Wondering if you can really get paid to move to Hawaii?

Of course you can!

This article reveals some ways to make this possible and actual legit opportunities for getting paid to move to Hawaii.



There are many ways that we communicate.

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Communication can be accomplished through touching, looking, smelling, through one’s feelings, etc.

A major way that we communicate is through speaking.

Did you know that there are 7,117 languages spoken in the world?

Some languages, it seems, would be easier to understand because one word in the language spoken has a dual meaning.

For example, the Italian language has the word “Ciao” which means hello and goodbye. Also, Namaste, the Indian language, can mean both hello and goodbye.

In America, there is a state where one of the languages that are spoken also has this dual meaning for hello and goodbye.

Of course, that is in the state of Hawaii with the word “Aloha.”

A beautiful word that has deep meaning beyond hello and goodbye in that it means to love and fellowship.

A beautiful word for a beautiful paradise-like location that many people wish to visit.

Even more so, how about a place to live?

If this is your Aloha dream let us look at ways that you can get paid to move to Hawaii and companies that help.


10 Ways & Tips to Get Paid to Move to Hawaii


1. Plan

Hawaii is half an ocean away.

Therefore, one doesn’t just wake up one morning and make the move happen.

There need to be airlines contacted, household goods moved, and a variety of actions that need to take place before one can settle into their new home in Hawaii.

Consequently, it is important to have a plan in place and that plan needs to outline all of the steps that need to be taken before the move occurs.


2. Budget

The next important component or tip to get paid to move to Hawaii is to come up with your own personal budget.

The budget will clearly outline, in dollars and cents, what the cost will be to make the move and what your available financial resources are.

If there is a discrepancy between the two or a variance, then actions need to be taken on either side of the ledger or a combination of both.


3. Research

It is also important to understand that each state within The United States of America has its own uniqueness and cultural background.

The state of Hawaii is no different.

For example:

  • Politically – the state is liberal in its political leanings
  • Philosophy is about a quality lifestyle not what you have
  • The maximum speed limit is 50 MPH
  • Everyone is a minority
  • Self-deprecating humor


4. Cost of Living

It will come as no surprise to you when you hear that the cost of living in Hawaii is fairly high.

This is due to the fact that many goods need to be transported into the state, which of course raises the cost of the product that is for sale and passed on to the state’s residents

Therefore, it is important to do a cost of living analysis. Such a calculator can be found at www.nerdwallet.com/cost-of-living-calculator.


5. Garage Sale

A good way to get paid to move to Hawaii and cut down the items that need to be shipped is to have a garage sale.

The individual that is intending to move to Hawaii can go through their apartment or home and gather into two piles all of their items.

Those two items separate collection areas would be those items you wish to keep and those items that you can do without.

Those items that you can do without can be sold at a garage sale with the money being set aside for your relocation to Hawaii.


6. Blogging

A great way to earn money to relocate or move to Hawaii would be to begin a blogging journal of your journey.

You can talk about how it has always been a dream of yours to go to the Aloha State and now you have this opportunity of making that dream come true.

As part of your blogging, you can talk from your heart about your vision and dream come true, and the practical steps that you are taking to achieve that reality.

You can also talk about your frustration, apprehension, etc.

Most likely you will gain a following and people will be captured by your story and possibly wish to contribute to your relocation journey to Hawaii.

Also, on your blog, you might be able to gain affiliate advertising as well as a possible sponsor.

A potential sponsor for the blogging site could be a travel agent or agency.


7. Family

What better way to gain financial support or get paid to move to Hawaii other than through family support.

You could ask the family if they would provide a non-interest loan in order for you to relocate or they could specifically concentrate on providing for the airfare expense.

The payoff to the family members for providing this support would be to have a family member in Hawaii.

Therefore, when they visit, they would have a place to stay and wouldn’t have to worry about the expenses of hotel accommodation.


8. Side Hustles

Another great way to get paid to move to Hawaii is by being involved in a number of side hustles.

A side hustle is that opportunity in which you can earn extra income by utilizing your skills, talents, or assets that you may own.

For example, you could drive for a driving service company such as Instacart and utilize your vehicle as you shop for customers and then deliver the food to their homes.

In addition, to getting paid for each time you do this you would receive tips that would be yours in their entirety.


9. Fund Raisers

As part of your effort in getting paid to move to Hawaii, you could have a fundraiser that could be attended by your local friends, family, and other individuals from the community.

The theme of the fundraiser, if you were to do a dinner, could be a luau that could be complete with pork, making poi, perhaps even having hula dancers.

You could charge per plate with the proceeds going to your relocation fund.

Another possibility is to have a caterer cater the event and donate their service as part of endeavoring to attain new customers.


10. Relocate With Company

Another prime way of getting paid to move to Hawaii would be to find a job with a company that requires your talent, expertise, and skill and would be willing to pick up the relocation costs.


10 Best Companies & Programs That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to Hawaii


1. Movers and Shakas

The state of Hawaii implemented a new program as a result of the recent Covid 19 pandemic.

The name of the program is Movers and Shakas and will not only welcome 50 newcomers to the state but offer them temporary residency as well as pay their airfare to live and work remotely.

The program was the brainchild of a group of local not-for-profits and business leaders to diversify the economy of Hawaii and not be so heavily reliant upon tourism.

Also, the program will help newcomers get settled by providing discounted living arrangements as well as memberships and other benefits.


2. Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club

The Marriott at Ko Olina Beach Club is looking for a regional resort operations manager.

The job requires the individual to relocate to Lihue, Hawaii.

The primary responsibilities for this employment position include managing and successfully supervising all operations in each of the various departments.

They will be charged to continually improve the guest experience and maximize employee and customer satisfaction

The qualifications to be a successful candidate for this position include a high school diploma, four years of experience in guest services, and other related areas of the hotel/resort business.

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Additionally, a two-year degree from an accredited university in hotel and restaurant management is needed.

Benefits include a 401(k), dental, life, retirement, vision, and health insurance.

Relocation assistance is provided.


3. Precision Cleaning Hawaii

Precision Cleaning Hawaii is advertising for the position of a window cleaner who is capable of utilizing a high-rise chair.

The qualified individual will be fully familiar with all aspects of window cleaning and pressure cleaning, comfortable with chair work, and utilizing high-rise/low-rise chairs.

The individual will also have at least three years of experience, a valid driver’s license, and be able to pass a criminal background check.

The benefits include paid travel time, bonuses, safety bonuses, all insurances, and offers relocation assistance.

The annual pay is $70,000 per year.

Check out the following related articles for more ways and places that pay you to move:


4. Hawaii Health Systems Corporation

Hawaii Health Systems Corporation is advertising for a speech pathologist at an experienced level of III.

The pay is $43 an hour and a Master’s degree is required.

Relocation assistance is provided along with health and dental insurance and 401(k).

The position for employment is with Hale Ho’ola Hamakua Hospital, Honokaa, Hawaii.

The duties include general supervision, planning, and administering treatment programs as it relates to speech-language disorders.

Also, the job requires that the individual work with speech pathologists in developing and planning overall programs.


5. Hawaii Health Systems Corporation

Hawaii Health Systems Corporation is looking for a nuclear medicine technologist.

The individual will be employed with the Gila Medical Center in Hilo, Hawaii.

The qualified individual will have a bachelor’s degree from an approved program recognized by the joint review committee on education and radiologic technology.

Experientially, the successful candidate will have 1 1/2 years of progressively responsible professional imaging, a thorough knowledge of imaging procedures, and proficiency in such exams as mylograms, arthrograms, including imaging of various other anatomical systems within the human body.

The salary range begins from $84,464 per year with the benefits being dental, disability, health, and life insurance.

Also, a 401K is offered.

Relocation assistance is provided.



NMSG is advertising for a clinical lab technologist.

Although the salary is not posted by the potential employer, the anticipated range of salary would be from $60,000-$76,000 per year.

The qualified candidate will have great clinical skills, be able to communicate with team members, as well as have skillfully honed interpersonal skills.

Compensation also includes paid time off in addition to holidays, travel opportunities as well as relocation assistance.


7. Green Energy Team LLC

The employment position of IC&E Technician is being advertised to relocate in Koloa, Hawaii.

The job description entails the individual being able to safely operate and install, maintain, and repair all electrical processes as it relates to the control and instrumentation equipment of the power plant.

Benefits include health, life, and vision insurance.

The salary range is from $25-$45 per hour.

Also, relocation assistance is being offered.

An IC & E Technician is an individual who provides oversight to Instrumentation and Controls and Electrical panels.


8. Maui Hostel

Located in Wailuku, Hawaii, the Maui Hostel is advertising for an individual to fulfill the employment role of general manager.

The qualified individual will earn $70,000 a year and come with the qualifications of a high school or equivalent certification as well as experience of one year in the hospitality industry.

Relocation assistance is provided along with a performance bonus after six months of employment, 401(k), health insurance, and more.

The job role entails managing and leading a team of professionals in the area of performance and service as it relates to providing hostel services.

The individual will oversee the daily operations and be charged with expanding its growth.

The personal characteristics that the qualified candidate will possess include one who is motivated, charismatic, and desires to succeed.


9. Indeed

Indeed is a powerful site that companies utilize to post job openings.

The site is easy to use and can be accessed at Indeed.com.

The landing page has two opportunities to search for a particular job.

One of the search bars will return a specific location that the individual is wishing to see what opportunities might be available as well as a search bar in which you can put a particular employment position or other filters that you wish to search on.

One of those other filters could be relocation assistance.

When the search is conducted, the return will give you a number of job opportunities based on your search criteria.

The job postings include the title of the position, where the location for the employment position is, job description, qualifications needed, benefits offered, etc.


10. Simply Hired

A similar job posting website is Simplyhired.com.

The same process is followed and again the individual will be rewarded with a number of employment opportunities not only in the United States but throughout the world.


Personal Story

One of my duty stations while serving in the U.S. Navy was Pearl Harbor.

As part of the transfer process, we were provided a “temporary living allowance” while looking for an apartment.

Additionally, temporary living arrangements were set up for us by our sponsor and we found ourselves living in Waikiki for a month.

Of course, we were excited and took the opportunity to walk the area and take it all in.

There was the beach, the crowds, the tropical winds, palm trees, and trash cans.

Yes, even the trash cans were beautiful and on the openings was the word Mahalo.

I thought to myself what a beautiful word for trash.

Eventually, I found out that the word Mahalo on the trash cans didn’t mean trash.

The English translation is thank you!


Make Money Moving to Hawaii FAQs


What Are the Major Industries in Hawaii?

The major industries in Hawaii are:

  • Tourism
  • Defense (Military)
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Manufacturing


What Business is the Largest Employer in Hawaii?

The largest employer in Hawaii is Tesoro.

This Fortune 500 company is an independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products.


You Can Do It

Visiting paradise is different than living in paradise.

It is important when considering a major relocation move that you conduct your research fully.

Through budgeting and planning, you can make the move to Hawaii happen and make your dream of living in paradise a reality.



There are many languages spoken in the world.

The average individual may know some of the words in these languages as they represent common communication expressions.

One of those well-known words is Aloha which can mean hello or goodbye.

As you research your possible move to Hawaii when you say Aloha it will be in response to greeting your new state of residency.

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