Iceland is widely known as a gorgeous, safe country with a high standard of living.

Iceland offers affordable healthcare and education to residents.

It is no surprise that many people want to get paid to move to Iceland.


Why Get Paid to Move to Iceland

Iceland offers many benefits for living there.

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The northern lights make frequent appearances in Iceland’s night skies.

Seeing them is a bucket list item for many people.

Iceland has some of the most unique landscapes in the world.

People enjoy taking day trips to see waterfalls, bubbling pools, and waterspouts.

Iceland was home to the Vikings and has several museums dedicated to the Vikings.

Moreover, archeologists and scientists frequently move to Iceland to study the Vikings.

With so much culture, history, and activities, Iceland is the perfect place to get paid to move to.


7 Best Ways to Get Paid to Move to Iceland


1. Attend University

Iceland has some of the world’s leading educational programs.

The University of Iceland offers unique programs.

Students get paid to move to Iceland by attending university there and working while in school.

Their education also increases their pay, an additional payment for moving to Iceland.

Universities often have research grant funds to pay students to perform research at the universities.

Iceland values education.

and it shows by how they fund students in their universities.


2. Adventure Blog and Vlog

Iceland provides ample opportunities for interesting and unique experiences for a travel blog or vlog.

Iceland has more bucket-list-quality things to do than almost anywhere else on earth.

Some examples of adventures that are travel blog-worthy are:

  • The Golden Circle
  • Northern Lights
  • Silfra Fissure
  • T-The Laugavegur Trail
  • Solheimajokull Glacier
  • The Midnight Sun
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • Whale watching in Husavik

I could go on.

You could spend months, or even years, in Iceland and never run out of content for a blog.

Therefore, you could be paid to move to Iceland by creating quality content for a blog or vlog.

Bloggers who are successful currently utilize many platforms for their blogs.

They post a single picture on Instagram with a link to their YouTube channel.

They post a short video of the experience on TikTok with a link to their Patreon.

Successful bloggers do not limit themselves to a single website like they did in the past.


3. Travel Photographer

Travel photographers get paid to move to Iceland because of the radically unique landscapes available in Iceland.

Everything from product advertisements to calendar shoots uses photographs from Iceland.

Like with travel bloggers, there is enough content available in Iceland that you could be paid to move there as a travel photographer.

Freelance photographers sell their pictures to national magazines, publishers, books, and stock photo websites.

You can be paid as little as $5 per photo or far more.

To be a travel photographer, you will need at least one professional camera.

You will also need photo editing software.

This investment will directly relate to how successful you are as a travel photographer.


4. Work on a Cruise Ship

Iceland sees over two million tourists each year.

You can be paid to move to Iceland and work in the tourism industry.

A popular and attainable position in the tourism industry is a job on a cruise ship.

Because Iceland is small and completely surrounded by water, cruises can fully circle the island in a week, stopping in many ports for experiences in everything from the capital to small fishing villages.

The benefit of working and living on a cruise ship is the variety of work available.

Cruise ships hire everyone from entertainers to chefs, and doctors to hospitality managers.

These positions require a variety of education and skill.

Many people can find a job that fits their interests and resume.


5. Marry a Resident

Arguably the easiest, although questionable, way to get paid to move to Iceland is to marry a resident.

International relationships are easier to find with current dating apps, although Iceland is not one of the biggest consumers of these apps.

If you have a sincere interest in Iceland and its residents, you may find someone to marry.

Iceland then provides a residence permit for anyone who is a spouse or cohabitating partner.

Before qualifying for the permit, you must be married or cohabitating for at least a year.

Moreover, you have to prove you can provide for yourself, such as with a job.

Further, neither you nor your spouse can have a recent criminal history.


6. Become an Archeologist

Iceland has significant Viking historical sites frequently studied by archeologists.

As recently as 2018, scientists made significant discoveries indicating Iceland was settled earlier than they thought.

There are still extensive areas that need archeological excavation.

Universities and research institutions pay archeologists to study these areas.

Iceland has many Vikings exhibits on display in its museums that came from these archeologist digs.

Some of the museums include:

  • Saga Museum
  • The National Museum of Iceland
  • The Settlement Exhibition


7. Volunteer

Volunteering organizations pay people to move to Iceland to volunteer.

Moreover, people looking to volunteer in other countries often fundraise.

Much of the volunteer work in Iceland involves the environment and climate change.

Volunteers research greenhouse farming, global warming, sustainability, and nature conservation.

These volunteer opportunities are affordable ways to live in Iceland for a short time.

They often charge a small fee for housing and food.

Volunteers can crowdsource the funds to pay these fees.


10 Best Companies to Get Paid to Move to Iceland

1. Aspen Medical

Aspen Medical hires United States-based doctors and nurses to work on cruise ships.

Doctors and nurses who work on cruise ships must be able to deploy with very little notice and be gone for 45 days.

However, the perks of working on a cruise ship in Iceland cannot be ignored.

You get to explore the ports on your day off and enjoy the views on your breaks.

You have the opportunity to meet people from around the world while getting to know Iceland’s culture and traditions.

Moreover, although serious medical events sometimes happen, they will not be the dominant part of your work.

You will primarily treat minor illnesses.

Working as a cruise ship doctor or nurse is high on the list of best ways to get paid to move to Iceland.

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2. Instagram

Instagram is the easiest way to launch a travel blog.

Some would even consider it an essential advertisement for a travel blog based in a beautiful environment like Iceland.

When combined with other platforms, Instagram provides good exposure and a convenient way to build a following.

Instagram allows for both photos and short videos of your experiences in Iceland.

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You can get paid for having an Instagram account by building up followers for your paid platforms, such as YouTube, Patreon, and others.

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3. Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises has cruise ships around Iceland.

Viking Ocean Cruises is a reputable, high-quality cruise line with elite guests and ships.

Viking Ocean Cruises hires many people for its cruise ships in Iceland.

You may not start out on the ship of your choice, but with enough experience, you will be able to live on a ship in Iceland eventually.

Working on a cruise ship is demanding.

However, it is also rewarding when you are getting paid to live somewhere as amazing as Iceland.

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4. University of Iceland

The University of Iceland has many degrees taught in English that are open to international students.

The degrees include education, engineering, natural sciences, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

Over 1,300 international students study at the University of Iceland each year.

Many of the degrees admit students from all over the world.

If the student is willing to do research, the student can be paid to move to Iceland with a small stipend.

Doctoral students who receive a grant get about ISK 425.000kr. per month.

At over $3,000, this is enough to live on in Iceland.

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5. The University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg has an exchange student program with many universities in the United States.

If you get a grant, you could be paid to live and study in Iceland at the University of Gothenburg.

Moreover, there are many employment opportunities, even for international applicants.

Many of these positions, such as the research positions, require advanced degrees in specialized fields of study.

For example, the research opportunities study areas such as biology, statistics, and sustainability.

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6. US Embassy

The US Embassy is in Reykjavik.

It hires people interested in getting paid to move to Iceland.

Although the jobs may require a quick relocation, they provide the opportunity for learning about international relations between the United States and Iceland.

People who work at the US Embassy help US citizens with passport issues, visas, and people who are victims of a crime.

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Get Paid to Move to Iceland


7. Iceland Procruises

Iceland Procruises is a cruise line dedicated to cruises around Iceland.

These cruises are smaller and more intimate, with only 60 to 100 crew on board.

Working for such a small cruise line allows you to get to know the crew very well.

Not only are you paid to live in Iceland, but you also become immersed in the culture.

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8. Volunteer World

Volunteer World has volunteer opportunities in Iceland.

They provide programs at a low cost that include room and board.

To pay for the room and board, you can use a donation platform to raise funds.

If you are volunteering in sustainability, climate change, or environmental education, many people would support your efforts through donations.

You can get paid to live in Iceland through your volunteer work.

You also will gain valuable skills and experiences that will shape your life.

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9. Tinder

Tinder helps its users find people to date in other countries, including Iceland.

Through Tinder, you could find a spouse or someone to cohabitate with, so you can get a permit to move to Iceland.

Not many Icelanders participate on Tinder, but Tinder is one of the leading dating apps in Iceland.

Look for a partner with your interests, but do not be dishonest about your motives to move to Iceland.

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10. GoFundMe

GoFundMe lets users raise money for travel.

If you want to move to Iceland to volunteer, you can raise money to get paid to move through GoFundMe.

Craft a concise, but thorough, explanation of the work you plan to do and how it will help people and the world.

Give a link to the program you plan to pursue to volunteer.

The more details you give, the more sincere your request seems.

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Permits Required to Move to Iceland

Iceland requires permits to work there.

You can get a work permit to work in Iceland.

Most of these permits require you to have expert knowledge in your work.

Students need a residence permit while studying in Iceland.

Permit applications must be submitted early.

Student permits usually last for six months.

Volunteers also need permits to enter Iceland, but these are straightforward if you have an offer from an organization to volunteer in Iceland.

Finally, you can get a family reunification permit if you marry an Iceland resident.


Reasons to Move to Iceland

The United Nations Human Development Index ranks Iceland as the 4th most developed nation in the world.

Iceland strongly values health, education, and the environment.

Moreover, Iceland provides ample opportunities for experiences unlike anywhere else on earth, such as the Northern Lights and impressive landscapes.


Making Money Moving to Iceland FAQs


Is It Easy to Move to Iceland?

Generally, to live in Iceland, you will need to contribute to the economy in some way.

Whether this is through working or volunteering, Iceland has strict immigration laws.

Moreover, the cost of living is higher in Iceland.

It may take some planning and saving to move to Iceland.


What Is It Like Living in Iceland?

Iceland’s stunning landscape constantly reminds you that you are in a country unlike any other.

The gulf stream keeps the southern coastal regions warmer than the northern regions.

Iceland only has 360,000 residents, so it is less crowded than many other countries.

Most people speak English.

Although most people appreciate the egalitarian nature of Iceland, the high cost of living is often mentioned as a negative.



Getting paid to Iceland may take some effort, but the beautiful country is highly rewarding.

Common ways to get paid to move to Iceland include volunteering, studying, or blogging about the experience.

Iceland represents one of the most unique countries on earth, so getting paid to move there would be amazing.

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