Yes, it’s possible to get paid to move to Spain!

This article shows you some of the best ways to get paid and even some companies or programs that really pay or help you get paid to move to Spain.



Traveling is always an exciting adventure.

Often, when we take our holidays and vacation, the thoughts of visiting and experiencing a new travel destination are eagerly anticipated.

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Hopefully, through our hard work and savings for that adventure, we are not disappointed and are able to take in all of the sights, sounds, and uniqueness of our dream excursions.

Examples could include a vacation to Hawaii and sipping a drink garnished with an umbrella on one of the beautiful beaches, going cross country by train across the country of Canada, or visiting countries overseas such as Switzerland, England, France, Germany, etc.

What if we not only had the opportunity to visit a foreign country but actually take up residence?

One such country that is not only inviting individuals to come and enjoy their country but also to take up residency is the country of Spain.

Spain is providing a greeting of welcome and with certain cities stating Bienvenido to adventuresome individuals and families who wish to become a resident.

The importance is not only to these cities as they wish to maintain and grow their way of life but also a golden opportunity for an individual who can be part of that process and open a new chapter in their lives.

Let us, therefore, look for ways to get paid to move to Spain and explore some of the companies or programs that will help us.


10 Ways/Tips to Get Paid to Move to Spain


1. Research 

An initial step or tip to take to get paid to move to Spain would be first to conduct your research.

The research should be about the country of Spain, the culture of the country, and specifically the culture of the city that you are looking to relocate to.

Also, part of the process should include what the area has to offer in meeting your needs and satisfying all of your interests.

Examples could include educational opportunities, recreation, faith, etc.


2. Language

Another way to get paid to move to Spain would be the investment of learning the Spanish language.

Like any other investment of time and resources, learning the Spanish language would help you to communicate better when living in Spain as well as being acclimated.

This would ultimately lead to being a productive resident of the country and earning a livable wage.


3. Visit 

If at all possible, a good idea that would save you in the long run before moving to the country of Spain and get a sense of what it would be like to live would be to visit.

This may not be economically feasible but certainly, if able to do so, would be a practical way of determining life in the country by actually being there.


4. Visa 

Just because an individual wants to move to a new country is not sufficient.

Nor does being a citizen of the United States automatically allow for entrance into a country.

Entrance into a hosting country, in this case of Spain, requires that the guest follow all the rules and regulations as well as following the guidelines and processes as an American citizen.

Therefore, there are visas that need to be obtained and immigration laws need to be followed as it relates to the country of Spain.


5. Blogging 

A great way to get paid to move to Spain is by starting a blog about this exciting adventure.

You can blog as frequently as you like and talk about your initial dream, decision, and then practical steps being taken to make the move to this European country.

Financial support would come through your followers as they provide donations to make your dream come true, affiliate advertising, potential sponsorships, etc.


6. Garage Sale 

An important action step to simplify your move to Spain as well as receiving payment for this significant step in your life is by holding a garage sale.

Obviously, there are items in your home that would need to be either stored or sold.

Rather than storing them and spending monthly storage fees, it would be best to have a garage sale, sell the items, and then utilize the money for your expenses as they relate to traveling to Spain.


7. Passport 

As it pertains to traveling internationally, an important document that is needed is a passport.

It is always a good idea to have a passport renewed prior to traveling so that the passport does not expire while traveling or when relocating to another country.

A strong recommendation by the State Department is that a passport be renewed nine months prior to the expiration date.



A program offered by the United States government is called the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or STEP.

When a citizen of the state provides their travel integration through this service, the State Department of the United States is able to better assist you as a traveler that is overseas.

This is a valuable service in the event that any emergencies should arise.

Also, when enrolled in this program, the department will be able to keep you informed regarding a variety of topics.

Some of those updates include any travel advisories as well as any other important information that is particular or relevant to certain countries.

You can learn more about this program by clicking here.


9. Family 

A great way to get paid to go to Spain would be through the loving support of your family.

Ask your family members to help support you on your trip to Spain and relocating there.

It can be done through personal contributions by family members of the family could get together and have a great big spaghetti dinner fundraiser where they all chip in and prepare the meal.

Tickets can be sold and can be promoted as a family event in helping a family member fulfill their dream.

This could be something inspiring and possibly the local community could get behind in supporting a member of their community.


10. Associations 

There are many associations within a community that support an exchange of cultures between two communities.

You could possibly approach a service club or association in your community, indicate your commitment to move to Spain, and be a part of an exchange of cultures between your hometown and the Spanish city that you choose to reside in.

If they support you in getting paid to go to Spain, you, in turn, would represent your hometown and keep in contact with your city and talk about your experiences.

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The return on their investment would be an exchange of cultures, and a sharing of your experiences back to the members of that association.

All of this would bring good publicity.

The association may realize a potential increase in membership which in turn may add revenue to their budget.


10 Companies/Programs to Get Paid to Move to Spain


1. Ponga, Asturias 

The city of Ponga, Asturias is offering relocating families up to €3,000 to help with their process of relocating to this city.

In addition, if a family is thinking about expanding their size, the city will also offer an additional €3,000 for each baby that is born.


2. Olmeda de la Cuesta, Cuenca

This city lays claim to being one of the oldest villages in Spain.

To encourage individuals to relocate to this village the city officials are offering individuals to become landowners within the country of Spain.

The land can be purchased at a great low price so that people can build their homes.

The price range of the land would be €200 to €3,000.

These stipulations include that the 40 blocks that are being sold must have a home built upon them within three years.


3. A Xesta, Pontevedra 

In the northern part of Spain is a village known as A Xesta.

To attract individuals to move to this location, the city is offering those willing to relocate to the area the ability to rent the property for as low as €100 a month.

This is a quality offer in that rental costs to live in Spain are extremely high which is driving urban dwellers to consider the life and inexpensiveness of the countryside.


4. Rubiá, Arense 

The village of Rubiá is also experiencing population decline but has decided to enact some incentives to entice people to reside in this village.

The incentives include the offering of €100-€150 per month for an individual who moves to this village. Their specific focus is on families so that the school-aged children will be attending school.


5. Miravete de la Sierra, Teruel 

The plan for Miravete de la Sierra to attract people to this town was not the offering of monetary awards but a lifestyle.

The lifestyle that they are promoting is one of serenity and calmness which in turn will add to the value and quality of one’s life and physical, spiritual, and mental health.


6. Griegos, Teruel 

Griegos is endeavoring to attract families with children to preserve the school system as well as reverse the effects of the decline in population in this community.

Members of the local council, to increase the population, are offering the incentive of obtaining employment as well as three months’ free rent.

Concluding the non-rent agreement period, the rent will be set at €225 and for each child that attends school, the rental will be reduced by €50.


7. Arganza 

Arganza is another township in which they are trying to reverse the effects of depopulation.

To do this, they are offering families who relocate free houses that have two or more children in order to address the school attendance issue.


8. Elijate in Almeria 

Similarly, the village of Elijate is also extending free rent to families with children that relocate to this town.


9. Retortillo 

Retortillo is addressing the depopulation of their town by offering employment to those individuals needing a job.


10. Relocate Me 

By logging on to you will be rewarded with a number of IT job opportunities that provide relocation assistance.

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Personal Story

While serving in the military I had the opportunity to visit and reside in a number of cities and geographical locations.

Each of the areas had its own uniqueness of things to do, points of interest, and people to meet.

Some of the domestic settings included San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, etc.

Added to the adventure were international locations such as Sydney, Australia, Manila, Philippines, Hong Kong, Pusan, Korea, and others.

If it hadn’t been for the United States Navy, chances are I would never have been able to have visited.

Having said all that, the most memorable and enriching times of travel were with family as we traveled to vacation spots such as South Dakota and the Denver, Colorado area.

Adding to the richness of the experience was the interaction with family members in a vehicle without the benefits of electronic technology, an air-conditioned car, and one room in a motel shared by all.

These travel experiences were the best and came at no cost to me.


Make Money Moving to Spain FAQs


Why Are People Leaving the Smaller Vegan Villages in Spain?

The main reason why people are leaving the smaller villages is that they are in search of work and better opportunities.

Often, their search takes him to larger cities where there is a greater number of job opportunities and possibilities.


Is the Government Doing Anything About the Depopulation of Villages

Over the last 50 years, Spain has lost, amongst its countryside villages and towns, 28% of the population.

To combat this, the government recently unveiled an $11.9 billion plan to concentrate on population regeneration.


You Can Do It

Relocating to another country is not a simple matter.

There is paperwork, there are logistics and there are challenges.

But there are no barriers.



Traveling is an adventure.

There are so many places to visit and experience that not only stimulate the physical senses but expand the horizons of the traveler.

In addition to visiting there are opportunities to stay a while and there are places that normally only extend an invitation but will provide significant incentives.

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