Yes, you can really get paid to move to Arizona and there are legit government programs and companies that pay you!

This article reveals the different ways of getting paid or rewarded to move to Arizona and some of the very best government programs and companies that really pay.


Why Get Paid to Relocate to Arizona?

If one was to ask another individual about living in Arizona there most likely would be a variety of responses.

Perhaps some would object to living in such a heated climate or the unattractiveness of the desert.

On the other hand, others might talk about the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the mountainous areas of Prescott and Flagstaff, etc.

Arizona is the home to the Grand Canyon, the Sonoran desert, cactus, intense heat, etc.

However, the state of Arizona is an economic powerhouse.

Ranking 20th in the nation with an annual budget of $370,119,000,000 in 2019 their GDP represented 1.73% of the total United States gross domestic problem product.

Additionally, Arizona is on the rebound and several companies and industries are relocating from surrounding states and headquartering themselves in Arizona.

The major industries of Arizona include real estate and tourism.

It would appear that Arizona is poised for having an even greater impact on America’s economy.


Personal Story

On a trip from Southern California to the Midwest, we decided to route through Phoenix and then on up north from there.

We arrived in Phoenix 5 hours later and the huge digital temperature indicator off of the highway indicated that it was still over 100°. I vowed then and there that I would never want to live in Arizona.

Roughly, 9 years later, due to a company move, I found myself touching down at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.

Be careful what you say you will and will not do.

Of course, the heat was extraordinary and only added to my misery.

However, strangely, the following year I had an opportunity to go to Southern California to attend a seminar.

When I left Phoenix is of course the temperature was a hundred degrees or more and when we landed at Los Angeles, the temperature was in the low seventies.

During the whole week in the L.A. area, I found myself wearing a sweater because of the “coldness” of the Los Angeles area.

Additionally, I found myself craving to return to the desert. I had become acclimated in more than one way.


13 Best Programs and Companies That Pay You to Move to Arizona


1. City of Tucson

Located southeast of Phoenix Arizona, and roughly 90 miles away, is the city of Tucson.

Home of the University of Arizona, this city, with a population of 542,000 plus is the 2nd largest city in Arizona.

The major industry of Tucson is in the areas of research manufacturing and development in the field of aerospace technology.

The largest employer of Tucson is the University of Arizona followed by Raytheon missile systems and the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

As of this writing, they are on par with the national unemployment average being at 7.4%.


2. Remote Tucson

Just as the state of Arizona is primed for growth, so is Tucson as they want you to be part of that growth process.

Consequently, they have enacted a relocation program that offers the remote worker $7,500 in incentives.

Those incentives include money to relocate, free Internet from their Internet provider Cox for a year, and aiding in the job placement of a spouse or partner for the relocating individual.

The name of the relocation program is called Remote Tucson and may be available to you for a commitment of at least one year.

Eligibility requires that the individual be 18 years of age or older, be able to legally work in the United States, and demonstrate a historical income of $65,000 a year or more.

The ultimate goal is to relocate, on an annual basis, 100 families. With this being the first year the goal is 10 families.

Visit this link to check out this Remote Tucson program that pays you to relocate.


3. Level of Sponsorship

To make this program successful, it took a community to envision with the developers of the program to provide the needed incentives and work towards the successful relocation of families.

The companies that are involved in helping you to get paid to move to Arizona include not only sponsors who gave a financial donation but also donated their services or products that they make available to their customers.

To be listed as a sponsor of Remote Tucson, the contributor needed to make a financial donation or contribution ranging in the amount of $2,500-$25,000.


4. Marshall Foundation

One of the sponsors of the program is a foundation known as the Marshall Foundation.

This foundation has been endeavoring to meet the proactive needs of Tucson since 1930. This was the first private foundation created in Arizona.

The foundation since its inception has donated to the University of Arizona approximately $20,000,000, mostly in scholarships, as well as supporting over 250 not-for-profit organizations in Pima County.

It is not clear what the financial commitment of this foundation is towards this relocation program.

It would be a good educated guess based on the commitment of this program to relocate 10 families at roughly a cost of $1,000 per family that the commitment of the foundation is in the $15,000 – $20,000 range.


5. Main Gate Square

Another financial sponsor of this relocation program in Tucson Arizona is Main Gate Square.

This commercial and retail activity center is a mall-type area without the confines of walls. This hub of activity or Main Gate Square defines itself as pedestrian-friendly.

It is comprised of a variety of apparel shops, specialty stores, beauty services, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Interestingly, the Marshall Foundation offices are located in this complex with the first stores being built 90 years ago.


6. Tucson Electric Power

This energy company is the main provider of power to businesses and residents within the city of Tucson.

The commitment of this power company to individuals who are selected for the RemoteTucson program includes a voucher worth $100 to purchase energy-efficient products.

Additionally, as part of their commitment to a better Tucson, TEP has donated $5,000 towards the initial funding of this program to ensure its success.


7. Cox

For the Tucson area, Cox is one of the providers of Internet service along with being a television cable provider.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

Although not a financial provider specifically, Cox has committed to providing one year of complimentary Internet service to those individuals who are selected through the Remote Tucson relocation program.


Get Paid to Move to Arizona


8. Airbnb

This finding a home away from a home rental housing platform matches individuals who are traveling, for a variety of reasons; find the warmth and comfort of a new home in their visiting city.

Specifically, as it relates to Remote Tucson, Airbnb has donated $1,000 towards an individual and their family who is accepted through this program.

The availability of the use of this sponsored item can be used in the city of Tucson or can be used elsewhere within the state of Arizona.

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9. Bourn Companies

Bourn Companies is a commercial real estate, development, and services company that is based in Tucson, Arizona.

They have been headquartered in Tucson Arizona for 30 years and are firmly entrenched and committed to the growth of their home city.

Their real estate focus is on traditional commercial and residential properties but also have a penchant for innovative real estate design as well.

They indicate on their website that they are committed to innovation, encouraging the entrepreneur to be part of the process of investing intellectual capital, and making a significant difference in the Tucson community.

They are one of the sponsor companies at a $2,500 to $25,000 level.

Visit this link to check it out.


10. Tucson Realtors Association

To fully acclimate the relocating family to the area, the Tucson Realtors Association is completely on board not only with their support of the program but offering professional assistance if the relocating family needs appropriate housing.


11. Startup Tucson

This organization is a community-minded not-for-profit that has been established to support entrepreneurs, startup business visionaries, and those who dream of a better business future in the city of Tucson.

Their commitment to Remote Tucson is for $1,000 that can be used to offset the relocation costs of the individual who has been selected to be part of the program.

Visit this link to check it out.


12. Southern Arizona Leadership Council

This counsel’s motivation and purpose for operating in Tucson is the promotion of fully utilizing the potential and existing resources of the city of Tucson.

This includes the area’s attractions, natural resources, and people.

They are dedicated to a healthy and robust community and with the successful securing of those two goals, an even greater economic and social health community will emerge.

Visit this link to check it out.


13. Pima County

Tucson is situated in Pima County. This county is the second-most populous county in Arizona with a population of 980,000 plus citizens and residents.

The majority of the population of Pima County resides in Tucson.

As part of the emphasis on relocating qualified individuals to the Tucson area, Pima County has also provided monetary support for this forward-thinking initiative.

As of this writing, Pima County is one of the larger employees. The complement of those employees includes 516 officers of the law, 872 civilian employees, and the utilization of over 400 volunteers.

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Getting Paid to Move to Arizona FAQs


Why Would a City Want to Offer a Program for Individuals and Their Families to Relocate?

Generally speaking, a city wants to be in a position of being seen as an opportunity for companies to relocate and to start their budding enterprise.

A strong and qualified workforce is part of the attraction for new businesses to build and relocate because of the personnel available to fulfill the jobs that are needed.

This successful strategy will then provide additional streams of revenue into the city which in turn will promote growth and foster an extremely business conducive atmosphere to attract additional companies.

And so the cycle rotates on and on.

Therefore, the individuals who promote and support such a program, in essence, want their community to thrive, provide a quality of life for the current and future residents and build on a continued sense of pride.

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How Will the Success of a Get-paid-to-move Program Be Gauged?

Many performance indicators will, when achieved, measure and reflect the success of the program.

Some of those indicators will be the responsibility of applicants to the program and reaching the goal of successfully relocating 10 families.

Also, in surveying all of the participants and calculating the satisfaction from all regarding the program, the achievement of public recognition both locally, statewide as well as nationally will be provided recognition.

Also, the impact of the program financially.


Are There Other States That Have a Similar Paid-to-move Program?

Yes. Some of those states include Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

You can read all about other states and even countries that pay you to move in this article.

Some of them are government bodies while others are companies.

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You Can Do It

There are a variety of reasons why an individual may choose to relocate to Arizona and specifically Tucson.

Some of those reasons could be that this is where the family resides, they are previous residents, may have attended the University of Arizona, or perhaps just wish to move from the current situation due to several reasons.

Relocating to Arizona can be an exciting adventure for the qualified individual in wishing to enjoy big city life in an environment that is unique, thrilling, as well as profoundly beautiful.

It certainly can build on its success and realize further potential and promise.



As this article has revealed, it’s indeed possible to get paid to move or relocate to Arizona and there are indeed legit government programs and companies that pay.

So, what are you waiting for?

Arizona is calling!

It’s not just a place of 100° temperatures or the majestic sight of the Grand Canyon. Although these are important features and attractions that add to the allurement of the state.

Arizona is on the rise, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, in regards to possibilities and economic growth.

Opportunity is knocking and the desert awaits!

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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