Yes, you can really get paid to live in Alaska!

This article explains how this works, how you can get started and the very best job opportunities or positions that really pay you to live in Alaska.

You will also learn of exactly how much you can make living in Alaska.


Can You Really Get Paid to Live in Alaska?

Imagine living in a city where you don’t have to pay a dime, or even better, you get compensated and paid to live there.

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Yes, this happens, and it is very popular in some states in the United States. The land of the midnight sun – Alaska is one of the states that offer this opportunity.

The popular fallacy about the State of Alaska is that you can live there for free, whereas you can even get paid to live in Alaska.

There are several ways, methods, and opportunities, programs, and companies that pay you to live in Alaska.

However, you must meet up certain criteria to be eligible for such programs and opportunities.

The eligibility all differ based on the company offering the program.

One of the best and most effective ways to get paid to live in Alaska is seeking job opportunities.

We have outlined the 10 best companies that pay you to live in Alaska to make your search easier.


Best Paying Jobs in Alaska and How Much You Get Paid

Not all job opportunities offer to pay you to live in Alaska, but some pay their employees a lot to work for them in Alaska.

We have researched and scouted for those jobs, and here we will present data of the top best-paying jobs in Alaska and the average salary paid to professionals in the field.


Job Average Salary
Family Physician  $157,000.00
Pediatricians  $148,000.00
General Internal Physicians  $146,000.00
Dentists  $138,000.00
All other Physician except Pediatricians  $125,000.00
Pharmacists  $115,000.00
Physician Assistants  $101,000.00
Optometrists  $92,500.00
Judges and Magistrates  $91,000.00
Petroleum Engineers  $91,000.00
Architects  $91,000.00
Police and Detectives  $80,250.00
Computer Engineers  $80,000.00
Physical Scientists  $74,000.00
Criminal Investigators  $70,000.00
Pilots  $67,000.00
Other Health and Medical Professionals  $64,000.00
Marine Engineers  $61,000.00
Chief Executives  $53,000.00
Psychiatrists  $53,000.00


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10 Jobs Positions that Pay You to Live in Alaska

Many job vacancies are opened, and they are ready to pay you to live in Alaska to work to fill their position.

The wages and other benefits each opportunity offer differs from one and other.

Here are the examples of 10 job opportunities that pay you to live in Alaska.

  1. Harbor officer
  2. Water Operator
  3. Rating Veteran Service Representative
  4. Claim Specialist
  5. Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant
  6. Medical Support Assistant
  7. Environmental Protection Specialist
  8. Emergency Management Specialist
  9. Student Trainee
  10. Industry Operations Investigator


1. Harbor Officer 

The city of Unalaska, Alaska welcomes interested individuals to apply for the position of Harbour Officer in Ports and Harbour.

The community is located in central Aleutian Island, Unalaska, Alaska, having almost 5,000 full-time residents, and is home to the International Port of Dutch Harbour.

The intended duties of the harbor officer in Unalaska are to work under the supervision of the harbourmaster monitoring the facilities of the port.

It also includes the operation and activities of the terminal in accord to the city and departmental rules, and other regulations set by the State and Federal government.

Individuals applying for this are expected to make responsible decisions even in the absence of the supervisor.

You must also have the skills and experience required to perform some port duties like knot training, line handling, hypothermia treatments, and cold-water extraction.

Also, you must have sufficient knowledge of the regulations and terminology of the marine industry. Proficient verbal and written communication is a must.

Successful applicants may have to use the general marine office equipment, including VHF radio.

Click here for more details on the job and application.


2. Water Operator

The department of public utilities, Unalaska, Alaska, invites you for a job application as Water Operator in the Department of Public Utilities.

The location for this job is suited at the International Port of Dutch Harbor.

The position for this job is at entry-level, and applicants are required to execute a series of unskilled and semi-skilled operations, maintenance, repair, and replacement of City Water Production, treatment and distribution system.

This job position is targeted to expand into a full-blown water operator, including sufficient training in various settings.

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Applicants are expected to have the training or experience for responsible inspection and preventive maintenance to ensure all equipment and plants are in good condition.

Also, you must be vast in servicing and adjusting equipment to ensure the smooth operation of motors, blowers, pumps, chemical systems, and the likes.

The function of valves and gates is necessary for control flow and treatment processes; you will be required to start generators and pumps too.

Operating, interpreting, and recording readings from flow meters and similar devices is an advantage to applicants.

Prior to application, applicants should acquire knowledge of the city of Unalaska, Alaska DEC & Federal EPA policies, and the rules and regulations guiding the water system operation. Effective communication, both verbally and written, is compulsory.

For more details on this position and application, click here.


3. Rating Veteran Service Representative

The position of Rating Veteran Service Representative is opened to provide applicants with the exposure of a Rating Veteran Service but not an opportunity to further training or guidance.

Applicants for this position will work with other members of the Rating Veteran Service

Representative team and other veteran service center team members in making decisions for ratings.

As a Rating Veteran Service Representative, you will be required to analyze claims to determine whether the military service acquired an injury or disease while on duty for treatment, pension, compensation purposes, etc.

Other responsibilities required of you are to determine the competency and the capacity of vets and their dependency.

For more information on this job post and application, click here.


4. Claim Specialist 

There is an open job application for candidates interested in participating in volunteer events around the community.

This job post offers successful applicants tuition reimbursement programs, wellness initiatives, employee development programs, and many others.

All eligible Claim specialists are invited to apply for this job position.

Applicants for this post will be responsible for covering residents’ weather-related and accidental loss claims.

Your responsibility is explaining coverages estimating damages, and reviving them.

Click here to go to the job details page and application.

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Get Paid to Live in Alaska


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5. Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant

This vacancy is open to many qualifications, so duties and responsibilities are based on qualifications and grades/level.

Applicants for this post must operate word processing software, create and format, and edit forms and all other kinds of documents.

You must also be vast in automation tools and software in the production of documents.

Adhering to the reporting procedures, successful applicants will be required to collate and finalize information based on different reports.

The responsibility of the Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant is not limited to all these alone.

For more information and application, click here.


6. Medical Support Assistant

Qualified candidates based on the eligibility of this job position will be considered for a vacancy.

The responsibility of successful candidates is to make sure clients are eligible for care; you will also schedule appointments from time to time, receive and welcome clients.

Candidates must have experience in the medical field and must be able to use automated systems and software to enter and receive data and information.

Interested candidates should click here to view full job details and apply.


7. Environmental Protection Specialist

The National Park Service, Alaska, is inviting qualified environmental specialists to apply for the position of the Interior Region 11 Regional Environmental Coordinator.

Successful applicants will become a member of the Regional Environmental Planning and Compliance team.

You will be responsible for reviewing the National Environmental Policy Act plan, proposal, and project bills.

To apply for this position, you must be able to prepare every kind of environmental document.

For more information on qualifications, eligibility, and application, click here.


8. Emergency Management Specialist

This job position is responsible for the preparation and coordination of emergency actions to avoid, prevent, prepare, counter and recover from unexpected circumstances.

The responsibilities of this position are comprehensive, including collaborating with residents to execute national projects.

Successful applicants will be required to manage and maintain alerts from an automated healthcare system and coordinate and monitor the results.

More details on position responsibility and application are available here.


9. Student Trainee

This job position is currently open to GS-07 and GS11; subsequently, job positions with higher grades may be opened.

The responsibility of personnel filling this position is to carry out designated tasks and objectives and routine projects and studies requiring the application of fundamental theories and rules of contracting.

More information on this job post can be seen here.

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10. Industry Operations Investigator

This job position requires applicants to be attentive to details.

This job involves inspecting and investigating the firearms and explosives industries, not excluding dealers and importers; you will also be responsible for assisting criminal investigators on investigations.

Other responsibilities are documenting and reporting investigation reports, updating investigation inventory, prepare firearms and explosive reports and licenses, and many others.

Other responsibilities and duties will further be included as experience builds.

For more information on this job position and application, click here.


5 Most Popular Jobs in Alaska and their Average Monthly Salary

Based on popular demand, we are going to highlight and discuss the most popular jobs in Alaska.

So whether you are looking to follow a career path or just researching for the top 5 most popular jobs in Alaska and their monthly salary, in this post, you get what you are looking for.

  1. Zoologist and Wildlife Biologists
  2. Geological and Petroleum Technician
  3. Pilots and Flight Engineers
  4. Commercial Pilots
  5. Material Moving Workers


1. Zoologist and Wildlife Biologists

The most popular job in Alaska has a 12% increase in its annual wage compared to the national annual wage.

Zoologists and wildlife biologists are professionals trained to study animals and wildlife in general.

The primary responsibility of zoologists and wildlife biologists is learning the interactions of animals with their immediate environment.

Based on the nature of their occupation, which always involves many outdoor activities, they study not just the physical characteristics but the behaviors of these animals and how humans can influence natural habitats.

Zoologists and wildlife biologists in Alaska earn an average of $4,800 per month.

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2. Geological and Petroleum Technician

The geologists and petroleums technician are familiar with the microscope; they use it to analyze samples acquired from fields.

This is a professional occupation, and you will definitely need a degree in applied science, geology, or any related field.

The average annual salary earned by a geological petroleum technician in Alaska is $78,000.


3. Pilots and Flight Engineers

Pilots are officers responsible for the planning and navigation of flights of different airplanes.

Their primary assignment is flying people and cargo between locations.

Pilots are well-paid professionals earning an average salary of over $140,000.

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4. Commercial Pilots

Airline pilots are commercial pilots assigned to transport passengers and goods on a fixed date.

Commercial pilots are responsible for unplanned flights like charter flights, aerial photography, aerial applications, and the likes.

The average annual wage for commercial pilots varies and falls between $52,000 to $102,000.


5. Material Moving Workers 

One very popular job in Alaska is material moving workers.

These are professionals responsible for a list of duties, including operating trucks and similar vehicles that transport materials.

Truck drivers and tractor operators are ideally suited for this job.

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You got here because you were looking for the best job positions that will pay you to live in Alaska.

After the long read, we hope you find the job position that suits you best.

However, applying for more job positions you are qualified for is not a bad idea.

Some other opportunities and programs offer a lot of money in Alaska, and we made them available in our list of the highest-paying jobs in Alaska.

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