Yes, you can certainly get paid to learn Cybersecurity – talk about the best of both words!

This article reveals the best ways to get paid learning Cybersecurity and best companies that pay or help you get paid.



If you have ever been a victim of crime, you know what a terrible and devastating experience that can be.

Not only are you traumatized, in some instances, physically, but emotionally and psychologically as well.

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Being a victim of crime runs the gamut of emotions which can include:

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Fearful
  • Feelings of being violated
  • Loss of your sense of safety
  • Vulnerability
  • And so forth

In addition to acts of violence and crime affecting us physically, there are crimes that can affect us in matters of technology.

Specifically, these crimes of technology are called cyber crimes and not only can affect us personally as our home PCs or other technology devices are invaded by malicious actors but also the companies that we trust with our information.

Cybercrime is on the rise and can include:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Spoofing
  • Ransomware

To counter these attacks, there are software packages and IT-trained individuals that combat these actions.

They are known as cybersecurity technicians, and it takes considerable training and understanding of how to implement various procedures and software packages to mitigate these cyber thieves and their actions.

If you are interested in cybersecurity, let us look at ways that you can get paid to be trained in this needed field and companies that will help towards that support.


10 Ways & Tips of Getting Paid to Learn Cyber Security


1. Know all about Cyber Security

Cyber security is known by many names.

It is known as computer security, information technology security, or cybersecurity.

The basic definition of cybersecurity is the technological security provided for computer systems and businesses, as well as personal networking, to prevent the disclosure of technology by unscrupulous individuals who are not authorized to obtain or see computer information.

These individuals who “hack” into computer systems do so to disrupt the computer systems that are functioning with the purpose of simply being malicious or endeavoring to steal information.


2. Research

If you are interested in cybersecurity and companies that may pay or help you get paid for this training, it is important to conduct your own specific research.

This research can be conducted by going to your Internet web browser, accessing a search engine and conducting a search utilizing keywords.

Those keywords could include companies that pay for cybersecurity, working for a company that provides cybersecurity training, etc.

When doing so, your screen will be populated with a number of links that you can access that appear to best match what you’re looking for as it relates to getting training with a company.


3. Right For You

It would be prudent before going too deep into this process to understand whether cybersecurity would be a good match for you.

Some of those steps to see if cybersecurity is a good match for you would include:

Research the field

Ongoing learning is required because of new cybersecurity threats and production processes.

Observing a cybersecurity specialist in their job performance

Do you have a passion for all aspects of technology?

It is also important to remember that if you do find a company that will provide your training as part of the employee benefit that there may be the need to relocate to the particular city in which they are headquartered.


4. Self Study

A potential tip that you could follow up on is when looking online; you most likely come across training opportunities.

Some of these training opportunities are at no charge and could be considered self-study.

If accessing one of these opportunities, it is important to determine that the site is legitimate and is, in fact, offering online courses at no cost to you.

If so, this would be a perfect opportunity to learn more about cybersecurity and, potentially, take some foundational or fundamental courses as it relates to cybersecurity.


5. Intern

An opportunity that you could present to the current company that you are working for is to be considered as an intern.

To learn more about cybersecurity and become proficient in this area of expertise, you could offer your commitment to your company to possibly perform your current job but also express the opportunity to be engaged with the IT department as an intern and learn about cybersecurity.

Your argument could be that it would benefit the company with minimal expense in learning how to be a cybersecurity professional.


6. Present Company

Another option to get paid to learn how to be involved with cybersecurity is to approach leadership and the HR department within your current company and make a business offer.

The business offer could be something along the lines of expressing your interest in being involved in cybersecurity and asking the company to pay for your training in exchange for a commitment from you to remain with the company for a set period of time to complement the IT department.


7. Scholarships

Another option to get paid to train as a cybersecurity specialist is to look for scholarship opportunities in your area that will pay for your schooling.

A site that you can access to explore this possibility can be found at


8. VA

One powerful way of getting your cybersecurity training provided to you at no or minimal cost will be to take advantage of your G.I. Bill if you have qualified military experience.

Or an option would be to join the military and receive training in cybersecurity as part of your contractual arrangements with whatever branch of service you join.


9. Community College

A valuable resource that may present itself is your community college located in the area in which you live.

There may be an opportunity to receive a scholarship through this educational institution or attend classes that are provided at no or minimal cost to get you started on your cybersecurity career.

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10. Pay After Hired

Other opportunities that may present themselves to you that you may notice when you do your research online are to receive training in cybersecurity and not have to pay until you get hired.

Some of the sites indicate that being hired in a cybersecurity field once you have completed the coursework is a guarantee.

This could be a valid or a “pie in the sky” commitment on their part.

If this is a choice that you pursue, it is important to do your research and investigate the reputation of this company and, in particular, its offering.

This can be done by looking for reviews on the company that is offering these courses and their commitment to securing a job for your cybersecurity career.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Learn Cybersecurity


1. Apprenticeship is a government website that is dedicated to sharing with the individual the number of registered apprenticeship programs.

As of this writing, there are 714 such programs and over 42,000 apprentices are involved in this field of learning.

The site also indicates that there has been a significant increase of 28% during the current presidential administration.

Click here to check out


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2. YearUp

Yearup is a training program that is tuition-free and, in addition, provides a path to work with some of the more progressive companies and, ultimately, a successful career for the individual involved.

The three-step process includes:

  • Learning
  • Matching your learned skills as an intern with a company
  • Employment

One of the training areas includes cybersecurity and made be dependent, as far as it relates to availability, upon your ZIP Code.

Click here to check out Yearup


3. EITR Technologies 

As of this writing, the EITR Technologies of Annapolis Junction, Maryland, is looking for an entry-level cyber defense analyst.

The company offers a paid training and education program.


4. Naval Cybersecurity

This position within the Naval Cybersecurity Department requires enlisting in the U.S. Navy.

The job involves performing network system administration, maintenance, training, and management security.

The advertised position indicates that no experience is needed.

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5. Coast Community Apprenticeship

In Costa Mesa, CA, the position of cybersecurity apprenticeship is being offered.

The hiring entity is Coast Community College District.

The vacancy is looking for an individual who is 17 years of age or older and desires to be an apprentice as a cybersecurity specialist.

There are three levels to the position, with the first being 666 hours in an apprenticeship program, the second level 667 to 1332 hours, and level III, which is 1333 to 2000 hours.

Click here to check out Coast Community College District


6. SANS Cyber Aces Online

SANS Cyber Aces Online donates training courses.

This philanthropic organization operates a security training curriculum that is rated as being of high quality.

These courses are self-paced and are a training mixture of videos and tutorials that the individual can learn at their own pace.

The three particular areas of information security include:

  • OSes
  • Networking
  • System Administration

Click here to check out SANS Cyber Aces Online


7. TryHackMe

Try Hack Me offers topics that cover the area of cybersecurity.

The training is classified as both offensive and defensive security.

On this website, there are four levels of training available.

Those four levels include:

  • Beginners
  • Early intermediates
  • Intermediates
  • Advanced

Other courses or training modules include training on cryptography, privilege exclamation, shells, and basic computer exploitation.

These online courses are provided at no charge.

Click here to check out Try Hack Me


 8. Indeed

A job posting website that you can access to find companies that will pay for your cybersecurity training can be researched on

By accessing this site, you will be provided the option of utilizing search features.

One of the search features is the area of the country in which you look to locate this type of job.

The other search bar allows you to be more specific in your job search.

In this case, putting in “training cybersecurity” might be a good start in locating some jobs or companies that provide this benefit and are looking for an individual that they can employ and invest in.


9. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is another online job posting website that has an abundance of companies that advertise employment positions located in various parts of the country.

Utilizing their search feature, you can look for a position that offers cybersecurity training as part of the employment package, as companies often look for the quality candidate they can invest in and help to secure a long-term employment/employer relationship.


10. LinkedIn 

At, you will find a number of ways that you can connect with companies and business individuals and establish professional relationships.

At this site, there are also employment opportunities.

A potential option is to search this site to see if there are any intern or pay training programs offered as it relates to building on your knowledge of cybersecurity and receiving additional training.

Click here to check out LinkedIn


Personal Story

While stationed in Hawaii with the Navy, we were victimized by a thief.

The apartments were close together, and to allow the tradewinds to cool off our apartment, we had left the patio door open.

The thief made off with my wallet.

Learning our lesson, we ensured that the door was locked at night to prevent any further intrusions.

So it is with technology, we need to make sure any “gateways” are secured to prevent unwanted violations of our privacy.


Make Money Learning Cybersecurity FAQs


How Many Cyber-criminal Acts Are Done on a Daily Basis?

According to Norton, the anti-virus company, there are 2,200 cyberattacks per day. This equates to one attack every 39 seconds.


What is the Dark Web?

Answer The dark web is content found on the World Wide Web that exists on sites known as dark nets.

It is classified as a subset of the Internet and is intentionally hidden or dark, requires a specific browser and usually contains information that is nefarious in activity.


You Can Do It

If you want to pursue a career in cybersecurity, the demand and increase in technology certainly make this a quality vocation.

Also, because of its importance, there are many options for the individual to pursue this career choice that may even provide you with the opportunity through a company or other entity to obtain this training at no cost.



As our dependence on technology grows, so it seems that the attacks by cyber criminals increase as well.

Our physical possessions are valuable to us.

There are other individuals who scheme and take action on those items that are not rightfully theirs.

This occurs both in business and in our personal lives.

To prevent these actions, we take physical measures to secure our belongings through alarm systems, locks, and other safety measures.

So, it is the world of Internet technology where we have individuals trying to gain access through different measures and portals to obtain information.

The purpose is to unlawfully steal our personal information for criminal activity and sometimes even steal our very identity to pose as us, which can devastate our personal lives.

Therefore, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be underestimated, and its use brings added value to businesses and us as individuals.

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