Do you like to be in front of the camera?

Well, if you’re a fan of modeling, there are a bunch of jobs out there still.

This can be something that a lot of people can really benefit from, and here, you’ll learn how to get paid to model, and the 10 best companies that really pay or help you get paid for this.


Can I Make Money Modeling?

Yes you can.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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You do have to be mindful of what you look into, but there are a lot of different opportunities.

Some of the options include:

  • Body modeling
  • Male modeling
  • Body part modeling
  • Art modeling

No matter what you choose to do, there are a bunch of ways to make money just rom modeling right now.


6 Ways You Can Get Paid & Make Money Modeling

There are great ways for you to make money modeling, but it does require you to put a little bit of legwork in, and you or the person who is hoping to model does need to have the look they’re looking for.


1. Body Part Modeling

This can be hand, foot, or even just a specific body part.

This kind of modeling doesn’t always pay a lot of money, but in some cases, it could be $100 an hour if you want to do that.

It also is not a contract, so it offers more freedom for you to work.

You should definitely consider this.

Close up Models Agency is a good place to find some good body part modeling jobs.


2. Kid Modeling

If you’re looking for opportunities for a child to be a model, there are jobs out there.

Your child can earn $50 a day doing this, but it does require 5 hours of work.

If they’re interested in being in front of the camera, there are always jobs out there for them to try and could be something for you to work with.

Wilhelmina Kids and Teens is a great one to consider.


3. Drawing Models

If you want to be drawn or used as an art piece, this is a great type of way to make some extra money.

It involves usually not moving for a period of time, but it can make you a few hundred dollars a session.

Art classes look for people that they can draw, and if you have a specific boy type or something that’s good for practice, this is something to consider.

Indeed is a great place to find drawing model jobs.


4. Lingerie Modeling

If you’re okay with wearing lingerie or swimsuits, you definitely can find some great jobs there!

Because this modeling is a little more show-y for lack of a better word, this can pay you more than you’d normally make, sometimes twice the amount!

Otto models does swimsuit, but also lingerie modeling, if that’s something you’d like to consider.


5. Photography Model Jobs

If you want to just work with photographers, you can be a photographic model.

You can make minimally $100 an hour, sometimes more.

It depends on the type of work that you’re going into.

You can choose to work with independent artists, but if you want to look for good catalogue or other kinds of modeling jobs there are options. usually has directories that give you good catalog modeling agencies that do this type of modeling and need models.


6. Runway or Ramp Model Jobs

This is easily the hardest type of modeling field to get into.

But you can make a whole lot of money.

It does require a little more legwork and traveling, and you have to be what they’re looking for.

But there are a lot of different compensation actions to try, and you can even earn bonuses with them too.

State Management Models is in New York, but they have a really good modeling program, especially for beginners.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Model

Here are 10 great companies that can help you get paid or pay you to model for them.


1. Models Direct

This is a hub that gets clients, events, agencies, and whatnot, and there are always different postings there.

It does have paid assignments for a lot of models there, and it’s a good way to earn cash while also building your portfolio.

It’s a good supplemental income.

It is a way to start in the world of paid modeling, and while there isn’t always anything guaranteed, there is a lot of earning potential here for those beginning.

Click here to check out Models Direct


2. Elite Model Management

This is one of the most influential kinds of agencies, and it’s been praised by a variety of people.

They are located in many major cities, such as Miami, London, New York, and Los Angeles, and this is used to offer commercial and editorial work too.

They have over three decades in the industry, and they work with a lot of bigger names, so it’s a good place for people who already have a leg in to work.

Click here to check out Elite Models Management


3. Magnolia Closet

Magnolia closet is a company that does do clothing.

They are an independent company, but the best way to find out the new job opportunities is to contact their Instagram page.

They offer modeling options for a variety of different types of bodies, and an array of products, so there’s a lot of chances to get hired by them.

Click here to check out Magnolia Closet


4. Sincerely Stylish Magazine

This is a fashion magazine that hires female fashion models for a variety of different types of looks.

From fashion to casual to even lingerie and swimsuits, they’re always looking for new models that can grow their brand.

If you want to get in contact with them to find out if they’re the right fit for you, you can check their Instagram page for more information.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Click here to check out Sincerely Stylish Magazine


5. IMG Models

This is a newer agency, but they offer modeling for sports, fashion, and even media, and they do work worldwide.

They are fast growing, and have been around since 2013, with offices in NYC, LA, Milan, Sydney, Paris, and even London as well.

They’re one of the most praised in the online magazine world, and they have some big names, but for those starting out looking for agencies, this is a good company that’ll pay you.

Click here to check out IMG Models


6. Next Management

Another very popular modeling agency that has made it to Forbes list, this one is also praised quite a lot by magazines and also their followers.

They’ve been around since 2009 and were called Next models, but they were renamed, and now they include bloggers, actors, even musicians too!

It was established a couple of decades ago, but they have offices in many of the major cities.

Click here to check out Next Management


Get Paid to Model


7. LA Models

Another fashion modeling brand and company, they can connect you with D&G, Elle Magazine, and a bunch of other highly-regarded companies.

They offer modeling opportunities to babies, teens, kids, and adults, with their adult modeling some of their most successful branches.

They also have a really good reputation for commercial and fashion, so if you’re looking to get into that, this is one way to do it.

Click here to check out LA Models


8. Paloma Model and Talent

Another modeling agency that works with babies all the way up to young adult, they have a nuance of different types of visions for models, so they understand what they’re going for.

They make sure that the environment is good to work with, and they are family-centric

So if you’re looking for a company that understands that, and will also ensure that they keep you as their priority rather than just the business, this is a great one

They are family-focused, so if you have family members you want to help you, they’ll accommodate.

Click here to check out Paloma Model and Talent


9. Brand Model and Talent

This is another full-spectrum brand development and model management company that works to get people who work with them gigs.

They offer gigs for kids and teens, but for adults they have a wide variety of different opportunities for you to choose from.

Some of them include fashion, runway, lifestyle print, commercial, and even promotional modeling.

This company is similar to a boutique, in that they give the people who work with them a more personalized touch, something that not every modeling agency does.

If you need more accommodating touches, this may be the modeling agency for you to choose.

Click here to check out Brand model and Talent


10. SWAGGER Magazine

Swagger magazine is a magazine that offers pretty much all kinds of content for readers to look at.

From fashion and style to cars, food, tech, living, and even health and business, they do offer a wide variety of different kinds of media for people to look at.

They also want a variety of models too.

They’re looking for people to possibly work with their team, and if you think they’re a company you’d like to work with, you can submit an application with the name and photos, and they’ll reach out to you.

Click here to check out Swagger Magazine

Check out the following articles for more companies that pay you for different modeling career paths:


Making Money Modeling FAQs


How Do I Get Modeling Jobs?

A good way to get a modeling job is to  reach out to others on different sites.

You also may want to look to see if there are any model jobs posted on sites, but you’ll want to do a bit of research.

Building a social media portfolio is another good way to boost your presence, and potentially get you some good modeling jobs.


Should I Get an Agent?

That ultimately depends on the type of job that you want to take.

If you’re going for bigger names, you’ll want to work with an agency.

An agency is good because they’re the voice for you.

They’ll get you the jobs, you just have to agree and then show up, and they’ll handle all the legwork.

The fee for them does vary, but it’s usually a commission so up to 20%, with in some instances 30%.

You may want to look for agents if you plant to work with fashion, ads, film, and even TV work too, since they help to land the jobs.


How Much Can I Get Paid to Model?

That depends on the gig, and your experience and what type of modeling.

Obviously for lingerie and swimsuit, expect to be paid more.

Sometimes, you may get paid based on how long you’re there, other times it’s a flat fee based on the work.

You also may get bonuses if it’s dangerous, unusual, or you’re having to shoot in extreme conditions.

If you’re on set for longer than expected, you’re paid overtime.


Can I Make Money Modeling Even if I’m Not Pretty?

Yes, you can.

Body part modeling is specific parts, so even if you’re not cut out for regular photography or fashion modeling, modeling body parts is an option.

There are also some agencies that want alternative models, who want those that aren’t over 5’7” and rail-thin.

If you’re curious about these kinds of jobs, you can search them and see if it works.


Can I Make Modeling a Full-time Job?

If you’re getting enough gigs and making steady money, then by all means, make it your main source of income.

When you start though, you probably won’t be making a bunch of money, and the gigs do come and do, so don’t expect them to just flock to you and send you money right away, it might take a bit of time.



If you want to get paid to model, there are tons of different opportunities out there.

From art modeling to runway modeling to even working in commercials and such, there are a lot of great options out there if you want to get paid to model.

Look it over, assess the options, and from there, you can figure out if you want to get paid to model, and if it’s right for you.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE