Talk about the best of both worlds, right? Getting paid for your GED is indeed possible, thanks to legit programs and companies that really pay.

This article reveals exactly how and the best programs and companies that pay you to get your GED.



Life guarantees are that there are no guarantees.

The fairytale life in which an individual is brought into this world and nurtured by a loving and caring family, grows up, goes to school, completes her education, gets a great job, finds the perfect soulmate, has children, and everybody lives happily ever after is exactly that.

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It is a fairytale!

The reality is events of life happen and there are twists, turns, and detours.

Or that these events, rather than being stumbling stones, can be used as steppingstones and we can adjust and move on.

The age of the individual does not provide immunity.

There are many young people who, for various reasons, are unable to complete their high school education.

Examples of detours could be a family illness, making choices, or just the reality that school may not be appealing to some individuals.

Fortunately, if an individual is not able to complete their high school, there is a process in which an individual can compensate for this.

This process is known as General Educational Development or a GED.

Additionally, to add further motivation, there are ways that an individual can get paid to get their GED and there are companies or programs that will help them in this process.

Let us learn together.


What is the GED?

The GED or General Educational Development tests are a combination of four educational courses that are designed to gauge the knowledge of the individual taking the test.

The four subjects that are tested include math, science, social studies, and reasoning through language arts.

The successful completion of the four tests will allow the individual to be awarded a high school diploma.

There are many reasons why an individual has not achieved their high school diploma.

This process allows for that individual, through the equivalency of a GED, to secure that certification.


How to Earn or Get Your GED

The earning of a GED is accomplished through study, taking sample tests, and completing the four different tests.

There are different criteria required according to the state of residency.

The common criteria include:

  • Age requirement
  • Residency
  • Photo ID
  • Preparation in taking the test
  • State High School Enrollment Status


18 Best Companies & Programs That Pay or Help You Get Paid Your GED


1. Jobs Corps 

One valuable government program that provides living expenses while the individual is studying to complete their GED is through the joining of job corps.

In addition to helping the student towards achieving their GED, by joining job corps, you will have the opportunity to focus on a trade and use the entire benefits package to focus on a career.

For more information about this program, you can log onto


2. Church’s Chicken

This chicken eatery and restaurant launched a program called Rising Stars Education.

The initiative extends to team members and shift leaders who have been with the company for a minimum of 90 days to work towards obtaining their GED credentials.

The program unfolds with acceptance and then they are assigned a mentor and a personal assessment is provided.


3. Pizza Hut

The iconic pizza restaurant is working with team members who are motivated to earn their GED.

The program not only allows the applicants to find time to study for their testing but also absorbs some of the testing costs and provides the taking of the certification at a discounted price to enrollees.


4. Cheesecake Factory

Employees of this famous restaurant offer the GED Works program to their kitchen staff throughout their restaurant chain.

The program provides a flexible way for the staff to work towards this educational achievement and at no cost to the student.


5. Sheetz

This convenience store business has partnered with a GED testing service to provide a program that is provided at no cost to their employees who wish to pursue their GED.

The program involves the assignment of a personal coach for the student, study materials, practice tests, connections to local adult education programs, GED tests at no cost, and career planning tools.


6. Southeastern Grocers 

As a large grocery retailer partnership has been made with GED Works to provide resources for their employees to obtain their GED.

Similar to the other programs, it provides a mentor, GED materials, and the actual testing at no charge to their employees.

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7. UCare

Ucare, a health provider, has inaugurated a pilot program to help their employees obtain their GED degrees.

With this program, the entire cost of obtaining a GED is absorbed by UCare.

Additionally, it would appear that even the members of this medical care system are eligible for this GED program provided at no cost.


8. KFC 

This famous fried chicken restaurant started by the Colonel also commits to their employees in realizing the completion of their high school education through a GED program.

KFC is a committed employer and provides the testing and study materials at no cost to their employee, assigns a GED advisor, access to support through the social media website of Facebook, and commitment to the individual to stay the course until the test has been passed.


9. Walmart 

As one of the largest retailers, Walmart commits its team members to help them secure their high school equivalent diploma.

The name of the Walmart program is “Live Better U.”

In partnering with Walmart on this program is the Bluebird Prepaid Debit Card in which a debit card is provided to the employee to be used at for the associated costs.

The program provides the opportunity for their team members to earn their GED and have no out-of-pocket associated costs with the pursuit of this certification.

In addition, some rewards or incentives serve as milestones along the way as the participant within the program achieves those accomplishments.


10. Taco Bell 

Taco Bell is assisting its staff to pursue their educational goals and be the educationally best that they can be.

The participation of Taco Bell in the pursuit of a GED includes a program in which all of the tools and needed support are provided at no cost to the employee.

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11. Adult Literacy Options 

To increase the literacy of individuals there are potential programs in your area that provide support to reaching this goal.

To locate such a program in your area you can access the National Literacy Directory.


12. Research 

Many organizations are dedicated to helping individuals move forward in their educational goals.

Not only do these organizations provide practical assistance but also may support the focused individual in reaching those personal goals.

Consequently, there may be scholarships, grants, or stipends available.

To see if you qualify you can check with local state opportunities by accessing the American Council on Education.


13. GED Works 

As you continue on your journey towards earning your GED it is important to take advantage of as many available resources as possible.

One of those resources can be found at

This comprehensive site, registering at no charge, you can start your studying towards earning your GED as well as finding classes and taking the test.


14. Local Schooling Institutions

The beauty of earning your GED is that many people and institutions are cheering you on.

Some of those institutions include educational facilities within your community.

As part of your journey towards earning your GED and being paid it is important to connect with these educational systems.

You can make an appointment with a high school counselor to find out more about GED classes and programs that might pay you to take your GED or possibly cover the expenses associated with the GED test.

Another local community institution dedicated to learning is the local community college.

By making a phone call you can let them know of your goals and desires to complete your high school equivalency exam.

They will encourage and direct you to opportunities that are available in your community.


15. States

Many states offer their residents a variety of scholarships or stipend opportunities for you to complete your GED.

Some states offer the taking of the GED test at no cost to the student.

Those states include New York, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Maine.

Also, some states subsidize the taking of the test.

They pay a portion, and the student pays a portion.

Those states include Arkansas and Maryland.

It is best to check with your state to see what programs may be available and how you can offset any costs associated with securing your GED.

At the Department of Education website that links all of the various states, an individual can begin their search at


16. Fastweb 

At there is a comprehensive listing of national scholarships.

This database provides a research opportunity for an individual to look at potential scholarships, financial aid options as well as grants, and internships.

As a bonus on this website, there is a listing of part-time jobs in which the individual can earn money while studying for the GED.


17. Phone Call 

By picking up your smartphone, and calling 1.877.392.6433, GED Services, you may be able to get a number of your questions answered regarding the securing of your GED.

Some of those questions could include possible financing opportunities or ways to secure money to work towards getting your GED?


18. Working at a Company That Offers GED Support 

A great way to get paid while obtaining your GED is to work for a company that values your goal of getting your high school equivalency certification.

Often these companies will make allowances with your schedule and even provide pay while you study and work towards your educational goal.



Personal Story

In working with the homeless population, the ultimate goal was to get the individual off of the street and into their own home.

Frankly, some individuals did not align with this goal, and yet others welcomed the opportunity.

Unfortunately, for an individual who wanted to get off of the streets, there were various barriers to entry.

Some of those barriers included their health which included neglect of their teeth.

Poor dental hygiene diminished their self-confidence which made it difficult to interview properly

The other significant barrier to entry was the person’s education as many did not finish high school.

Our concerted effort was to get these individuals enrolled in a GED class so that they could get their high school equivalent diploma and start making applications for various jobs.




What is the Origin of GED?

Dating back to 1942, the United States Armed Forces Institute asked the American Council on Education to devise a standardized test to help measure the academic level of those in the military.

A number of those that served in World War II did not finish their high school education and the test to be devised was to measure their knowledge.

The test was created, and this allowed those returning veterans to provide a diploma to potential employers.


What is the GED Designed to Measure?

The GED is comprised of four subject areas that are designed to test an individual’s knowledge.

Those four areas are science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts reasoning.


You Can Do It

The realization that you need your GED is a significant step towards achieving your goals in life.

Getting a GED is not about age, circumstances of life, self-doubt, etc.

Continuing education can be a reality for anyone regardless of their standing in life as witnessed by seniors who have not only obtained their GEDs but have finished their higher education degrees as well.

This is something you can do, and some programs are cheering you on.



For several individuals who, for whatever reason, were not presented with a high school diploma.

Often, this can be an obstacle for an individual when seeking employment.

However, life is not about avoiding obstacles but using them to strengthen our character and resolve in striving to reach our goals.

Fortunately, one of those goals that can be attained is obtaining a GED as the first step for the individual on their pathway to success.

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