Yes, you can really get paid to move to Thailand.

This article reveals the different ways and companies/programs that pay you to move to Thailand.



Where is that perfect place to live?

It is that country in which you don’t seem to hear any negative things about those that live there.

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Is it that perfect place in which there doesn’t seem to be anything to complain about?

That perfect place is where the people are friendly and caring, where the cost of living is inexpensive to reasonable, it is a perfect blend of countryside and large city life and has all of the trappings of providing the wonderfulness of nature to relax and unwind.

It can almost be defined as a utopia.

Unfortunately, if there was such a place, it would quickly be tainted by those wishing to be there.

Well, it seems that there is such a place that is located in South-Eastern Asia.

The name of the country is Thailand and is known for its pristine beaches, beautiful countryside, lovely people, significant urban development, and all wrapped up with a beautiful red bow in that the cost of living is significantly below average.

Added to its mystique and enchantment is that the country is encouraging others to be part of what they are enjoying,

How quickly can we pack and make our travel arrangements is in proportion to ways that we can get paid to move to Thailand and hopefully have a company that is willing to help us in that process?


Personal Story

A special encounter or a special experience in our lives can be defined as our “happy place.”

It can be a special moment or place in our lives that makes us relax and release our anxiety.

For me, while in Oregon, there was a special physical location that my wife and I liked to visit that reminded us of being in a church.

The walls of the cathedral were made from dogwood trees and as we entered into this sacred place we were enveloped by the streams of light filtering through the foliage.

Upon our ears and heart were the soft rippling sounds of the flow of a creek into a river nearby.

The experience always proved to be mystical and would soothe our minds and hearts as if the very prayers of nature were bathing us in their majesty.


10 Ways & Tips to Help You Get Paid to Move to Thailand


1. Budget 

As with any financial matter, it is important to devise a budget.

This is true for the daily income and expenses associated with managing the household and is especially true when planning a significant event such as relocating to another country.

Therefore, as part of getting paid to move to Thailand, the basic tip is to devise a budget.

The questions of what the expenses will be as it relates to travel, food, the money needed to establish a home, etc. all need to be answered.

This can be accomplished by researching the cost of living and also building in a contingency of at least 10% to cover any costs not thought of or miscalculated.

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2. Cost of Living Comparison

Many great financial tools on the Internet will help an individual realize what the cost will be as it involves relocating.

One of those calculators would be to compare the cost of living with where you live now and in comparison to the cost of living of relocating to Thailand.

One such calculator that can be utilized can be found at Nerd Wallet.


3. Garage Sale 

A great way to earn money and rid your home of unwanted items as well as to have a garage sale.

This process would entail going from room to room in your home and making the hard decision of what to keep and what not to keep.

Of course, it is important to remember that whatever you keep will need to be either taken with you or stored.

If stored, that will be an added expense to rent the storage space and even if taken with you it may require more room to rent in Thailand or you will need to store those items and rent out a storage unit where you live and pay a monthly fee.

Also, transporting these additional items will add to the relocation costs as well.


4. Side Hustles 

A good way to get paid to move to Thailand would be to take on a variety of side hustles.

One suggestion would be a food delivery service such as DoorDash.

By providing the needed documentation and having a background check accomplished, you will be able to earn money based on the number of deliveries you make and any tips that you earn.

This money can be set aside in a special high yield interest-bearing account to earn additional revenue.


5. Sell Your Car 

Most likely, if you own a vehicle, you will want to sell that vehicle before locating to Thailand.

You can start advertising the sale of the car or truck now and make arrangements to keep driving the vehicle until the actual day of departure occurs.

Perhaps you could work out such an arrangement with an individual who is willing to purchase your vehicle.


6. Fund Raisers 

If you have a supportive family or a group of friends that are willing to help you raise money for your relocation trip to Thailand, there is the possibility of having several fundraisers.

One of those fundraisers could be a dinner that serves Thai food.

Perhaps you could work with a local restaurant or caterer to purchase this Thai food at a discount so that it can be provided to the attendees at the event.

The benefits to the restaurant would be advertising and the possibility of gaining new customers once they taste the delicious food that is being served.


7. Blog 

Another great way to not only document your journey but perhaps raise money in the process is by blogging.

Your blog would begin to chronicle your journey to Thailand from the beginning stages when it was a dream and how things came together, up to how the dream is becoming a reality.

It is a great possibility that you will gain followers who will be interested to read about your adventures and be motivated and inspired as well to follow their dreams and make them become reality.

If these followers make a significant connection with you and support you with monetary donations.

Also, is the possibility of gaining affiliate advertisers and perhaps a sponsor.


8. Family 

Going back to your family, it is more than likely that they want nothing but the best for you.

Therefore, they may be willing to provide monetary support by sponsoring your move and make an outright gift to help you achieve your goal of relocating to Thailand.

It doesn’t hurt to ask.



9. Associations 

In your community, there is likely a pocket full or segment of your community that is diverse and represents a particular country through their immigration.

Perhaps, in your community, there is a Thai population that would be very involved in your moving to their homeland.

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Therefore, they are involved with an association there would be a strong possibility that they would consider sponsoring your move and in return receiving ongoing correspondence so that they can be more in touch with their homeland.


10. Sponsors 

Perhaps the Thai community or network of restaurants would be willing to support you and help you raise relocation money.


10 Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to Thailand


1. Indeed 

Indeed is a good place to look for companies that are advertising for employment positions.

On this page, there will be a detailed job posting along with job and educational requirements as well as what the job entails.

When you log onto the site, you simply put in the country of Thailand and in the search area indicate relocation assistance,

Upon the return of this search filter, you will be shown several job positions in which a company is advertising for an employment position as well as offering relocation assistance.


2. Harley Davidson 

Harley Davidson is looking for a Manager National Sales.

The successful candidate will be relocated to Bangkok.

Relocation assistance is available.

The job responsibilities include being held accountable for reaching the local level objectives which include sales volumes, maintaining profitability, increasing revenue development of the plan, etc.

The manager will also act as the statutory representation in the market.

Education requirements include having a bachelor’s degree and having the ability to demonstrate leadership in the automotive business as well as working with field sales representatives.

Typically, the successful candidate will bring with them 12 years of related experience and a minimum of five years of management experience.

They should be fluent in English and will need to realize that frequency of travel is indicated.

Also, visa sponsorship is available.


3. Thailand 

Thailand is recruiting individuals whose native language is English.

They are specifically targeting the countries of Canada and the United States.

Their purpose is to provide the teaching of the English language to their residents, especially the younger population.

In exchange for an individual moving to Thailand, they will give you a job teaching English along with the opportunity of instructing other courses.


4. Fastwork 

This company has a job posting for the employment position of Software Engineering Lead.

The position entails oversight and delivery of various projects.

As the position is classified as a hands-on role they expect the hired individual to do code reviews with the various team members.

The expectation is to work closely with the product manager and team leads to ensure that the projects are efficiently managed and delivered in keeping with the policies and procedures of the company.

Benefits include a salary commensurate with the individual’s experience and education, visa and work permit for individuals who are relocating, 25 days of paid leaves plus a sabbatical month every three years, and more.

A relocation package is available which includes a plane ticket allowance and up to two weeks of initial accommodations.


5. Fastwork 

Another employment position advertised by Fastwork is the position of Technical Product Manager.

The expectations of the company of the individual in this position will be the utmost provision of a quality experience for their clients.

Also, the effective management of the lifecycle of the product is anticipated.

The responsibility of this position will ensure that the vision of the team and stakeholders is realized, in keeping with open lines of communication.

A good to excellent salary is indicated along with 25 days of paid leave, a sabbatical month every three years, and more.

A relocation package is offered that includes airfare and up to two weeks of accommodations.


6. Agoda 

The company Agoda is an online travel booking platform and they are advertising for the position of People Data Analyst.

The duties of this position require that the individual deliver reports and provide insights into the budgeting process and workforce planning.

They are also required to partner with the people team stakeholder and be extremely familiar with the process and technology in support of analytics products.

Requirements for this position are that the individual has a bachelor’s degree and at least 2 to 3 years of experience as a data reporting analyst with SQL proficiency.

The position does provide the hired individual to take advantage of a relocation package.


7. Linkedin

Linkedin is the extremely popular job posting site in which an individual can search for specific jobs located in various countries.

Additionally, they can place in the search bar the words relocation package and then search.

At this point, there may be many positions available in which the company is offering a relocation package for a qualified individual.


8. Microsoft 

Microsoft is advertising for a Customer Success Account Manager.

The position would require that this hired individual relocates to Bangkok Thailand.

The duties of the position would include the ability to fulfill contractual obligations, provide excellent customer service, and help customers realize their business outcomes as well as providing leadership for the account team to prioritize and plan customer engagements.


9. Agoda

Agoda is advertising for the position of Rewards Manager.

The individual will be called up to lead in designing and delivering global benefits offered by Agoda that help to improve and attract the well-being of the company’s employee base and their extended family globally.

Also, this individual will work closely with what is known as the “people team” as well as working with stakeholders and business leaders

The position offers a relocation package with a move to Bangkok.


10. Monster 

Another job posting website is

By accessing this site you can do a search on a variety of cities and countries and specify a particular position or feature, typing in Thailand in the search location bar, and also enter relocation assistance


Make Money Moving to Thailand


Why Does Thailand Place Such a Heavy Emphasis on Individuals Coming to Their Country to Teach English?

Thailand understands that English is the common denominator as it relates to communication with other countries and in government, diplomatic, and business circles.

Therefore, the country’s heavy emphasis on their citizens speaking English.


What Is the Population of Thailand?

As of the year 2020, the population of Thailand is 70,083,695 people.



Even though Thailand is half a world away, there are no barriers to our dreams and goals.

There are only stepping stones.

You have a budget, plan, raising money, and possibly have found a company that will help you to live in Thailand.

Utopia awaits.

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