Yes, you can get paid to move or relocate to Africa!

This article reveals the best ways and some of the best companies and/or programs that really pay or help you get paid to move to Africa.


Why Get Paid to Move to Africa?

Imagine the joy and excitement of not only moving to a different country but a different continent as well.

Such is the adventure awaiting an individual who would thrill in making the life-changing move to the continent of Africa.

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The continent of Africa is both the second-largest continent and the second-most populous.

The landmass consists of 11,700,000 square miles and as of the year 2018 its total population was 1.3 billion people.

As it relates to the population of the rest of the world, the continent of Africa represents 16% of the world’s inhabitants.

Another added dimension demonstrating the uniqueness of this vast landmass is the extreme variety of cultures.

Those cultures speak six major languages along with 1250 to 3000 indigenous languages.

There are varying estimates of how many countries comprise this continent, but it ranges anywhere from 53 to 56 specific countries.

Within the geographical boundaries of this second-largest continent, opportunities abound.

Let us, therefore, travel to Africa and seek out employment and better yet have the potential employer pay for our relocation costs.


Personal Story

Being native-born to the North American continent, I never had the opportunity to travel to any of the other six remaining continents around the world.

That is, however, until I joined the Navy.

True to their word, they extended a “personal invitation” to me to join them and to have the opportunity to see the world which I did as they lived up to their promise.

Amazingly, boarding the ship for my first cruise overseas took me to my first visit to another continent which also happens to be the country of Australia.

It was an incredible experience to travel and to get a brief introduction to a different land, a somewhat different culture, and the thrill of traveling.

Although my stay, thanks to liberty call, allowed me to enjoy the country for five days imagine what an employment opportunity would have afforded if I had the opportunity to stay for a year or so.


10 Best Opportunities & Companies That Pay You to Move to Africa


1. Peace Corps 

A tried and proven program that allows individuals to relocate to Africa for an extended period of time and make a significant difference in not only other people’s lives but yours as well is through the Peace Corps.

As a Peace Corps volunteer you will be placed in various areas of development such as health, education, or other sectors.

The Peace Corps will help facilitate the learning of many languages as well as helping you to assimilate into the culture.

The incentives of joining the Peace Corps include a $10,000 award.


2. Government Jobs

Building on your experience as a Peace Corps volunteer, you may choose to apply, upon the end of your service, for a variety of other government employment positions.

As it relates to other government jobs, your resume reflecting your Peace Corps volunteerism will carry considerable weight


3. Study Abroad 

Other opportunities that one can explore, as it relates to serving in Africa, are a variety of jobs both paid and volunteer.

By accessing, the individual will be able to explore a significant number of programs that will not only enrich the lives of those that they serve but their own lives as well.

Some of those opportunities include internships, tutoring, and teaching opportunities, etc.


4. Gap Year 

Sometimes, an individual just needs time for themselves to think through where they are at a certain point in their life and where they see themselves heading in the future.

To encourage an individual who wishes to take a respite from their activities and engage in other possible defining activities for their future can be found by accessing https// (cut and paste).

On this website there are four options include studying, volunteering, being an intern, or teaching.

By going through a variety of menu options, you can select the country of your choice that is available with any of these four options.

If simply wishes to take time off and simply devote themselves to work, they could be supported financially in a number of ways.

Some of those ways could include personal fundraisers to support their mission, commitment from individuals to send monthly support, etc.


5. Teach 

Teaching opportunities are also available in certain countries in Africa.

Accessing the go abroad website, the individual can select their choice of teaching and then be offered a field in which the researcher can indicate which countries they would like to teach in.

Two specific African countries that were indicated on this website for teaching jobs included Ghana and Tanzania.


6. BP 

On a recent job search website, BP was advertising for a Sales Specialist to join the company in South Africa.

The job description requires that this individual provide oversight for a number of key customers, implement proper planning measures, and monitor the activity of BP to successfully administer the sales objectives.

British Petroleum indicates that relocation expenses could be part of the employment package.


Get Paid to Move to Africa


7. Motorola 

Motorola was also offering a relocation package for an employment position that they were advertising.

That employment position was the business development manager for the sub-Saharan African region.

The job description was looking for an individual who could focus on electronics security solutions, develop the business in this area of Africa and enhance the sales of Motorola products.

This job offer includes a relocation package.


8. Cisco 

A job posting for an Associate Solutions Engineer was being advertised by Cisco.

The major thrust of this advertised employment position requires that the successful individual play a significant role in the sales engineering aspect of Cisco.

The employment position, following training, would be in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The job posting indicates that relocation expenses are part of the employment package.


9. Banking Company 

Through a recruitment professional service, a financial banking institution was looking for a fraud analysis professional.

The job description to successfully fulfill this role included experience in data analysis and management of risk as part of the banking team.

The employee package, in the move to Capetown, provides monetary support for relocation as well as an allowance for children at the preschool level for their attendance at school and children under the age of four.


9. Amazon 

In Cape Town, South Africa, Amazon Development Center is looking for a Software Development Engineer.

The primary role and responsibility for this position included the operation and development of EC2 control-plane infrastructure and with it the management of millions of resources

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As part of the employment package, the job posting indicates that relocation monies are available for the successful candidate.

The listing of the above jobs and more can be found at and conducting a search using the keywords Africa and relocation.


10 Best Tips to Help You


1. Moving Costs 

When considering a move to Africa, the first major financial consideration that should be addressed would be moving costs.

The variety of considerations that would revolve around moving would include the transportation of your worldly goods.

Would you consider moving everything that you possess to your moving to Africa or would you be selective on what you would be taking with you?

Once you have decided what items will be going with you then you need to get an estimate from the moving or transportation company that will be providing this service for you.

Moving costs internationally are calculated based on the weight of the items, the moving services required, type of transportation requested, the distance to the destination, and the time of year that the move will take place.


2. Vehicle 

Another decision that will need to be made prior to moving to Africa is whether you will be transporting your vehicle or not.

There are a variety of online sites that provide this service and help you sort through the cost.

Additionally, it is never cut and dry and the individual wishing to move their vehicle should check with the country of destination to understand any laws regarding the type and age of the vehicle.

Also, you will need your vehicle registration a custom form for your destination country, documentation reflecting your ownership of the vehicle for more than a year, import permit, evaluation certificate, and possibly other documentation.

Also, in preparation for the move, you will need to make sure that your vehicle is seaworthy.

By this, it means that the car is drained of all gasoline or other hazardous materials.

In addition, the battery needs to be disconnected along with other safety checklist items that are required.


3. Insurance 

A prudent traveler relocating to Africa will also ensure that they are planning and preparing for the worst of circumstances.

It is important to double-check your insurance and potential new insurance needs.

This would include checking on medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, etc.


4. Customs Duties and Taxes 

Picking up and taking off to go to a different country, in this case, Africa is not a simple or cut and dry process.

Being an international move involves various government bureaus within both the country of the United States and the country of your choosing in Africa.

It is critical to check with your destination country to see what sort of tariffs and taxes may be imposed.

Examples of those types of levies imposed could be on new furniture, precious metals, shipment of household items, etc.


5. Immunizations

Different countries in Africa may necessitate the need of the relocating individual to receive certain vaccinations.

It is best to check with appropriate medical websites to see what those recommended vaccines are for the specific country you are relocating to.

Some examples of needed vaccinations could include the suggestion of getting a Yellow Fever vaccination, Hepatitis A, Meningitis, and others.

Once such website to find out about recommended vaccines include


6. Storage 

In regards to your household items, it is important to plan accordingly as to what household items will not be traveling with you.

Three options may present themselves with the first option being the giving of your household items away to family members, selling your household items to generate additional revenue, or storing your household items.


7. Restricted Items

In addition to what you can do, it is also important to know what you cannot do.

Endangered plants or wildlife cannot be imported into the country.

Also, on the list of items that cannot be taken into a country include narcotics, two-way communication devices, animal products, questionable reading material, etc.

Also, when entering another country, the individual must declare certain items when entering the nation.

A list of those items would be declaring any currency over $10,000 precious metals, coin and stamp collections, medicines, alcohol, firearms, etc.


8. Language

Whenever moving to another area or in this case another country it is best to do one’s homework and research to learn more about the country, its history, and its inhabitants.

As part of the assimilation, it is paramount to get a better understanding of the culture and what the cultural values are of the people that you will be living with.

Additionally, it would be a good idea if a concerted effort was made to learn the language that is spoken in the country that you are relocating to.

All of these efforts on your part will endure you to the citizens of that country.


9. Accommodations

A critical consideration once you have arrived in your new country to work is where you will be residing?

Rather than making arrangements for an apartment or a home right away, it may be a good idea to get a good feel of the city you will be living in to determine what is the best fit for your residential needs.

Perhaps, you could make arrangements with the company to stay with a coworker or stay at a hotel until you got your bearings and were able to decide which area in the city or the surrounding area you would like to live in.

Often, as part of the relocation package, many companies will provide this as part of their hiring process or at least care for your lodging needs for an extended period of time.


10. Pets

Also, don’t forget your household members and make sure they also meet the required standards for entry into the new country.

Pets journeying with you require a variety of certificates.

Some of those certificates include a rabies vaccination certification, a health and Veterinarian certification, and an import permit.

Also, some countries require that animals coming into the country be quarantined for up to two weeks.

It will be beneficial to check whether this is going to be a requirement.

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Get Paid to Move or Relocate to Africa FAQs


Is Africa a Good Place to Live?

Africa is proving itself to be a great retirement destination.

The climate is temperate with a low cost of living and natural beauty that is attractive to most individuals.

In addition, Africa offers good healthcare and has a workable infrastructure

Of particular interest are the countries of The Gambia, Ghana, and Cape Verde.


What Is the Unemployment Rate of Africa?

The unemployment rate varies from country to country.

South Africa has the highest unemployment rate in the world and is measured at 34.4%.



Relocating to another country is not a matter of just packing a box loading it in your car and heading off on your new adventure.

Moving to another country involves a whole different set of dynamics that will require significant adjustments.

However, the reward to the individual is a growth in all aspects of their being, a promise of opportunity, enrichment, and learning about others in the process.

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