If you want to know how to get paid to go to rehab, reading this detailed will be very helpful.

It reveals a lot about how getting paid to go to rehab works and examples of some of the best companies and programs that really pay or help you get paid.

Some of the programs included in this article are even through government and not-for-profit organisations and they help you.


Why Get Paid to Go to Rehab?

Why not, right?

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Especially if it’s indeed possible – you get the help you need and also get paid or supported financially!

News-catching stories about addictions would include the reporting of the rise in cocaine use, alcoholism, fentanyl, etc.

However, other addictions can be equally devastating for an individual. Some of those addictions could be food, gambling, and sex addiction.

The bottom line in all of these addictions is that if it is an addictive behavior that is completely obsessive and controls an individual’s life it can be devastating on several fronts.

It is estimated that the cost per American citizen for untreated addictions is $43,200. These are costs associated with incarcerating these individuals.

Tragically, 11.8 million deaths are directly or indirectly associated with addictive behaviors. Of that completely devastating number, 350 thousand individuals died from drug overdoses.

Additionally, are countless devastating side-effects of addictive behaviors in business dealings, personal relationships, and on the individual.


11 Companies and Programs That Pay You to Go to Rehab


Insurance Companies That Pay You to Go to Rehab

1. United Healthcare

United Healthcare is an insurance provider. Many policies written for individuals under this plan provide coverage for addiction treatment.

That coverage may be full or partial coverage provided.

The service includes payment of an inpatient rehab process and detoxification.

There is a broad range of coverage provided and it is dependent on the individual’s choice of plan and residential location.

In response to the epidemic proportions of addictive behavior, United Healthcare created an entirely new division within their healthcare company.

That division is known as the United Behavioral Health Division.

This division’s goal and mission are to provide the highest opportunities for an individual to complete their recovery.

Click here to check out United Healthcare



CIGNA is a healthcare coverage company that insures close to 86,000,000 customers worldwide.

There are a variety of plans and options that an individual can choose from for their medical coverage.

Therefore, depending upon which coverage has been chosen an addictive individual seeking to recover from their addiction will have their expenses provided for inpatient or outpatient care.

CIGNA also has a behavioral health division which is specifically designed to provide practical resources and educational tools.

These options are intended to further help an individual with their recovery process.

The coverage and costs covered by CIGNA are dependent upon the variables of where the insured individual lives and what specific plan they have chosen.

Click here to check out CIGNA

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3. Aetna

This particular insurance company provides and manages insurance coverage on a more personal and individual approach.

Rather than setting a specific ceiling on how much the insurance coverage will provide, Aetna works with the particular individual to determine how much insurance coverage is needed for the individual to be successful.

Added to the benefit of this insurance is that the company locates and offers assistance for their clients to find therapeutic and additional support services offered within their community.

An individual insured with Aetna may be eligible for a portion of their hospitalization to be covered along with detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, and ongoing care.

Click here to check out Aetna


4. Medicare and Medicaid

These health benefits sponsored by governments, both federal and state, are made available to certain segments of the population. Services that may be included under Medicare and Medicaid include the possible payment of rehab costs.

Additionally, these insurance programs may provide funding for those who have been diagnosed with an addiction to alcohol. Both insurance providers have varying eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for Medicaid recipients requires that the individual is over the age of 65 and under the age of 19, expecting a child or a parent, and their income must fall between a specific income range.

Medicare is available for individuals who are over the age of 65 and have a qualifying disability.


Private Funding Programs That Pay You to Go to Rehab

5. Scholarships

Some rehabilitation centers realize that the overall cost of the road to recovery can be considerably expensive.

Therefore, some rehabilitation centers can offer scholarships to needy individuals to help them with their addiction.

Therefore, if an individual does not have the financial resources to enter into a rehabilitation center, it is worth asking the question as to whether any potential scholarships exist to offset any of the associated costs.


6. Fund Raising Crowd Funding

If an individual has an addiction and they have a supportive family or group of friends, there may be a silver lining to their situation.

Specifically, family members may be able to pool their resources together to help offset any expenses associated with the rehabilitation process.

Additionally, an individual may be able to share their story with the community at large and take advantage of crowdfunding opportunities.

One such crowdfunding opportunity is Go Fund Me.

The individual can tell their story, share any aspects of their road of addiction that may resonate with other individuals, and may be able to have a community of sympathetic and engaged individuals who helps them with their financial situation.


Governments That Pay You to Go to Rehab

7. State And Local Governments

Available to an individual who is trying to come to grips with their addiction are state-operated treatment facilities that take advantage of federal funds.

The structure of the state programs varies from state to state. They may be their own separate identity or operate under the umbrella of a larger health division within the particular state.

Both inpatient care and support services provided following treatment may be available.

As with any other program available to help an individual in payment of rehab, there are requirements.

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Some of those requirements include proof of citizenship and residency, along with their history of addiction.

Also, an individual to be considered for this program needs to fall within the parameters of the income guidelines.


Get Paid to Go to Rehab


8. Substance Abuse Prevention And Treatment Block Grant

In addition to funding other programs, the federal government has other grants that are available to specific individuals within their communities.

This source of federal funding is known as the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant.

SAMHSA specifically offers pregnant and postpartum women this opportunity to address their addiction issues.

In addition, grants may be provided to individuals who are intravenous drug addicts.

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Non-Profits That Pay You to Go to Rehab

9. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a nonprofit/church that helps individuals work through their addictions.

There are many residential facilities located in a variety of cities that are designed to house both men and women. The program is a work therapy program by day and in the evening; the individual is required to attend several support groups.

These group activities are designed along the same successful structural lines of AA.

Support activities include working with a sponsor, hearing successful stories from the graduates of the program, and providing educational insights as to the addict’s personality and triggers that create the addictive need.

The Salvation Army’s heavy emphasis on helping addict recovery is a significant reliance upon their higher power.

Adding to the team of individuals helping these residents is a group of dedicated volunteers recruited by Salvation Army staff to provide counseling services.

These individuals are usually retired or semi-retired professionals who have had a successful working experience in helping people sort through their addictions and set out and stay on the road to recovery.


10. Teen Challenge

A non-profit that is specifically designed to help teenagers is Teen Challenge.

This Christian group helps teenagers who have alcohol, drug, or other addictions.

There are a variety of Teen Challenge centers set up to help these teenagers with their recovery process. There is a cost for the treatment provided by this non-profit but is provided at a fairly nominal cost.

There is no standard rate charged to a young person taking advantage of this treatment program. Payment is dependent upon where the individual lives and varies from locale to locale.

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Companies That Pay You to Go to Rehab

11. Belden Inc.

Addiction is a significant concern for businesses. Those concerns for the business include finding individuals to work who can pass a drug test, loss of productivity due to absences, repeated hirings due to job loss, etc.

Consequently, one such company has taken the initiative to address these issues and invest in people to be a more productive business as well as a concerned community member.

That company is Belden, Inc. located in Richmond, Indiana.

They were finding it increasingly difficult to find workers who could pass the drug screening test for employment. Consequently, they came up with an innovative solution to this challenge.

That solution was to offer a program for drug users to not only address their addiction but to get clean and to stay on the road to recovery.

As of this writing, 8 individuals have participated in the program.


Personal Story

When catastrophic events of life happen, as human beings we turn to behaviors that will help us come to grips with those events.

Working with a not-for-profit, one such case was a Ph.D. professor who lost his wife to a car accident. In his efforts to cope with this tragic loss, he turned to alcohol to deaden the pain.

The reality is that the pain was only deadened for a while and when the effects of the alcohol wore off, the pain was still there but only intensified due to his inability to continue in his teaching career.

Subsequently, his life became one significant loss after another which resulted in him being forced to take to the street.

Fortunately, a not-for-profit was there for him and was able to help him work through his pain and lead him to his road of recovery.

This is a success story but not necessarily the same happy ending that other addicts experience.


Rehab FAQs


Can an Individual Be Fired for Going to Rehab?

If an individual recognizes that they need to seek professional treatment for a behavioral issue in their life, the decision to pursue treatment is a big step.

Often an individual will worry about any stigmas associated with their decision and whether they can be fired from their employment position.

It is important to understand that the Family and Medical Leave Act protects an individual who wishes to take this path to recovery.

Specifically, 12 weeks of unpaid time off from work is guaranteed by FMLA without the risk of the individual losing their job.

Also, the law is on the individual’s side in that the employer cannot discriminate against you if there is a proven history of drug addiction.

A substance abuse issue is considered a medical condition.

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How Should an Employee Talk to Their Employer About Rehab?

Before communicating with one’s employer about rehab, it is important to know what the company’s policy is regarding an individual entering rehabilitation.

It is also important for an employee to understand their rights as a worker.

The concern of the individual seeking a re-recovery process may include the concern about the bosses’ opinion of them and whether they are suitable for the job to continue in the employment position.

However, it’s important to have a conversation with one’s employer sooner than later and be completely honest and straightforward.

You can set the employer’s mind at ease by affirming to the employer that your work performance will take a turn for the better once this addiction has been addressed.



As this article has revealed, there are indeed ways to get paid to go to rehab.

It also revealed examples of companies, organisations and programs that pay or reward you to go to rehab.

There are exorbitant expenses associated with addiction. Those expenses can be financial as well as in the area of the destruction of relationships.

The expenses of addiction are realized at the national level, the state level, the community level, and flood into the personal lives of individuals and their families.

Also, there is widespread destruction as it relates to individuals who are under the addictive power of many behavioral issues.

Consequently, to recover, a recovery process needs to be identified, supported, and utilized.

Addictions and be successfully treated and addicts can successfully recover.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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