Yes, you can get paid to move or relocate to the lovely continent of Europe!

This article reveals the best tips to help you make this possible.

It also reveals the very ways and some of the best companies and/or programs that really pay or help you get paid to move to Europe.


Why Get Paid to Move to Europe? 

Many dream of a European vacation.

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A European vacation is an opportunity to visit romantic and cultured countries such as Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sicily.

Opportunities to admire the Alps, visit the historic structures of Greece; walk the land that once was ruled by the Roman Empire, etc.

What an enriching and memorable experience that would be.

Today what if the vacation of a lifetime became a reality and not only an opportunity to visit but what if the option was presented to live on a more permanent basis?

Added to the mix, what if these faraway places indicated that they would pay you to come and take up residency with them in such countries as Switzerland, Italy, and Greece?

It’s true.

There are cities and countries in Europe that are offering such incentives.

Let us return to the old world.


Personal Story

There are a variety of reasons why people move.

Some people may want to leave their past behind while some people are motivated by the possibilities of a new beginning.

In either case, it could be argued, that there is some sort of incentive for the individual or family to relocate.

I was a victim of downsizing and found myself unemployed for six months.

I made an application to not only potential employers within the city of my residence but also other cities in nearby states.

As fate would have it, I received a positive response from a possible employer in northern California and within a day or so another positive response from a potential employer in Arizona.

Long story short I took the position in California due to several factors or incentives.

Those incentives included not only a higher wage (and higher cost of living), greater responsibility, a geographical area that was more conducive to my liking, and a few other perks.

The point is, the incentives for one employment position seemed to be greater than the other employment opportunity.

Incentives are a powerful motivational force in our decision-making.


10 Best Tips to Get Paid to Move to Europe


1. Study Europe 

As with anything in life that has significant repercussions, it is important to have a well-thought-out plan.

Moving to a different country certainly qualifies as needing a plan of action.

To do one’s due diligence and conduct homework on possibly relocating to a new city and country of the world is important.

This homework should include historical background on the country, the current political climate, the social/economical environment, quality of life, healthcare, and prospects for the nation.


2. Select Your Country

When looking at moving to another country, it is important to gain an idea of what life is like in that country.

Often, on the surface, things may appear quite satisfactory and yet underneath might be other issues that are percolating.

Questions and answers should be obtained regarding the quality of life, the laws and ways that the government rules, economic issues such as the cost of living and taxes, etc.

Practical questions should include the quality of the healthcare system, methods of transportation, the culture, and even the food that is readily available.


3. Learn the Language 

Moving to a different country implies a whole different culture, way of thinking, and social interaction.

Another big challenge or concern would be the language.

If relocating to a country in Europe, what is the predominant language and will there be any barriers in learning that language.

It is important to remember that you are the outsider and assimilation to the country will not be up to the native residents, but the challenge lies squarely upon your shoulders.


4. Visit 

Before one makes the ultimate decision to move permanently to a country in Europe, a strong recommendation prior to this move occurring is to visit the country and city of your choice.

This is a critical step in that it will give you a good idea of what life is like by visiting for a short period of time and getting a sense of the community that may soon be your new home.

While visiting it would be a good idea to walk about the area, endeavor to interact with the people to gauge their friendliness, eat the local cuisine, and even possibly visit with leaders to get a sense of their leadership role, and direction for the city.

Although this may be expensive, it should be considered as an investment rather than going to a new location that you have not experienced.


5. Visa 

Moving to a new country is just not a simple matter of transporting yourself to the new location, unpacking, and living happily ever after.

It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do but can be a lot of fun.

Moving to a new country not only requires that you follow all of the rules and regulations of the United States as it pertains to traveling internationally or moving permanently but also the destination country.

There are visas that need to be obtained, passports that need to be updated, immigration laws that need to be followed, etc.


6. Economy 

Another significant piece of the relocation puzzle that needs to be put in place is an understanding of the economy of your selected city and country.

In other words, in comparison to your current cost of living, what is the cost of living in the new possible locale?

If you are retired and are moving, will your limited income be sufficient to maintain the standard of living that you wish to enjoy? Also, other major factors that pertain to living include housing, food, utilities, etc.

All of these practical economical questions need to be answered and numbers crunched to ensure affordability.

Research can be conducted through online websites and some of the significant work may have already been accomplished.

Also, if there is a presence of a community of relocated individuals from the United States then you could reach out to them to see how the transition worked and learn from their experience.


get paid to move or relocate to europe


7. Finances 

As it relates to finances because a lot of financial transactions are done electronically, will you be able to keep your current bank account, or will you need to seek banking options at the local level?

It is also important to remember that the financial currency of the new country will most likely not be in American dollars.

In converting American dollars to Euros what will be the exchange rate, and will that have any impact on your financial condition?


8. Passport 

A key travel document that is required for traveling is a passport.

A good idea would be to renew that passport prior to your traveling or relocating to another country.

Remember, a passport is good for 10 years after the date of issuance.

You certainly would not want to be traveling abroad or living abroad with an outdated American passport.

The Department of State recommends that a passport be renewed nine months prior to the expiration date.


9. Immunizations 

As part of your health and safety for not only you but others, it is important that your immunizations be up-to-date.

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It is critical that you check with government agencies to see what the recommended immunizations should be for traveling and what needed administrations are required in the country that you will be visiting or relocating to.


10. STEP 

A great program to be enrolled in that is provided at no charge by the U.S. Government is called the STEP or Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

This service allows for citizens of the United States to provide their travel information with the intent being of the State Department better assisting you as an international traveler in the event of any emergencies.

Also, if you provide your email to this program you will be provided various updates as it relates to travel advisories and other information that is particular to certain countries.

You can learn more about this program by clicking here.


10 Best City Incentives to Get Paid to Move to Europe


1. Molise, Italy 

Molise is located in the southern region of Italy.

The geographical location of this small city provides a breathtaking view of a sprawling coastline and majestic mountains.

Unfortunately, the population of the city has been in decline and a plan to attract new inhabitants to this city has been devised.

The incentive to live in this city is €24,000.

The only caveat to receiving this incentive is that the individual must start a small business.


2. Borgomezzavalle, Italy 

This city, located near the Swiss border on the northern part of the country of Italy, has declined to a population of only 320 people.

In order to mitigate the negative trend, the government is placing on the market a number of houses that have been vacated.

For the grand total of one euro, a home can be purchased.

Additionally, if a couple moves to this city they will receive €1000 for every child that is born, and also if the relocating individuals start a business they will qualify for an additional €2000.


3. Sambuca, Sicily 

This city in Sicily was experiencing a decline in its population.

An incentive program was devised and implemented that allowed for the purchase of a home for €1.

The stipulation to receiving this home for this small payment was that at least €15,000 needed to be reinvested in the home.

The individual taking advantage of this incentive is given a total of three years to complete the renovations.


4. Antikythera, Greece 

The population of this city in Greece has sadly been reduced to 20 people.

As an incentive, €500 is being offered on a monthly basis for individuals to relocate to this village.

The money has been made available through the Greek Orthodox Church.

As an added incentive, a plot of land with a house will be provided at no cost to the individual or family.

This city in Greece is also accepting applicants from overseas.


5. Candela, Italy 

In a concerted effort to increase the population of this village, a variety of incentives are being offered to people to entice them to move to this area.

The incentives offered are €800 for a single individual and if a couple relocates to this village they will get €1200.

Also, families of four or five individuals will receive grants up to €2000.

Individuals relocating to this area will also be eligible to receive a variety of tax credits on various expenses.

The only conditions associated with the receiving of these incentives are that the individual or family needs to commit to living in this village for a set period of time and also show proof of a minimum salary of €7500.


6. Utrecht, Netherlands 

This Dutch city is trying to increase residency by offering an incentive for both single individuals and family units.

A single individual would be provided $1300 if they relocate to the city and a family unit would receive $1800.


7. Ponga, Spain 

If Spain has a certain allurement for you then a possible destination with added incentives might be the relocation to Ponga.

This small settlement is located in the Northwest part of Spain and has a historical perspective to it.

The incentives to relocate to this city in Spain are €3000 to a couple and if a child or children are born out of this relationship while residents, for each child, the couple will be awarded €3000.


8. Cammarata, Italy 

The local officials in this community in Italy took drastic measures to address a declining situation.

The drastic situation is that individuals were leaving this city and the historic town was facing financial ruin.

The forward-thinking of the mayor was the devising of a plan that included the giving away of the vacated homes to people at no charge if they move to this town.

The homes were neglected and so the reality for the new owners will be the receiving of these homes at no charge with the understanding of providing the needed significant upkeep.

The demographics that this city is looking for are young families and if a child is born after the family has relocated, they would receive €1000.


9. Albinen, Switzerland 

The city has been reduced to a population of 240 permanent residents.

The majority of homes in this area are utilized by visitors and the homes are classified as vacation homes.

The offered incentive for Albinen, Switzerland is that if an individual purchases property a grant of $26,648 is provided per adult.

Additionally, for each child in the household, an additional $10,659 is awarded.

The qualifications to receive this incentive require the adults to be under the age of 45 and agree to reside in this small village in Switzerland for a minimum of 10 years.


10. Locana, Italy 

This additional town in Italy was also in decline and subsequently, the economy was dramatically and negatively impacted as well as experiencing a significant decrease in population.

To encourage individuals to move to Locana, Italy an incentivized plan was formulated that would provide €9000 to individuals who relocated.

The payments were to be spread over a period of three years.

The two stipulations to receiving this money are that the family needed to have at least one child and have an annual income of €6000.

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Get Paid to Move or Relocate to Europe FAQs


What Would Be One of the Greatest Challenges in Moving to Another Country?

The greatest challenge in relocating to another country would be communication if there is no common language spoken and understood.


What Is the Easiest Country in Europe to Move to?


The reasons being, in addition to the temperate climate and the friendliness of the people of Portugal, is a program known as the Golden visa scheme.

The Golden visa scheme offers the relocating individual Portuguese citizenship following five years from its issuance.

The only caveat is that the individual must have spent at least 35 days in total within the country of Portugal.

In order to obtain a Golden visa, there are a number of methods with the most common way being through the purchase of land.

The land must have been purchased at the cost of a half-million dollars.

Also, some land purchases within Portugal do not qualify for receiving this Golden visa.



Moving to a different country, in this case moving to Europe, can be a daunting task.

However, to open the door of opportunity takes a little work and energy on one’s part to open that door and walk through.

And, quite often, the incentives are worth the effort.

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