Have you ever thought about just up and moving to Montana?

Probably not, but there is a lot of land out there, and with the smaller population, it’s a good place to consider moving to.

It’s a state that isn’t very densely populated, and there are a lot of people looking to hire out here.

In the rest of this article, we’ll go over how to get paid to move to Montana and the 10 best companies and programs to move there.


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Why Get Paid to Move to Montana?

This place is incredibly sparse, so you’re pretty much going to be living in a small town.

But there are a lot of job opportunities out there, and there are a lot of chances for you to live here comfortably.

In general, it’s a great place for transplanting, and it is a good place if you’d like to live in a more nature-like city.


How to Get Paid to Move to Montana

The simple answer: relocation.

While Montana isn’t one of the major states that pay you to move there, there are so many relocation packages it’s not even funny.

They’re very sparse, and they are looking for many people to fill the industries.

Montana also has governmental relocation packages if you’re displaced too, so if you need that resource, you’re bound to find some great opportunities there.

They do, in some cases, help with paying for you to move there, and they offer a lot of benefits as well if that’s what you’re looking for when it comes to relocation to Montana.

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3 Best Areas for Jobs in Montana

Here are the top three areas for you to look for jobs that pay you to relocate to Montana right now.


1. Healthcare

Healthcare is a constantly growing industry, and they are always looking for people to work there.

It’s an industry that will never see a shortage and is considered one of the best possible types of jobs in Montana.

Of course, you do need proper training, but if you’re a healthcare professional looking to get paid to move to Montana, then you’re in luck because there’s a lot of great options.

One of the best is Deer Lodge Medical Center since they do have sign-on and relocation bonuses too!


2. Computer and Technical Services

Are you savvy with computers and want to get paid to relocate?

Well, consider looking for jobs in computer and technical service.

Again, another industry that won’t be dying anytime soon, this one offers a global marketplace for many people to work with others.

You’ll be connected to others while being paid to move to Montana!

If you’re curious, ATG does have some options for you to look into.

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3. Office and Administrative Support

Are you good with people and want to help others do well?

Well, why not consider an office and administrative support job?

This is a great one since it’s always a good industry to start in, with decent growth, and you also don’t need a degree either.

They also have a lot of openings as well at different offices and places of employment too.

If you’re curious, Express Employment Professionals does have job options to consider.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Move to Montana


1. AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps is a company that lets you help give back to the community and to the earth.

If you’re nature focused, there are always jobs to do in this company.

It is full-time, and typically, they want you to help support school programs as well.

They have various projects that are done to help people teach children about how to grow food, cook the food that they need to, and also how to eat food that’s healthy.

They do offer a relocation bonus, and there are plenty of openings for this.

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2. DLM Pro

DLM Pro is a truck company, and they’re looking for people to help drive their trucks.

With a lack of people being able to handle this, they have a lot of great incentives, including a sign-on bonus of $5000 to start and relocation packages too.

You get paid pretty well here, about $1200-1300 a week, but the hours do tend to be long, so it’s something to also be considerate of if you plan to go into this industry.

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3. Lithia Motors

Lithia Motors is an auto company with decent reviews and good work environments.

But they do have some great relocation packages if you’re someone looking to move to Montana.

With a package benefit of up to $78K a year, and also insurance plans, plaid time off, and holiday pay, it’s certainly one to consider.

If you’re in the automotive field, and you think you’d do well working here, then you might want to consider Lithia Motors and ask about the relocation packages that they offer.

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4. Printing Center USA

This is a great one if you’re good at looking at numbers, billing, spreadsheets, and are good at looking at places that offer effective revenue sources and also looking for the best processes possible.

This company does require people to look at the KPIs and goals, and you will have to know how to run the procedures that are there.

It is a pretty simple clerical and accounting job, but there are relocation packages since you do need to go to Great Fall, Montana if you plan to possibly work here.

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5. Lamb Westin

If you want to work in a factory that actually offers relocation packages for you to move to their plants and work there.

The job does offer those who have sales and technical expertise to help with this.

They do have a lot of scale and distribution jobs, along with delivery system management jobs.

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It’s a company that does handle packaged meats, but the job does usually involve leadership, training of those who work for the company, and proper management of each of the services that they render.

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6. Plant Services 

Plant services is another factory, but they also have training jobs, along with repair jobs that are open.

They’re always looking for more people since they do have a large facility and a big distribution center as well.

They also have a lot of automotive mechanic packages available, and they do offer major benefits, including dental vision and medical benefit packages for those that sign on.

They also do offer paid holidays and also long-term packages, and PTO as well.

They do have relocation packages readily available to work there, and the pay is pretty decent for this kind of work.

So, if you are a technician good at working in automotive plants, this is one to consider.

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7. Hayman Daugherty Associates

This is for those who have credentials in the medical field.

They’re always looking for doctors to work in different areas, including general physicians, pediatrics, and also critical care for pediatrics in this area.

They want people who can work both in-person and telemedicine services, and you can also work with other hospitals as well.

It does require experience of at least 5 years, with 10 preferred, but they do have relocation packages that come with this, along with competitive salaries and a really good sign-on bonus as well.

They are a company to consider if you’re in this field, and they do pay you if they choose to hire you to move out there.

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8. Providence St.Joseph’s Health

This is a healthcare facility that hires a lot of medical personnel in different locations.

They do want people for different shifts, especially night shifts, and are looking for nurses to join their team.

Those who are hired do get a relocation package to move there, along with a $3000 sign-on bonus for doing so.

The requirements aren’t very detailed, but the main requirement is that you need to be able to work together with a team, offer top-quality nursing care, and also to help others.

You also must be a registered nurse as well in order to join their team!

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9. XY Planning Network

XY Planning Network is a company that offers financial advisory services for those that they need to help out.

They are a company that handles younger clients, so you’d be working with people who are a little bit younger.

This private company does offer relocation packages for those looking to help with their industry.

The main hiring positions that pay you to relocate are those that oversee the services and infrastructure while also working to keep the core values in place, along with helping to ensure proper business practices too.

The relocation package is $5000, so a pretty decent amount for you to move to the area.

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10.  Godwin Recruiting

This is a company that handles recruitment services, and they do offer relocation packages to those who work in the recruitment industry.

They handle mostly recruitment and HR jobs in order to help other people find the right jobs that they need.

It does require leadership and planning skills while also understanding the goals and how you can make them happen in the company.

You must have experience in this field in order to work there, but they do offer relocation packages, along with management housing, benefits packages, and also golf and ski privileges for those that qualify.

If you’re good at recruiting and HR, then consider working with this company today!

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Getting Paid to Relocate to Montana FAQs


Is Montana Hungry for Workers?

Yes, it is hungry for workers.

It’s very sparse in population, so you may go miles without seeing someone, which is great for land if that’s what you’re looking for.

There is also ample nature here too, and a lot of jobs and offers out there.

Plus, with the sparse population, there are always people looking for more help.


What Do I Need Before Moving to Montana?

Ideally, you should have some sort of housing situation set up.

It is hard to find housing, so you might need a rental set up since affordable housing is hard to find in Big Sky as well.

So, you may end up living in the city, and from there, recruiting into where you need to go.

But, it is a beautiful location and worth looking at.


Is It Hard to Move to Montana?

Not really.

It is a little bit cheaper than a lot of states out there, but also, the lack of housing can make it hard for you to properly relocate out there.

But, if you have a job set up, the sing-on package will help you get by as you relocate there, and many companies do offer housing incentives in the event that you need some extra help to move to Montana.


Should I Move to Montana and Get Paid?

That all depends.

If you like cold winters but beautiful nature, and a sparse population, then consider moving to Montana since there are companies that pay you to move to there.

But if Montana isn’t where you want to live, it’s advised to see if there are relocation packages in areas you want to live in.

A good way to determine whether or not you want to move there is to visit Montana, see if this is the right place for you, and from there, take the steps necessary to begin moving to Montana if you believe this is where you want to move to.



If you’re thinking about moving to Montana and want to get paid to move here, the best way to do so is through a relocation package.

Usually, this helps with the sparse populations in certain industries, and there are plenty out there that do require people.

So, if you want to move to Montana, look into this, and apply today if you want!

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