Getting paid to kill iguanas probably sounds unreal, but it is a legitimate job with some decent growth.

If you want to make some extra side cash and also help with the local iguana problem, then this is the perfect job for you.

Here, you’ll learn how to get paid to kill iguanas, and the best companies to help you get paid.


Can You Really Get Paid to Hunt and Kill Iguanas?


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You can thank Florida for this one, but there are places where there’s a bounty on iguana heads.

They do kill them for different reasons, some because there’s just a bunch of iguanas raining down.

Other times, it’s because they are used as a food source, since they’re cheap.

In Florida, after the frost is over, most of those little iguanas are ready to be killed, since they’re an invasive species not protected from animal cruelty.

They’re also a staple for food trucks, which probably explains a lot as to why some people will cook them.

So yes, there are companies that will pay you for a variety of different reasons.

They’re allowed to be killed on 22 different public lands in the south Florida area, and they even have bounties on their heads.


How to Get Paid to Kill Iguanas

The first thing you need to do is to move to Florida or have business in Florida.

From there, you need to get into trapping these little guys.

You then sell it.

There are different companies that pay you to kill iguanas, but they mostly sit along three main types.


1. The Exotic Meat Industry

There’s a lot of money to be made in the exotic meat industry with iguanas.

It’s booming, especially in the Fort Lauderdale area, and there are always people looking to trap and kill these iguanas.

It’s also allowed too, since females do lay a ton of eggs, and iguanas are not native there.

It’s to the point where they’re asking for people to come kill these guys.


2. Hunting and Trapping Companies

These are the people who normally sell it to the meat industry.

Usually, it’s a company that does the dirty work.

They hire hunters who will go out of their way to get these iguanas, and usually separate the heads from their bodies.


3. Trapping

Sometimes they want to hire people to trap these little guys before they do the final business with the.

Trapping gets you a bunch of iguana all at once, and you can from there, sell them to the companies who use this for their meats and whatnot.

It’s a little less dirty, but it also may involve killing the iguanas too in some cases.


The 10 Best Companies That Pay You to Kill Iguanas


1. Iguana Wranglers Miami

This is an LLC that does wrangle and kill iguanas that has been in the business for over 25 years.

They were incorporated a few years ago, and while they haven’t had a bunch of big changes, they’re still a company that’s in place, especially if you’re looking to get into iguana killing and wrangling.

Click here to check out Iguana Wranglers Miami


2. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

This is of course a governmental position, but they do need people to help with these iguanas.

They are big in the Florida Keys, and they need someone to go out there to take care of these iguanas so that they don’t damage the plants that are there.

You can get paid up to $22 an hour, and it even comes with benefits too!

Click here to check out Florida fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Get Paid to Hunt and Kill Iguanas


3. Iguana Control

They are the largest company to control iguanas, and they have a variety f tools to help reduce the population of green iguanas, especially if they reside on your property currently, so if you want to get rid of these animals, this is a good place to start.

They do have a fully insured organization, and as long as you’re able to do the work, getting the iguanas off where the premises are, this is a great company to help.

Overall, the benefits are what most other companies have when it comes to iguanas control, but they do offer a fun little job if this is what you’re looking for.

Click here to check out Iguana Control


4. Iguana Removal 305

This is another iguana removal company in Miami, where they’re committed to get the overpopulated iguanas out of your area.

They also handle raccoons and other critters, but their main focus is of course iguanas.

They are pesky, especially in residential areas where they can damage the roof, different places around the home, and there are also plants and veggies they eat.

They come in, get rid of the iguanas, all while making sure that your home is kept safe.

If you’re looking for a good way to get rid of iguanas, this is how you do it.

Click here to check out Iguana Removals 305


5. Iguana Busters

If you’re looking to bust iguanas and get rid of them before they cause more issues, then this is how.

They offer removals and prevention services, and they’re a veteran-owned company.

They understand how invasive this species is, and how they carry a lot of bacteria and other problems.

They know the millions of dollars in damage these little guys cause to this, so with Iguana busters, they offer removals jobs that usually involve just removing, potentially getting rid of the iguanas in the area.

It’s one to consider if you’d like to bust some iguanas before they bust down the door!

Click here to check out Iguana Busters

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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6. NextGen Pest Solutions

This is a company that offers pest control and removals services for a variety of creatures including iguanas.

They remove most of the main species that are currently inhibiting south Florida, and they’ll stop these little guys from eating your plants.

Not only do they do iguana removal, but also armadillo, bat, and of course bird and other critter control as well.

They do disrupt a lot of the wildlife ecosystem, and they understand that, and they offer removals services for those looking to get rid of these guys once and for all.



7. Exotic Meat Market

The exotic meat markets do have some options for you to kill iguanas and sell the meat to them.

While normally they ask for meat in Puerto Rico, there are certain jobs that ask for you to get iguanas in Florida, so if you want to get paid to kill iguanas and sell them here, you can do so.

It’s used for a few different types of foods and are called “chicken of the trees” since they taste like chicken.

You can also sell in bulk to them, and then they’ll sell it to others, especially if you want to build an iguana killing business involving selling to meat markets.

Click here to check out Exotic Meat Markets


8. Redline Iguana Removals

This is a company that works in the Palm Beach area and other counties, and they do trapping and extermination of iguanas for control of the population.

They deal with overwhelming populations since they cause a huge amount of property damage in that area, and landscape damages to plants.

They use humane methods of killing, trapping and removal, and they understand the problem as well that these critters have on the ecosystem in Florida.

They use the methods which are approved by the FWC in order to properly remove these iguanas before they become and issue.

Click here to check out Redline Iguana Removals


9. Florida Iguana Control

This is another control, removals, and preventative and trapping services.

They do offer good low prices to those who work with them, and they ensure that these iguanas are taken care of for a good price.

They also will make sure that they don’t harm the pets or your kids as they take care of removing these guys.

There’s lots of great was for you to get into iguana removals, and this company has a lot of services that help with controlling this population.

Click here to check out Florida Iguana Control


10.  Trutech Wildlife Services

They offer an efficient, safe, solution to getting rid of the iguanas that are there.

They make sure that they are able to handle getting rid of the iguanas in safe manners, and also prevent further destruction of these little guys, a product of the exotic trading of pets.

You can work for them, and they actually are specialized technicians.

They do work in a variety of other types of animal control means, but it’s a good company if you’re looking to get paid to kill iguanas.

Click here to check out Trutech Wildlife Service


Making Money Killing Iguanas FAQs


How Do I Get Paid to Kill Iguanas?

You get paid to kill iguanas through iguana removal and extermination services or if you choose to sell iguana meat to exotic markets.

However, it’s hard to sell this meat unless you do so out of the country, due to the rules and regulations.

But Florida does allow people to kill iguanas with a pellet gun and also by stabbing too if you need to get rid of them.


Can I Sell Iguanas?

It is legal to buy and sell iguanas.

You also can catch iguanas, but instead of killing them, you sell them to companies that will sell them as pets to others.

Strictly Reptiles is a company that pays you to catch them and sell them, and they go to different people.


How Much Can You Get Paid Hourly to Kill Iguanas?

Usually, it depends on the type of company you work for.

Some companies do pay up to $22 an hour to go out and kill iguanas, or to just remove them off the property.

But, some places may pay less, and may be on a comparable amount to killing pythons in Florida, which is about $8.65 an hour with bounties depending on the snake length and even the type of python too.

Some also may pay up to $12 a head for iguana heads if you’re lucky.


Are Iguanas Dangerous?

It ultimately depends on what you call dangerous.

They don’t kill humans, nor are they aggressive either, but they are a problem in human society.

Iguanas like to damage building foundations, roofs, and pavements with the tunnels they use to burrow, compromising many structures in the area.

They also do carry bacteria, including salmonella and other nasty bacteria that can cause problems in humans and animals.

They also can be aggressive to pets, so having a dog or cat around an iguana is not recommend.

While they are allowed to be kept as pets in Florida and other places, there’s no law that prohibits the removal and extermination of these creatures.


Is It Legal to Sell Iguana Meat in Florida

Selling this meat in Florida does require you to have a wildlife license, but in some areas, they are okay with you just not having a permit either.

There is also nothing that’s stopping people from buying these iguanas as pets either.


Can an Iguana Bite?

Yes it can, but this is usually a self-defense mechanism.

They are herbivores, but the teeth can be painful.

However, they do give a warning if they’re going to bite.

They also have very sharp claws too, which are usually the bigger problem with iguanas rather than if they tend to bite you or not.

They do have venom glands, but this is weak and harmless in most cases.

The bigger problem is the big teeth that can injure the face and ankles, but also the claws that can dig into the skin if they’re afraid of something.



If you view iguanas as pets, you can kill them, and here you learned a little bit about how you can get paid to kill iguanas along with the best companies to pay you or get paid.

If you’ve ever wanted to get paid to kill iguanas, now’s the time, since there are companies looking for people to take care of this, one way or another.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE