If you love kittens and wondering if you can get paid to foster them, this article is going to help a lot.

It reveals some of the best ways to get paid fostering kittens and companies that really pay or help you get paid.


How Does Getting Paid to Foster Kittens Work?

Many organizations are into rescuing kittens and caring for them.

Rescue organizations are able to get thousands of kittens out of the street and uncomfortable homes because of foster parents.

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Fostering kittens is interesting.

While you render help to kittens and feel good about it, you also get to make little fur friends.

Even more interesting is the fact that you can earn from fostering kittens.

In some organizations, you will not get paid in cash, but they will take care of the medical and food supply needed to care for the kittens.

Here is the necessary information you need on fostering kittens.


Why Get Paid to Foster Kittens?

You can make money from fostering kittens for several reasons:

  • You are helping organizations in animal rescue and shelter achieve their aim. These organizations aim to provide better homes for kittens and other animals.
  • The organization understands your work and takes responsibility for ensuring that fostering is not too difficult for you. As such, they will pay for medicals, feeding, and other expenses that fostering these kittens will necessitate.
  • Individuals who offer up their kittens for fostering will pay you for taking up the responsibility.


How to Be Make Money Fostering Kittens


1. Volunteer With an Animal Shelter

If you want to foster kittens, you can volunteer to take some kittens to your house.

Sometimes, kittens get rescued, and there is a need for conducive homes for them.

If you have enough room and a conducive environment for kittens, you can take them in, as a way of protecting them.

You can volunteer with a foster organization close to you.

You can make inquiries about the organization fostering there and the criteria you are expected to meet.

You’ll have to see the animals available and select the kittens you want to Foster.

Then you have to fill in the necessary documents.

The organization may want to see your home to know if you have a conducive environment to raise the kittens.

After all the necessary processes, you can begin fostering the kittens.


2. Foster Kittens Through Animal Rescue Organizations

There are many organizations specialized in rescuing animals, including kittens.

Many of them have room for foster parents to take home some of the animals.

For the services you render as a foster parent, they will pay you.

Getting started with this organization is easy.

You will locate a rescue organization close to you and select the kittens you want to foster.

You fill out some documents where you will answer some essential questions.

The organization will inquire about the environment you intend to raise the kittens in if it is healthy for them.


3. Private Foster Arrangement

Aside from working with a rescue organization or an animal shelter, you can be a foster parent privately.

You can foster kittens for individual owners.

Some kitten owners might need someone to look after the kittens because they are busy.

When these people discover that they can no longer give appropriate time to the kittens and cater to them appropriately, they will need someone to do that.

Some people might also need the temporary foster parent to look after the kittens when they are traveling or going to work, and they will take some days.


10 Best Companies That Really Pay You To Foster Kittens


1. The American Society for The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

ASPCA offers paid foster parenting for animals, including kittens.

Their website has a list of adoptable pets, including kittens that you can take up.

This body encourages pet fostering and looks forward to receiving as many foster parents as they can get.

They take care of the bills, including money for food, litter, and other supplies, including toys for kittens.

Click here to check out ASPCA


2.  Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

This organization aims to ensure that animals are well taken care of.

They rescue animals, ensure their health, comfortable homes, and give them the best life possible.

You can adopt kittens to foster in this organization.

This animal welfare shelter is located in Alexandra in Virginia.

You can get paid well working with them.

Click here to check out Animal Welfare League of Alexandria


3. Brandywine Valley SPCA

Brandywine Valley SPCA is located in Pennsylvania.

To get started with this shelter, you have to visit and see the kitten you are interested in fostering.

After making a choice, you will follow the necessary process for fostering.

When the whole process is finalized, you can take the kitten home.

Although this Foster will not pay you directly, they will take care of all the bills necessary for caring for the kittens.

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4. Furkids Animal Shelter and Rescue

Furkids is against killing animals.

They rescue hundreds of animals in distress and shelter them.

They offer the care that these animals need, including kittens and dogs.

The animals that are available for fostering are listed online.

This shelter offers foster programs and brings in foster parents to take up kittens.

The goal of this shelter is the welfare of the animals.

Fostering is one way to ensure the kittens are well taken care of.

They will let you foster kittens if you meet the criteria.

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To get started with adopting kittens for fostering, you have to apply.

You can apply online or in one of their locations.

They will contact you within 24 to 72 hours, ask the necessary questions, and set you up with kittens.

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5. Petfinder.com

This platform helps you find animal rescue and shelters where you can foster kittens.

Through this platform, you can have access to fostering organizations.

You can get information on organizations that specialize in kittens specifically.

Aside from getting information on how to foster kittens and get paid for it, you can also get information on foster homes that take volunteers.

Click here to check out Petfinder.com


6. Petco Foundation

Petco foundation will assist you in finding foster homes and rescue organizations where you can get started.

If you find a foster organization, you have to fill out a form and get approved.

Through this platform, you can get a foster organization that will pay you to foster kittens.

You can also discover organizations that will take responsibility for the bills involved in fostering kittens if you adopt one from them.

Click here to check out Petco Foundation

get paid to foster kittens


7. Kitten Lady

Through this website, you can discover organizations into kittens rescue and shelters.

You can discover organizations where you can adopt kittens and foster them.

These organizations may not pay you in cash, but they will take care of the monetary expenses for fostering their kittens.

The website also offers information on how to cater to kittens.

Click here to check out Kitten Lady


8. Whatshot

With this Whatshot website you can find animal shelters and rescues around you depending on your location.

They list organizations and foster homes for animals, including kittens, that will appreciate your decision to be a foster parent.

On this platform, you can also find essential details about the different animal rescues and shelters.

They give you information like contact addresses, phone numbers, and so on.

Click here to check out Whatshot


9. Kitten Rescue

Kitten Rescue is based in Los Angeles, California.

They do not encourage killing animals; instead, they will give them up to foster parents until an adopter comes around.

You can choose what cat you like to foster, and they will do the matching.

Yours is to provide your home and the needed care, and the organization will take care of every other need.

You may not get paid in cash, but you did not spend on catering for the kittens.

Click here to check out Kitten Rescue


10. Animal House Shelter

Animal House Shelter is a no-kill home for kittens and dogs.

If you are interested in fostering kittens, this is one of the best platforms.

The organization takes care of the medical and food supplies needed for fostering kittens.

As a foster parent, you have to supply the love and the care the kittens need.

Click here to check out Animal House Shelter




What Makes You a Suitable Foster Parent to Kittens?

Before you choose to become a foster parent to kittens, you must qualify in some areas:

  • You must have the time to give enough attention to the kittens. Since they are under your care, you are to act as a parent. So, you have to devote enough attention to them.
  • You should be ready to make the big move. You should understand that fostering kittens involves catering for them, most likely for the rest of their lives. If you are ready to take that responsibility, then you can foster kittens.
  • You must have a conducive environment for the kittens. You should not expose them to danger from kids and other animals.
  • You might want to consider the possibility of providing a friend for the kitten if you are adopting one. That means you might need to bring in more than one kitten. If you can provide a littermate, then you are ready.
  • You should be ready to provide some in-house veterinary care for the kittens and take them for a routine check-up.


How Do You Get Prepared to Foster Kittens?

Before bringing in the kittens, you have to make adequate arrangements for the fostering to be successful.

The aim is to ensure that the kittens are in a better place, not a worse place.

So before you bring them in, you need to create a conducive environment for them.

Listed below are some things to consider:

  • Prepare a comfortable space for them to occupy. Ensure that the space is safe from predators and other animals and children that might endanger the kittens’ lives.
  • Ensure that the climatic condition of the place is suitable for the kittens. The temperature should be comfortable.
  • You can prepare a warm space with blankets and clothes to ensure it is suitable for them. You can use a heating pad to achieve the right temperature for the kittens. Ensure that the kittens have a way of moving away from the heat.
  • Ensure that the place is kitten-proof. Take away anything that can harm the kittens, like bowls of water they can fall into, trash cans, toxic food they may eat, and so on.
  • You may want to draw your schedule to accommodate your new role as a foster parent to the kittens. Ensure that you make space available for them in your daily activities. Create room for bonding and make them comfortable.


Who Pays the Bills When You Foster Kittens?

When fostering kittens, you do not have to worry about so many bills you have to pay.

In many cases, the animal rescue group or animal shelter you are working with will take care of the bills.

The organization may also cover your transportation and other expenses you might incur in the cause of fostering kittens.


Where Should Your Foster Kittens Sleep?

Your foster kittens should sleep in a comfortable place.

The place must not be too cold or too hot.

The temperature must be suitable for the kittens.

The space should be wide enough to allow for comfortable movement whenever the kittens want to move or play.

The animal shelter or rescue organization you are working with will advise you on preparing a comfortable living area for the kittens.


How to Medically Care for the Kittens?

While fostering kittens, they must receive some veterinary treatments to ensure continued good health and well-being.

For instance, kittens must take the FVRCP vaccine to protect them from certain viruses.

They also take rabies vaccine.

If the kittens have fleas, you must give them the necessary treatment.

You also need to deworm them, neuter them, and perform other necessary medical processes.

As time goes on, we may also need medical attention for dehydration, constipation, diarrhea, and other medical health issues that may come up.



There are several rescue groups and animal shelters that will appreciate you being a foster parent to kittens.

Before rescue groups pull out animals from homes, they ensure that the animals have better alternatives.

When you step in to save the kittens, you can either get paid to take care of them or at least you would not have to spend while doing so.

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