Yes, you can really get paid to move to Detroit!

This article reveals some of the best ways to do this and some of the best companies and programs that pay or help you get paid to move to Detroit.


Why Get Paid to Move to Detroit?

The name for the city of Detroit comes from the French word “le détroit.”

Translated into English it means the strait.

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This was evidently in reference to the waterway connecting Lake Erie and Huron.

Of added interest is that the early origin of the city was established on July 24, 1701, by a French military leader and trader.

The early city was named Fort Michilimackinac and was situated where Lake Huron and Michigan meet.

Ironically, the French leader’s name was Antoine de la mothe Cadillac.

What an interesting twist, Detroit, the Motor City and home of the Ford Corporation was founded by a Cadillac.

And so, Detroit has and most likely will always be associated with car manufacturing.

The city began to decline in the 1960s and fell in population from its peak in 1950 of 1.85 million people to 673,000 residents in 2017.

In 2013 the city of Detroit filed for Bankruptcy and came successfully through in 2014.

Today, through a variety of economic incentives, Detroit has been resolute while endeavoring to regain some of its luster that once was reflected in the very cars that its plants manufactured.

If offered a job that provides relocation incentives, one should be honored to know that the proud employers of Detroit are looking for quality individuals to be part of the comeback process.


Personal Story

At the tender young age of eight years old, my family immigrated to the United States from Canada.

The city that they chose for their relocation destination was Chicago, Illinois.

This was due to previous family members paving the way for us to arrive.

Traveling from Toronto, Canada, and heading on down towards the states, Detroit was the first American city on our trek.

There were two ways that Canadians and Americans could travel back and forth between the two countries.

One way was over a bridge and the other was through a tunnel. My dad always chose to go through the tunnel.

Once we arrived in Windsor the passengers in the car would come alive due to the bright lights of the border crossing area.

The thrilling part of the journey began as we drove down the ramp leading into the tunnel.

To this day I can always remember being thrilled and excited when while halfway through the tunnel, on the side tiles of the tunnel would be the Canadian and American flag side-by-side.

Great memory!


10 Best Tips On Getting Paid to Move to Detroit


1. Learn About Detroit  

As with all major cities in America, each has its history, its plans for the future, uniqueness, and attractions.

The same can be said of Detroit.

Specifically, within the last 50 years, Detroit has lost half of its population and has gone through the ebbs and flow of economic crisis as well as development.

However, like most American cities, they not only have a strong backbone but a committed heart and want to see their city restored to when more robust times were enjoyed.


2. How Relocation Expenses Will Be Paid

Before the move and so that you have a full understanding of the commitment of your company as it relates to the relocation, it is important to know how you will be reimbursed.

Will your new employer require you to pay all of the expenses and then you will be reimbursed, or will they only pay a portion of your relocation expenses, or will all of the bills and receipts be submitted for reimbursement?

These are important questions to ask so that you know how to plan for the move and in keeping with the company’s relocation commitment.

It is also important to remember, that when you move to another job, these expenses or a portion can be deducted when you file your income tax in April.

(Make sure you consult with your tax prepare or CPA).


3. What Relocation Costs Will Be Covered?

When you have found employment and the company has agreed to pay relocation costs, it is important, in a professional manner, to find out what relocation costs will be reimbursed.

Possibilities of expenses related to the relocation that may be covered by the company include the professional moving expense, airfare, meals, lodging, and possibly more.

Whether you will be fully reimbursed or only partially reimbursed, in a good faith effort, it is important to hold the line as much as possible as it relates to the relocation costs.


4. Share Expenses  

A great idea as it relates to the moving expenses and not being covered in their entirety by your new employer is perhaps in finding a companion to travel with you.

For example, if you have a friend who would like to travel to Michigan they could travel in your vehicle and share part of the costs.

Also, near Detroit, Michigan is Windsor, Ontario, Canada which is just across the Detroit River.

This would be a great opportunity for someone to visit Canada and have the partial payment of their expenses covered in conjunction with your move.


5. Using Your Points  

Another way that an individual can reduce their expenses in traveling to Detroit is by utilizing their frequent flyer miles.

They could travel from their nearest airport and fly into the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.


6. Obtain Several Estimates  

If engaging professional movers, it is important to get two or three estimates on what it would cost to move from your location to your new home in Detroit.

This is an important personal finance issue that will allow you to engage the right company based on their service and in keeping with your budget.

The estimates will capture the weight of your goods and the charge per pound levied by the company and whether they will be doing any of the professional packing or providing any moving supplies.

This way everything will be documented and no additional or hidden fees will be assessed at a later date.


7. Passport  

Before relocating to Detroit Michigan, it might be a good idea to get your passport updated so that it is current.

This is because Canada is right across the Detroit River with Windsor being the first city that you would enter in visiting our northern neighbor.

Also, nearby is the city of Toronto.


8. Living Arrangements  

To reduce the stress and strain of the move, a possible suggestion is to ensure that your living arrangements have been taken care of, or at least you have a general idea of where you will be taking up your residency in Detroit or the surrounding area.

This process can begin from your own current home and through websites like

Through this Internet site, a variety of apartments can be viewed online and through virtual tours.



9. Cost-of-Living  

Another important factor in making your move is to understand what the differences will be between your current living situation and your move to Detroit as it relates to the cost of living.

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Many cost-of-living calculators can be accessed through the Internet which allows for the individual to compare the cost of living where they are now with that of Detroit.

One such cost-of-living calculator can be found at Nerd Wallet.


10. Taxes  

As it relates to taxes, the state income tax rate is 4.25%, the local income tax rate is 2.4% and the property tax rate is 2.82%.

Out of 52 major cities that were reviewed with their tax rates, Detroit came in at 51 with the highest taxes assessed.


10 Best Companies & Jobs that Pay You to Move to Detroit


1. Perfusionist

Specialty Care of Detroit Michigan is looking to hire a perfusionist.

This specialty will be associated with St. John Providence Medical Team.

A perfusionist is a healthcare professional who optimally operates a cardiopulmonary bypass machine during cardiac procedures.

The job posting welcomes the applying of new graduates and indicates that a generous relocation package is included in the hire.


2. Insurance Supervisor  

This listed employment position offering an annual salary of $62,700 is being offered by Credit Acceptance located in Detroit, Michigan.

The successful candidate will manage the team members so that their targets can be achieved each month.

Also, oversight of insurance claims by the team members will be provided by this insurance supervisor.

A bachelor’s degree is required along with insurance industry experience.

A relocation assistance package is also offered to the individual who is selected for this position.


3. General Manager  

GAT Airline Support is looking for general managers who will provide leadership within budgetary goals, ensure safety policies and procedures are followed, and provide oversight for the employees as it relates to working conditions.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of these general managers include monthly safety meetings, responsibility for operational activities, oversight for multiple carrier contracts, conducting flight, station, and risk audits, etc.

The starting pay is listed as $75,000-$85,000 per year and relocation assistance is offered.


4. Tower Technician

SAC Wireless, a Nokia company is advertising for a tower technician that will be able to follow all of the state and federal safety regulations.

Working at great heights is required and the ability to install telecommunication equipment, radio mounts, and antennas.

The qualified individual will also be able to adhere to various documents including blueprints, manufacture specifications, etc.

Relocation assistance is offered.


5. HR Business Partner  

A top-ranked Healthcare Services service system by the name of the Medical Team is looking for an HR analyst to provide oversight and administer all personnel record files according to the laws of the state and federal government.

Some of those functions include Workmen’s Compensation, employee development training, worker relationships, payroll, leaves of absence, etc., and much more.

Hourly pay is listed as $25 per hour and relocation assistance is being offered.


6. Revenue Accountant  

Vaco is looking to hire a revenue accountant.

The role and responsibilities of this position include the consolidating and reporting of financial disclosures, submitting reports for accounts receivable, and activities as it relates to collections.

They work within generally accepted accounting principles (GAP) and implement new accounting pronouncements and policies and procedures.

A relocation package is offered in this job posting.


7. Executive Director  

The Lussier Community Education Center is wishing to hire an executive director for this neighborhood community center.

Although the education center is listed for Detroit Michigan, the executive executor director hired will administer their roles and responsibilities in Madison, Wisconsin.

This Lussier Education Center is a hub for individuals to gather together from all walks of life to share gifts and establish community.

The salary is listed as $80,000 per year and relocation assistance is offered.


8. Divisional Vice President  

Bravo Brio restaurant is looking for a divisional vice-president who will act as a liaison between headquarters and the various districts’ restaurants.

The responsibility of this individual is to ensure that the restaurants are in keeping with company policies and maximizing sales as well as enhancing guest relationships.

The individual awarded this job will be directly responsible for the day-to-day operations and carry out the policies and procedures of the company.

Relocation assistance is offered.

Also See: How to Get Paid to Move to Oklahoma & How to Get Paid to Move to Utah.


9. Production Supervisor  

This particular job posting is listed with the company being identified as confidential.

It is within the food manufacturing industry and the successful candidate will oversee the production operations and provide leadership for employees and ensure the safety, quality, and performance goals are met.

The successful candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in operations management, engineering, food science or other related field experience will be considered instead of a degree.

Relocation assistance is offered as part of the benefits package.


10. Recruiter

TQL is advertising for a recruiter.

The sole responsibility of the successful applicant for this position would be to recruit quality sales talent in the region in which they are assigned.

In essence, the job entails being a “headhunter” to identify and recruit individuals for TQL customers.

The pay for this position is a starting salary of $40,000 per year with indicators of achieving quarterly bonuses.

This particular position offers the successful candidate relocation reimbursement.

These job postings can be found at Once logged on a search can be conducted by entering the city of Detroit and the key word relocation.


Making Money Moving to Detroit FAQs


What Is Detroit Most Known for?

The nickname of Detroit is “Motor City.”

The nickname was earned because Detroit is the birthplace of the modern-day automobile and is the city that is associated with Henry Ford.

Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company and the Model T Ford and is given credit for the assembly line process that mass produces automobiles.


Who Are Some Celebrities That Were Born in Detroit, Michigan?

A few of those celebrities that were born in Detroit include:

  • Diana Ross
  • Tom Selleck
  • Kristen Bell
  • Francis Ford Coppola


You Can Do It

Detroit seems to be alive and well and they are hiring people.

Additionally, they are willing to offer relocation packages to individuals who are qualified to not only meet the requirements of the posted job descriptions but bring a certain dedication and commitment to bring Detroit back.



The motor of the city of Detroit seems to be revving up and operating on all eight cylinders.

Perhaps it’s the right time to get on board as the motor city begins motoring once more.

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