Of course you can get paid to move to California, thanks to actual legit opportunities and companies that pay or help you get paid to move.

This article reveals lots of the best ways, offers and opportunities for really getting paid to make the move to California.



It seems that California has always been a destination for many.

The early day Spaniards came to the Golden State as early day missionaries set up missions all along the California coast and inland.

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Following Mexico’s independence, the jurisdiction of the territory of California fell under Mexican control and during the 1849 gold rush, those wishing to strike it rich and seek their fortune made California a destination.

Even during the post-depression era, hundreds of thousands of Americans migrated to California to escape from what was famously known as the “dust bowl.”

California has historically been a permanent destination to travel to rather than travel from.

The state also has an inviting charm calling individuals who simply want to visit.

Some of the more popular sites or tourist attractions include Disneyland, Hollywood, the attractions of San Francisco, the wine country, Sea World, and more.

It would seem that California has a lot going on in its favor including its economy which is the largest of all the states and has the world’s eighth-largest economy.

Therefore, if your goal can be captured in the statement, “California here I come”, there is a significant opportunity.

When considering a move to California it is best to map out your journey and even take advantage of ways that you can get paid in reaching your west coast destination.


10 Ways & Tips to Get Paid to Move to California


1. Plan

When thinking about moving to California and getting paid to do so, it is important to have a plan of action.

Obviously, one doesn’t just wake up one morning, pack their bags, and head on out to another state let alone California.

Therefore, there needs to be a process and a roadmap that needs to be laid out and thought through in order to make the destination of California a reality.


2. Research

The first step in a plan of action is to conduct your research.

Your research should include what part of the state that you wish to live in.

The reality is that both geographically and culturally, the state can be divided into the northern part and the southern part.

Therefore, your research conducted on your own should match which part of the state would be more conducive to your lifestyle and personal tastes.


3. Culture

The southern part of the state of Southern California has its own uniqueness in all aspects of society and culture and the northern part of the state is different overall from the southern part of the state.

Additionally, the northern part of the state, with the exception of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, is agriculturally rich and the southern part of the state is more urban in nature.

Also, the climate is different as well.



Another important consideration to take into account when planning on relocating to California is to do a cost-of-living comparison.

One such website that you can access to compare we you are currently living and as it relates to where you plan on relocating can be found at Nerdwallet’s Cost Of Living calculator.

Of course, each city will vary as it relates to the cost to live in that city but overall, you will find that California is on the average more expensive than other states in the union.


5. Budget

Once you have done your homework, it is then important to look at your household budget.

The current budget can be modified by adding or subtracting the additional income or expenses that may be associated with a move to California.

If in fact, you find that the cost of living is higher in California, you will also discover that the wages are higher in California as well.

It is important to capture both sides of the budget with those sides being the income and expense.

Taking into account a contingency fund on the expense side of the ledger, it is important to determine if there is any negative variance in the budget and if so how that needed income will need to be earned or how the expenses can be deducted from the expense side of the ledger.


6. Garage Sale

If you have decided to take the plunge into the state bordering on the Pacific Ocean, a great way to de-clutter your household and raise needed revenue for your journey is to have a garage sale.

With a critical eye determine what can be sold and what needs to be kept.

Keeping in mind, through this process, that anything that you keep will need to be transported which may add additional cost to the moving expense, or if you choose to rent a local storage area then that would be an added expense on the expenses side of the ledger.


7. Friend

A great way to get paid to move to California is to share expenses with a friend.

It is a possibility that within your circle of friends that you know of someone who has always wanted to visit California.

If he or she has a car, you can make the journey out to the coast together and share the relocating expenses by splitting the cost and giving your friend the opportunity to visit the state at a discount.

Also, if you rent a moving truck, you can share the cost of the gasoline, and then your friend could fly out from one of the major airports within the state back to their hometown.


8. Family

Perhaps living in California has always been a dream of yours and your family is fully aware of this desire.

As their loving support of attaining your dream, perhaps they would consider sponsoring your journey to relocate to California.

It could be their expression of love through a gift with the possible payback being once you get settled in California, any visitors could stay with you at your house or apartment and be able to save on expenses associated with lodging.


9. DriveAway

There are many companies that provide a service for individuals who have a vehicle that needs to be transported but they themselves do not want to drive the vehicle from their location to the state of California.

You could reach out to one of these driveaway companies to see if there is an opportunity for you to provide this service and drive a vehicle to California and get paid in doing so.

One such company is Auto Driveaway.


10. Blogging

If you would like to share your journey with others and provide a creative and entertaining read this can be accomplished by blogging.

You can chronicle your journey by blogging about your adventure from start to finish as well as discovering everything new and wonderful in your new state of residency.

A blogging website in which an individual can create their blog can be accessed at Bluehost.com.

Your followers may encourage your traveling adventure and support you through contributions.

Also, you can make use of affiliate advertising or try to acquire a sponsor for your blog site.



10 Best Companies & Programs That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to California


1. Aircraft Processors

AeroPros of San Bernardino, California is advertising for aircraft processors.

The successful individual will make sure that any assigned work is completed to the satisfaction of not only the company but the customer.

Some of the duties include chemical paint removal, solvent cleaning, sanding, as well as other duties as it relates to large airframe aircraft.

The job requires that the individual be able to work at different heights that can include up to 50 feet and be able to lift 40 pounds.

Passing a drug screening test is a must as the company requires that the hired individual be responsible, reliable, and work with the utmost integrity and honesty.

Also, their work ethic should include adhering to safety procedures, demonstrating sound judgment, and objectivity

Pay ranges anywhere from $18-$36 an hour.

Other benefits include paid time off, vacation, and eligibility for relocation assistance.

The job location is San Bernardino California.

2. Nanny

A private family is looking to hire a nanny to care for two young girls.

The nanny should be fluent in Spanish with being bilingual a plus.

The work schedule is Monday through Friday from the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM.

Also, the family advertises that they spend summer months at their residence in New York.

The characteristics and qualities that the nanny should demonstrate include honesty, being trustworthy, being discreet, appropriate work experience, interaction with domestic staff, etc.

Responsibilities include the teaching of the children through playing, engaging in developmentally appropriate games, and encouraging the children to participate in crafts and projects

The nanny should also be knowledgeable about child development and teach the children proper manners and etiquette.

Also, the role of the nanny will be to assist the children with their homework, provide fresh and healthy meals, as well as offer a broad variety of other healthy foods.

Other duties include transportation and organizing projects, etc.

The individual should have a bachelor’s degree, 3 to 5 years or more of practical experience, seek to work long term, and live in close proximity to the family’s residence in San Diego County.

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Compensation is $100,000 a year, health insurance, vacation and sick pay, etc.

Relocation assistance is offered.

3. Medical Assistant

A medical assistant position is being offered by the Toiyabe Indian Health Project.

The individual considered for this position will have a high school or equivalent degree, experience in EMR systems, have their certification in BLS, and be a certified medical assistant.

Relocation assistance is provided, and the area of employment will be in Bishop, California.

The assistant will work with a medical team in the care and treatment of patients.

The individual should be able to take TPR vitals, prepare the patient for a variety of examinations, administer medications and injections, be able to perform audiology exams, vision and EKG testing.

Also, minimum lab work involvement is required as well as assisting with medical procedures, minor surgeries, dressing wounds, and incisions.

The individual should be qualified and certified in CPR and first aid, basic triage skills as well as prior experience in a medical clinic environment.


4. Live-In Nanny

Your Child’s Nanny, LLC, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, is looking to hire a full-time nanny at a salaried contract position of $500 a week.

The qualified individual must have a high school or equivalent, English speaking is preferred driver’s license, and two years with childcare experience.

Relocation assistance is available.

This company places qualified nannies in the homes of individuals who need to have children cared for.

The job responsibilities include living with a family in a private room, having two days off per week performing childcare duties, light household activities such as laundry, possibly cooking, running errands, etc.

The qualified individual must be 18 years of age or older and have experience.


5. Human Resources

The U.S. government with a presence in Downey, California is looking for a Human Resources Specialist.

The salary can be at a maximum of $5500 a month and is on a contract basis.

Benefits include health and dental insurance, 401(k), and more.

The position of Human Resources Specialist manages the Army careers of individuals and provides the needed support to the commanders in providing human resource expertise and insight.

The individual should have an education and experience equivalent to the requirements of filling the position.


6. Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Amigo Baby, Inc. is advertising for the position of speech-language pathology assistant.

The county in California in which it seems that the position will be fulfilled is Ventura County.

The starting annual income would be $70,000 with a relocation bonus of $3000.

The qualified candidate will have an active California state license as an SLP or is in the process.

Also, they must be CPR certified, have a current negative tuberculosis test, and be able to pass a physical.

Other requirements are indicated for the successful candidate to fulfill this position.

The job responsibilities would be in the provision of speech and language therapy to children ages birth to 18 years of age.

Also, home services are required as well as monitoring the child’s progress and ensuring the proper reporting.

Also, the qualified candidate will work with other speech therapist professionals in providing the care and treatment of the child and for the family.

Benefits include a 401(k), dental and health insurance, time paid time off, and more.


7. Occupational Therapy

Amigo Baby, Inc. is looking to hire an Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Spanish is the preferred language for this full-time position with the salary being $70,000 a year.

Job relocation assistance is offered with the two positions available being in Bakersfield and Oxnard.

The relocation bonus is set at $3000.

The job responsibilities for this position include the development and implementation of treatment plans for clients ages birth to three years of age, providing home services, monitoring and reporting the child’s progress, engaging the parents through educational processes, and more.

The qualified candidate will present a certified occupational therapy assistant license from California, be currently certified in CPR, present a negative TB test as well as proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

Additional benefits include a 401(k), dental, health, and vision insurance, time off, and more.


8. Speech-Language Pathologist

Joy & Laughter Developmental Therapy is advertising for an open position of a speech-language pathologist.

This employment position is located in San Jose, California.

The salary range is 77,000 to $120,000 a year and relocation assistance is offered.

The job posting is looking for a speech pathologist who enjoys working with children and being part of a dynamic team.

The age of the children that the hired individual will work with is from 0 to 12 years of age.

The goal is for the young person to be taught speech, language, pragmatics, etc.

The benefits include a 401(k) matching, dental, health, life, and vision insurance.

Other employee benefits include paid time off and three weeks’ vacation.

The individual should have pediatric or childcare experience and have a current SLP or RPE license.


9. Indeed

An extensive job posting website can be found at Indeed.com.

This website lists the various jobs that are available through their employer clients.

The site provides a comprehensive job description, roles and responsibilities, and qualifications needed for the individual to be considered as a candidate.

Also, each of the individual job postings lists the salary range and the various benefits associated with the employment opportunity.

By logging onto this site, you are directed to the homepage and can search utilizing two options.

The one option is the location where you want to look for a job that is available.

The other search option is to fill in a particular employment position, or in this case, a company that will pay for relocation expenses if the individual is qualified and hired for the job.


10. Simply Hired

Another robust site that reflects various job postings across the country is Simplyhired.com.

You can look for a variety of jobs using a number of filters.

Some of those search options can be by location, job interest, whether there is relocation assistance, etc.

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Personal Story

Some of us are nomadic by nature while some of us are involved with companies that move their staff from location to location.

Leaving my home in Wisconsin, due to the military draft, I’ve always looked back but never returned.

Subsequently, the majority of my adult life has been spent in the western half of the United States and specifically, one-third of my life has been in the state of California.

As the old saying goes be careful what you don’t want because that is probably what you’ll end up getting.

For me, there were two states in the union that I did not want to live in.

The two states were Arizona because of the weather and California because of a number of factors.

Some of those factors were their stringent laws and ordinances, my perception of the lifestyle, and a variety of other personal reasons.

Wouldn’t you know it; I lived three years in the state of Arizona and that’s where my family lives and 24 years in California due to employment.

Suffice it to say that I have seen the error of my ways and am enjoying where I have been planted.


Making Money Moving to California FAQs


Why is California Called the Golden State?

There are five reasons why California is known as the Golden State.

Those five reasons include:

  • Gold is one of the state’s official colors
  • Each spring golden poppies bloom
  • The golden sunsets over the Pacific Ocean
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • The infamous gold rush


What is the Top Industry for the State of California?

The top five industries in California are:

  • Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Tourism
  • Motion picture industry


You Can Do It

California, here you come.

Your dream and vision of getting paid to move to California can be accomplished with a little bit of hard work and focusing on your dream and goal.



Many adventurers and pioneers before you have traveled to the West Coast to relocate to California.

They were not disappointed and their contribution has made California the significant state that it is as part of the United States of America.

By getting paid to move to California you are joining the ranks of other visionaries who have had a dream and made it on their own to make that dream come true.

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