Yes, you can really get paid to move or relocate to Tulsa!

This article reveals exactly how it works and some of the best companies and/or programs that pay or help you get paid to relocate to Tulsa.


Why Get Paid to Move to Tulsa?

Tulsa is, as are several other cities across the United States, in that they are building.

They are not building structures, but an industry that is comprised of engaged, dynamic, and diverse citizens.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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They are building a vibrant and diverse city that is built on a vision and reality that diversity is powerful.

To attract quality candidates, they are using the non-tech allurement of hard cold cash.

Tulsa is reaching out to remote workers and inviting them to be part of the Tulsa community.

Through their Remote Tulsa program, they are offering cash for that qualified individual to move to Tulsa to be part of the growing technology sector of this city along with other meaningful and enriching vocations.

The invitation to remote workers is to those remote workers who are employed without state companies.

The invitation is to work remotely from here and if your application is accepted, they will give you a grant for $10,000.

Tulsa is known as the “Oil Capital of the World” and so they are calling remote workers to enrich their community through relocation.


Personal Story

Growing up in the Midwest, although we had bodies of water, they certainly didn’t compare to the ocean.

My second duty station was in the Bay Area.

I remember traveling with some Navy buddies into San Francisco and crossing over on the bay bridge.

As we traveled into the beautiful city of San Francisco, while halfway over.

The thought struck me about our return.

The question was how did the cars return from visiting San Francisco and get back to Oakland.

My answer came hours later as we traveled back on the same bridge but returned on the lower deck of the bridge.

Travel to the city was accomplished on the upper deck of the bay bridge and travel back was on the same bridge only utilizing the lower deck.

I was amazed.

Back in Wisconsin, they didn’t have such marvellously constructed bridges that contained two levels.

A whole new world was experienced when I relocated or was assigned to a new duty station.

Perhaps a new world is opening up for the individual considering moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Best Program That Pay You to Move to Tulsa


The Tulsa Remote Program



In 2018 the decision was made by leaders within the city of Tulsa to implement a program that would attract a broad base of professionals.

These professionals would bring a variety of work experience and unique skills to the city of Tulsa.

Also, the Remote Tulsa program, to encourage these remote workers to relocate to Tulsa, wanted these remote workers to represent multiple industries.

Another rationale for developing this program was to create job opportunities that didn’t solely rely on jobs being created by the local economy.

Additionally, the motivation of luring other people from other states to Tulsa was to diversify the economy and business base of Tulsa.

The success of the program would stimulate the diversity of new technology startups; provide a pool of engineers and the presence of other highly skilled workers.

The intent was to get people to move to Tulsa and to see the possibilities of this city being an ideal business environment on par with the likes of Austin, Texas, or Silicon Valley in California.


What Is It?

The Tulsa Remote program is designed to offer, through incentives, an opportunity to talented, professional, and skilled employees.

The purpose was to stimulate their thinking about moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As part of the incentive, these remote workers, if qualified and selected, would receive a $10,000 grant.

This grant could be utilized to help an individual purchase a home in Tulsa.

In addition, the $10,000 grant does not need to be applied to homeownership but also can be used to rent single-family homes.

If an individual is already in the process of relocating to Tulsa and has started the house buying commitment or is in the process of signing a lease in Tulsa, they may be eligible for this program as well.

They would just simply need to provide proof or evidence that they started the Tulsa Remote paperwork process before they purchased a home or signed a lease agreement.

The purchased home cannot be utilized as a rental property for other individuals to live there. This limitation needs to be adhered to for at least one year forward from the time of closing.

Also, the accepted applicant must be recorded as the name on the property deed.

Once the relocated individual has taken up residence in their purchased property they will receive a single lump-sum $10,000 payment when the purchase of the home is made.



The criteria for an individual to be eligible for this $10,000 grant requires that an application process be followed.

Because the individual will be living outside of the city of Tulsa the finalists identified in this program will be interviewed by remote video means.


How Much Will It Cover? 

The average price of a home in Tulsa is $205,500.

If an individual applies for and successfully is awarded this grant of ten thousand dollars, they can use this amount of money as part of their down payment towards the purchasing of that home.

In essence, the ten thousand dollars would cover 33% of the down payment needed to purchase the home.

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Ideal Candidate 

The ideal candidate for this relocation would be an individual fully employed and who works with the company that allows the individual to work remotely from any location.

Also, the applicant cannot be a resident of Oklahoma or work remotely for a company that is based in Oklahoma.

There are four specific requirements to meet the eligibility standard to receive the grant from the foundation.

Those four requirements are that the individual needs to move to Tulsa within the year twenty twenty-one.

The individual needs to be currently employed by a company in which they can work for that company on a remote basis.

Also, the individual would be eligible if they are self-employed outside of the state of Oklahoma.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The third eligibility requirement requires that the individual be at least eighteen years of age or older.

Finally, they must be a permanent resident of the United States.



Successful Applicants

Although 40% of new Tulsans through Remote Tulsa are from the technology sector there have been a variety of other representative professions.

As an example, there have been Japanese opera singers that have relocated.

Over half of the applicants are from the states of California and New York.

These individuals will not only provide added value to the city of Tulsa but will receive value in return.

One of those individuals that relocated to Tulsa commented that she was in a geographical and political bubble.

Her only frame of reference in being an American was based on her isolated experience.

She applied through Remote Tulsa and was accepted in the relocation program and indicates that the experience and her current lifestyle have expanded considerably.



The funding is provided by the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

Other partners include the city of Tulsa itself and other community organizations that provide support towards the success of the program.


Selection Process 

A Tulsa Remote team has been comprised which reviews each application.

Each individual that is selected through this round of possibilities is invited to a video interview.

Following this process, further deliberation is conducted by the remote team, and finalists are selected and offered the award.

If a candidate is not familiar with the city of Tulsa they may be invited for a face-to-face interview and tour of the city.



Remote Tulsa provides other incentives to help with the professional move and helping those individuals to acclimate professionally and socially to the community and solidify their relocation into the city of Tulsa.

To facilitate this transfer to the city of Tulsa other supportive companies and program participants engage their new neighbors by offering their full support.

Specifically, an explosive co-working space is offered downtown.

This co-working community is called 36 Degrees North.

It is a base camp for individuals with innovative ideas, collaboration resources, and an incubator for startups.

The incentive would be presented to the individual relocating by providing a one-year membership.

It would provide a conducive space to work remotely as well as interact with other professionals.

Other incentives include support from the local community to identify housing and help with that process as well as other community blending opportunities for the individual who has moved to Tulsa.


Same Members 

Unlike other programs conducted in states, Tulsa Remote offers a unique caveat to their program.

That uniqueness is that if other individuals, within the same household, meet the criteria to be eligible for consideration for Remote Tulsa, they may also apply and be considered if they qualify.

These individuals may or may not have a relationship with one another or may even be members of the same family.

Remote Tulsa also encourages those individuals who feel that they meet the criteria to pursue the application process that this relocation package offers.

The only stipulation is that if one member of the household applies, then the other individual within the same household also needs to apply within two weeks of the first member of the household applying.


Other Considerations 

If an individual does not reside within the United States, they still are eligible to make an application for this program.

However, the individual must possess a green card.

Also, Tucson Remote does not help an individual with legally obtaining work in the United States of America.

An example would include obtaining a work visa.

That would be strictly up to the individual.

If selected for this program and the recipient of the $10,000 grant, the individual is contractually required to live within Tulsa for a minimum of one year.

Unfortunately, if an individual has just recently moved to Tulsa they cannot be considered as candidates for the program.

Also, if an individual is working for a company and does not work remotely but has the possibility of moving to that option, they can still apply for Tulsa Remote.

Tulsa Remote would just need to receive verification from the employee’s company that this can occur.

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Making Money Relocating to Tulsa FAQs


What Is the Definition of a Remote Worker?

A remote worker is defined as an employee who has been provided the option by their company or employer to work from any other location other than the actual physical location of the company.

This type of position or opportunity is known as telecommuting or working from home.


If I Am Selected for This Program Do I Have to Live in Downtown Tulsa?

The requirements of being eligible to receive the $10,000 relocation grant for housing do not require that the individual lives in the downtown Tulsa area.

However, they must live within the city limits of Tulsa.


What Are the Timing Requirements as It Relates to Tulsa Remote? 

If an individual has been selected for this program, they are required to complete the outlined steps within twelve months of the date of acceptance.


You Can Do It

Would you like a change of scenery?

Are you up for an adventure?

Do you work remotely from your home to fulfill your job description?

The city of Tulsa has a deal for you.



Tulsa is inviting individuals to be part of an exciting future that blends their past with their vision of a new future.

They are inviting qualified individuals to be part of that community by offering a relocation incentive to offset housing costs.

Adventure awaits.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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