Yes, you can get paid to move to New Mexico.

This article reveals exactly how and some of the best companies and programs that really pay you to move to New Mexico.



In the late 1940s and into the ’50s there was a radio/TV show entitled “Truth or Consequences.”

The entertaining show focused on contestants being asked a trivial question.

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They had two seconds to answer the question correctly.

The questions were so extreme that no one was able to get the answer correctly.

Therefore, because the question is not answered correctly, the contestants had to suffer the consequences.

Typically the consequences were something that involved the odd antics of the individual which of course was entertaining and made the audience laugh.

In 1949, the city of Hot Springs agreed to host the radio program.

Their reward for being highlighted was the name change of their city to Truth or Consequences.

Consequently, Hot Springs, New Mexico became Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Another enchanting aspect of the historical state of New Mexico or the Land of Enchantment was dubbed in 1906 by author Lilian Whiting.

Let us tell the truth and not suffer the consequences and look at ways to get paid to move to New Mexico and companies that will help.


Personal Story

Being in the southwest part of the United States I had many opportunities to travel to New Mexico.

It truly is a land of enchantment as the landscape ranges anywhere from the beautiful and mountainous rural area of Glorietta where I had the privilege of accompanying youth on a retreat to the mystic Native American area known as Taos to the peculiar and eerie town of Roswell known for it alien life.

However, living in West Texas my most enjoyable trips to Mexico included taking the off-road to Mesilla.

Entering into this town, associated with the infamous Billy the Kid, was like taking a giant step back in time as the traveler was treated to a large beautiful town square, stately gazebo, old mission church, and a variety of stores around the perimeter of the town square along with authentic restaurants that served delicious Mexican food.

Above all, just prior to entering the city was a grove of majestic pecan trees lining the roadway with an overshadowing presence welcoming the visitors to the city.

The overwhelming feeling of being enveloped by these welcoming sentries was awe-inspiring as well is a deeply moving and spiritual experience


10 Ways to Get Paid to Move to New Mexico


1. Budget 

The first basic recommendation to get paid to move to New Mexico is to devise a budget in addition to your current monthly budget.

This relocation budget would include a listing of the anticipated expenses to make the move to New Mexico.

Some of those line items of expense would include transportation, lodging, reconnection fees for services upon arrival, additional costs associated with renting an apartment, etc.

Once all of these anticipated travel expenses and relocation costs are added up, then you have a goal of money that you need to obtain in order to balance out these expenses.

Talking about budgeting, below are some helpful guide to budgeting money:


2. Research

The beauty and uniqueness of each of the 50 states that comprise the United States of America are that each one is different and embraces its own unique culture.

New Mexico also has a unique culture and therefore it is important to conduct one’s research in order to assure that your move and adjustment into a new culture is uneventful.

By searching the Internet and understanding the people and the customs, one is more likely to be less surprised as it relates to what to anticipate and expect.

Factors to consider are the state’s thinking about relocating individuals, your goals and objectives as it relates to potential education goals, political landmines, etc.


3. COLA 

Another important factor to consider to get paid when relocating to New Mexico is to do a cost-of-living comparison.

This cost-of-living comparison would be based upon what you are currently experiencing as it relates to income and expenses and how that will compare to the specific area in New Mexico that you are considering.

There are many calculators available that will help you with this process.

One such calculator can be accessed by clicking https//


4. Garage Sale 

A great way to get paid to move to New Mexico is by conducting your own personal garage sale.

By going throughout your household, you can determine what items you are going to keep and what items you can sell to earn money towards your relocation costs.

It is important to note that the more that you can sell in your garage sale, the less you will have to worry about by either transporting those items with you to New Mexico or by storing those items in a rented storage facility.



5. Blogging 

People are always interested in the lives of other people.

Especially when there is inspiration and excitement that relates to a new adventure or dream that someone is pursuing.

A great way to capture the steps that you are taking including what is motivating you, your dreams of relocating to New Mexico, and the practical steps that you are taking may prove to be of interest to readers.

In my writing about your adventure, you may possibly gain some followers as well as be able to obtain some affiliate ad sponsorships within the blogging site as well as a potential sponsor for your blog.

The individuals that are following your adventures may choose to support you with monetary donations which will help towards your relocation costs.


6. Driving 

Up until the time you leave, there are opportunities to take on a side hustle.

One of those side hustles can involve utilizing your vehicle for driving.

The purpose of driving can be to transport people through or deliver food through such programs as,, or

These company’s requirements are fairly easy to meet, such as providing a driver’s license, certificate of insurance, clean driving record, background check, etc.

Once all of these hoops have been gone through, the individual can use their vehicle to provide the service that you wish to participate in.


7. Family 

A nurturing and practical way for a family to support you in getting paid to move to New Mexico is by offering financial gifts.

There would be no pressure exerted on the family to help support in this manner but simply given an opportunity.

One of the side benefits for family members that they may realize as a return on that investment is the opportunity to visit New Mexico and stay with you over a period of time while you provide a guided tour.


8. Special Events 

One of the cities famous for agricultural food is Hatch, New Mexico.

This city is known for its chilis and to help raise money to relocate to New Mexico, a taco, enchilada, burrito, food fiesta can be held with the overriding banner proclaiming “Hatch New Mexico or Bust.”

An amount of money can be charged per plate along with the opportunity to provide contributions for those who wish to provide additional support.


9. Handcrafted Items 

If you have a hobby such as making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, leather handcrafted items, etc. you can create these items and utilize a representative icon from the state of New Mexico.

Potential icons from the state of New Mexico could include the roadrunner, the New Mexico flag, the writing of the land of enchantment, or even chili pepper.

These items can be crafted and sold virtually through an online shop through such sites as or


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10. Shared Expenses 

If you have a friend who has always wanted to visit New Mexico and perhaps go to the Roswell Alien Museum or visit Santa Fe or even go to Albuquerque, this individual can travel with you in a vehicle or transport you in their vehicle and you could share the travel expenses.

Once the adventure between you and your friend has been completed, they can return either back in their vehicle or grab a flight out of Albuquerque and return to their home.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to New Mexico


1. Indeed

A job posting website that matches a company’s employment needs with individuals looking for employment can be found through

This website is fairly robust and has a significant employment database in which an individual can look for employment both nationally and internationally.

When logging onto the site, the individual who is wishing to find an employment position can place in the location search bar a particular city or state that they are hoping to find employment.

They can also refine that search by putting in particular words such as the position they’re looking for or if they’re looking for relocation expenses to be part of the employment package they can place that in the search bar as well


2. Simply Hired 

Another job site that is available to an individual seeking employment is through

The site also allows the individual seeking employment to use a search engine and narrow their search based on a particular location which can include city, state, or country.


3. GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy is looking to hire a site supervisor to be employed in the city of Guadalupe, New Mexico.

The job entails working with the senior site manager to manage and coordinate all resources and logistics as it pertains to performing services and maintenances issues for their customers.

The particular roles and responsibilities for this position include deployment planning, interacting with customer service managers, providing a long-range forecast for regional resource needs, and more.

The individual will bring a bachelor’s degree along with managerial experience, good communication skills, the ability to resolve challenges, and strength as it relates to planning and documenting.

Relocation assistance is available, and the salary range is $32.42 to $41.66 per hour.


4. Gulfco Manufacturing 

Gulfco Manufacturing is looking to hire a machinist.

The job description for this position includes an individual who can meet all the skill levels of a conventional/manual machinist.

Relocation assistance is offered, and the salary range is $20-$33 an hour.

Other benefits include medical, life, and disability insurance.

Also See: How to Get Paid to Move to Canada.


5. Seine

Seine is hiring for the position of Container Handler.

The position requires, with relocation assistance, moving to Eunice, New Mexico.

The salary range is from $45,000-$75,000 per year.

Other benefits include health and dental insurance, 401(k), and more.

The individual hired for this position would be responsible for operations associated with the shipment of new, clean, and uranic-containing cylinders.

The individual should have an associate degree in a science or technology-related discipline, one to three years of experience, the ability to operate heavy equipment, and have the ability to obtain a security clearance with the government.


6. High Desert Hospice LLC

High Desert Hospice, located in Albuquerque New Mexico, is looking to hire a Hospice LPN.

The salary range is $20-$31 an hour.

The individual should have an LPN license and experience in the healthcare industry.

The individual hired would work closely with the hospice team in caring for those who are terminally ill and who may reside in assisted-living facilities, their own home, or in a nursing home.

The ability to work with other medical professionals is required.

This position also has relocation assistance available.


7. Genesis HealthCare 

Genesis Healthcare of Roswell New Mexico is looking for Certified Nursing Aide.

The salary range for this position is $14.50 to $16 per hour.

The selected individual will have a certification and their focus will be on providing medical care that puts the residence first and foremost.

Relocation assistance is available along with a 401(k), dental and health insurance, tuition reimbursement, and more.


8. Chief Executive Officer

The Boys and Girls Club of Otero County located in Alamogordo, New Mexico is looking for a CEO to provide leadership for the operations.

The salary ranges anywhere from $50,000-$80,000 a year.

The qualifications of the individual will include a bachelor’s degree, leadership experience of three years, and management in the nonprofit sector.

The successful candidate will be called upon to supervise, under the direction of the Board of Directors, the daily work and service provided by the Boys and Girls Club.

This service will be in keeping with the policies and procedures of the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Relocation assistance is offered.


9. Community Hospital Corporation

The Community Hospital Corporation located in Farmington, New Mexico is looking to hire a Chief Nursing Officer.

The salary range is from $78,044-$219,606 a year.

Benefits include dental and health insurance, 401(k), and time off.

The Chief Nursing Officer is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the clinical services associated with the San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington.

This individual will manage operations, ensure quality care, be involved with financial management as well as provide human resources oversight.

Relocation options and assistance is available.


10. Find a Wrench 

Find a Wrench, of Albuquerque New Mexico, is looking to hire a diesel technician.

The salary range is $45,000-$58,000 a year.

The benefits include health, dental, and disability insurance as well as a 401(k).

Also, relocation assistance is offered.

The successful individual will provide a variety of services and take on a number of responsibilities which include tire repair work, preventive maintenance contractors, driving service trucks, service air-conditioning in vehicles, along with repair of drive trains, exhaust systems, etc.


Making Money Moving to New Mexico FAQs


What Is the Population of New Mexico?

It was determined that the population of New Mexico in 2021 was 2,117,522 people.


What Is the Primary Industry of New Mexico?

The primary industries of New Mexico include tourism, military, and oil and gas.


You Can Do It

There are a number of companies that will help to relocate you or there are ways that you can raise money for relocation fees.

In either case, New Mexico awaits!



From the mountainous countryside to the north, the historical Santa Fe area, the spirits of the Native Americans beckoning from Taos area, along the El Camino Real trail, the white sands of New Mexico, the site of the first detonation of the atomic bomb at Los Almos, to the quaintness of an old Mexican village, all comprise this enchanting state.

The Land of Enchantment is calling and wants to put you under its spell.

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