If you love Ireland and thinking of moving, good news – you can get paid to move to Ireland!

This article shows you some of the ways, tips and even companies/programs that pay or help you get paid to move to Ireland.


Why Consider Getting Paid to Move to Ireland?

The country of Ireland is known for several things.

It has the quaint traditions of the Blarney Stone, the infamous St. Patrick driving out the snakes, and is known for its lush greenery and dubbed the Emerald Isle.

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Of course, if you’re a beer drinker, who hasn’t heard of the world-renown beer Guinness.

Ireland is serious about attracting startup companies from all over as well as encouraging companies to relocate.

The incentives are through a variety of programs and offer to encourage companies to take a look at being headquartered out of this country as well as companies who have a new product that they wish to offer to their identified customers.

Perhaps, there is a pot of gold underneath one of those rainbows that will be available to a company that is a good match for Ireland and vice versa.

Let us put on our green attire and take a journey


9 Tips to Help You Get Paid to Move to Ireland


1. Know a Lot about Ireland 

When considering a personal or business move to Ireland it is important to know more about the country, its culture, its people, and the business climate.

Ireland is emerging as a hotbed for international business and entrepreneurship.

It is fully aligned with the European Union and offers a great environment to not only work in but live in.

Additionally, Ireland boasts of having a young and robust workforce that is highly motivated, skilled, and educated.

Also, a venture capital community is aggressively endorsing and supporting new companies that are being seeded in Ireland.

Added to their accomplishments, Ireland was voted as the best country in Europe to conduct business.

Additionally, Ireland is the first country to travel into Europe and therefore the gateway into conducting business in Europe.

Rounding out the advantages of relocating to Ireland is it has an attractive cost base and a wonderful quality of life.


2. Know about the Challenge

Of course, as with any business dealings in a nation, there are challenges that both small and large businesses face alike.

Of considerable note is the recent Covid-19 pandemic and small businesses in Ireland have been required to follow the Covid restrictions and regulations regarding the normal operation of businesses.

The impact has been significant and shortfalls of revenue for 2020 have fallen between €10.3 billion and €11.7 billion.

Another significant issue as it relates to Ireland conducting business is the stance that Britain took in exiting from the European Union.

Ireland chose not to take this course of action but across the United Kingdom, there is a broad range of uncertainty as it relates to business dealings.


3. Criteria

It is important to note that you just can’t decide to move to Ireland to find a job.

It is important to realize that a permit needs to be applied for and can only be issued when you’ve been offered a job.

This means that you have to find a job and then apply for an employee permit.


4. Exceptions

There are exceptions to the requirement of having a job before you move to Ireland.

One of those exceptions is if you are a European resident.

If so you do not need to have a job to relocate to Ireland.

Also, if you’re a citizen of the United States, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand you can relocate to Ireland and work for a limited period.

This is through a temporary visa.

In addition, there are further caveats in that if you are a citizen of the United States, you need to be a current university student or recent graduate that has occurred within the last year.

You can apply for a four-month to a one-year visa.

Also, the exception is if you qualify as being trained in a career that has been identified as critical skills.

That listing of critical skills as posted by Ireland can be found by clicking here.


5. Careers in Demand

When endeavoring to get paid to move to Ireland, it is also important to understand that some certain careers or occupations are in greater demand than others.

Specifically, the top five career needs for the economy all Ireland include:

  • Technology careers
  • Construction
  • Accounting and finance
  • Creative design
  • Languages

The careers of technology, construction, accounting, and finance speak for themselves in regards to these careers solidifying and undergirding the economy of Ireland.

As it relates to creative design this is a critical occupation needed due to the recent pandemic of Covid 19.

Many marketers and advertising companies are refocusing their marketing attention from pedestrian-related marketing opportunities such as billboards and signage to reaching the people that are homebound.

In regards to languages, this is a needed occupational dynamic due to Brexit.

Trading opportunities between other countries have been facilitated and the need to communicate with these new opportunities of increased trade has become evident and therefore the need for multilingual individuals.


6. Get Relocation Assistance 

The best way to get paid to move is to find a job that will offer relocation assistance.

By searching such websites as Indeed.com or Simplyhired.com you can conduct a search using the words relocation and Ireland.

By hitting return, you will be able to view any jobs that will pay you or assist your move to Ireland.


7. Cost of Living 

In regard to the comparative cost of living between the two countries, it is more expensive to live in Ireland than it is to live in the United States.

Specifically, the percentage of living in Ireland versus the percentage of living in the United States is 19% more expensive on the side of the Emerald Isle.

Also, Ireland ranked fourth in the world as the most expensive country to live in whereas the United States was ranked 10th.


8. Taxes

Another important consideration is the taxes levied upon the citizens of Ireland versus the taxes that are imposed upon the country of the United States.

To live in Ireland you will incur a top tax rate of 48% while the top tax rate in the United States is 39.6.

However, you also must take into consideration that healthcare is not an additional cost in Ireland and is part of the government’s role and responsibility to provide that benefit to its citizens.


9. Family and Friends Support 

The opportunity to go to Ireland to seek employment is the adventure of a lifetime,

Perhaps, others would want to participate in your adventure.

This participation would not necessarily be the opportunity for them to go with you physically, but they could support you in your adventure and provide not only moral support but financial support as well.

A financial tip than in being paid to go to Ireland would be to do a fundraiser or ask for support from family, friends, neighbors, etc.

They would understand that the purpose of the move is not necessarily to see the country of Ireland but to be part of the culture, community, and workforce by obtaining a job with a company based in Ireland.

This effort might especially resonate if within the family there is a strong Irish heritage.


10 Companies & Programs That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to Ireland


1. Enterprise Ireland 

Ireland is inviting established companies to relocate to Ireland and is also offering incentives for individuals starting a business to be based in Ireland.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The name of the initiative is called Enterprise Ireland and they are offering up to €75,000 to companies that qualify according to the eligibility criteria.

The criteria require that the company be:

  • A manufacturing technology firm or
  • Trading services internationally

The criterion also requires the company’s ability to create 10 jobs in Ireland and to realize sales totaling, at a minimum, €1 million within three years of starting the enterprise.

Also, they must have an onboard and experienced management team, be able to legally start a business in Ireland, and meet the residential requirements

Finally, to be eligible for this incentive, one of the founding members needs to be an Irish resident.

To learn more about this program click here.


2. Irish Government 

The Irish government is fully committed to this plan of action.

Not only are they providing many resources and incentives, but they are also actually providing the €75,000 incentive.

Some of those other supportive actions that the government is committed to are providing businesses funding, offering advice, business mentoring, and making introductions amongst the business community.

Also, they are committed to providing practical and essential help for the new startup businesses to enter into the markets overseas.


3. Venture Capital Fund 

To help with the early stages of the financial development of new businesses, Enterprise Ireland has established a strong and vibrant network of business angels that stand ready to provide needed investment support.

As part of the investment team of business angels are venture capital funds.

Those entities include family and friends, founders, and the provision of seed capital funds.


4. Audit Seniors With Financial Services Experience 

Gap Talents located in Dublin is looking for an Audit Senior.

This position offers opportunities internationally and the client Gap Talents is representing is an accountancy firm located in Ireland.

The individual must be fully qualified, experienced in financial services, and have good interpersonal and communication skills.

The company is offering an excellent relocation package.


5. Tax Incentives 

Added to the mix of financial support, and Ireland’s favorable corporate tax rate of 12.5%, the tax advantages extend to the company even if the selling of the business occurs.

Again, hopefully, these tax incentives extend down to the level of the employees and that salaries are increased accordingly.


6. Tax Credits 

Also available to startups in Ireland are the availability of R and D tax credits (research and development).

The beauty of these tax credits is that even if there is a financial loss, during the startup phase, these tax breaks can provide a cash flow to the company.

An example would be that contributions of your Social Security contributions could be offset against your research and development credits.

This would provide an additional cash flow through this process.


7. Tax Incentives to Investors 

Also, another program within the mix offered to eligible startups is that those Irish taxpayers who invest their hard-earned money into companies and meet Enterprise Ireland’s criteria for investors will also receive tax relief.

This certainly incentivizes the individual to invest their monies in certain companies that not only provide a break as it relates to their taxes but also the option of getting a return on their investment.


8. Staff CAD Engineer 

QT Technologies is looking for a CAD engineer.

A CAD engineer is involved in the creation of technical drawings and the utilization of computer applications.

Their tasks include designing project frameworks, devising construction and design plans for engineers and architects to follow, collaborating with other professionals to develop market and manufacture products, designing floor plans, renderings, and elevations using computer software.

CAD stands for computer-aided design.

This employment opportunity requires that the individual fulfill the roles and responsibilities of being a CAD engineer.

The benefits package offers relocation and immigration support.


9. Senior Data Analyst

QT technologies, located in Cork, are looking for an individual who will be able to analyze terabytes of data and provide deep insight as it relates to complex analytical information.

Also, the successful candidate will be able to identify trends and relationships as it relates to the technology industry.

As part of their benefits package, they are offering relocation as well as immigration support if you are the chosen successful candidate.

Work experience required includes five years of IT work experience, a bachelor’s degree, and certifications.


10. Corporate Tax Rate 

The country of Ireland has one of the least corporate tax rates around the globe.

This is particularly true for the city of Dublin that is seen as a prime international city to set up headquarters or satellite operations.

Companies such as Google, PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft all have a significant presence in the city of Dublin.

Therefore, it stands to reason that with a lower tax rate, the companies may be able to offer a higher salary and greater incentives to their employees.

In other words, lower taxes can possibly equate to higher salaries.


Personal Story

We had the pleasure of having a wonderful Irish neighbor live next to us for 10 years.

Her maiden name was Murphy and she was proud of her Irish heritage.

She had the greatest disposition, a happy-go-lucky attitude, enjoyed her Manhattan cocktails and could tell a good yarn with the best of them.

She never complained although her eyesight increasingly worsened.

She lived to be 98 years old and was a delight even when her body gave out.

Truly she was a great ambassador of what it meant to be Irish.

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Make Money Relocating to Ireland FAQs


What Major Companies Are in Ireland?

Answer Facebook, Google, and Apple all have headquarters in Ireland.

The biggest local company in the country of Ireland is known as Cement Road Stone Holdings.

The company has achieved its size due to a merger of two cement producers.

Those two cement producers were Irish Cement and Roadstone.

Today, this company supplies the bulk of building materials to countries around the world that include America, Europe, and Asia.


Is It Expensive to Live in Ireland?

Ireland has the dubious honor of being the second most expensive country in Western Europe.

It is more expensive to live in Ireland than in 95% of the countries around the world.


You Can Do It

More and more, Ireland seems to be aligning itself with Europe.

In fact, on one of its websites, it states that they are the Western door to Europe.

It seems, therefore, that Ireland is endeavoring to make a strong statement and impact in the business world by inviting companies to relocate and offering incentive packages for startup companies.

This is a good time for a company wishing to be more of a part of the business world of Europe and be a good step in the right direction.



The Emerald Island of Ireland is not only offering the greenery of their landscape but is also offering the greenery of incentives for you to be part of their business community.

Perhaps, by relocating or starting up a business in Ireland a new or relocating enterprise may have a little of the Irish luck rub off on their enterprise.

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