Yes, getting paid to live in a house is a thing and you too can get involved by simply housesitting and getting paid.

This article reveals exactly how this works and the very best companies that help you find such paying opportunities.


How Getting Paid to Live in a House Works

You’ve heard of babysitting and pet sitting but have you heard of getting paid to live in a house?

This is also referred to as house sitting.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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House-sitting is that process where a family leaves their home and possibly pets behind to go on vacation.

Therefore, they need an individual to stay at their home and care for the plants, pets and keep bad people away from the house by reflecting a presence.

Many people think that the reason why individuals use a house sitter is to simply care for the plants or the animals that are left behind.

This may be true.

However, if one was to look at their property insurance it is almost always a universal clause in the policy that declares if your home is left unattended for more than two days your insurance is not responsible for any loss incurred beyond these two days.

Therefore, many people realize this and use a house sitter to satisfy that insurance clause.


Personal Story

While attending school I had the opportunity to housesit as my pastor and his wife had left to go on a holiday vacation to be with their family.

My family of three joined the house-sitting experience as we celebrated Christmas by placing a few small gifts underneath their large plant that served as our holiday tree.

It was a good experience and not only did I feel good that I was providing a service to my pastor but in turn, they were giving me the riches of a place to stay and enjoy the holidays with my family.


What is House Sitting Where You Get Paid Money to Live in a House?

House-sitting can be defined as an arrangement between the owner of a home and an outside individual taking up temporary residence during the homeowner’s absence.

The homeowner and other members of the family have planned a vacation or other opportunity that requires them to leave their home for some time.

In 98% of these cases, a family pet is involved.

A house sitter will meet with the homeowners before their leaving and get acquainted with the home and come to an understanding about what is required.

Generally, there is no fee exchanged by either the homeowner or the house sitter.

The purpose of having someone in the home is to carry on the normal functions of home life.

Those functions include collecting the mail, house cleaning, orderliness, managing any maintenance issues, etc.

One of the purposes in carrying on this appearance is to deter individuals from taking advantage of a family and their possessions while the house is vacant and to provide for the pets that have been left behind.

The house sitter, as part of agreed-upon expectations, may be caring for the pets by feeding and exercising.


10 Best Companies that Pay You to Live in a House or Help You Get Paid


1. Mind My House

The uniqueness of this house-sitting Internet site is that they have a global presence. They are one of only four such websites that have an entire world dynamic.

They were originally founded in 2005 in London England and now are headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand.

This started as being a completely non-fee-based service for those individuals who wished to register as house sitters.

Predictably their database of individuals wanting to provide this service skyrocketed to 30,000 members.

Subsequently, the company began to impose a registration fee of $20 for house sitters.

As of this writing, homeowners requiring the services of sitters constitute one-third of North America with the remaining percentages in South America, the United Kingdom, France, and New Zealand.

A total of 3,756 house sitters have registered with the majority of those registrants coming from the United States.

Click here to check out Mind My House


2. House Sitters America

House Sitters America is a service provided to homeowners with no charge being levied.

When the need for the sitting service is required, the registered homeowner simply places an ad through the website and the process begins to find the match between the homeowner and the house sitter.

The website facilitates a chat between the house sitter and the homeowner to ensure compatibility and comfort levels.

The registered house sitter through this site determines whether they want to provide their service at no charge or to assess a fee.

Once they have registered, they cannot change this option.

House sitters that don’t charge a fee are motivated by the adventure of temporarily living in a new place and residing in a different home for some time.

If a house sitter does charge is up to them to collect the fee.

To be a registered house sitter on this site requires a registration fee of $49 to be paid annually.

This website only performs an ID check and when that check has been verified a green marker is placed next to the registered house sitter.

Click here to check out House Sitters America


3. Trusted Host Sitters

This website provides a conduit between a homeowner and a house sitter.

It would appear that this website realizes that the main rationale for having a house sitter is to care for pets that do not join the family on their vacation or time away from home.

To be a customer of this service the homeowner needs to register on the site. They then create a listing with pictures of any of the pets that are at home.

As part of the listing, the dates of being gone from their home and away from the family pets are provided.

When this process gets to this point applications are extended to the homeowner by potential candidates.

Trusted Housesitters researches those who wish to provide this service to homeowners.

The intenseness of the verification process includes an identity check, various crosschecks, and a background check for any criminal activities.

This website, for its use and to be registered as a homeowner, requires a $169 annual fee

Click here to check out Trusted Host Sitters



This “no charge” service for homeowners is funded by actual individuals who subscribe to be house sitters.

There is no money exchanged between the homeowner and the house sitter.

However, the expectation is that this rent-free agreement will be paid for the individual providing the house-sitting service.

The charge for a house sitter is a $50 annual fee and registered individuals can be from anywhere around the world.

The house sitter will obtain free accommodations and the opportunity to visit the area in which they would be providing this service.

The house sitter posts their profile and from that point forward it is up to the homeowner to contact the individual.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The other option is that the house sitter can search out the opportunity that they wish to make an application for.

Click here to check out Housecarers

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5. Nomador

This house-sitting agency has its roots in France but is currently headquartered in Australia.

Available on the website are many helpful tools to facilitate the house-sitting process and some great advice shared to homeowners as well as providing the sitting service.

On the website is the ability for the house sitter to download their passport, drivers license, and other applicable forms of ID the information once uploaded it is not shared and is completely wiped clean once the verification has been completed.

The mission or purpose of the platform is to make a connection with the need from the homeowner for a house sitter but also one of building community and enhancing trust.

The current rate of $89 is the same rate that is imposed on both the homeowner and the house sitter.

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6. Luxury House-sitting

This particular website, as the name implies, is designed to facilitate an agreement between a house sitter and a homeowner who owns a luxurious home.

The charge assessed is to the house sitter at a current rate of $25 per year to access the site.

House sitters can be paid a fee with this fee being negotiated between the sitter and the homeowner.

To register on the site requires the house sitter to create their profile which includes an image of the individual, a well-documented description outlining the individual’s experiences and skills, and download references.

Once the profile has been created then the individual can start searching on the website for available opportunities for house-sitting.

The opposite process is initiated by the homeowner as they search the site for potential host sitters.

Upon reading their bio and checking the references homeowners can communicate with the potential house sitter through a messaging process.

There is no obligation by the homeowner and if they choose to interview a house sitter then they can follow through on that process.

Click here to check out Luxury House-sitting


7. The Caretaker Gazette

The Caretaker Gazette is an informational newsletter that is published twice a month.

This newsletter intends to inform subscribing property owners about potential applicants that may be available for their home caretaking needs.

This is a paid subscription newsletter purchased by the homeowner.

Sometimes articles will highlight various caretakers in regards to the service that they render.

Caretaker Gazette is the only publication of its kind and is available in print and online. Added to offset the cost, this newsletter is also supported by printed ads.


Get Paid to Live in a House


8. Aussie House Sitters

One other house-sitting service that is provided through the Internet is known as Aussie House Sitters.

Although technically the house sitter is not getting paid for this service, they can enjoy living in a home in Australia to care for the house and possibility caring for the pets at no charge.

In reality, this could be viewed as savings for the individual which of course translates into money.

The site is available to homeowners at no charge. However, to register as a sitter the current subscriber payment is in the amount of $84.

The owners simply place an ad through the website talking about the availability of the home and the dates of availability.

The sitter can browse the website and reach out to the homeowner or vice versa. The option of choosing their messages system to speak to each other is available.

In addition, the homeowner can check out the registrant’s profile page safely and securely.

Click here to check out Aussie House Sitters


9. Craigslist

This website can be defined as the potpourri or variety of available services provided and needed.

If looking to be involved in getting paid to live in a house, it might be worth the effort to occasionally take a look at this website to see what might be available in one’s area.

As with any business or involvement with unknown individuals, it’s always important to double-check the opportunity to ensure its legitimacy as well as the reputableness of the people involved.

Click here to check out best alternative sites to Craigslist.


10. Local Advertisers

The social media platform is a very powerful tool and can be utilized for all sorts of purposes.

One of those purposes, in the light of living in a home and getting paid to do so, would be letting friends, family, and your sphere of influence know that you are available to provide house-sitting services if they are required.

You can also sell yourself as a pet lover and your willingness to be involved in watching these beloved members of their family when they do part for their vacation or other reasons.

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FAQs on How to Get Paid to Live in a House


Are There Places That Pay You to Live There in 2021?

Incredibly, yes.

Some cities and states are experiencing a loss of their residents as they move from one state to another.

Consequently, other cities and states have been left with a bit of a “brain drain”.

Therefore, some states will pay to attract individuals to move or relocate and work within their state.

Topeka, Kansas, for example, is providing a relocation incentive of up to $15,000.

The individual simply needs to relocate to Shawnee County, Kansas and rent or buy a home within one year of their relocation.

Also, they would need to find a job.


What if a Homeowner Has a Camera System Installed in the Home?

If such a system has been installed and is operational, the homeowner must inform the sitter that such a system exists.

This should be done through the negotiation process. It is then up to the sitter as to whether they wish to proceed with the opportunity or not.

As a sitter, it is important to know where these cameras are situated and whether they will be activated during the home owner’s time away from their house.


Looking for Adventure?

Looking for a new adventure? Looking for a change in scenery?

Then perhaps being a house sitter is what you may have in mind. The individual is paid, either with monetary currency or payment in an enriching experience. In either case, they are paid.



How does traveling on a new adventure, to a new locale, and living in a new home for a set time sound? Through house-sitting and various other options, one can get paid to do so.

Some of the house-sitting sites are provided as a service with associated fees while others work out an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to both and no fee is charged.

However, to the house sitter, the enriching adventure can be payment in itself.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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