Yes, you can really get paid to move to Oklahoma!

This article reveals some of the best ways to do this and some of the best companies and programs that pay or help you get paid to move to Oklahoma.


Why Get Paid to Move to Oklahoma? 

What could be better than relocating to a new city, away from the hectic lifestyle and stress of big city life, keeping your same job, and living in your new home?

This is the package that awaits the adventuresome individual who wishes for a change of scenery and gets paid to do so.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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This can be yours by accepting the invitation from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Many communities across the United States are seeing the power and value-added strategy of reaching out to individuals who work remotely from home and inviting them to continue that lifestyle in a new location.

The benefit to the individual or company accepting these offers is a variety of incentives which include monetary as well as other perks.

The value to the community when these invitations are accepted is new energy brought to their community by these individuals, representations of different professions, economic growth, and overall improvement in the quality of life for the entire community.

Still waters can run deep. Therefore, let us take a dive into the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma, and wade through the various incentives that are offered to both individuals and companies.


Personal Story

For many of us, nothing can quite match the thrill and excitement of going on a job interview.

Especially when that job interview is in a different city located within a different state.

The reality is that the search committee looking for that right individual to fulfill the role of that job has selected you, invited you, at their expense, to come and interview to see if you are a match for them and vice versa.

I recall being invited to a different city and state to interview for this employment position and I completely fell in love with the community and the way the whole process worked out.

I’m sure you would agree with me that nothing does more for an individual’s self-worth and boost their self-confidence than being invited to compete and be interviewed for an employment position.

To top it off being selected as the candidate that they feel is best qualified is both humbling and exhilarating.


Relocate to Stillwater Oklahoma – Individuals



Stillwater, Oklahoma is geographically situated between Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

It is roughly halfway between these two bigger cities.

The current population of Stillwater is 50,000 residents.

Being in the southwest part of the nation, the summers can be very warm as it relates to temperature and during the winter the temperatures can be extremely cold.

Despite the seemingly small-town feel, Stillwater has a significant number of attractions that normally you would equate to what you would find in a larger city.

Some of those attractions include quality museums, a botanical garden, theaters, and, yet, is still able to maintain its cozy living environment.


Incentive Program

Stillwater is inviting remote workers to relocate to their city.

To incentivize this invitation, they have put together, in concert with the city of Stillwater and other businesses, a package that some remote workers may find appealing.


Remote Workers  

Stillwater, similar to some other communities in the nation, is reaching out to workers who are classified as remote workers.

These individuals are able to work from any location that they wish, are employed by a larger company, and yet do not need to be present at the employer’s office.

Stillwater is inviting these remote workers to move to their fair city and work remotely from this community.


First Time Buyer  

The terms of the $5000 incentive program require that the individual purchase a new home.

The other requirement is that the individual must be a first-time buyer.


Owner Occupies  

If the individual who is relocating wishes to take advantage of this offer, they must realize that the purchase of the home must be owner-occupied.

This means that the owner cannot turn around and flip or sell this home nor can they rent out this property.


City Limits  

Additionally, the home must be purchased within the city limits of Stillwater.

This is to ensure that the integrity of the incentive is maintained by providing an investment back into the city through taxes, purchasing of services and that the individual themselves is a resident of the city.



It appears that the application is fairly straightforward without too many requirements or “strings attached” to receiving the incentive.

However, as one would assume, there are verification requirements needed.

Some of those requirements would include working verification from the remote workers’ business, proof of income, etc.

To make an application for this program click here.

To access the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce website, click here.


Roll Out The Red Carpet

In addition to offering these incentives, it would appear, given the case of one individual that the city is rolling out the red carpet for this individual.

In a published new story an individual was visiting Stillwater and is considering moving from his current home in Minneapolis.

His plans were to stay a weekend and be introduced to the city and the possibilities that this relocation move could provide him.

For more about this story click here.


Relocate to Stillwater Oklahoma – Businesses


Business Climate  

This small town of 50,000 individuals is home to a $2 billion economy.

The major industries include the government, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, technology, and the presence of the University.

Emerging industries include aerospace technology, optoelectronics, biotech, and software businesses.

As it relates to taxes, Stillwater, Oklahoma has the second-lowest tax burden in the country.

Additionally, the overall business costs for conducting business in this city rank as the fourth lowest in the nation.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Incentive Program  

All of these potential incentives provided by the city of Stillwater directly correspond to the amount of investment by the company in the area of Stillwater.

There is an application provided and can be accessed here.

The evaluation process involved with any of these incentives is based upon the revenue benefit to the city, job creation, private investment proposals, business recruitment or existing business retention, and more.

The company is required to provide quarterly reports to confirm that the criteria and benchmarks are being maintained and achieved.

Also, as part of the incentive, is the commitment of the business to create and retain a certain number of full-time equivalent employment positions.

The business, in order to qualify, must also provide proof of ownership; provide a site plan or map, a descriptive project narrative, etc.

On completion of the evaluation matrix, revenue benefit to the city, job creation, new business, etc., a score is calculated, and recommendations are made to the Stillwater City Council.


Companies Sponsoring Incentives for an Individual

Chamber of Commerce  

The Chamber of Commerce of Stillwater is leading the charge in attracting individuals and businesses to the community.

The intent is to utilize these individuals as part of an economic stimulus that not only stirs in their professionalism and expertise but also as a possible magnet of attracting other remote workers.

Also, the goal is to provide an employee pool of individuals that can stimulate the economy to provide good-paying jobs with the intent being to attract quality professionals as well as increase the economic growth of Stillwater by expanding the tax base.


City of Stillwater

The city of Stillwater is also a business entity that is central to the incentive program to attract individuals and businesses to the community.



The incentive that is involved is a $5000 award to an individual who qualifies.

This $5000 can be used by the individual to purchase a home within the city limits of Stillwater.



In addition to the $5000 incentive to purchase a home is a reward to an individual who enjoys their coffee.

Through a local shop known for its gourmet coffee is Aspen Coffee located in Fountain Square.

Their incentive to the individual to relocate here is the offering of free coffee for an entire year.

This gift equates to a value of $2000.

Related: Best Companies That Really Pay You Just to Drink Coffee.



To sweeten the incentive pot, the Chamber of Commerce has also contacted other local businesses in the community to provide a welcome package of sorts.

This package includes gifts from local restaurants, various coffee shops, stores, and other retailers.


Cost of Living  

An added incentive to living in Stillwater, Oklahoma is the cost of living.

As of 2021, the cost of living is rated at 82.7.

With 100 being the US average.

This cost of living number is far below the median cost of living for the United States.

With the incentive of $5000 towards the purchase of a home, it would be good to know that the median cost of a home in Stillwater is $182,700.

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Small Town Feel  

Another incentive to living in Stillwater, Oklahoma is that it can equate to taking a gigantic step off of the stress treadmill that sometimes is experienced in larger communities.

Although this town is laid-back and has a hometown feel, it certainly is an exciting, vibrant, and focused community and one in which is poised for accelerated growth.


Close to Big City Life  

Stillwater is located between two of the largest cities in Oklahoma.

Those two large cities are Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

The distance from Stillwater to both of these cities is 60 miles.

Therefore, by living in Stillwater and enjoying that hometown feel, the life of the big city is within one hour’s driving distance to either Tulsa or Oklahoma City.


Martial Arts

Another incentive offered by a local retail business enterprise is a company that provides martial art classes for adults and children.

To sweeten the pot and entice an individual to relocate to Stillwater, this company is offering classes for adults and children.

Membership for an entire year.

This package deal also includes uniforms and any class fees.


Incentives For a Company to Move to Oklahoma



The city of Stillwater, through the local Chamber of Commerce, has initiated a robust incentive program that utilizes public funds and provides tax breaks for businesses in support of their infrastructure needs as well as job creation.

Part of the incentive is the possibility of the city approving tax incentives as it relates to sales tax, offering tax rebates, or reduction or even waivers of fees and charges.

These potential discounts or reductions would certainly financially bolster a relocating or startup company to get a firm financial footing in the community.


Making Money Moving to Oklahoma FAQs


What Is the Average Household Income in Stillwater, Oklahoma?

The average household income for a family in Stillwater, Oklahoma is $34,000.

This is well below the state average for median income.


Is There a University in Stillwater, Oklahoma?

Yes, it is Oklahoma State University and is the home of the Cowboys.

It was listed in Kiplinger Magazine as one of the top 100 Best College Value schools, has an enrollment of 35,000 students across five campuses, and has an extensive curriculum offering an abundance of majors.


You Can Do It

Looking for adventure, a place to live in your own new home, and hot coffee on the house for a year…look no farther west than Stillwater, Oklahoma.

If you are a worker who has the benefit of working remotely with your business, there still is a place for you…Stillwater, OK.



The city of Stillwater is on a professional talent search.

They are looking for individuals who want to be challenged and wish to grow not only professionally but alongside a city that, although considered a smaller town, has a big city vision.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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