Yes, you can really get paid to move to Oregon and there are legit government programs and companies that pay you!

This article reveals the different ways of getting paid or rewarded to move to Oregon and some of the very best government programs and companies that really pay.


Why Get Paid to Relocate to Oregon?

The importance of Oregon is measured in its natural resources.

For the major part of Oregon’s history, the lumber industry was the most important aspect of its economy.

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However, in the late seventies and eighties, there was a downturn in the lumber industry.

This downturn was due to the prohibitions placed upon harvesting lumber on federal land as well as preserving the natural habitat of the spotted owl.

The economy of Oregon suffered greatly.

These hard times in the timber, fishing, and agricultural industries forced the state to seek other economic avenues.

Consequently, the state’s economy became diversified which led to Oregon becoming a high-tech Mecca for technology industries.

Today, Oregon still leads the nation in lumbering because of the strides that they took in replanting trees that had been harvested with the added bonus of economic diversification.

Sandwiched between California on the South and the state of Washington on the north, is the state of Oregon.

The northern boundary of Oregon is accented by the Columbia River and the eastern border of Oregon is defined by the Snake River.

The word Oregon is taken from a Shoshoni Indian term that is a combination of 2 words. Those two words are “Ogwa” which means river and “Pe-on” which means West.

Consequently, the word Oregon means the River of the West.


10 Best Companies and Jobs That Pay You to Move to Oregon


1. City Of Ontario

On the far eastern side of Oregon bordering on the state of Idaho is the city of Ontario.

This city is not affluent and in fact, is one of the more economically depressed cities in the state of Oregon.

However, Ontario is on the phone and they are calling you.

This city situated on the Snake River offers a variety of recreational delights including kayaking, fishing, and rafting.

Although they are calling you to live in their city they are not offering you money but they are offering you $10,000.

This $10,000 only requires that the individual build a home in Ontario or purchase an existing home that can be annexed into the city.

The requirements include the stipulation that the home is a single-family occupancy be more than 1600 square feet and have the added features of 2 bathrooms and a two-car garage.

The incentive is paid out when the certificate of occupancy has been generated for the residents.

If this is accomplished within 2 years, the city will give you $10,000.

However, the other important and critical piece of the puzzle is that in order to buy land in this city can cost you anywhere from $39,000-$135,000.


2. Call Center Representative

SEIU503, a union of sorts, officed in Portland Oregon is looking for a full-time call center representative. The salary ranges from $3697-$5257 a month.

Benefits from the company include life, health, and vision insurance.

Also, relocation assistance is available if the qualified candidate is hired from outside of the area.

The unique caveat required by this advertised employment position is that the individual is fluent in Korean.

The primary duty of the representative is to work with the union members, officers, management staff, and staff of other departments as it relates to union programs.

Primary duties include the representative answering calls, following through on emails, and providing needed assistance to a variety of care workers both within the union and nonmembers’ arena.

Visit this link to check out SEIU503


3. Ocean Import Coordinator

USGoBuy LLC is advertising for an ocean import coordinator.

The salary range is between $18 and $30 an hour.

Available also as a benefit for the successful candidate, if hired, they will be eligible for relocation assistance.

The qualified individual should have 3 or more years of experience working in an ocean freight company.

Also, that experience should include the handling of the shipping clerk responsibilities, managing bookings, providing rate quotations and documentation required when shipping’s shipping orders are generated and completed

The individual should have a high school or equivalent circuit certification.

Visit this link to check out USGoBuy LLC

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4. Property Management Accountant

Noris and Stevens Inc., located in Portland Oregon, are looking for a full-time property management accountant.

The salary ranges from $21-$26 an hour with benefits being life, disability, health insurance, and professional development assistance.

Also, if the individual is hired, relocation assistance is available.

The successful candidate will operate within the accounting department and specifically help in the area of financial accounting operations of their property management division.

The hired individual will be delegated with their own book of business and responsible for providing oversight to those management accounts.

Good working knowledge of Excel, experience and degree in accounting or business is a plus, and should be comfortable with utilizing Skyline or other accounting software.

Visit this link to check out Noris and Stevens Inc.


5. HVAC/R Entry Level Technician

North Pacific Mechanical located in Portland Oregon is offering $22-$30 an hour for an HVAC/R entry-level technician.

They are specifically seeking individuals who are new to providing service and installation for commercial properties needing refrigeration and commercial HVAC.

This company provides specialty services to the businesses of restaurants, office buildings, and retail stores.

The qualified individual must have HVAC experience or knowledge, refrigeration experience, be able to work independently and are organized, have a good work ethic, and must possess an EPA license.

Benefits include a full dental, vision, and medical package, and a 401(k).

Visit this link to check out North Pacific Mechanical


6. Area Supervisor

In Oregon City, Oregon, Ross Dress for Less retail store is advertising for an area supervisor.

The salary range is between $15 and $17 an hour and this position if awarded would qualify the individual for any relocation assistance.

The minimum education required is a high school diploma or equivalent and the individual must demonstrate one year of customer service in a retail business.

Benefits include a full medical and dental package along with a 401(k).

Visit this link to check out Ross Dress for Less


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Get Paid to Move to Oregon


7. Director of Nursing Services

The Creekside Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility located in Portland Oregon is advertising for a director of nursing services.

In addition to offering a $5000 sign-on bonus, the qualified candidate is offered relocation assistance if required.

The role of this individual requires the performance and demonstration of expertise in the medical field, offering guidance, utilizing tools, and engaging in audits and training to maintain the company’s standards of service.

The successful individual will be able to evaluate competency as it relates to nursing skills demonstrated.

Under their leadership, they will need to maintain compliance with state regulations, develop policies, revise current policies and protocols in place, and ensure that the goals and objectives of the facility are in place and working towards achieving.

Qualifications for this employment position require a degree in nursing, 3 years of management experience, and history and demonstration of involvement with state services as a director of nursing.

Visit this link to check out Creekside Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility

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8. Assisted Living Administrator

Marquis Companies for Assistance Living is advertising for an assisted living administrator.

The position is full-time with an estimated salary ranging between $34,040 $47,000 a year.

This company is also offering assistance if the individual that is chosen needs to be relocated.

The job description requires that the qualified candidate have a passion for serving others and has business administration skills to provide for the business operations of the assisted living facility.

The administrator’s role is to ensure that the day-to-day activities and functions of the facility are in keeping with the strict guidelines and regulations required by the state of Oregon.

Also, they will provide financial oversight and manage a team of 25 or more employees.

To qualify for this position, the candidate must have documentation demonstrating their licensing as a residential care facility administrator.

Visit this link to check out Marquis Companies for Assistance Living


9. Neurology Technician

The DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital in Portland, Oregon is taking applications for a neurology technician assistant.

The position is full-time and lists an hourly wage of $19-$21 depending upon experience.

A neurology technician assists veterinarians in treating brain and nerve disorders in animals.

Available is relocation assistance.

This hospital is a not-for-profit hospital and is looking for a technician to specialize in animal care in a nonprofit or private environment.

Visit this link to check out DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital in Portland

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10. Histotechnologist

Legacy Health, located in Portland, OR, is advertising for this particular position of Histotechnologist to work within the laboratory of Legacy’s Health System.

The qualified candidate will be eligible for a hiring bonus as well as relocation assistance.

Although certification in histology is not required, it is anticipated that the individual will receive that certification with one after one year of employment.

A histotechnologist is part of the laboratory team of professionals who utilize histological technology in an effort to diagnose diseases, engage in research as well as teach others in this science.

This medical professional prepares specimens from human beings, animals, and/or plants for microscopic examination.

Visit this link to check out Legacy Health


Personal Story

I had an occasion to take a job in Oregon with a not-for-profit organization in 1995.

Our first real encounter with an Oregonian took place in a major grocery store’s parking lot when we drove in with our moving truck in order to buy groceries.

This resident of Oregon came up to us and engaged us in a conversation. I believe his intent was to find out where we were moving from.

His concern was that we had moved from a particular state and he wanted to let us know in so many uncertain words that if we were from that state that he wanted to give us a piece of his mind.

We assured him that we were not residents from that particular state that he was concerned about.

As we parted company, he stated loudly over his shoulder words to the effect that he was glad that we were not from that state that he had in mind and said welcome to Oregon.


Get Paid to Move to Oregon FAQs


Can You Really Get Paid to Move to Oregon?

Of course you can.

There are programs, companies and jobs that pay you to move to Oregon, as this article has shown.

These are usually incentives to encourage you to move to Oregon for work.

You can read all about other states and even countries that pay you to move in by reading this article.


What Are the Leading Industries in Oregon?

The major industries in Oregon include agriculture, commercial fisheries, forestry products, tourism, and mining and energy.


What Are the Highest Paid Opportunities for Employees in Oregon?

The average annual wage, indicated in 2019, was $53,890

However, there are employment positions within the state that earned way above the median employment wage in Oregon specifically, there are roughly over 30,000 workers in software and computer system designs companies that earned wages of over $100,000.

It can be readily seen that Oregon is as diverse in its industry as it is in its employment positions.


Where Are the Universities Located in Oregon?

The two universities in Oregon are named after aquatic animals.

The campus of Oregon State University, the Beavers, is located in Corvallis, OR. which is on the western side of the state.

It is roughly 20 to 25 minutes southwest of Salem, the capital city.

The Ducks, the University of Oregon, is located in Eugene, OR. Eugene is south of Salem at a distance of 66 miles.


You Can Do It

This is a brief sampling of job opportunities that reflect companies that are willing to help facilitate one’s employment move through relocation benefits.

From the rugged West coast of Oregon’s shores to the desert-like area of Ontario, and points in between, the state of Oregon awaits.

It is a land rich in natural resources and can be a recreational playground that offers fishing, hiking, hunting, etc.

Also, Oregon offers the hunting experience of finding a new career.

Why not travel to new and exciting possibilities in this land of the river of the West.

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As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible to get paid to move to Oregon and there are actual companies offering incentives for you to move.

The state of Oregon is as diverse in employment opportunities as it is with various geographical areas within its boundaries.

If an individual wants to relocate to this beautiful state, there is an abundance of opportunities that not only will pay an individual well but offer relocation packages.

The Oregon Trail ends in Oregon and perhaps this trail will lead you to this state for new opportunities.

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