You can really get paid to move to France!

This article shows you some of the best ways to get paid and even some companies or programs that really pay or help you get paid to move to France.



When mentioning specific countries around the world, often an individual will associate either a landmark or a belief about that country that may or may not be true.

Sometimes our answers can be stereotypical based on what we have heard from others or what we perceive to be true.

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For example, if you mention the country of Switzerland you might think about the Alps.

Or if you think of Germany you may gravitate toward precision automobile manufacturing.

The picture one may visualize as it relates to the country of Japan may be their rich heritage and courtesy extended to others and you might associate the Eiffel Tower with France or Paris with love or fashions.

Speaking of France, it may be on an individual’s list of things to do, places to go and see.

Coupled with this dream is now the opportunity of possibly relocating to France and getting paid to do so in the process.

And so, with a resounding Oui, Oui, let us look at the possibilities of moving to France and companies that may pay for that realization.


10 Ways/Tips to Get Paid to Move to France


1. Budget 

One of the basic foundational moves to get paid to move to France is to set up a budget.

One does not get up on any particular morning and decide to move to France without thinking through the process.

Part of that process is to comprise a budget that captures the current income and expenses and to comprise a budget that takes into account the cost of living if the decision is followed through on.

There are many ways that you can research the comparative cost of living for both countries to see how you will fare and what adjustments need to be made as it relates to your budget.


2. Plan

Once the budget has been thought through and numbers on both sides of the ledger have been added, next comes a plan of action.

The plan should include basic questions as it relates to timing, what part of France you will want to live in, how much money you will need to accumulate to make the move as well as the basics of vaccinations, etc.


3. Garage Sale 

Most likely, you will need to reduce the number of items that you have in your household, or else you will have to find storage with a family member or pay for a storage unit.

A great action item that cannot only raise money for your travel expenditures as well as declutter your home is by having a garage sale.

By selling the items that you don’t need you can attain additional revenue and set that aside in a separate account that is designated for your travel to France.


4. Side Hustles 

A great way to earn money to help towards your relocation to France would be to take advantage of a variety of side hustles.

For example, you could drive for a food delivery service such as

By signing up to be a driver, you can work as much as you can, earn money, and set that money aside toward your relocation.

To drive with this particular food delivery service requires that you have your vehicle, driver’s license, certificate of insurance, a smartphone, and submit to a background check.


5. Family 

Another way to raise money is to ask your family members for their financial support.

The sponsorships can be through money given to you by friends and family members.

The sponsorships can be money that is granted to you to help support your dream of relocating to France.

In addition, once settled and individuals wish to travel to France to see you and take in the country of France as well, they would be able to reside with you for that period that they are in the country.

Therefore, their sponsorship would provide a rate of return for them.


6. Associations 

You could also approach associations in your community that sometimes provide a grant to individuals when they present a worthy cause.

One such worthy cause would be the offering of a scholarship to an individual who may be continuing their education overseas and in this case France.

The benefit to the association could be your willingness to keep them informed as to what is happening, provide newsletters, pictures, and credit them with support of your endeavor.

This in turn would help them as the word gets out into the community of their support and may attract additional individuals for membership.


7. Fundraisers 

Another way of getting paid to move to France is by having a various number of fundraisers.

Your family and friends could help you with the fundraiser which could be a breakfast in which the serving of French toast or crêpes is served in keeping with your relocation to France,

Also, any particular groups that you belong to might be able to support you in this endeavor.

Such groups could include a church affiliation, members of an association, etc.


8. Blogging 

Blogging would be a great way to engage others in your endeavoring to achieve this dream.

Your blogging can begin from the inception of the idea, the steps that you are taking, the people that are supporting you, etc.

In other words, everything written about that has to do with your efforts to relocate to France.

Through your efforts, you will most likely gain followers who will cheer you on and may also provide monetary support.

Also, through blogging, you can have affiliate ads placed on your site as well as possibly gain a sponsor to help you with your fundraising needs.


9. Handcrafted Items 

As part of your efforts to raise money and if you have a skill or talent that is marketable, you can make these items and place them on such websites as or

You can take pictures of these items and put them on the site or open up a virtual retail store.

Examples of crafted items could be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

All could be in the color of the French flag or a design combining the two flags indicating your dream and their purchasing of these items in helping you to fulfill that dream.


10. Create an e-Book 

As part of documenting your story from start to finish, you could write an e-book which is a short booklet.

The book can be published through Kindle and sold on Amazon.

This writing could capture your dream of moving to France and becoming a resident.

The story could take on a motivational tone as well as inspire others to dream big and follow through on that dream.

The proceeds from your book could be utilized to offset the cost of your relocation expenses.

Also, you could make several copies and sell them yourself as a way to earn money or get paid to move to France.


10 Companies/Programs to Get Paid to Move to France


1. Recruitment Coordinator 

Back Market is advertising for the position of Recruitment Coordinator.

The job description for this employment position requires the individual to schedule candidates and interviews with key internal personnel.

They must be analytical and be able to navigate the variety of time zones and accumulate all the needed documentation to ensure that quality candidates and interviews take place.

The position offers a variety of employee benefits including health insurance, meal tickets, parental benefits, etc.

Also, they offer a relocation package.

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The position will be officed in Bordeaux.


2. Aisne 

This particular city in France is willing to pay the selected individuals €5000 for relocating to this historical region.

The terms of receiving this amount of money include the willingness of the individual to purchase the property.

For every purchase that is made the amount of €5000 will be given.

This community desires to invigorate the area that has become sparsely populated and help to rejuvenate old buildings which have fallen in disrepair.

The other requirement for the individual taking advantage of this offer is that they live in this city.

Other stipulations include that the home that is being purchased has to be on the market for at least three years and that the owner will remain in the property for at least five years.


3. Senior Data Engineer 

This position is also offered by a Back Market with the potential of having a relocation package offered to the accepted candidate.

The job description requires that the qualified candidate be able to reach yearly and weekly targets, monitor the seller’s quality, perform ad hoc analysis, work with account managers to educate the sellers, and more.

The position requires that the individual take up their employment presence in Bordeaux.


4. Lead Salesforce Engineer 

Another employee opportunity presented by Back Market to be employed in Bordeaux is a Lead Salesforce Engineer.

Back Market bills itself as the number one marketplace for refurbished electronic devices in Europe.

As the lead engineer, the responsibilities would include a demonstration of expertise in salesforce solutions, the delivery of functional solutions, and taking up a supervisory role of leading to ensure that the various tools are sustainable, efficient, and well-connected to the infrastructure within the company.

Employee benefits include a robust salary, multiple benefits including health insurance and parental benefits as well as a relocation package being offered.


5. International Mobility Coordinator 

The company that is advertising this employment position is Coty.

The job description entails the ability of the individual to manage relationships with dedicated suppliers, produce data analytics, provide quarterly reporting, construction of employee benefits and packages for transferees in conjunction with the HR department, ensure that the company complies as it relates to taxes, Social Security immigration, and other human resource processes.

The qualified individual should have a bachelor’s degree in HR, business, finance, or relevant business field acumen.

Also, they should have a minimum of three years of experience with a proven track record of the skills defined.

There is a relocation package that is offered.


6. Project Manager 

Ridedott is advertising for the position of Project Manager.

The successful candidate can take advantage of a relocation package to Paris, France.

The job entails the transformation of a growth product strategy into a roadmap by utilizing acquisition and retention strategies.

Additionally, the position calls for an individual to take the lead on the movement of all initiatives by the strategic plan that outlines the growth milestones.

They will do this by collaborating with designers, full-stack engineers, copywriters, and other key positions.

Benefits include a competitive salary package along with employee stock and a parental policy.


7. Simply Hired 

A job database website that you can search for employment opportunities in France is located at

By accessing this site you can search international countries and put in specific employment positions as well as whether these advertising companies offer relocation benefits.


8. IT Recruiter 

The company of Ridedott is looking to hire an IT Recruiter.

The job entails that the individual conduct searches for potential candidates using a variety of creative strategies and keeping track of potential future hires.

This individual will work closely with hiring managers to determine what the hiring needs are of the company as well as the technical requirements.

This individual will be the first contact with the candidates and begin the process of having a positive experience.

The benefits for this job position include the opportunity to work from home, a competitive salary package, sharing in profits, and a relocation package along with a visa sponsorship possibility.


9. Lead Product Manager

The position of a Lead Product Manager is being advertised by the European leader in digital marketing software.

This company is known as Sendinblue.

The responsibilities associated with the hire of this individual include the management of at least one of the product teams, managing project managers and defining their objectives as well as mentoring, communicating creative strategies, and working closely with the head of product management to improve the teams work and outcomes.

The associated benefits with this position include private healthcare, parental leave, the possibility of working remotely, along a relocation package.


10. Indeed 

At you can access the site and do a word search of their powerful employment database.

To find out about any relocation assistance you would put those keywords in the field that has the magnifying glass in it.

In this field, you can put a specific job role or title to see if such a position matches more closely as to what your qualifications and job that you are looking for.

Underneath this search bar, you would type in the country of France, or a specific city located in the country.


Personal Story

During my service in the military, I was allowed to attend a variety of schools.

The basic schools were labeled as A schools and provided generalized training in specific fields.

Another type of school was C school which was a more concentrated school in a variety of different training and classes offered under a generalized category.

For example, I was in the medical aspect of the Navy and attended a school which was Hospital Corpsman School.

Upon completion of that school, I was afforded the opportunity of attending C school which could’ve been a variety of specialized training opportunities such as pharmacy, laboratory, preventive medicine, neuropsychiatry tech, etc.

I chose to attend x-ray technology school which required extending my enlistment contract.

Towards the end of the completion of the x-ray school, as an added incentive to excel, there was the offering of a dream sheet in which, if we excelled and an opportunity was open in that duty station, there was a possibility that we would be considered for that duty station upon graduation.

Although Great Lakes, Illinois is a very modest comparison to France, my motivation was the same in that I worked hard, and the Department of Defence paid me to work hard and realize my goal of going back home.

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Make Money Moving to France FAQs


What Would Be the Average Cost to Relocate From the United States of America to a Different Country Overseas?

Of course, the broad range of relocation costs covers the broad range of dollars needed.

Some of the factors that can increase the cost of moving to include the transportation of household goods, the number of members in the family, where in the United States you are located, and more.

Therefore, the broad range of costs to relocate overseas can be as little as $1000 on up to $10,000.


What Would Be the Most Difficult Aspects of Relocating From the United States to a Country Overseas?

Most likely the top concerns or challenges or an individual looking to relocate overseas would be:

  • Language barrier
  • Culture shock
  • Missing family,
  • Acclimation
  • Finances


You Can Do It

Traveling overseas can be an expensive undertaking.

However, there are ways that you can get fully or partially paid to relocate to a variety of countries that can utilize your skills and talents.

It’s just a matter of holding on to your dreams, coming up with a plan of action, and then working out a plan to fulfill those dreams.



Many things in this world can motivate us.

Examples of those motivating factors can include money, the acceptance of a challenge to succeed, the opportunity for a new adventure, etc.

Whether it’s working hard at school to take advantage of any incentives offered or wishing to travel to exotic and distant places, it can be accomplished and there are no barriers when an individual is driven to make their goals become reality.

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