It’s no secret that we live in an integrated world, a world connected through telecommunications.

However, not many know that they can make money by listening to calls.

This article will show you how to get paid to listen to calls and the best companies that will pay you to listen to calls.


Why Get Paid to Listen to Calls?

If you desire a career with plenty of opportunities to grow, work-life balance, and relatively low entry requirements, then you should consider careers that pay you to listen to calls.

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Getting paid to listen to calls allows you to work from anywhere in the world at a low cost.

All you need to do is answer questions, resolve complaints, provide information about products or services, and enhance a positive customer service experience.

Many of these jobs are highly versatile and allow you to work from home, shape your office setup, and solve customer inquiries.

Take advantage of this tremendous work-from-home opportunity to increase your income and resumé.


How to Get Paid to Listen to Calls


Telephone Call Reviewer

Have you ever made a call, and at the beginning of the ring, you hear a strange voice that says, “this call will be recorded for quality assurance, or this call will be monitored”?

If yes, that means that call is recorded or monitored and will be subjected to review and evaluation.

Many forward-thinking organizations record client calls to help them better understand their clients and how to serve them better.

Therefore, these companies employ people who understand English in different dialects to listen to pre-recorded calls, evaluate how the caller’s questions were answered, and create meaning out of it.


Call Center Representative

A call center representative is someone whose job description entails talking or listening to customers or public members via calls or chat.

They help customers with issues, questions, or complaints about the product or service.

A call center representative is a support structure that handles calls and interacts with customers via email, live chat, social media, or even in-person.

The Call Center representative is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Helping customers through calls or chat
  • Creating an excellent customer service experience
  • Communicating thoughtful solutions
  • Documenting and responding to the customers’ complaints politely
  • Reporting recurring customer problems or issues.
  • Tailoring each call experience to the customers’ needs.

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Inbound or Outbound Call Centers Representatives

This is another call center representative that helps out when customers call into a business for assistance.

Inbound call center representatives are always available on the other side of the line, waiting to assist customers.

This job requires applicants to be skilled in communication, technical support, and problem-solving skills.

It is also vital for the Inbound Call Centers representatives to be calm.

Some calls could be unfiltered, meaning some angry, emotional, or perplexed customers could dial into your line.


10 Best Companies That Really Pay You to Listen to Calls


1. Aerotek

Aerotek renowned global recruiting firm. Since 1983, Aerotek has remained one of the top players in the staffing and recruiting industry.

With over 200 offices in Europe and North America, Aerotek’s global reach is undeniable.

She is responsible for recruiting some of the best brands in manufacturing, skilled trades, laboratory, engineering, aviation, and general labor markets.

Aerotek is currently recruiting for the roles of Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Specialist, and Call Center Representative.

The pay is pretty decent. Moreover, you’ll gain more exposure working with brands like Aerotek. Visit their website to see if you qualify for any of these positions.

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2. Concentrix

Concentrix is a global business services company specializing in providing services that enhance quality communication between two parties.

Concentrix currently works with different brands across the world.

Its client roasters are leaders from several industries, including technology, healthcare, insurance, transportation, energy, tourism, e-commerce, media, and logistics.

Take advantage of the remote job opening in the customer service department to earn some extra cash while you gain rich experience working with world-renowned brands across different sectors.

Although this is a remote job opening, you need to be very disciplined to make yourself available to provide answers to customers on time.

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3. Amazon

Amazon is arguably the most prominent e-commerce service in the world.

Due to its size, responsibilities, and demands, amazon regularly employ more team to its Call Service department to talk with customers and answer their questions.

As a member of the Call Service team, you will communicate with the customer via calls or chats to help resolve their shopping challenges.

This job is usually part-time based, and workers get double pay during holiday periods due to the busy schedule.

More so, the compensation rates are attractive.

If you work hard, show outstanding results and maintain a good attitude, you stand a chance of being permanently employed.

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4. Liveops

Liveops is a global company that clouds contact centers and customer service solutions to different organizations worldwide.

Liveops has successfully recruited over 20,000 independent call center agents and processed over 1 billion minutes of customer service interactions for organizations around the world.

Their client repertoire includes organizations in the financial, tech, insurance, healthcare, and logistic industries.

They are currently recruiting for roles such as:

  • Licensed Insurance Customer Care Agent
  • Call Center Representative
  • Client Results Associate (Customer Service)

Therefore, you can take advantage of any of these offers.

The pay is good, but you need to conduct your research to know more about the proposal.

Click here to check out Jobs at Liveops


5. KGB

KGB is one of the world’s largest providers of enhancing information services, directory assistance, and consumer lending.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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This Russian intelligence company employs people to provide answers to question asked via their messaging services.

This offer is only available to US residents with excellent communication skills and research skills.

Also, you must pass their vetting process and provide your USA social security number before you join.

The platform offers between $0.05 – $0.10 through direct bank transfers for every valid response provided.

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6. Asurion

Asurion is a protection and tech support company.

The organization is looking to employ work-at-home part-time or full-time call center agents.

This is a perfect job for anyone looking to make money to talk to others.

Asurion pays an average rate of around $10 to $12 per hour. The company hires young people.

Suppose you’re a student looking to make some cash while on break from school; Asurion Call Center is a place to be.

In addition, the company lets you create your work schedule so you wouldn’t get overwhelmed with work.

Click here to check out Asurion


7. Pearson

Pearson is an international company in London that offers an extensive range of products, content, and tools for students worldwide.

Their products and services focus on educational services and assessment.

Pearson is looking to fill successful candidates into Customer Service Managers and customer service representatives to manage and respond to questions made by various customers.

These questions are usually sometimes from multiple fields apart from education.

Therefore, candidates must have comprehensive knowledge across multiple areas to effectively answer these questions.

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8. Accolade Support

Accolade support is an independent contractor that offers call center services to various organizations.

Because they work with companies that outsource the responsibilities of their customer call department,

Accolade support is always recruiting people with excellent conversational skills to fill its various positions as chat agents.

Accolade Call Center Agents works as an independent contractor from different virtual locations.

The team is tasked to talk with customers to improve the ROI (return on investment) for various companies they represent.

Accolade pays between $10 and $12 per hour. Therefore, if you are looking to earn some cash listening or talking via calls, you can try Accolade Support.

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9. Working Solutions

Working solution company works with a different company to offer flexible contact center services to meet customer needs.

They constantly hire new Call Center Agents to provide customer services, sales, and technical support services to meet their necessary on-demand call center solution.

The job can be done virtually from anywhere, and you need good communication skills and some experience in online chatting to qualify for this job.

The job is basically about communicating with customers as required. Working solution workers earn between $7 and $30 per talk time hour.

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10. Slingshot Technology

Slingshot technology is based in Utah and is currently hiring individuals to work at least 30 hours a week reviewing recorded calls and analyzing the quality of conversations and customer interactions.

The calls are then audited, graded, and processed to help improve the customer experience.

If you’re keen attention, comfortable using multiple computer programs, and are free to work for 30 hours or more each week, then this entry-level job might be perfect for you.

At Slingshot Technology, you’ll get an hourly rate of $12.60 and get bonuses and commission for your work performance.

Slingshot Tech is a fantastic place as it offers potential for growth within the company.

Click here to check out Slingshot Technology


Get Paid to Listen to Calls FAQs


Why Would a Company Pay You for Listening to Phone Calls?

Listen to phone calls is a form of call evaluation that helps businesses and organizations create a better customer experience that enhances marketing and sales.

In addition, listening to calls helps companies understand how the call response is impacting their marketing success.

Hence, businesses seeking to expand their reach by creating excellent customer service experience often employ people to answer the call as in the call center department or to listen to rerecorded calls for evaluation.


How Do I Get Paid to Listen to Calls?

To get paid to listen to call, you must seek a position with this type of job description or register on available platforms that reward people with cash to listen to calls.

The job description of a call listener is to review and evaluate how the caller’s questions were answered or handled to help the organization map out better ways to reach out to its customers.

This is a good part-time job that can be done from the comfort of your home.


What Equipment Does a Call Center Representative Need?

  • Desktop PC: You’ll want a reliable desktop laptop to accommodate all the tasks you’ll need to do and the software you’ll need to use.
  • Internet connection: You’ll have to communicate with customers via emails; therefore, you need a good internet connection.
  • Phone: You’ll need a smartphone with a microphone and high-quality sound or a dedicated landline.
  • Company Software: you’ll need to be proficient in the messaging, calling, or call-logging software your company uses.
  • Workspace: You must have somewhere quiet to work. A place where no one can hear or disturb you. This could be an office, your home, or your company.


Can I Get Paid Just to Listen to People?

Yes, you can get paid to listen to people.

You can either seek employment in organizations that need customer service representatives or register on social media platforms or applications that encourage payment for the time you spend talking to people.

Either way, you get paid.


What Are the Easiest Ways to Get Paid to Receive Phone Calls?

  • Work as a customer service representative or tech support
  • Work as a virtual salesman
  • Work as a receptionist or virtual assistant
  • Get paid to answer telemarketing calls.
  • Offer premium consulting services via video calls.


How Do People Reviewing Calls Make Money?

There are third-party companies within the call center environment that hire people to monitor and listen to recorded calls to enhance quality customer services.

They are called call reviewers, and their job is to use the necessary tech tool to promote customers’ service experience by analyzing and evaluating previously recorded calls.

The job is flexible, and a call reviewer gets to set their own time and work at their own pace. This is a rewarding job for students looking to make extra cash while schooling.



The internet offers thousands of opportunities for people who want to get paid to listen to calls.

This article has explained the several ways and companies that can help you get paid to listen to calls.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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