If you want to know how to get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), this article will really help.

It reveals a lot about getting your CDL and the very best trucking companies that offer Paid CDL Training.


Can You Really Get Paid to Get Your CDL Training?

Surely, you must have thought of how you could change things up with so much money, but you are still stuck at where to begin, so you came to the internet looking for how to get paid to get your CDL.

Luckily for you, we will not give you just that, but we shall also include the best 10 companies that help.

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Truck driving is a career that presents freedom, a reasonable wage, an adventurous career path, and many other benefits.

To make it even better, some companies pay you to acquire your CDL while recruiting you in the process via paid CDL training programs.

Paid CDL training programs also offer individuals who want to acquire their CDL license but are not financially buoyant to fund private truck driver training schools.

Major trucking companies and carriers in the United States offer such programs.

Keep reading to learn much more and the top 10 companies that offer paid CDL training and everything you need to know about paid CDL training programs.


How Paid CDL Training Programs Works

The operations of paid CDL training programs are self-explanatory in its name.

All you do is contact a trucking company or carrier service, apply to their truck driving school, and acquire your CDL license afterward.

They agree to train you for free and issue the CDL license for free, too, only if you decide to work for them to complete the program.

Now you may wonder how true this is, probably because it sounds too good. Well, it is simple.

Firstly, some companies offer this program completely free of charge while some have certain fees attached to it.

There is a plan drawn out already, where the training fee will be deducted from your salary after the company retains you to work with them.

As for the companies that offer the CDL training program for free, the fact is that they are truly free.

The trucking company and carrier service industry are short on truck drivers, so the best way to fill these seats is to recruit the drivers from on the set, and paid CDL training program has helped proven effective so far.

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Qualifications for Paid Commercial Driver’s License Training 

Given that these paid CDL training programs are sponsored and paid for by companies, all candidates interested in such programs must meet a minimum level of qualification.

Here we will be listing out the general qualifications for paid CDL training.

However, you must know that individual companies sponsoring the CDL training programs may include other criteria that qualify a candidate as eligible for the program.

  • All interested persons must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must have a clean driving record.
  • You must also have a clean criminal record.
  • You must pass the general medical examination as required by DOT.
  • You must do the drug tests as required by DOT.
  • You must be a United States of America citizen with a valid United States of America Driver’s license.
  • Solid and valid work history for a minimum of 36 consecutive months.
  • All interested persons must be ready to commit to employment with the sponsoring trucking company or carrier service.


10 Best Companies that Offer Paid CDL Training


1. Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation was established in the late 1960s in Phoenix, Arizona.

Having more than 20,000 trucks, Swift Transportation is the biggest trucking company in the United States.

But like every other trucking company, it has challenges filling the driver seats, so Swift Transportation offers paid CDL training in several cities across the United States.

States where Swift Transportation Training School operates are

  • Arizona
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Missouri
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • California
  • Virginia
  • Utah

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Swift Transportation collaborates with other trucking schools to provide paid CDL training in:

  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Oregon

For more information on eligibility and application, click here.


2. Roehl CDL Training 

Roehl CDL Training offers various programs for potential students interested in a sponsored truck driving company.

Established in 1962, and starting with just a truck, Roehl Transport is a diverse and stable company operating with at least 2000 drivers and seven terminals.

Roehl CDL Training has facilities sufficient to provide all the opportunities you are looking for in a paid CDL program.

Roehl CDL Training is headquartered in Marshfield, Wisconsin, but has others Appleton, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Roehl CDL Training is popular for its top-notch safety measure and records. Click here to go to Roehl CDL Training Official Website.


3. KLLM Trucking School

KLLM used to be a truck brokerage company in Jackson, Mississippi, before the formation of KLLM Trucking School in the 1960s.

Five decades after, KLLM Trucking School transformed into the national carrier with over 1,500 trucks and workers.

The primary function of this company is hauling temperature-controlled freight.

KLLM Trucking School is located in Jackson, Mississippi, with other branches at Burns Harbor, Michigan, and Lancaster, Texas, and they are offering paid CDL to interested drivers.

However, the application is based on eligibility criteria.

Click here to go to the KLLM Trucking School website for information on qualification, eligibility, and application.

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4. Prime Trucking School

Prime Trucking School is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. It offers the longest, best, and most thorough CDL program.

New drivers in this company are currently the most paid in the industry.

Other locations of Prime Trucking School is at:

  • Pittston
  • Pennsylvania
  • Salt Lake City, Utah

More information on eligibility and application is available on Prime Trucking School’s official webpage.


5. Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation, originally based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a truckload carrier established over 30 years ago.

Though Knight Transportation began with a few trailers and tractors, their revenue has significantly boosted as the years passed and with several developments.

This company now owns over 9,000 trailers and 4,000 tractors.

Knight Transportation amalgamated with swift in 2017 and birthed one of the biggest trucking companies known in the United States.

Other states where Knight Transportation offers its courses are Florida, California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

For more information on eligibility and application, visit Knight Transportation’s official website.


6. CR England Training School

CR England Training School and its mother company were established in Salt Lake City, Utah, over a century ago and had been operating since then.

They have a trade popular trademark and it is identifiable by lion crests on its red tractors and white trailers.

You will find CR England trucks and trailers on highways and docks all day of the week, but just like every other trucking company, this one too is short on drivers.

So, CR England merged with Premier driving school to train and recruit interested applicants and help them acquire their CDL in the process.

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CR England Training School is one company that offers paid CDL training and requires no tuition fee.

CR England Training School operates in other locations in Valparaiso, Indiana, Cedar Hills, Texas, Fontana, California, and Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information about CR England Training School’s paid CDL program, click here.

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7. Schneider Trucking School

Schneider Trucking School was established by Schneider National, Inc., a Wisconsin-based trucking company.

Schneider Trucking School offers paid CDL training to potential truck drivers.

Schneider Trucking provides a wide range of logistic services in the United States, including long-haul, intermodal, and bulk transportation.

They also offer brokerage, supply chain management, and expedited freight services.

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Schneider Trucking School partners with several private schools and institutions to recruit interested truck drivers in their paid CDL programs.

Yes, this company has more than one paid CDL program.

Schneider Trucking School also offers CDL training in Dallas, Texas, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

For more information on Schneider Trucking School CDL paid programs, click here.


Get Paid to Get Your CDL


8. Stevens Driving School

Stevens Driving School is located at Stevens Transport Headquarters, Dallas, Texas.

Stevens Driving School offers CDL training to aspiring truck drivers.

In the 1980s, Steven Aaron established Stevens Transport.

Since then, it has continually developed, and now it is the biggest family-owned trucking company in the state of Texas.

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Stevens Transport is one of the top trucking companies in the country, generating nearly a billion dollars worth of revenue.

A significant percentage is invested in Stevens Driving School to offer aspiring truck drivers a paid CDL training.

Aside from its headquarter in Dallas, Texas, Stevens Driving School provides training in other Texas cities, including Waco and Houston.

Stevens Driving School still trains interested candidates in other states like Michigan, Colorado, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Click here for further information on Stevens Driving School’s paid CDL training.


9. FFE Trucking

FFE Trucking was founded not long after the second world war when a serviceman came back to establish a business where he buys military trucks and resells to local trucking countries.

Shortly after followed a rapid development, the business metamorphosed into a company shipping perishables across the States.

FFE Trucking now has over a thousand drivers, and it is the biggest asset-based trucking company in the United States.

FFE Trucking also operates a driving school in Dallas, Texas, that offers paid CDL training programs to individuals interested in becoming truck drivers.

FFE Trucking operates in more than 12 states across the United States.

However, its Trucking school is restricted to Lancaster, Texas, at the moment.

Click here to apply for FFE Trucking Driving School paid CDL training.

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10. Wilson Logistics Training

Wilson Logistics Training is another popular family-owned trucking company. Established in 1980 in the city of Springfield, state of Missouri, is Wilson Logistics.

Wilson Logistics is also the mother company to other renowned trucking companies like RJs Transportation, Jim Palmer Trucking, and O+S Trucking.

Having over 800 tractors and primarily responsible for hauling temperature-controlled freights across states in the United States, the company offers a three-month paid CDL training program to interested candidates.

Wilson Logistics Training operates in Springfield, Missouri, and Missoula, Montana.

For more information on the application, check out the Wilson Logistics Training website.


4 Pros of Paid CDL Training Programs


1. Cheap Commercial Driver’s License Training

In some cases, it is cheap; in other cases, it is free.

Given that they are paid CDL training programs, some of the biggest trucking companies have already paid for your training.


2. Sure Employment After Training

On completion of your CDL training, you don’t have to bother about seeking employment.

It is 100% guaranteed that your sponsoring trucking company will hire you.


3. Training with Company’s Truck

This is one of the biggest advantages of a paid CDL training program.

When you train here, you do so with the company’s truck, and as a new driver, damages are unavoidable.

Since you are practicing with trucks owned by your sponsoring trucking company, and these companies are used to damages on their trucks, there will likely be no penalty, and if at all there will be, it will be minimal.

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4. Earn as You Work

Though the sum might not be enormous, most companies offering paid CDL programs still pay their trainees.


4 Cons of Paid CDL Training Programs


1. You Only Get Sufficient Training to Acquire a CDL

Firstly, they are not rigorous. Then you are only taught what you need to know to pass and get your CDL licenses.


2. Cost and Stress of Travelling from Home to CDL training locations

Some CDL training programs have their facilities in a location far from you, so if you are applying for such a program, you might have to travel far from home.

Though some CDL training program offer accommodation.


3. Accommodation Cost

If you follow our list of the best companies that offer paid CDL training programs, you may not have to worry about the cost of accommodation as they all provide accommodation to their trainees.

Though terms and conditions may apply. However, if you are applying to a program we didn’t recommend and review here, you may face the challenges of selling accommodation.

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4. Commitment of Employment 

When applying for paid CDL training programs, you will have to commit to working with the sponsoring trucking company on completion of your training for 1 to 3 years, depending on the requirements of the company.

During this period, you might not have the chance to work for other companies even if they present better offers.

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You came here looking for how to get paid to get your CDL, but now you are equipped with all the information that will help you make money while acquiring your CDL.

The information in this article will also help you make the most out of your time during the paid CDL training program.

The most important of them all is that you have the best 10 companies that offer this program.

However, you must go through all the companies and what they offer in full detail to determine which is best for you.

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