Talk about having fun and getting paid, right? It’s really true – you can get paid to go on expeditions!

This very helpful article shows you how it works and the best companies/programs that pay you to go on expeditions.



When we were kids, nothing was quite as exciting as going exploring and letting our imagination run rampant.

A walk off the beaten path was, for us as kids, like heading off into the wild backcountry or going on Safari.

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We never knew what wild animals awaited us or when the bushes stirred what sort of creatures were ready to lunge out at us.

Fast forward to today and as adults, we still go on these wild adventures or expeditions.

They may not take us on that same remote path but nevertheless, our vacations, excursions, and sometimes everyday experiences in life can be wild journeys and one never knows what is lurking.

The expeditions could be an actual vacation to a remote destination and exploring new lands and meeting new people or our adventures could be with a new job or a new situation in which the excitement runs high, and the possibilities of wild adventures await.

If that anticipation and excitement is still part of your inner child, let us explore ways that we can get paid to go on explorations or expeditions and 10 companies that can help us.


10 Ways/Tips to Get Paid to Go on Expeditions


1. Budget 

The basic framework for any activity involved with finances is the creation of a budget.

When considering the opportunity to get paid to go on expeditions and companies that will help you in this endeavor, you will need to list your income and expenses as it relates to this endeavor.

On the income side, it is important to list all the possible and current streams of revenue that you have.

On the expense side, you would need to list all of your current fixed expenses which would include any financial obligations such as insurance, vehicle payments, etc.

Fixed payments are something that you do not have an option or choice whether to pay or not.

Other expense items would include any expenses related to travel, supplies, equipment, etc.


2. Plan

The next step would be to develop a plan of how you are going to proceed.

In other words, when looking for resources that will pay you, how will you identify those resources, and what actions steps will you take to approach them and endeavor to gain support.

Also, your plan should include milestones that need to be reached, and if not realized then make the needed adjustments.


3. Writing 

A great way to get paid to go on expeditions is to write about your experience.

This can be done in e-book form and self-published and can be marketed through the Amazon/Kindle platform.

Your e-book can share with the kindred spirit reader about your adventures and expeditions that you may have already been a part of.

Also, you can write about your current journey and your desire to get paid to go on expeditions and even write about your experience in approaching companies and exploring opportunities.

Your book can take on a variety of tones including the combination of humor, seriousness, being inspirational, as well as motivational.

Individuals that purchase your book will know that the proceeds are going to sponsor your expedition experience.

You can also make money writing, as you can see from the following:


4. YouTube 

You can create a YouTube channel that is devoted to fellow adventurers and create a following in which others may choose to sponsor you by contributing to your YouTube channel as well as the possibility of affiliate advertising, and possibly gaining a sponsor for the channel as well.

The content of the channel could include the sharing of your adventures, inserting various photographs or movie clips, evaluating the latest products, or endorsing products that you have found to be very useful on your adventures.

Another way that you can earn additional revenue from your YouTube channel would be to provide a premium subscription in which the followers would subscribe to obtain special promotions, special instructions, added hints or tips, etc.


5. Podcast 

As an adventurer going on all sorts of unique expeditions, you probably have a number of stories to tell.

You could, to financially benefit from your experience, produce a podcast.

In the production of a podcast, you can obtain sponsorships that will provide revenue for the podcast to be aired or you can simply mention certain companies or brands on your podcast and also receive revenue.

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6. Blogging 

Another opportunity to create money is by creating a blog site.

Through such companies as, a site can be established and you can write about your past, current, or future excursions.

If you have a flair for writing this would be a great way to capture your adventures and take the reader on the trip with you.

If not comfortable writing or feel that your creative talents are not in the writing field you could always hire a freelance ghostwriter who can transcribe your adventures from audio and put them into your own words on the blog.


7. Photography 

Perhaps, rather than writing, you have an eye for photography that you can put to good use by visually capturing your expeditions.

These can be embedded into your blog or you can create a separate website in which individuals can be a part of your journey through this visual and photographic experience.

To create revenue, a possibility would be to not only allow free content but provide subscription content in which further pictures are provided to the subscriber or an additional element of the adventure that is not provided to the general use of your website.

Also, there are photography contests that you could possibly submit your photographs to and enter into a variety of competitions that may provide prize money.

One such site can be accessed by clicking here.


8. Leading a Group 

Another way that you can earn money to go on expeditions is by actually leading an expedition itself.

With your vast experience and familiarity with the expedition area that you are going on, you can advertise through your social media platforms and website that you are forming a group and will be taking those that register on the journey.

Just as you plan out your expeditions you will need to plan these expeditions if this is an option that you choose to exercise.

It is important to investigate any licenses or permits and insurance that are needed.


9. Giving Talks 

People always want to hear a good adventure story.

With your experience and your dedication to your involvement on expeditions, your storytelling can command a good monetary reward from individuals who want to hear about your compelling adventures.

You can advertise yourself on your website or through your blog offering the sharing of these stories or make your storytelling known to a variety of clubs and associations whose members would want to hear about your experiences.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to approach certain retailers that specialize in outdoor activity and perhaps approach them about giving a talk or a lecture on a particular day of the week in which you could be paid an honorarium by providing a service to their customers.


10. Ambassador 

Makers of sporting goods and outdoor equipment are always looking for spokespersons or ambassadors to utilize their products in exchange for talking about those products to their particular sphere of influence as it relates to outdoor life.

As you are out on your excursion the possibility of understanding between you and the company would that be any photographs taken would include the significant recognition of their products so that their brand name gets marketed.

Most likely the best strategy in gaining sponsorships would be to approach local retailers and offer this option to get exposure for their company.

Once you begin to build your followers up to a certain level then that may provide leverage to gain access to other sponsors with a broader reach and sponsorship monies.


10 Companies/Programs That Help You Get Paid to Go on Expeditions


1. Simply Hired 

Simply Hired is a job posting site in which a variety of open job postings are listed by companies looking to hire individuals.

When logging onto the site, you are provided the option to conduct a filtered search.

One is the location and the other is a specific employment opportunity that you are looking for.

Therefore, keep your location as broad as possible and put in the job search bar the words expedition and then do a return on this search.


2. Indeed 

Another job posting website is

Similar to other job posting sites, Indeed has a considerable number of employment positions available for the individual looking to go on expeditions.

Conduct a keyword search and your screen will be populated with a number of job vacancies and companies or associations that are looking for an individual to be paid to go on expeditions.

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3. NAVTEC Expeditions 

NAVTEC Expeditions is looking to hire a Back Country Guide.

Specifically, they are looking for Whitewater River guides and backcountry 4 x 4 guides.

The position is seasonal and is offered in the city of Moab, Utah.

The requirements to fill this position include being a citizen of the United States, passing a background check, having a driver’s license, passing a drug test, and having a current Wilderness First Responder and CPR certification.

The duties of these two positions include the ability to demonstrate through your experience and knowledge a significant comfortable level as it relates to backcountry travel.

The accepted candidate will demonstrate a quality personality with a good attitude and strong people skills.

They also should have a good knowledge of canyonlands and Arches geology

NAVTEC Expeditions is the recognized concessionaire of the National Park Service and provides these four-wheel-drive and white water rafting tours.



Outdoor Packing Guide is being advertised by EXPEDITIONS Alaska.

EXPEDITIONS Alaska has a quality reputation as not only an outstanding business operated in Alaska but has been recognized and certified by a number of societies and associations.

This company offers backpacking trips, camping, photography, sea kayaking, hiking trips, etc.

The open job position requires an individual to have a love for the natural world and enjoys outdoor adventure experiences while informing those that they are charged to serve.

The company operates out of Anchorage, Alaska and the pay per day is $225 plus tips.


5. Avid 4 Adventure 

The employment position of Expedition Instructor is advertised through Avid 4 Adventure.

This company publishes its own magazine and was listed as one of the top best places to work by Outside Magazine.

They are currently looking for instructors for their summer expedition programs in Oregon.

The instructors provide support and mentorship and take advantage of teachable moments for their campers.

The job entails 24-hour care for the campers and provides the significant role of support and being role models.

The specifics of the job include guiding children on backpacking adventures, biking, and climbing.

The successful candidate will be at least 21 years of age, be a Wilderness First Responder, have one year of experience in this type of setting, and have a valid driver’s license.


6. Triple Divide Lodge 

The advertised employment position of Wilderness Instructor is available with the employer being Triple Divide Lodge.

The salary range is $39,000 to $43,000 per annum.

The duties that need to be fulfilled include teaching rock climbing, rappelling, involvement challenge course, use of basic outdoor tools, background safety, and more.

The qualified individual will have a degree in wilderness therapy or equivalent experience.

The accepted candidate will also be certified as a Wilderness First Responder, have winter camping experience, knowledge of traveling in bear country, etc.

Triple Divide Lodge is located in Marion, MT.


7. Summit Public Schools 

The employment position of Expeditions Teacher for the school year 2022-2023 is being advertised.

The salary range is capped at $93,149.

The purpose of this position is to empower the student on a road of self-discovery.

The goal is that the individual student will maximize their potential.

This will be accomplished by exposing the students to learning experiences that include guest speakers, field trips, and other real-life world experiences.

Areas of study include:

  • STEM-Related courses
  • College Readiness
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Leadership and Service
  • Outdoor Wilderness
  • And more


8. Trails Carolina 

Trails Carolina is advertising for the position of Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor.

The salary range is $36,000 to $43,000.

The job requires an individual who has backcountry expedition and bases camp programming.

The individuals served are at-risk youth.

The purpose of the program is to engage these troubled youth to reach their full possibilities as maturing individuals.

The location of this “expedition” is in the wilderness area of Western North Carolina.


9. UnCruise Adventures 

The position of Expedition Guide is being advertised to provide an experience to the customer that will broaden their appreciation of local cultures and the natural world.

Amongst the activities that this position will provide leadership for include kayaking amongst icebergs, hidden majestic waterfalls, swimming with sea lions, diving with manta rays, and observing whales.

A variety of destinations include Alaska, the Snake, and Columbia Rivers, Panama and Costa Rica, Hawaiian Islands, locations in Mexico, and the Pacific Northwest.

The qualified candidate will demonstrate one year of naturalist interpretation or education specific to the environment, a Bachelor of Science in natural history, experience in leading small groups, and more.


10. No Barriers 

No Barriers, located in Colorado, is advertising for the position of Program Manager.

The salary range is from $50,000-$55,000 a year.

The role of Program Manager entails the leadership position of providing oversight for the phases of the program, planning, and follow-through.

The program involves working with participants, sponsors, program leaders, and other staff members including oversight of expeditions, events, online courses, and virtual experiences.

The individual will come with a complete set of skills as it relates to adventure and the backcountry, managing budgets, working with a diverse group of people, and a strong passion to impact the lives of people with barriers in a positive manner.


Personal Story

As often is the case, as children we were daring and adventuresome.

Close to my home flowed the Wisconsin River.

One day a group of our family members and visiting cousins were exploring along the banks of the river.

It was exciting and of course, certain members of the family would say and do things to further excite the members of the expedition and which caused screams and concerns about where we were going and the dangers around the bend or behind the trees.

All of a sudden, one of the members of our exploration team cried out “Where’s Kevin?”

My brother was always the one that didn’t need to get into trouble because trouble always found him and so I thought he was playing around.

After a few moments, I realized he was nowhere in sight so we retraced our steps.

Within a matter of a few seconds, we came across him in the river floating face down.

Jumping in the water, we grabbed him and pulled him safely to the shore and nobody was any worse for the wear.

Our expedition had turned dangerous but fortunately, everyone survived with one exception.

Kevin’s T-shirt smelt so badly from the river that we threw it back in; the only casualty.


Getting Paid Money to go on Expeditions FAQs


What Would Be the Primary Personal Characteristics of an Individual Who Enjoys Going on Expeditions?

Some characteristics of an individual who enjoys going on expeditions would include:

  • Conviction
  • Perseverance
  • Curiosity
  • Focus
  • Resilience
  • Risk-taking


How Do You Determine What the Cost of an Expedition Would Be or What is the Average Cost of an Expedition?

As a frame of reference, an expedition to Antarctica would cost roughly $8,000 per individual.

The cost of the expedition would include all of the expenses with an upgrade to a luxury voyage exceeding $15,000 per person.


You Can Do It

Just as you crave the spirit of adventure and welcome the challenges of life, the challenge of getting paid to go on an expedition pales in comparison to the other adventures you have experienced.

Your adventuresome spirit has not only enabled you to meet the challenge of going on expeditions but this new expedition of getting paid is something that you are equal to as well.



Life is an adventure in itself.

However, there are those individuals who like to ratchet up their lives and take to the outdoors and extend their adventurous life by going on new expeditions and creating new exciting experiences.

Additionally, what can be better than going on an adventure and being paid.

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