Yes, you can get paid to move to Canada.

This article reveals exactly how and some of the best companies and programs that really pay you to move to Canada.



In 1981 a board game was released that became very popular.

The players could be divided up into teams and the game was designed to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 6 teams.

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The players would move the pieces around the board and when they landed on a square that square would correspond to a topic.

The topic would be categories containing history, science, and nature questions.

If the team answered the question correctly, they received a plastic wedge that would fit the playing piece of the team.

The winning team was declared when all six wedges were collected from each of the six categories and a final question asked from a category selected by the other players.

Speaking of trivia, here is a geography question.

What is the longest international boundary in the world?

Time is up! If you answered the international boundary between Canada and the United States, you answered correctly.

You may rightly ask where is all of this leading? The answer to that trivial question would be that the game of Trivial Pursuit was created in Canada.

All that to say is Canada is not a trivial nation and there are opportunities to get paid to move to Canada and companies that will help you to do so.


Personal Story

When I was eight years old our family immigrated to the United States from Toronto, Canada.

When I left, the Canadian flag was the Union Jack, French was not required by law to learn and the Canadian national anthem was God Save the Queen.

I have always been more American than I was Canadian and the “deal was sealed” when I became a naturalized citizen.

I remember in my pre-teen years that we would often go back to Toronto to visit relatives.

We would head out from the Chicago area and travel through Michigan and go to the city of Detroit.

We utilized the tunnel to get to Windsor which is the first city on the other side of the border.

For some reason or another, I can recall vividly the excitement that I felt in entering the tunnel entrance and always looking in eager anticipation for the two flags that were emblazoned on the tunnel wall.

The two flags were the American Stars & Stripes and the Canadian flag with the Maple leaf or the Union Jack.

It was always thrilling to know that when we reached that point in the tunnel we had crossed over from one country to another.

Even today the wonderful memories of a road trip with the family and traveling back and forth over/under the border while traveling through the tunnel are fondly remembered.


10 Ways to Get Paid to Move to Canada


1. Budget 

The first step to getting paid to move to Canada is to devise a budget.

Not having a budget means that you don’t have a goal to aim for to successfully and financially make your relocation.

In preparation for the budget, the first step would be to concentrate on the expense side of the ledger.

The budget would address such line items as transportation costs, moving of any household goods, lodging expenses, food, etc.

Once the expenses have been determined then you will need to know what revenue you will need to earn to meet those expenses.

Talking about budgeting, below are some helpful guide to budgeting money:

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  • Read This to Know Budget Apps For College Students
  • Read This to Know Budgeting for Senior Citizens


2. Research

Another critical element to get paid to move to Canada is to conduct one’s research about travel to another land.

Specifically, the mid-portion of Canada will have a diversity of seasons ranging from the heat of summer to the extreme cold of winter.

Therefore, not only will you need to realize the climate changes but how that will affect your living as well as what you need clothing-wise.

Additionally, there are different laws associated with living in Canada.

Specifically, the laws of French and English being the official language as enacted in 1969.

Another important factor to remember, as it relates to finance, is that although the currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar the value as it relates to the American dollar may be worth less than the American dollar.


3. COLA 

Speaking of the value of the dollar, it is important to determine what the living comparison is to what you are currently experiencing.

There are many websites available in which cost-of-living calculators are available.

Simply enter your current location along with your salary and do the same for your destination.


4. Garage Sale 

A good start on getting paid to move to Canada is by having a garage sale.

By having a garage sale, you will accomplish two specific things.

Through a garage sale, you will have the opportunity to sell your unwanted items and receive cash in exchange.

This money can be reflected in your budget on the income side of the ledger and be invested temporarily to earn as much money as possible off of that amount.

The other benefit would be de-clutter your home and have fewer items that need to be moved or stored when you relocate to Canada.


5. Side Hustle 

To get paid to move to Canada may also require an individual to take on an extra job or a “side hustle.”

One way in which an individual can do this is by considering a food delivery service in which you can set your own time and schedule as to when you would like to work.

One such opportunity that could present itself is through Instacart.

Instacart is a food delivery service in which the individual utilizes their vehicle, takes on the assignment of picking up groceries for a customer, doing the shopping, and then delivering the grosses to the individual’s home.

Payment is made by Instacart and is credited to the driver each time a delivery is completed.

Also, if the driver receives any tips those tips belong in total to the driver.

For more information, the individual can access


6. Blogging 

Another great way to earn money or get paid to relocate to Canada is by creating a blog site.

The written blog can reflect your dream of moving to Canada and how you are moving towards accomplishing that dream.

You can talk from a motivational and inspirational viewpoint as well as practically share with your followers about the process and all of the action steps that you have taken to get to the point where you are.

Individuals that follow you may be willing to support your dream and provide financial gifts through

You might be able to acquire some affiliate advertising or even a sponsor that will sponsor your site and help towards your goal of earning money to go to Canada.

A website to set up your blogging page is


7. Family 

A supportive family may be approached and not only encourage you on achieving your dreams but help you practically by sponsoring you through financial gifts.

A possible way of enticing individuals to support you is to encourage them to come and visit you when you get settled in Canada.

This would be a way for them to not have to worry about lodging and be able to enjoy the adventure together with you in your relocation to Canada.


8. Freelancing 

Due to companies downsizing and outsourcing a variety of jobs, there has been a corresponding increase in the area of freelancing.

A freelancer is an individual who works for themselves and utilizes their skills and talents to perform jobs that are posted and advertised that would be a good match for their experience and education.

There are a number of websites available in which companies and individuals post these opportunities and these websites make that connection happen to their registered freelancers.

Two of those specific websites are and

By registering with the sites, you can review a variety of jobs and make application by applying for those positions, submitting a cover letter and responding to questions posed.

Examples of the types of jobs that you may find on these websites include grant writing, virtual assistant, creative writing, and a broad variety of other jobs.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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9. Retail Store 

If you have a hobby or a craft that you enjoy, a possibility of earning money to relocate to Canada is by selling these items through a website such as or

When the items are created, they can be listed on either one of these websites and sold through a virtual store that is set up on your behalf.

Possible suggestions of a design for a handicrafted item could be a bracelet made from a maple leaf-shaped ornament, maple leaf earrings, or a maple leaf necklace.

Also, if perhaps you are good at creating other products you could make a watchband or belt with something symbolic representing the country of Canada.


10. Fundraiser 

Another great idea would be to have a fundraiser or function of some sort in which tickets are sold and a service or something of entertaining value is provided to those that attend the event.

A possible suggestion would be to have a sit-down dinner or buffet of some sort that represents a Canadian meal.

Examples could include a pancake breakfast with the serving of maple syrup or the making of hamburgers and advertising them, kiddingly, as moose burgers.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to Canada


1. Saskatchewan 

The province of Saskatchewan is offering a tax credit for those individuals who are willing to relocate to this province from either inside the country of Canada or from other countries.

This relocation package is worth $20,000 in Canadian dollars and the income tax credit is paid out over a period of seven years.

The actual payout is affiliated with the expense of your tuition that you paid as an undergraduate.

In order to qualify for this significant amount of money, you would need to apply for the relocation package within seven years of your graduation.



2. Indeed 

A comprehensive job posting website can be accessed at

When you access this site you are provided two search fields in which you can place the location as being Canada and then in the other search bar put the words relocation assistance.

Submit a return and you will be provided several job opportunities that provide significant information about the job including salary and benefits.


3. Simply Hired 

Another job posting website is

This is similar to Indeed and allows the individual looking to relocate to Canada to use the various filters and find a position that matches their skill set, education, and experience as well as relocation monies available to possibly attain the job.


4. Amplifon 

Amplifon is a company that helps the hearing impaired through the professionalism of an audiologist as well as hearing aid practitioners.

The position of audiologist that is vacant requires the individual to be familiar with audiology equipment, have professional interaction with customers, maintain clinical records, provide accurate test results, etc.

The qualifications of the audiologist would be licensing, extensive experience, and knowledge of a wide range of hearing instruments, self-motivated and driven, advanced computer skills, analytical schools as it relates to diagnostics, and more

The pay range is $70,000-$90,000 per year with the possibilities of bonus and commission pay.

Relocation assistance is offered.


5. Chinook Equipment 

The position of Heavy Duty Mechanic is being advertised by Chinook Equipment.

The compensation per hour ranges from $41-$45 per hour.

The requirements to be considered for this position include being in your third or fourth year as an experienced heavy-duty technician, having experience working with agriculture, construction, and off-road equipment, etc.

Other qualifications include good interpersonal and communication skills, team player, have experience working with specific engines such as Versatile, Vermeer, McCormick, Cummins, etc.

Also See: How to Get Paid to Move to New Mexico.


6. Western Forest Products 

Western Forest Products is advertising for journeymen millwrights.

The qualified individual will have industrial experience in the sawmill environment and, if hired, relocation benefits to Vancouver Island in British Columbia will be offered.

The hourly range for this position is $42.57 to $45.32 per hour.

Also included are a variety of benefits along with a pension.

The primary role and responsibilities of this individual would be to provide repairs or replacement of mechanical components, rigging and slinging, troubleshooting machinery, conducting welding repairs, and a good to excellent knowledge of hydraulic systems.


7. Dental Corps 

Dental Corps needs a Registered Dental Assistant to be part of the team that is located in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

The position offers competitive compensation along with a variety of benefits.

Responsibilities of the Registered Dental Assistant would include an excellent knowledge of instrumentation, ability to interact with patients, preparation of treatment room, maintain a sterile environment, and advanced knowledge of health and safety requirements.


8. Lafarge 

Lafarge is looking to hire a Paving Superintendent.

The job role and responsibilities for this position include:

  • a full understanding of providing a safe work environment
  • supervising and monitoring of projects
  • scheduling of all phases
  • updating schedules as needed, assisting other leadership team members in the coordination
  • completing of the tasks
  • providing a quality job as per specifications
  • providing on-time reports
  • etc

The budget sizes of these paving contracts will fall under this individual’s supervision.

The contracts can range anywhere from $1 million to $10 million.

The individual should have professional paving experience with a minimum of five years preferred, estimating experience, demonstrated experience in adhering to contracts and schedules,basic mechanical knowledge, etc.

The pay range for this position is $80,000-$95,000 a year and a relocation package is offered.


9. Bailey Nelson 

Bailey Nelson is offering an optometry lease opportunity and provides a relocation assistance package.

The job offer entails the presenting of a fully functional optometry exam room, office and booking system in place, provision of telecommunications, staff support, etc.

The individual will provide the necessary educational requirements as well as a demonstration of experience.


10. Massage Addict 

A Registered Massage Therapist is being recruited by Massage Addict.

The position indicates that the individual hired will work in a professional, modern, and welcoming clinic and will be provided support by a team.

The team will focus on filling their schedule and providing all of the in-clinic support needed.

The salary range is from $49,525-$130,988 per year.

Additionally, bonus pay may be provided as well as tips given by the customer.

The therapist should have a massage therapist certification.

The relocation package is available to locate in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.


Making Money Moving to Canada FAQs


What Is the Population of Canada?

The population of Canada is 38,280,793 people.

This is in comparison to the population of the United States being 334,162,397 people.


What Is the Square Mileage of Canada?

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world at a square mileage of 3,855,000 miles².

This is in comparison to the United States which is measured at 3,797,000 miles².

The largest country in the world is Russia with a total area size of 6,601,665 miles².


You Can Do It

North of the American border is the country of Canada.

As the border extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, so do the length of opportunities available to individuals wishing to relocate to Canada for work.

As open as is the country of Canada so are the possibilities extended to those living south of the Canadian border.



Moving from one country to another, despite the friendliness and fairly easy border to cross, relocation is not a trivial matter.

It takes considerable planning, financial resources, researching the geographical area of interest, and following through.

However, one will be rewarded for their efforts and will find that not only in preparing for the journey but the journey itself is all part of the enriching process.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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