If you want to know how to get paid to hunt refugees or even whether it is possible at all, you will find this comprehensive article very helpful.

It looks closely at how this works, answers some of the pressing questions you might have and how to get paid or rewarded to house refugees.

It also reveals some of the companies that really pay or help… including big name companies!


Why Get Paid to House Refugees?

The population of America is 329.5 million.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The number of people living in the United States equates to having 5% of the world’s population.

As of 2020, the global population was estimated to be 7.753 billion people.

Of the world’s population, a quarter billion of those citizens of the world live outside their country of birth.

Most of these mothers, fathers, and children are migrants who have made the conscious choice of leaving their homeland in search of better opportunities and quality of life.

According to the United Nations, it was estimated that 82.4 million people were displaced against their will and that 20.6 million people are refugees; refugees fleeing the terror of violence, crime, and other forms of abuse.

It is difficult to ignore 20.6 million people.


Personal Story

Working with a non-profit that serves the sometimes invisible community of the homeless, families living at poverty levels, addiction challenges, etc. is certainly an eye-opening experience.

Driving into our agency’s parking lot; there were a number of people already lining up to reserve their bed for the night’s lodging.

In the passenger seat was a previous resident of the street who had gotten his life together. As we maneuvered towards the parking spot, my passenger cautioned me to watch out for Steve as we parked.

Going into the shelter I asked my co-worker how he knew that man’s name was Steve?

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me and said, “That’s Steve, that’s his name. Don’t you know everyone has a name?”

20.6 million refugees and each one of them has a name.


14 Best Companies/Programs That Pay You to House Refugees

Below are some of the best companies and programs that either pay you directly to house refugees or help you get paid/rewarded.


1. Bethany Christian Services

One of the not-for-profit service providers that are assisting with the refugee crisis is Bethany Christian Services.

Their specific program is to place refugee children or youth into a foster care type situation. They practically seek and engage families that are willing to provide a home for a refugee child.

The requirements are that the family will open up their home and their hearts to a child who has been separated from their family and has refugee status.

The organization trains the family and provides significant support in the care of that child.

Requirements include attending an initial meeting, getting service certified, receiving training, etc.

A foster family and particularly the adults should be compassionate, understanding, and be good listeners, knowing that these children may have experienced some significant trauma.

Bethany Christian Services supports the foster family through the qualified involvement of specialists, case managers, therapists, and more.

A qualifying foster care home that takes in a child receives a monthly stipend that is tax-free. The purpose of this stipend is to cover food expenses, clothing, and school supplies.

Check This Out for Bethany Christian Services



Partnering with UNHCR is IKEA.

The project that they are collaborating on with this United Nations affiliation is entitled Brighter Lives for Refugees.

To help provide the funding for this effort, IKEA has indicated that a percentage of the sale of lightbulbs and lamps over a timeframe will be donated back to the program to help towards enriching the lives of refugees.

IKEA has over 300 stores located in over 40 countries participating in this program.

It is estimated that the efforts of all involved will net $33,400,000 that will be used to help refugee families in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Visit this link to read more about how this works.


3. Lyft

In 2017, Lyft became one of the 1st companies to voice their concern about the various travel bans that had been imposed by the president.

Their immediate commitment to the refugee crisis was in the form of a pledge of $1,000,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union.

That pledge was to be paid in increments over the ensuing 4 years.

In addition, the co-founders sent out an email that read:

Banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality, or ethnicity, from entering the United States is antithetical to both Lyft and our nation’s core values… We stand firmly against the actions and will not be silent on issues that threaten the value of our community.”

Visit this link to read a bit more about one of these instances.


4. Barilla

As part of the food industry, Barilla has committed to offering job opportunities and internships to a minimum of 75 refugees in Europe.

This will be accomplished by the year 2023.

This further commitment is in addition to the 60 employment positions that have already been provided by the company.


5. Airbnb

The Belong Anywhere Campaign was launched by Airbnb in 2016.

Its focus and dedication are to help refugees and others who are in dire straits.

Through this program, the company was able to successfully report that over $1,000,000 was donated and was matched by a grant in the amount of $800,000.

Consequently, $1.6 million went to purchasing practical aid for refugees and $200,000 of that money raised went towards a variety of nonprofit organizations to offset travel expenses in their support of refugees around the globe.

Visit this link to read more about The Belong Anywhere Campaign


6. Starbucks 

Starbucks is also committed to addressing the refugee challenge around the world and endeavoring to help individuals practically.

Starbucks has pledged to hire 10,000 refugees by the year 2022.

Also, Starbucks has joined the UNHCR #WithRefugees campaign, along with other non-government organizations, to team up and address the refugee crisis.

Some of those other organizations include the International Rescue Committee and the United States No One Left Behind organization.

Visit this link to read more about this


7. Walmart 

Not to enter the fray of politics, Walmart did, however, indicated its commitment to hiring refugees in 2017.

79 refugees were hired following that declarative statement in reaching out to the refugees of the world.

Visit this link to see how it works.


8. Hilton 

Hilton, the hospitality and lodging conglomerate, is continuing their efforts to help refugees.

Their commitment is to significantly interact with 16,000 refugees by the year 2030.

Their practical involvement will include the provision of hospitality skill training, giving in-kind donations, and encouraging their employees to volunteer with organizations affiliated with helping refugees.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Hilton will also be offering employment opportunities.


9. Ben & Jerry’s 

Ben & Jerry’s are becoming politically active in order to lobby for policy changes that are meaningful and productive for asylum-seekers and refugees.

Practically, Ben & Jerry’s also will engage 500 refugees through a business development program.

Also, in Europe by the year 2023, these 500 refugees will be brought on as part-time employees within the organization.


10. Microsoft 

Microsoft’s intent is to partner and provides dollars as investments that will reconnect and provide refugee children with learning opportunities.

These opportunities will be provided through educational means, the provision of digital skills, and other powerful opportunities to help them succeed in a technological world.


11. UPS

The United Parcel Service foundation recently awarded a $14,000,000 grant.

This grant was given to non-government organizations, not for profits, and a variety of organizations that are part of the United Nations.

Also, UPS is working with UNHCR (through their UPS Relief Link program).

This program through their business service on delivery will rapidly deliver the basics basic essentials of life.

Those essentials include the delivery of food, water, blankets, and other items to refugees.

Through this program, 120,000 refugees have had these items delivered to them in half the time that it would’ve normally taken.

In addition, because of the volatile lifestyle of a refugee, UPS has enacted practical steps to help the refugees.

This practicality has been through the offering of emergency preparedness supply training to those who are displaced.

Generally, this displacement is through persecution, acts of violence, and various types of conflict.

Visit this link to check out the United Parcel Service foundation


12. Catholic Relief Services

Another major not-for-profit that is instrumental in reaching out to refugees and offering practical as well as spiritual help is Catholic Relief Services.

This is a faith-based organization and provides such services as shelter, food, supplies, medical assistance, and education.

Their specific refugee focus is on Syrians. Also, they are focusing on communities that have been impacted by the influx of refugees into their country.

Specifically, those countries include Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Visit this link to check out Catholic Relief Services


13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has established a Welcome Talent Initiative.

With this initiative, they partner with not for profits, associations, and organizations in the private sector, governments, etc.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide practical services for refugees who are in a crisis situation.

The initiative also focuses on establishing careers for these individuals through career development and accessibility to a variety of jobs that may be available.

The Welcome Talent Initiative was originally formed in Sweden where there was an influx of refugees entering this country.

Subsequently, Canada has been included in the expansion of this initiative. Also, the United States has also been included in the program.

This expansion to Canada and United States occurred after 3000 refugees were influenced by LinkedIn in 2016 while residing in the country of Sweden.

Check this out for Welcome Talent Initiative


14. USA for UNHCR

The United Refugee Agency and its partners have joined together to provide the basics of life.

This of course is to ensure that not only the refugees survive but have the potential opportunities of enjoying their right to a life of quality.

The essentials that are provided through this organization include water, food, shelter, and protection and safety

The agency is designed and implemented to protect refugees and empower them with possibilities, hope, and opportunity.


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Getting Paid to House Refugees FAQs


What Is the Difference Between an Asylum Seeker and a Refugee?

An asylum seeker is asking for protection because they are afraid that they will be persecuted.

Often an asylum seeker has been a victim of violence or they are a target of human rights violations.

A refugee is an individual seeking refuge or protection and has been granted the opportunity to resettle in a different country or is waiting to be resettled.

Therefore, not every person seeking asylum becomes a refugee, but every refugee was at a point in time an asylum seeker.


Do Refugees Pay Taxes?

Refugees that relocate to the United States are considered residents.

Therefore, because all residents of America are required to pay taxes, refugees would be required to adhere to this lawful expectation.

Refugees would pay both income and other taxes.


What Is the Financial Impact of the Refugee Crisis?

The financial impact of the refugee crisis takes into account a number of economical factors.

First, there is the pressure to increase wages due to the influx of individuals moving into a variety of countries.

Secondly, there is the drain on not-for-profits or individuals that are altruistic in nature due to the significant influx of refugees. This influx certainly strains the system.

Also, there is the financial impact on law enforcement and following the various laws enacted by the countries

Additionally, there is a financial impact on housing and the need for individuals to obtain shelter by renting various apartments and homes.

That being said a fairly recent study, estimated that in the United States alone the cost of resettling a refugee was estimated to be $15,000.

However, it is especially notable to add that after a certain period of time, 6 to 8 years, the refugee will have been well-established, earning a living and providing for their own needs.

Consequently, the return of investment of bringing in a refugee is substantial due to their impact on the workforce, adding to the economy and to the treasury, and a variety of other financial impactful issues.


You Can Do It

The debate of helping others in the world when there are so many less fortunate in our own country rages on.

There are sound arguments on both sides of the issue.

Some individuals and some companies have taken a stand on the issue and through their efforts show their commitment to where they stand.

Right or wrong, in one’s estimation, companies and people are not only openly defying some political stances but rolling up their sleeves and practically demonstrating their decision.

The beauty of living in America is that we have that choice. A choice that so many millions of others do not have but are forced to make.



A mere glance at today’s newspapers or viewing of any national news programs on the television will certainly bring home the reality that there is a refugee problem around the world and is spilling over into America.

This writing is not intended to fall down upon either side of the argument.

It is simply an outline of businesses that have seen the challenge and understand that their business of profit and loss also needs to be involved with the business of helping others.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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