Yes, you can really get paid to move or relocate to Mississippi.

This article reveals some of the best ways and companies that really help you get paid to move to Mississippi.


Why Get Paid to Move to Mississippi?

The 20th state to join the union was the state of Mississippi in 1817.

Following the civil war, they were readmitted in 1870.

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The state of Mississippi is famous for a number of things.

Of particular note are the famous singers that hail from the state of Mississippi.

Those famous singers include Jimmy Buffett, Bo Diddley, LeAnn Rimes, B.B. King, and of course the king of rock ‘n roll, Elvis Presley.

The state of Mississippi is also well-known for catfish, magnolias, bluegrass music, and that well-known southern charm.

The name, Mississippi, is derived from Ojibwa misi-sipi.

When French explorers were exploring the continent, in 1666, somewhere in the upper Great Lakes they encountered the magnificent beginning of the river and named it Messipi.

The name simply means big river and of course, the big river of the United States is the Mississippi River.


Personal Story

One of the hardest states in America to spell is the state of Mississippi.

Fortunately, I learned at an early age how to spell this state due to watching my sisters and their girlfriends play jump rope.

One of the cadences that they used when jumping rope was through the spelling of this state.

They would recite M, I, crooked letter, crooked letter.

I crooked letter, crooked letter, I hunch back hunchback I.

Fortunately, watching my sisters jump rope helped me through many a geography class.


10 Ways & Tips to Help You Get Paid to Move to Mississippi


1. Research

When making a decision, whether it is a career move, financial decision, relationship decision, etc, it is important to do research.

This is especially true when thinking about moving from one location to another.

In the research process of moving from your current city or town you are living and moving to another city, or state, it is important to learn about the culture, the people, ideologies, trends that are occurring, etc.

This is important because if there is a conflict with any of your ideologies and the thinking of those that live in the area that you are relocating to may present a challenge.


2. Visit

A good idea when thinking about relocating to another city or state is to take a brief visit to that area.

This will give you a first-hand look at what is going on, what the city is like, gauge the friendliness of the people, and whether the environment is conducive to what you are looking for.

A brief visit prior to an extended stay is more desirable and cost-effective.


3. Know Cost of Living

Another important discovery that should be looked into is the cost of living in comparison to where you currently live and where you are moving to.

If the cost of living is higher than where you are moving to then there should be an associated increase in pay so that you are not taking a step backward as it relates to your budget.

One of the best ways that you can do a cost of living comparison is to go to a website such as


4. Driveaway

A way to relocate and have your relocation expenses paid for is to utilize a company known as a driveway company.

There are many companies located in North America that offer the service of utilizing a person to drive a person’s vehicle from one location to another.

For example, suppose an individual who lives in Chicago, Illinois, is moving to or visiting Tupelo, Mississippi, and doesn’t want to drive their car but wants to have their car there when they arrive.

A driveway company will utilize an individual to drive that vehicle to Tupelo so that it is ready for the owner of the vehicle when they arrive.

One example of a driveaway can be found by clicking here.


5. Family

Perhaps, your family would be interested in helping you with the relocation expenses or even paying for everything to occur.

If a family has always wanted to take a trip to the Deep South but has never had a reason to do so this would be a perfect opportunity by driving, you and relocating you to the state of Mississippi while visiting all of the historic places and places to see and experience while being in the south.

They would be able to not only help you but also take advantage of this opportunity of visiting the Mississippi.


6. FundRaiser

Another way to raise money for relocation costs would be to have a fundraiser.

A meal could be served that reflects the famous cuisine of Mississippi.

Perhaps it could be an Elvis-themed fundraiser where everybody does their best impression of Elvis Presley, and the main course could be coleslaw and catfish.

The money earned through this event would go towards your relocation expenses.

Also, a possibility would be to enter into an agreement with a local restaurant that is famous for their catfish who can cater the event, and perhaps a local radio station or newspaper would cover the event to give them advertising for the restaurant.


7. Blogging

A great way to earn money towards your relocation cost would be the starting a blog.

The blog would be writing about your goal and dream of moving to another state and in particular, the state of Mississippi.

Your blog could talk about everything Mississippi and perhaps even concentrate on the famous singers that Mississippi has produced.

This would make for interesting reading as people follow your adventure and perhaps would be motivated to follow their own star and dream.

Potential fundraising could be through their support, affiliate advertising, or even gaining a sponsor for your blog.

To set up a blog you can go to a site such as


8. Garage Sale

Moving is always a good time to clean the house and in the process dispose of items that perhaps you don’t need anymore.

With this in mind, you could earn money for your relocation expenses by selling items that you no longer need or will not be going with you on your relocation journey.

This can happen by having a garage sale with the money earned from the items not needed going towards the trip.

This could also save you money because there would be fewer items to transport, and this is especially helpful if you are using a professional moving service.


9. YouTube

A possibility of raising money for your relocation cost would be to create a YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel could be about your decision to relocate to Mississippi and share all that is going on behind the scenes of the move as well as talking about this great state.

Particular topics could include the history of Mississippi, its involvement in the civil war, its reentry back into the union, famous people that hail from Mississippi, etc.

As part of the excitement of the channel, you could play excerpts from music and have people guess who the artist is.

Support financially could come through your followers who could give through such websites as, affiliate advertising, or possibly a sponsor.


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10. Friend

Another way to save money or cut some of the expenses would be to travel with a friend to the state of Mississippi.

Perhaps the friend has a truck or a car and would be willing to share the expenses of traveling to Mississippi.

This would be a win-win for everybody as your relocation costs would be reduced as well as the friend traveling with you, in addition to enjoying your company, would be able to visit the state of Mississippi, take in the history as well as what Mississippi is famous for.


10 Best Companies/Programs That Help You Get Paid to Move to Mississippi


1. Simply Hired

A job posting website available online is known as Simply Hired.

This site has a considerable amount of employment opportunities that can be found nationally and internationally.

The search engine allows for the individual to pick and choose certain qualifiers with one of those qualifiers being the city and state that they would like to relocate to as well as if any companies offer relocation assistance.

Click here to check out Simply Hired


2. Indeed

Another job posting website is Indeed.

This website also has a number of job postings that the individual can search utilizing the search bar that allows for the location to be entered into as well as searching on a particular job function or another particular benefit that the company may be offering.

One of those benefits that you could conduct a search on to see if the company and their advertised employment position offers relocation assistance

Click here to check out Indeed


3. City of Natchez

The city of Natchez has implemented a remote worker program in which they will provide incentives to the individual who is qualified to stay with their current job but work at that job remotely from this city.

The city is located right on the Western border of Mississippi and the state of Louisiana and is located right on the banks of the Mississippi River.

You can apply here.


4. $2,500

The incentive for the individual to move to this city in Mississippi is the payment of $2500.

This money will be provided to the accepted individual for the program and will be for relocation expenses.


5. $300

In addition to 2500, the accepted candidate will also be given a $300 monthly stipend for an entire year. this money will be given to help the individual offset any initial costs of the move as it relates to living expenses.


6. Shift Program

The name of the program is the Shift Program or Shift South.

The link to the program can be found by clicking here.

The qualified individual needs to purchase a home in the area with the value of the house being a minimum of $150,000 and needs to commit to one full year of living in the area in order to receive the full benefit.

Also, the program requires that the employer work for an employer outside of the Natchez region but have the ability to work remotely.

Also, the individual must be at least 18 years of age and eligible to work within the United States.

Additionally, the accepted candidate needs to provide their most recent paycheck stub receipts of relocation expenses to be reimbursed, fill out the application form, and provide a copy of a Mississippi driver’s license and a recent utility bill in their name and your name with the local address.



7. Optometrist

The family Health Center, Inc., in Laurel, Mississippi is looking for an optometrist.

The essential duties and responsibilities of this position require the optometrist to provide eye examinations, detect vision defects, diagnose glaucoma and conjunctivitis, as well as other eye-related issues.

The qualifications of this individual must include a four-year degree program in a related field such as biology, chemistry, or physiology.

The salary range is from $45,000-$61,000 a year.


8. Shift Supervisor

United Plastic Molders, Inc. located in Jackson, Mississippi, is looking for a shift supervisor.

The employee benefits include dental, health, life insurance, and relocation assistance.

The job description for this individual requires the setting of molds and mold processing, startup molds for production runs, material knowledge as it pertains to plastic molding, managing shifts to ensure employee coverage, etc.

The pay range is from $17-$20 per hour.


9. Plastics Mold Technical Supervisor

The Plastek Group is advertising for the employment position of plastics mold technical supervisor.

This position requires an individual who brings a variety of different skills coupled with abilities and experience.

The individual must be able to check out and operate all auxiliary equipment which includes terminators, chillers, and dryers.

The position also requires that proper preventative maintenance is done on these items and ensuring that filters are clean.

Also, the individual is responsible for the startup and at the conclusion of the job by shutting down the presses.

Benefits include vacation and holidays, dental, vision, life insurance, health insurance, and a 401(k).

Relocation assistance is available.


10. Senior Manager, Manufacturing/Operations

Raytheon Technologies located in Forest, Mississippi is looking for a senior manager, of manufacturing/operations.

Benefits of the position include a health savings account, dental, and health insurance.

Relocation assistance is available for the right candidate.

The responsibilities of this job include:

  • Working with the airborne program to ensure results are followed through on
  • Establishing meaningful customer relationships, communication across all departments within the company
  • Utilizing business and project administration resources
  • and much more

The required educational experience for this position includes a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree that can be in engineering, science, mathematics, etc.

Also, the desired education is for the individual to have a Master of Science degree or Master of Art in engineering, science, mathematics, or other disciplines.

The pay range for this position is from $65,000 $129,000 per year.

Below are some other places that pay you to move:


Making Money Moving to Mississippi  FAQs


What Are the Biggest Industries in Mississippi?

The largest industries in Mississippi are:

  • Agriculture
  • Textile
  • Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Fishing


What is the Annual State Revenue of Mississippi?

The overall budget of Mississippi in 2021/2022 is $23.3 billion.


You Can Do It

If your song has been I wish that I was in the land of cotton, then perhaps this opportunity to relocate to Mississippi is your opportunity.

With a little research, working towards earning some money to relocate and finding a job would be a good plan of action if you are choosing to move to this historical state deep in the southern part of the United States of America.



The state of Mississippi is easy to spell if you know the children’s rhyme that can help you with this process.

Knowing how to spell Mississippi may come in handy if you follow through on relocating to this city that is named after one of the great commercial rivers of the world.

Mississippi is known for a number of famous people and perhaps with your relocation to this city you can add your name as well.

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