Do you have excellent hunting skills?

Can you track and hunt wild hogs?

If YES, there are specific ingenious ways to make money off hunting hogs.

This article is specifically tailored to introduce Hogs hunting and the 10 Best organizations that really pay or help you get paid to hunt this vermin animal.


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Why Hunt Hogs for Money?

Hog hunting generates millions of dollars annually.

Over the years, many businesses and superstores have been established to sell various hunting gear to avid outdoors hunting enthusiasts.

Although most people hunt for fun, others have continued to make their living from hog hunting.

In addition, the destructive effect of hogs on agriculture and health has resulted in a severe problem for farmers and people living in rural areas.

Like turning lemon into lemonade, these problems have made government encourage hog hunting.

The issues have turn out to become a source of non-traditional farm or ranch income for hunting enthusiasts.


5 Best Ways to Get Paid to Hunt Hogs


1. Videos and Publications

We live in a world where people can afford to depend on just one job.

If you have good hunting skills and you have some time, you could consider filming a hunt and making a training video from your experience.

In addition, if you have good writing skills, you could consider starting a blog or write freelance articles where you will write about your hunting skills and provide answers to readers’ questions.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your trophies to enhance your article.

You could also monetize your page by making readers subscribe to the page or advertise via the page.


2. Selling Trapped Hogs

You can make a lot of money from selling live hogs.

Some companies sell mobile traps that can be used to capture live hogs.

The captured hogs are sold to final consumers who process them and sell them at the dinner table at restaurants or BBQ joints across the country.


3. Coaching

If you are an experienced hunter, you can render your services by coaching beginners.

Successful hunting takes a lot of knowledge and expertise.

However, if you’re too busy to render a one-on-one training, you can record the hunting process from start to finish and upload it online.

You could also write an ebook or weekly article.

Regardless of the method you decide to use; you will get paid.


4. Selling the Hide

The leather industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it has continued to increase as top guns in the fashion world continue to embrace leather materials.

You would make a substantial amount by selling the hides of the hogs you hunt to factories that process them and sell them to fashion designers.

However, you have to first learn how to process the fur from a local taxidermist.

The hide has to be skinned and dried before the buyers will purchase them from you.


5. Selling Hunting Equipment

The value chain of the hog hunting industry is long, and you don’t necessarily need to hunt to make money.

You could sell hunting equipment to hunters to aid their hunting exercise.

Hunting equipment like the ones listed below are examples of simple and cost-effective equipment that will earn you a lot of money.

  • LED light,
  • night-vision light,
  • lights that attach to the rifle,
  • bow, and
  • Thermal-imaging scopes to handheld spotlights



10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Hunt Hogs


1. RK hunting Company 

Due to the nature of this sport, companies such as R&K hunting provide hunting guide services to hunting enthusiasts to protect them from danger or being exposed to other wild animals.

Located in Utah and Wyoming, USA.

The R & K Hunting Company is a premier hunting outfitter that employs experts to provide hunting guides and private hunting reserves for its premium customers.

They provide hunters with excellent opportunities to harvest magnificent trophies.

If you are familiar with the area, you can also work as a guide for hog hunters.

The higher the number of days/hours in which the hunt lasts, the better your pay.

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2. Wicked Hunting Lights

In states where night hunting is legal, you will need the services of companies that provide lights to help you with some means of illumination while you hunt.

Wicked Hunting Lights is a high-performance hunting gear company that provides an ideal scan and weapon-mounted night hunting light for night hunting.

Their uncompromised quality and high-performance lamps are known to deliver crystal clear illuminations.

This gives hunters an advantage when hunting at night.

The available equipment at their store includes

  • Night-vision
  • Lights that attach to the rifle
  • Bow, or Scope
  • Thermal-imaging scopes to handheld spotlights.

Most night hunters prefer the red and green light to the bright light which off hogs.

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3. Redhog Artisan Meat  

Located in Louisville.

Red Hog is Louisville’s first whole animal butcher shop that is committed to selling meats through sustainable, humane, and ethical farming practices.

Redhog Artisan serves as a bridge between hunters and local farmers and the larger market (restaurant and eateries).

Since most of the hunting is done in rural areas, most hunters are not directly connected to the consumers.

Companies like Redhog Artisan buy hogs from the hunters and provide logistics that transport this meat to the cities and places where they are processed and sold as a consumable product.

Hogs are in high demand in Italy and some states in the US.

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4. Ammo

Wild hogs are very dangerous animals; you need to be equipped with the best ammunition to kill them.

Ammo company provides the best brands of ammunitions like anti-hog AR-15 bullets like the Boar Buster that are designed to drill through hog’s tough hide and gristle shields.

In addition, they sell rifle ammo, handgun ammo & shotgun ammunition at great prices.

The first and most important step in hog hunting is to have the right ammunition for your firearm.

They also offer packages that allow you to save money for buying plenty of ammunition.

Visit their store and check their large selection of ammo.

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5. Rockymountainrotors

Rocky Mountain Rotors is an excellent full-service helicopter company that specializes in providing charters wild hog hunting packages.

They also provide air tours, photography, land surveys, maintenance, and repair for their premium customers.

Rocky mountain rotors company has continued to render years of excellent and safe services to hunting enthusiasts without compromising their services and values.

Their surveying services have helped save a lot of lives during hunting and have made hunting way easier because by surveying before hunting, hunters know where to hunt before they start.

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6. D-touraviation

Located in Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

D-Tour Aviation is one of the premier helicopter tour companies in Texas that offers a good flying experience across the United States of America.

This company has capitalized on the wild hog problem by providing unbeatable services to customers and charge them some money to machine-gun hogs from helicopters.

Generally, wild animals, including hogs, are tough to kill even with a machine gun because they are always on the move.

Once they sense danger, they move in different directions, which makes killing them even more stressful.

But with D-touravaition services, hunting enthusiasts are in good hands.

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7. Acting

Television shows like American Hoggers do casting from time to time, looking for actions to join the production team.

American Hoggers is an American reality show on the A&E network.

The series is about a Texas family, the Campbell family, who are in the business of hog hunting and animal control.

You could consider writing a script for acting in one of the series.

The script could be based on some of your hunting experiences.

If you’re not good with acting or writing scripts, you could join the production team to provide local and essential services due to your vast experience in the area.

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8. The Government

Some state governments support hunting programs through sponsorship.

Some years back, in states like Texas, the hog situation was horrible, and the state government began a program to reward hunters for every wild pig you hunt.

This program is meant to help reduce the population of hogs in the state.

In states like Alberta, you receive as much as $50 for every trophy you present.

However, these preventive programs have not prevented the hogs’ population from increasing, which means more money for you.

Visit the necessary authority in your state to get a piece of any available bounty hunts in your area.


9. Vintagefurs

Importer trade key company are trusted and verified hog skin exporters.

They instantly connect hog skin buyers with the sellers.

After the hunting game, if you have no desire to sell the entire animal, you could sell the skin to this company for a reasonable amount.

This company then collet the hide from you and sell to big fashion brands that use this product to make bags, shoes, and other fashion accessories.

However, you have to know how to process the hide to prevent contamination until it is sold. Most organizations wouldn’t buy contaminated animal skin from you.

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10. North American Hunting Competition

North American Hunting Competition hosts national hunting contests in which participants compete for prizes, typically cash or hunting equipment, to kill the most animals.

The games include including big games, deer, and outdoor photos.

Take advantage of this hunting competition by signing up to participate and win big.

Participating in these events will fetch in a lot of income and fame.

Hunting games might actually be your gateway to more hunting-related opportunities.

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How to Make Money Hunting Hogs FAQs


How to Become a Hog Hunter?

  1. Know the regulations in your state. Find out if your state allows hunting on private or public lands or both
  2. Acquire the necessary knowledge or skill of tracking hogs.
  3. Learn how to outwit the hogs.
  4. Equip yourself with relevant information.
  5. Know how to process a hog’s hide
  6. Know the time and season to hunt
  7. Know the value chain and who to sell you kill too.


How Much Do Hog Hunters Make?

There are general rules or limit to what a hunter can make.

A hunter’s profit is determined by his/her negotiating power and the number of hogs they have been able to kill.

The more you kill, the more you earn.

However, for every hunting game, a skillful hunter is guaranteed at a minimum of about $120.

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Can You Get Paid to Kill Hogs?

Apart from hunting for game purposes, the government also needs help to eradicate hogs.

That is why states like Texas are encouraging its citizen to hunt for a reward.

So yes, whether you decide to sell to merchants or you decide to claim the bounty, you can get paid to kill a hog.


Can I Get Paid to Hunt Feral Hogs in Texas?

Yes, you will get paid.

Places like Guadalupe County are running a get-paid-to-hunt-feral-hogs program to encourage hog hunting and protect farm and crop destruction.

The campaign is supported by over $5,000.

The county pays $5 per hog tail.

That is enough cash to support one thousand bounties.

But you must be licensed to hunt before you can hunt in Texas.


Can You Get Paid for Hunting?

There are several ways to get paid for hunting.

One of the easiest is becoming a trapper who traps wild animals and sells them to buyers for some extra cash or submitting them to the state to claim a bounty.

If you have rich experience in hunting, you could also render your services as a hunting guide.


Can You Eat Feral Hogs?

Yes, you can.

Feral hogs are healthier and more delicious than pork due to their lean body.

Even if the wild hog is infected, it is safe to consume after proper cooking.

Although hog meat is healthy, it is important to eat them in a registered restaurant where a chef properly cooks them.



So, as it turns out, there are many ways to make money with a bullet and a gun without robbing the bank.

This comprehensive article has explained the different ways in which you can get paid to hunt hogs and 10 or more companies that will pay you or help you get paid to hunt hogs.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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