8. Relocation Details 

In accepting a position with the company in Utah and with them paying the relocation costs, it is important to have a candid conversation with your new employer as to what relocation costs are being covered.

Will they be paying for the moving of your household goods, airfare, use of your personal vehicle, lodging, and more?


9. Receipts 

It is also important to understand whether your new employer will be paying you based on the receipts that you submit for reimbursement or will they be advancing you any money in which you will save the receipts to show what expenses were paid from any money advanced?


10. Driveaway 

Another possibility to get paid to move to Utah is by contracting with a driveaway company.

By contacting such a company, you can find out if they need a vehicle to be transported to Utah.

Not only will this take care of your needed transportation, but you will get paid to do so by this company whose customer needed a vehicle transported to the state.

One such company is


10 Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to Utah


1. Linde 

Linde is advertising for a Chemical Process Plant Operator.

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The position entails the use of good communication with fellow operators and other leading members of the team, understanding, and adherence to regulatory, corporate, and plant policies and procedures, demonstrating knowledge and adherence to safety measures, involvement in production meetings, startup, and shutdown of process equipment, and more.

The location of employment for the candidate would be North Salt Lake, Utah.

The pay is up to $75,000 a year with robust health benefits for the accepted candidates and relocation assistance.


2. Wilson Electronics 

The position that is open and being advertised for is a Digital Advertising Specialist-Amazon.

Relocation assistance is being offered for the successful candidate to move to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The individuals selected for this position will manage media campaigns on and expand to other e-commerce partners which could include Best Buy and Walmart.

The role of this job position requires the management of the budget, purchasing media across a variety of media platforms.

The emphasis is not only working with big businesses but developing public relations and marketing plans for small businesses as well as individual home systems.

The pay range is anywhere from $60,000-$76,000 per year.


3. Grove, Inc. 

Grove, Inc. is looking for a CBD formulator.

The CBD formulator will be involved in the manufacturing process, demonstrating a strong ability to address challenges in the workplace, and work collaboratively with other groups both internally and externally.

The position requires excellent knowledge that pertains to the nutraceutical industry and must be knowledgeable as it relates to ingredients, activities usage, and forms.

A relocation assistance package is available along with other employment benefits.

Some of those employee benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance.

The salary range is between 70,000 and 90,000 annually.

Also See: Jobs Paying to Move to California & Companies Paying to Move to Hawaii.


4. Mesa Moving & Storage 

The job vacancy of a General Manager for Mesa Moving & Storage is being advertised for an individual to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The qualified individual will show exceptional leadership skills and be responsible for the entire branch of this company for this managerial vocation.

They will ultimately be responsible for operations, customer service, sales, facility management, safety, and more.

Other competencies should include sterling leadership skills, analysis, and operational skills, selling skills, strategic thinking, an understanding of business, problem-solving abilities, etc.

This position does offer relocation assistance along with 401(k) matching, dental and health insurance, and other quality employee benefits.

The salary range for this position is from $80,000-$125,000 per annum.


5. Pretium Packaging 

This company is looking for a Human Resources Manager with an annual salary ranging from $68,000-$86,000.

The qualified individual will bring educational qualifications as well as a demonstration of human resource management.

Their particular responsibilities include recruitment, selection, development of staff, and retention.

Also, it is anticipated that the Human Resources Director will develop and administer training and development processes for the team members.

They will strictly adhere to and manage the requirements for ensuring that the team is managed within the employment guidelines both at the state and federal levels.

Also, it is anticipated the manager will advocate for the team to ensure that their benefits and protections are maintained.

The possibility of relocation assistance is available for the qualifying candidate as well as other employee benefits.

Some of those employee benefits include 401(k), dental, medical and life insurance, parental leave, health savings account, and more.


6. Prime Machine 

The position of Project Manager-Manufacturing is advertised to fill this position in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah,

The salary range is between 75,000 and $100,000 a year.

The critical role of the Project Manager is to ensure that everything associated with the successful completion of the project is available.

Therefore, the projects must have the appropriate supplies, resources, and parts needed from start to the completion of the project.

Prime Machine incorporated.

Is an emergency industrial equipment repair company including the provision of component fabrication services to customers both in the state of Utah and beyond the boundaries.

The project manager will have a keen understanding of machining, welding, and millwright, demonstrate 7 plus years of experience, have a degree either in manufacturing engineering or business, have above-average computer skills, and know about job-estimating as well as the need to order the materials and supplies.

Employee benefits include a health savings account, disability, health, and dental insurance along with a 401(k).


7. Nexus Spine 

The vacant position of Senior Quality Engineer is being offered by Nexus Spine with a relocation benefit to Draper, Utah at an annual salary of 68,000 $887-$142,764 a year.

This orthopedic company is looking to hire an individual to provide oversight and bring added quality to the operational processes and outputs.

The specific job functions include design quality, upholding standards by inspecting the materials, and providing oversight to the equipment processes.

It is anticipated that this individual to be hired will have quality troubleshooting skills and ensure that an exceptional standard of orthopedic equipment is produced.

Employee benefits include a 401(k), dental, health, and life insurance, paid time off, vision insurance, and more.


8. Suncloud Technologies 

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, this company is looking to hire a senior contract manager.

The salary for this position ranges from $100,000-$130,000 per year.

Relocation assistance is offered to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The job entails the responsibility of all aspects as it relates to contracts supported and estimated to be $75 million in annual business for the company.

Specifically, the terms of the contract, requirements, special addendum’s, and conditions are under the purview of this employment position.

The contract manager will also list the terms of the contract in full compliance with the various federal and state laws as well as protect the assets of the company.

The individual will have at a minimum a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an advanced degree is preferred. Also, the individual should have a minimum of 10 years of contract management experience.


9. Indeed 

Indeed is a robust job posting website in which individuals needing to hire employees can post the various job postings that can be researched by an individual looking for employment.

The search filter on this website is very extensive and a number of these posted employment opportunities were found by utilizing the location of Utah and typing into the search bar the words relocation assistance.

The individual looking for such jobs can then do a return on this site and the screen will be populated with opportunities that they can review and see what are good matches for where they wish to relocate as well as the requirements needed to successfully fulfill the vacancy.


10. Other Job Sites

Any individual looking to get paid to move to Utah will not be disappointed as there are a number of employment opportunities available that can be researched.

If there is a good match, then you can make the application and move forward on your desire to relocate and get paid to do so.


Make Money Moving to Utah FAQs


What Is the Population of Utah?

As of 2020, the population of Utah is 3,271,616 people.


Is a Relocation Package Taxable?

It would appear that any relocation benefits offered by an employer to an employee are now taxable.

Of course, as with any tax laws and possible deductions are taken, etc. it is always best to consult with a tax advisor.



Utah is a state of contrast.

The contrasts range anywhere from the salt lake to a beautiful mountain range, to a state that has a rich historical past as well as robust opportunities currently with a vibrant future.

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