Yes, you can really get paid to move to Alaska!

This article reveals some of the best ways to do this and some of the best companies and programs that pay or help you get paid to move to Alaska.


Why Get Paid to Move to Alaska?

Why not, right?

Especially as it’s indeed possible to get paid moving to Alaska.

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First things first…

The Secretary of State for the United States of America in 1867 was William Seward.

The president was Andrew Johnson.

In that year a real estate deal with the Russian Empire was finalized.

For $7.2 million 586,412 square miles were purchased and the landmark transaction expanded the size of the United States by 20%.

The deal was ridiculed by many because the land was thought to be uninhabitable.

The purchase was dubbed “Seward’s Icebox” and later became known as “Seward’s Folly.”

In 1896 Seward’s Folly became golden when gold was discovered, and the Klondike gold rush was on.

Alaska was no longer the brunt of jokes and Seward’s Folly became an American fortune.

In 1959 Alaska became the 49th state of the union.

Despite the richness of its natural resources, Alaska remains underpopulated and ranks 50th out of the 50 states as it relates to population density.

To address this population shortfall, the Last Frontier State continues to offer a monetary incentive inviting people to come north.


Personal Story

While serving in the United States Navy I was stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii for three years.

Although it could be argued that living in Hawaii is the complete opposite of living in Alaska, there are certainly some similarities.

For one thing, the cost of living was higher as a large ocean separated the state from the rest of the continental United States.

The shipping of supplies and consumables was more expensive because of those added costs passed on to the consumer.

Also, we had just purchased an eight-cylinder Buick Skylark and chose to take the car with us when we went to Hawaii.

However, having this big of a car on an island with one interstate could be compared to overkill.

Subsequently, we sold the car and downsized it to bikes.

So can the comparisons therefore to Alaska and Hawaii be made?


10 Best Tips to Help You Get Paid to Move to Alaska


1. Learn About Alaska  

The first critical step when thinking about moving to Alaska is to make sure that you understand the state and the dynamics of living in the last frontier.

Like most states, Alaska presents its uniqueness.

Some of those unique qualities and features include the temperature which has a median average throughout the year of 65°.

Additionally, because of the geographical location of Alaska, the presence of the sun is affected.

For example, one of the northernmost cities in Alaska is Barrow and in this community, darkness is over the land for a total of two months out of the year.


2. Particular Area

It is also important to know which area of the state you may be settling down in.

This is an important consideration because some of the lands are more rugged and underdeveloped than others.

Also, the pristine beauty of the state is represented by the wildlife which in some areas enjoys unfettered access to areas where people live in coexistence with animals in their natural habitat.


3. Cost of Living Comparison  

It is also important to know what your current cost of living is and how that will compare to the city in Alaska that you will be residing in.

The sheer distance of Alaska from other supply areas makes the costs of most household goods and consumer products more expensive.

A great website to go to do a cost-of-living comparison can be found by clicking here.


4. Visit Prior  

It is one thing to look online and learn about a location.

However, it is a different thing to go to the location and get a sense of the environment, the people, the lifestyle, etc.

If planning to relocate to Alaska, a prudent action to take would be to visit the area in Alaska that you are focusing on.

This way, before making the complete move, it will give you a better idea of how things will resonate with you.


5. Locate A Job  

Before making the move, another wise action step would be to ensure that you have an offer of employment.

To make a significant move to the northernmost state is a considerable undertaking and it is important to ensure that having a job with a comfortable salary has been secured.

This will make the transition smoother and will not create additional worries surrounding the finding of employment along with the challenges of assimilation to Alaska.


6. Relocation Costs  

If you have decided to move to Alaska to take advantage of the incentive offered by the state of Alaska but the job that you have found does not cover relocation costs, it is important to consider the costs associated with such a move.

A good rule of thumb as it relates to moving your household goods is to use the figure of $.50-$.70 for each pound of goods that you are moving.

Typically, a one-bedroom apartment equates to about 2000 pounds which, when one does the math, would cost anywhere from $1000-$1400.

Also See: Get Paid to Move to ArkansasHow to Earn Money Doing What You Love.


7. Living Arrangements  

Another important consideration would be living arrangements once you reach your destination.

An online search can be conducted via a variety of websites of apartment finding sites that indicate the amount of the rental per month, any amenities, proximity to various businesses, etc.

One such website is

A positive aspect of relocating to Alaska is that apartment rentals are low and a place to reside can be found for less than $1000.


8. Healthcare  

An important quality of life service is healthcare.

Your research should determine the availability of an affordable healthcare plan.

If this is a benefit that your employer offers, then that is an added plus.

If it is not offered then, it is important to know what the potential monthly premiums might be for healthcare as well as other insurance services such as dental and vision.


9. Family  

If you have responsibility for a family then, added to all of the concerns and responsibilities you have in caring for the family, is the public education system.

As part of your study and research in the possible move to Alaska, it is important for your family to be aware of the quality of the education system and to be confident that your children will be given the best learning opportunity.


10. Relocation Expenses  

As it relates to what your company will be paying for to relocate you from your current residence to Alaska it is important to know how that plan of action will play out.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Being a new employee, you don’t want to place any demands upon your company.

You just simply want to know how they handle that benefit.

In other words, do they give you a set amount of money, and then it is up to you to try to make that money stretch and if it is not sufficient then do you pay any amounts over that amount?

Or, do they have you and the moving company bill you for the relocation expense.

Also, it would be good to know what expenses, if any; they will cover as it relates to your travel.


10 Best Companies & Programs That Pay or Offer Incentives to Move to Alaska


1. City of Unalaska  

Located in the Aleutian Islands is the city of Unalaska.

The population of this city is 4,254 individuals.

It is located at the southernmost tip of the Aleutian Islands and South-Southwest of the state of Alaska.

An example of companies offering incentives to relocate and take on employment opportunities was the employment position of Harbor Officer.

The job posting, click here, can be viewed as posted by the city of Unalaska.

This is just a sampling of what you can find by researching job opportunities in Alaska.


2. Department of Veteran’s Affairs  

In Anchorage, there is a Veterans Regional Office that is there to serve the needs of those who have served honorably in the Armed Forces.

A recent post for a Rating Veteran Service Representative indicated their need for an individual who would help veterans through the benefits process.

This position is closed but certainly is an example of opportunities that may present themselves on any given occasion.

The individual wishing to search for employment opportunities can click here.


3. U.S. Air Force

The military has a large presence in Alaska.

All branches of the armed services are represented.

In addition, they hire civilians to help supplement military professionals in performing the appropriate duties.

An employment position of a Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant was recently posted but has subsequently been filled.

It is again another reflection of opportunities that abound that may or may not offer reimbursement of relocation expenses.

To search for employment opportunities one can click here.


4. U.S. Army  

This particular employment position of Medical Support Assistant is, at this writing, is still an active employment opportunity.

It is listed as a “continuous announcement.”

In addition, underneath the overview of the position, it indicates that an individual, if they qualify, would be eligible for reimbursement of any relocation expenses.

To learn more about this position click here.


5. National Park Service

The position of Environmental Protection Specialist was recently advertised.

The process indicates that the applications are under review.

The National Park Service has a significant presence in Alaska and potential opportunities can be researched by clicking here.

This particular position does indicate that the covering of relocation expenses is a possibility.


6. State of Alaska

Click here for how to Get Paid to Live in Alaska



7. Permanent Dividend Fund  

The state of Alaska itself also provides an annual monetary gift to all residents of Alaska.

This money is taken from oil revenues and disbursed evenly.

It is anticipated that the disbursement amount for the calendar year 2021 is $1,114.

For more information click here.


There is an application process and if awarded, the money is disbursed before the ending of the calendar year.

To qualify the individual needs to affirm that they were

  • A resident of Alaska for all of 2020
  • Declare their intention of remaining an Alaskan resident
  • Not a felon
  • Other criteria

For eligibility requirements click here.


8. No State Tax  

Another added incentive to moving to Alaska is that there is no sales tax.

Although the cost of living is higher, having no sales tax helps towards a financial balance.


9. Rent  

Another financial incentive although not a direct payment per se is the expense of renting.

The average apartment can be rented for less than $1000.

Although this money is not a direct cash payment to you it certainly does help in budgeting and decreases the expense side of the ledger and allows more discretionary use of that income.


10. Outdoors

The other bonus or incentive of relocating to Alaska is if the individual enjoys the outdoors.

Alaska is synonymous with pure rivers, breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, etc.

Anchorage is an outdoor person’s dream.


Can You Get Paid to Move to Alaska FAQs


Is It Expensive to Live in Alaska?

Yes, because of the remote location of Alaska and the requirement to fly or ship consumer goods, the overall cost of living in Alaska is higher in comparison to the lower 48 states.


What Is the Minimum Wage in Alaska?

The minimum wage in Alaska is higher than the federal minimum wage.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour whereas in Alaska it was increased to $10.34 as of January 1, 2021.


You Can Do It

With a little bit of planning, following a northern roadmap, and a little help from a company that is willing to stake your pathway to Alaska you can answer the call of the wild.



Alaska was originally called a folly.

Since then, it has proven those naysayers wrong.

Alaska is rich in resources and has maintained its beauty and pristine environment.

It is no longer a folly but perhaps a future.

A future for the individual who wishes to pick up the mantle of being a frontier’s person and carve a way into the last frontier.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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