Need some ideas on how to get paid to move to Australia?

Then this article will really help.

It reveals some awesome ways you can really get paid to move down under and some programs/companies that pay or help you get paid to move.



When it comes to bucket lists, there are many items on an individual’s list that they wish to accomplish.

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Some of the items can be classified as things to do such as skydiving, taking a special dream vacation, or another once-in-a-lifetime event that is dreamed about.

Another item that can be classified as a must-do on a bucket list is to visit certain countries in the world.

For example, if an individual has a heritage that is from Ireland they may wish to go to that country and try to connect with their ancestors.

For some, a trip to Egypt to be amazed by the pyramids, or for people of faith they may wish to go to an area in the world that is associated with their faith.

Other exotic places that individuals may wish to go to are island paradises, countries with mountainous terrains, etc.

Another special place that can be on individuals’ bucket list is to visit the land known as down under.

For some reason, Australia is a must-see place with its wonderful people, unique geographical attractions plus it’s being noted for unusual animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, platypus, etc.

Going to Australia may be a dream come true for some individuals and better yet the opportunity to get paid to move to Australia would be an even greater opportunity.


10 Ways & Tips to Get Paid to Move to Australia



As you are considering moving to Australia, you must do a cost-of-living allowance comparison with where you are residing now and what you will need to earn comparably when relocating to Australia.

There are several websites where you can make this comparison by utilizing your current living location and salary and then compared to your relocating city.

One such calculator can be found at

This will give you a pretty good idea of how much earning power your money is providing now in comparison to your moving to Australia.


2. Culture 

When moving to another country obviously, there is going to be a potential clash of cultures.

Not that your current culture or your destination culture is either good or bad but most likely will be different.

Therefore, it is important to do one’s homework in regards to the culture and to make sure that your quality of life and the things that you enjoy and value are represented in your destination country of Australia.


3. Research 

Also, it is important when moving and looking at the process of assimilating and not sticking out like a sore thumb is to know about the culture of Australia.

A study of its historical background, metamorphosis as a nation, and where they are today will help mitigate any significant surprises and shocks that may be part of the transition.

Also, this will go a long way with the residents of Australia in that you are valuing their country and have done your due diligence in your research.


4. Find a Job 

A way to earn money to get paid to move to Australia would be to take on a side hustle.

One does not decide to uproot and move to a new country in the heat of the moment.

It takes planning and preparation to make this happen.

Therefore, in the interim, a good way to earn money to help towards getting paid to move to Australia would be to take on a side hustle.

The possible side hustle could be the delivery of food through such food delivery services as


5. Passport 

An integral part of the paperwork before any international trip is to have your passport in order.

Therefore, if needing a passport, it is important to realize that there is a timeframe involved in a process that may take a few months.

Also, if you have a passport, the State Department always recommends that you renew your passport if it is within nine months of expiration.


6. Visa 

When relocating to another country some visas need to be obtained.

A visa is a process or document that allows the individual to enter another country as that country’s guest.

It is important to look into what visas are required to move to Australia as well as the possible obtaining of any work visas.


7. FundRaiser 

A great way for your family friends and community to enter into your celebration of relocating to Australia is to allow them to participate in the journey.

This can be accomplished by these supportive individuals hosting a fundraiser for you with the proceeds going towards your costs associated with your Australian adventure.

A possible idea for a fundraiser would be to have a dinner that would reflect the Australian lifestyle.

Therefore, you could have hamburgers or other types of meat that could be cooked on the Barbie or barbecue.


8. Garage Sale 

When relocating, it is important to take into consideration all of your household goods.

More than likely, you are not going to want to transport everything that you own overseas.

This cannot only be extensive but expensive.

A good suggestion is to have a garage sale with the proceeds of your household items sold going towards payment of your move to Australia.


9. Blogging 

Another revenue-generating idea that you can implement is to blog your adventures from start to finish or as the journey continues.

By starting a blog, you can talk about your rationale for going to Australia, possibly it has always been a dream, the excitement of the adventure, the challenge of embracing another culture, etc.

Perhaps, a great number of people would enjoy reading about your adventures and thought processes as it relates to this trek that you are taking.

Blogging could also serve to inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams as well.

Your followers would support you with monetary donations as well as the use of affiliate advertising and possibly gaining a sponsor for your blog site.


10. Handcrafted Items

If you have a hobby and can do handcrafted items, this would be a good way to earn money and gain support for the money needed to move to Australia.

For example, if you can handcraft jewelry, you could create a bracelet that utilizes a symbol of Australia such as a koala or a kangaroo.

You can sell these items on through a virtual store and also make them available locally to individuals to purchase to help support your trip.

A possibility on the bracelet could be something to the effect of hopping on over to Australia and depicting the kangaroo.


10 Companies, Programs or Jobs That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Move to Australia


1. Working Holiday 

A working holiday is an option in which you are allowed to take in Australia as if you were a resident and yet combine the aspects of a holiday.

It is a package deal in which you are provided a variety of job interviews with local businesses so that upon securing a job you can stay longer in the country.

Through the working holiday, your trip is not completely paid for as you would be responsible for airfare, insurance, getting your visa, any background checks, and more.

However, you are employed at the minimum wage of $18.93 an hour and also be assisted in finding a place to live.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The qualifications to be considered for this program include being between the ages of 18 and 35, being a citizen of a country that is eligible for this program, and having no prior criminal convictions in the last five years

To learn more about this program click here.


2. Software Engineer 

The company of Emesent is advertising to have this employment position filled.

The software engineer will be responsible for researching, the development, and implementation of advanced autonomy algorithms and production of software for the next phase of your GV’s and drones.

The individual should demonstrate significant qualifications as it relates to software engineering and in particular the area of robotics.

The successful candidate will participate in profit-sharing, enjoy a laid-back working environment, as well as be offered a relocation package.

The individual will work in the city of Brisbane.


3. Operations Manager 

The position of an operations manager is being advertised by a company known as Gadens.

In managing the operations, the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate leadership experience, provide effective management, and engagement of operational teams.

Additionally, they will have the capability and strength of leadership skills to engage inspire, and motivate team members to provide their best work.

The compensation package allows for competitive remuneration, 26 weeks of paid parental leave, a variety of social events, and the offering of a relocation package.


4. Facilities Administrator 

PwC is advertising this employment position of facilities administrator.

The job entails the maintenance and accuracy of the facilities and databases, registering of assets, within the guidelines and business policies and procedures.

This position will also assist in the management, investigation, and resolution of any maintenance issues that occur and also manage a preventive maintenance program as well.

A relocation package is offered.


5. Pharmacy Operations Manager 

The Department of Health in the Northern Territory of Australia is advertising this position of pharmacy operations manager.

The wage range is from $120,559-$138,034.

The job entails the oversight of inpatient and outpatient dispensing of pharmaceuticals, providing clinical and drug information, some manufacturing of non-sterile and some sterile products, and providing clinical pharmacy services to remote health centers.

The benefits offered to the successful candidate include six weeks paid annual and three weeks personal leave.

There is a relocation package offered which includes up to $4000.


6. Finance Manager 

The position of finance manager is being offered by Binance.

The successful candidate will work with this blockchain company as it relates to maintaining accounting books and the preparation of monthly reports.

Also, financial statements will be done on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis under generally accepted accounting practices.

Also, the individual will work with tax consultants to prepare and submit needed tax returns promptly.

The job offers a competitive salary, a fast-track career development opportunity as well as offering relocation packages.


7. IT Operations Manager 

The Trade Desk is a global technology company that is advertising the vacancy of an IT operations manager.

The IT manager would be responsible for administrating, managing and supporting Internet technology services.

In addition to managing an IT staff, they would also be expected to handle challenges through a hands-on methodology.

The successful candidate will demonstrate a broad IT understanding in desktop hardware, networking, operating systems, management systems, applications, and roles with productivity, telephony, and other IT areas.

The position is located in the city of Sydney and a relocation package is available.


8. Customer Service 

Coonable Shire Council is pursuing an individual to fill the position of customer service officer.

The individual will have a demonstration of strong customer service interactions, be enthusiastic, and the ability to work in a professional environment.

The benefits of the job include four weeks of annual leave each year, three weeks of sick leave, and long service leave after five years.

Relocation benefits are available.


9. Simply Hired 

Another robust website that hosts job opportunities around the world is

To research specific jobs in Australia one would enter into their browser


10. Indeed 

Job opportunities in Australia with relocation assistance can be logged onto by accessing

This job site is pretty extensive, and the user can search for jobs all around the world.

In the location search bar place the country of Australia and in the bar above that use keywords such as relocation package or relocation assistance.

Conduct a search using these keywords and your screen will populate with several positions available in various cities in the country of Australia that provide relocation assistance.


Personal Story

In 1976 I had the opportunity to visit Australia.

I did not go as a tourist but as a member of the United States Navy.

In September of that year, we sailed out of San Diego and found ourselves in Hawaii and then headed on down to Australia to join other militaries in conducting some war games off of the coast of Australia.

My first taste of Australia was while we were still offshore, and supplies were taken on for the crew.

Somehow, as is often the case, deals are struck, and the medical department came in the possession of a 5-gallon container of Australian ice cream.

I must say that my first taste of Australia was a memorable one as this ice cream was probably the tastiest ice cream I’ve ever eaten.

When the maneuvers were over, the crew then “manned the rail” as we sailed into the Sydney Harbor and were thrilled at the sight of the Sydney Opera House.

The crew was then granted liberty call for five days in Australia and, speaking for myself, I had the time of my life.

I remember walking down the gangway and enjoying a meat pie, also being invited to a private club where we as sailors were treated royally, and my visit to the Taronga Zoo on behalf of my two sons.

With Australia being the land down under it certainly was an uplifting experience.


Make Money Moving to Australia FAQs


What Are the Major Differences Between Living in the United States and Living in Australia?

Some major differences between the two countries is that Australia has gotten rid of guns while America loves its firearms.

Also, Australia has a far higher minimum wage and less poverty. Additionally, Australia has universal healthcare whereas America has private insurers.


Are the Tax Rates Higher in America or Australia?

Australians pay more in taxes than Americans but it is important to remember that the government provides healthcare coverage.


You Can Do It

Australia is only half a world away.

You have researched your options, weighed the pros and cons, crunched the numbers, and now the possibility of moving to another country and a continent all rolled up into one awaits your decision.



Although the language that is spoken is English, gas is petrol and candy is called lollies, that’s what makes the possibilities of moving to Australia as a career move replete with possibilities of being quite an adventure.

Make sure, when driving, that you stay on the right side of the road or in this case the left side.

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