Yes, you can really get paid to move to Colorado and there are legit jobs and companies that pay you!

This article reveals the different ways of getting paid or rewarded to move to Colorado and some of the very jobs and companies that really pay.

Many of them pay you to move directly while others pay what is called a “relocation assistance package”.

Some even pay what they call “sign-package” and it be several thousand dollars extra, just to encourage you to move to Colorado.

Keep reading to learn more and some of these types of jobs that really pay.

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Why Get Paid to Relocate to Colorado?

If you enjoy eating cheeseburgers then most likely one of the more important states for you is the state of Colorado.

In 1935, the Humpty-Dumpty Drive-in, located in Denver, claims to be the first restaurant to serve a cheeseburger.

As evidence of this colossal event, a trademark was issued to the owner, Louis E. Ballast, and like the cheese added to the top for emphasis, a monument stands to this day commemorating the landmark event.

Well, that is one important fact about Colorado but more importantly, are other signature features.

Those features include the Rocky Mountains, the mile-high city of Denver, the ski resort of Vail, Pikes Peak, etc.

Also, interestingly this state is the only one in which four of the 50 states meet. Those states are Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

So, let’s meet and possibly work in Colorado.


Personal Story

One of the more memorable times that we as a family took as a vacation was a vacation trip to Colorado.

It was summertime and the only air-conditioning that we had was when the windows were all rolled down.

However, when we hit Colorado, it was a different story.

Of particular note was the sightseeing that we were able to indulge in. We toured the Air Force Academy, Estes Park, took in a chuck wagon-style dinner and show, and traveled up Pikes Peak.

In fact, Pikes Peak was an adventure in itself as the drive to the top of the mountain peak had me sitting shotgun while my dad drove, and the other family members were in the backseat.

Without warning my dad began to laugh uncontrollably.

The reason being was my reaction to the side of the road in which we traveled up to the mountaintop and there was no guardrail.

Evidently, my reaction was fairly humorous, and my dad just began to laugh more and more, and my reaction got more intense which added to his laughter.

Anyway, all that said I was glad to know that the way down would have me on the inside of the mountain road rather than the reverse.


11 Best Companies and Jobs That Pay You to Move to Colorado

1. Colorado

To attract newcomers to take up residency in the state of Colorado, the state is offering an incentive to make the move to the Centennial State.

Although they are not offering money, they are offering an incentive in the form of a discount when an individual moves and purchases a home.

Specifically, the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority is enticing individuals to purchase a home in Colorado and is willing to provide up to 4% of the homeowner’s first mortgage.

As with all things, there are some strings attached or some income requirements involved.

Those requirements include having an income that doesn’t exceed the limits as mandated, a credit score of 620 or higher, attending a homebuyer education course, contributing a minimum of $1000 towards the purchase of the home, etc.


2. Field Service Technician

Black Hawk Equipment, located in Denver Colorado, is looking for a service technician who will be able to repair, troubleshoot and install types of air compressors, filters, and air dryers.

The preference, as indicated by the job posting, is an individual who has experience with rotary screw compressors as well as centrifugal compressors.

Also, the individual should be proficient in reading prints, diagrams for all equipment, and wiring schematics.

Preference will be given to an individual who has five years of previous service experience and comes with a strong mechanical background.


3. Electro Mechanical Assembler

Located in Dacono, Colorado is a company by the name of Eaton. They are advertising for an electro mechanical assembler.

The pay range is from $18.27 to $20.10 an hour. A relocation assistance package is available.

Additionally, a $1000 bonus is being offered if you are able to meet the qualifications and sign on as an employee.

The qualifications for the job include the individual’s knowledge of switchgear and related auxiliary products.

The successful candidate will work with other members of the production team and maintain a required level of productivity that supports the master schedule.

Qualifications to be considered for this position also include 2 or more years of experience in electrical or mechanical assembly work.


4. Sales Recruiter

Total Quality Logistics is offering a salary of $45,000 a year for an individual who is proficient at recruiting top sales talent.

Other responsibilities include taking on the role of a headhunter and recruiting individuals through various forums such as social media, campus recruiting events, and referrals.

The sales recruiter will be able to develop and maintain strong relationships with the hiring managers and leadership at the peer and recruiting levels.

This job position is an opportunity also for the individual to receive quarterly bonuses as well as a relocation package if hired.


5. Business Development Trainee

The position of business development trainee is being offered by Reynolds and Reynolds located in Denver, Colorado.

The position is a full-time employment opportunity, and the starting salary is $60,000 a year

Benefits include life insurance, health, vision, a company car, and if hired the individual will receive a relocation benefits package.

Requirements to be considered for this position include having a Bachelors’s Degree, demonstrated managerial skills, being a self-starter, and excellent and written communication skills.

The first year of the individual’s position entails a 12-month training program that is both on-the-job as well as classroom involvement

The classroom training is conducted in Dayton, Ohio and the successful applicant will need to travel monthly for one to 2 weeks in order to cover the teaching of the courses.

Once the training has been completed, they will be relocated to a separate territory.

The anticipated results of this position would be meeting annual quotas.


6. Dental Hygienist

Boulder County Smiles, located in Lafayette, Colorado, is looking for a dental hygienist. The benefits package includes life, health, and vision insurance.

Also, a relocation assistance package is available if you are a successful candidate.

An added bonus is a $7000 sign-on package.

The dental hygienist that will be considered will be a focused and passionate professional looking to join a successful team.

The job requirements will reflect dental experience but also, the posting indicates that new graduates will be considered.

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A Colorado dental hygiene license is required.

The pay ranges from $44-$50 per hour.


7. Payroll Processing Clerk

Brundage Bone Concrete Pumping located in Thorton, Colorado is looking for a payroll processing clerk.

The position is a full-time employment opportunity with a starting salary ranging between $22 and $24 an hour.

Benefits include life, disability, health, and vision insurance.

Also, this concrete company is offering you the right individual relocation assistance.

The successful candidate will be able to use the Sage 300 payroll system and process weekly hours including the proper handling of any garnishments, benefits, bonus payments, taxes, etc. as it relates to employees.

Also, the processing clerk will help with some HR duties which include the processing of new hires, temporary workers, terminations, and transfers.

Also, as part of the job description, 401(k) contributions and loans must be handled.

Rounding out the responsibilities include the proper generations of reports, working with the HR department, and generation of W-4’s for employees.

Qualifications for you as a successful candidate include having a high school diploma or equivalent and higher education learning in regards to payroll-related matters.


8. Assistant Controller

This full-time position is located in Denver, Colorado, and is being posted by Waste Connections.

The annual salary range is from $55,000-$65,000. Benefits include life, disability, health, and vision insurance.

Also, if you are qualified to fill this position a relocation assistance package is offered.

The job description for this vacancy includes being involved in the business aspect of waste management including the accounting cycle.

The company is more than just a business that deals with solid waste but also involves the collection of hazardous waste, transfer, disposal, and recycling services in exclusive and secondary markets.

These markets are in the United States as well as Canada.

This job requires a Bachelors’s Degree in accounting or finance and requires the assistance in preparation and management of financial statements, annual budgets, audits, and system implantations.

Also See: How to Get Paid to Move to New Zealand.


9. RN Oncology

Centura Health, a Christian-based medical provider, is advertising for a registered nurse to serve within the Oncology Department.

The pay range of this medical professional ranges from $30.25 to $44.34. Benefits include life, disability, health, and pet insurance.

Also, if you are qualified to obtain this position a relocation assistance package is offered.

The qualified candidate’s resume should reflect a year of experience in the oncology field, registered nurse licensing, a graduate of an accredited school of nursing program, and a Bachelors’s Degree in nursing.


10. Roofing Estimator Project Manager

A roofing construction company located in Basalt, Colorado is looking to hire a Roofing Estimator Project Manager.

The salary range is from $65,000-$100,000 a year.

For you, as a qualified candidate, you would need to have experience working in a roofing-related field for 5 years minimum and demonstrate a track record of managing crews and directing personnel.

Benefits include health, vision, and dental insurance.

Also, if chosen, a relocation package is available to have you and the family moved to this city in Colorado.

The current requirements of this position, in addition to the 5 years of experience, include knowledge of commercial and residential roofing.

Also, the use of different compositions or materials used for the roof.

The individual also must have management skills and being bi-lingual in Spanish and English a plus.


11. Paramedic

Falck Rocky Mountain emergency services, located in Aurora, CO, is seeking a full-time paramedic.

The job requirements call for you to perform the standard functions of a paramedic, have in your possession a valid Colorado Paramedic Certification, CPR qualified, and a valid driver’s license.

The position calls for 12-hour shifts.

Benefits include an annual salary of $46,012 to $56,056, health insurance, 401(k) and a $2,000 signing bonus.

Also, you will be eligible for relocation assistance.

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Get Paid to Relocate to Colorado FAQs


What Is the GDP of Colorado?

In 2020 the gross domestic product for the state of Colorado was $351,000,000,000. This was a decrease from the previous year.


What Are the Primary Industries of Colorado?

The top 3 industries of Colorado include aerospace, financial services, and resorts.


What Is the Average Colorado Relocation Package?

The average relocation package averages between $21,317 and $24,913 if the relocating employee is a renter.

The average increases, as a homeowner, from $61,622 to $79,429.

Of course, the package is dependent upon the company and the position that the newly acquired employee has secured.

Also, a factor would also include distance.

Therefore, the average relocation package can range from $2,000 to $100,000.


You Can Do It

Horace Greeley was right when he said, “Go West young man go West.”

As part of that emphasis to move west is the availability and abundance of jobs in Colorado.

That variety of opportunities range from the healthcare industry to the construction business to working in offices.

It would appear that job opportunities are available for individuals with these different skill sets and more.

In addition, many companies are willing to offer relocation packages to that candidate who best matches the skills and experiences required.



It would appear that the best of both worlds is available to you as an individual who wishes to locate in Colorado.

Not are not only are there a number of employment positions that are advertised and willing to hire but are also willing to relocate you.

That coupled with a 4% discount on homeownership makes the possibilities of moving to Colorado a golden opportunity even if you don’t move to Golden, Colorado.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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