Yes, you can really get paid to hunt coyotes!

This article reveals exactly how and some of the best states and/or programs that pay you to hunt coyotes.


Why Get Paid to Hunt Coyotes?

Sometimes howling at the moon is a breed of feral dogs that are distant cousins to the gray wolf and give the appearance of looking like dogs.

These coyotes are anything but man’s best friend.

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Like everything else in our dependent ecosystem, coyotes play an important role in the habitat.

Specifically, they are predators and help to manage the control of other animals that they share the environment with.

Specifically, the prey that they hunt includes skunks, raccoons, and foxes.

Unfortunately, the coyote is too smart for its good, and because of its ability to be a survivor and adapt, they are extremely prolific throughout the United States.

They are incredible hunters and their sense of smell and hearing make them cunning hunters that will just about eat anything that they get their teeth into.

The coyote is classified as an omnivore which means that they will eat just about anything.

Their dietary requirements are the consumption of 2 to 3 pounds of food every day.

Their diet will consist of insects, small animals, sometimes deer, and even a family pet if left unattended.

The reality is that the coyote population has increased by more than 40% since the 1950s.

Consequently, more coyotes equate to less food and the coyote crossing over boundaries in their pursuit of food and to survive.

Subsequently, to control the population of coyotes, there are programs throughout some states which allow for hunters to hunt coyotes and be paid in the process.


Personal Story

Living in the state of Wisconsin, every Saturday morning our family was subjected to the antics of a coyote.

The coyote even had a name.

The coyote’s name? Wile E. Coyote.

The coyote appeared on our television sets every Saturday morning and would continually be chasing the Roadrunner and endeavor to catch him by coming up with all sorts of involved and exotic plans in his effort to catch the speedy bird of the Southwest.

Inevitably, he would continually fail, and misfortune would fall upon him as his efforts always seem to backfire and create a significant hardship on this accident-prone cartoon figure.

Today, the tables have turned on not only this cartoon character but the real-life coyotes of today as they are now becoming the hunted.


10 Ways to Get Paid to Hunt Coyotes


1. Know About Coyotes

Coyotes are prevalent throughout the contiguous United States.

There are two types of coyotes found in the United States.

On the western part of the continent are the Western coyotes which are slightly smaller in size and are the ones that are typically characterized as baying at the moon in western movies.

The other type of coyote is classified as the eastern coyote and is larger because of breeding with the Great Lake’s wolves.

This combination of the Wolf and coyote made the eastern coyote bigger, hungrier, and faster.

An eastern coyote can weigh anywhere from 20 to 55 pounds.

The population of the coyote is so extensive that it is now being seen in the urban areas of Los Angeles, California.


2. Know Why Coyotes Need to Be Hunted

Coyotes are voracious predators and this coupled with the reality that they have no natural enemy makes the coyote population skyrocketing.

Also, most animals are unable to survive if there is no food source for them.

Coyotes, on the other hand, are extremely resourceful and simply travel to different areas seeking food.

This coupled with their unlimited diet of eating anything they can, allow them to survive and to procreate.

A female coyote can birth up to 12 pups in a litter and are ready to promote their species upon reaching the age of 20 months. The average lifespan of the coyote in the wild is 10 years.

All this is to say that a female coyote could potentially procreate her species by birthing 120 coyotes in her lifetime.

In addition to the coyote population preying on domesticated animals, there is the reality of a disease that the coyote contract and spreads.

If the unfortunate domesticated dog inhales this disease from the coyote they can be affected with canine hepatitis or distemper.

Both have a high mortality rate.


3. Freeze Them

This may sound inhumane, however, once the coyotes have been killed and time is of the essence as far as harvesting the fur, a good financial tip is to use a freezer in the garage to preserve the animal until you can get them to a fur buyer to receive your money for the animal’s fur.


4. Learn to Skin

Another way that you can get paid to hunt coyotes and keep more of the potential profit is to learn how to skin the animal yourself.

There are several ways that you can learn this including learning from an experienced skinner, through trial and error, and being instructed through videos that are on YouTube.


5. Market You Own Furs

Believe it or not, there is a big market for coyote fur.

Therefore, to cut out the middleman and associated additional costs, the individual can sell the furs harvested from the coyote directly to fur buyers.

One such buying website can be accessed by clicking here.


6. Trapping

Another way that a coyote can be caught is through trapping.

As with anything, there are the pros and cons associated with this type of activity.

It is also important to check with your state in regards to the governing rules and regulations as it relates to trapping coyotes.

Additionally, the United States Department of Agriculture employs trappers all over the country and pays them, roughly, $15 an hour.


7. Associations

A potential option for earning money as it relates to coyote hunting is to join an association or hunting club.

You might be able to find an audience to give a talk about your hunting experience and perhaps receive an honorarium or possibly use this club as a marketplace for some of the coyote items that you have accumulated.


8. YouTube

Through YouTube, a video could be produced on how to hunt coyotes.

As part of the presentation, you could discuss what weapon to use, the type of ammunition, and the use of a “lure” to bring the coyote to you.

The brief video presentation could be entertaining as well as instructional.

To possibly realize some revenue you could ask viewers for support or, when enough followers have been achieved, you may be able to gain some sponsorship support.


9. Write an eBook

You could write an eBook about your adventures.

You could capture, in the various chapters, your preparation, the hunt, the success, and other features involved with the hunting of coyotes.

The tone could be serious, light-hearted, or instructional.

If writing is not your thing, you could always hire a ghostwriter through a freelance website such as


10. Blogging

A great way for an individual to earn money through coyote hunting is to start a blog.

They can write about their coyote hunting adventures and gather a following.

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That following may support you and your adventures in hunting and also you can gain sponsorships for your site.

Possibilities of sponsorships could include companies that either cater to individuals who love to hunt, perhaps the states that offer bounties on coyotes, outdoor clothing retailers, etc.


10 Best States & Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Hunt Coyotes


1. Utah

The state of Utah operates a predator control program and with this program, a $50 incentive is provided to the hunters for each documented coyote that they kill within the state.

The individual interested in this bounty program needs to complete online training and a registration course.

Also, an app needs to be downloaded on their smartphone and this helps in the bounty and location process.

The individual does not need a Utah hunting license to participate in this program.

To learn more about this program you can click here.


2. South Dakota

South Dakota offers a bounty program as it relates to coyotes and payment of five dollars for both an adult and pup coyote is provided.

The months of payment include the whole year except April, May, and June.

A hunting license is not required to hunt coyotes and receive a bounty.

More information can be obtained about this bounty program in South Dakota by clicking here.



3. West Virginia

West Virginia offers a bounty on adult and pup coyotes and there is no limit on how many coyotes can be hunted.

From January 1 through July 31, the coyote can be hunted around the clock and if hunted at night, artificial lights and night vision scopes are legal.

The caveat to this bounty system is that a number of the animals have been tagged by the West Virginia division of natural resources.

If a bounty hunter can secure one of these coyotes, they can receive a monetary prize of anywhere from $100-$1000.

As it relates to a firearm, the weapon needs to be a 22 caliber bullet or smaller.


4. South Carolina

Legislators passed a law allowing the killing of coyotes as part of a bounty program.

Similar to the state of West Virginia, some of the coyotes were captured and tagged and then released back into the wild.

Hunters have an opportunity of hunting coyotes and if they can secure one of these coyotes that have been tagged, they may receive a bounty of $1000.

Coyotes, by law, are allowed to be hunted throughout the year and there is no closed season even on private lands.

Night hunting is authorized with certain weapon restrictions.

South Carolina is also encouraging the killing of coyotes by offering a lifetime hunting license to a hunter who secures a tagged coyote.


5. Hunting Trips

Because some individuals enjoy hunting and see it as a sport as well as those individuals who hunt animals for food, a prime opportunity is to be a hunting guide.

As the hunting guide, you will be responsible for organizing the hunters and will be called upon to scout out the game and lead the customer so that they have an enjoyable experience as well as have a successful hunt.


6. Pest Exterminator

Because coyotes are starting to make their presence known in an urban area, many homeowners and residents wish to have these coyotes removed from the neighborhood.

To remove coyotes from a neighborhood the shooting of firearms will not be an option.

However, there are other ways that these coyotes can be trapped and caged.

An individual who is professionally trained as it relates to coyotes will know how to safely and humanely get rid of the coyotes.

The important thing of considering this option is to check with your local state and community on what is allowed and what is not allowed.

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7. Indeed

One of the ways that are utilized to control the coyote population is through trapping.

The United States Department of Agriculture still employs trappers so that livestock are protected from predators.

Also, the state of Utah had an employment position available for a trapper during the spring and through fall months.

Click here to learn more about that position.


8. Sell the Fur

Many fur exchanges are available throughout the United States.

At these exchanges, an individual can sell the pelts of coyotes that they may have in their possession.

The price range of selling a pelt can be anywhere from $18-$77 and is dependent upon the quality of the pelts as well as other variables.

For a listing, click here.


9. Etsy

This may also sound morbid, but on some individuals make all sorts of crafts and are in the market for anything that you can salvage from the coyote.

They are in the market for pelts, scraps of fur, teeth, well you get the picture.

Additionally, some of these buyers on Etsy are a little bit more particular in what they are looking for as it relates to the color of the pelt and therefore may be willing to pay extra if you can meet their specific request.


10. eBay

EBay would be the same as Etsy and individuals are looking for items as it relates to the coyote.

Additionally, with eBay, you can take advantage of the bid process and perhaps earn more money if an individual is willing to bid higher for the same item.


Make Money Hunting Coyotes FAQs


How Hard Is It to Hunt a Coyote?

Coyotes are very quick, cunning, and with their acute senses able to identify danger.

Therefore, it can be a very difficult experience to hunt coyotes.


What Is the Best Time to Hunt Coyotes?

Coyotes are nocturnal animals.

The best time to hunt them is between the hours of dusk and dawn.


You Can Do It

Hunting coyotes to some may be inhumane while others enjoy the sport of hunting especially as it relates to an overabundance of this animal.

There are arguments on both sides but certainly, there is room for compromise.

Besides, you have the experience and respect of the animal kingdom.

That may be one of the reasons why you are hunting because of the devastation of this animal’s predatory habits and affecting other species of animals.



The coyote population is overextended.

As a responsible hunter, you realize the importance of balance in nature.

Additionally, in your practical efforts to keep the balance in check, you have the opportunity to earn some extra dollars.

Your hunting experience and philosophy are not to kill needlessly.

In some noble way, your earning money through the death of this respected creature is honoring to the animal kingdom.

As a thought, perhaps, we need more roadrunners to help control the population of the coyote.

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