Yes, you can really get paid to draw!

This article shows you exactly how that works as well as the best companies you can use to start getting paid for your drawing.

The first obvious question is –

Do you have the talent to draw?

If yes, then why not use that talent to make money online?

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Talk about doing what you love and getting rewarded with cash for it, right?

You can be paid to draw, and some companies would pay you to list and sell your drawings to them or through them.


How Getting Paid to Draw Works

For the uninformed, to draw simply means to use your talent to make a pictorial representation of a person, object, place, or event.

You also draw when you make a visual image of an idea to pass information.

The person who loves to draw is called an artist. He/she can employ different types of tools to create an image for a specific purpose.

There are different types of drawings out there. These include cartoons, anime, caricatures, doodles, tattoos, comics, portraits, and so on.

If you are talented to draw any of these, then you can make good money drawing for individuals and businesses.

Some people would love your drawing for admiration. They can pay you to have it in their homes or offices.

Likewise, some businesses may need your drawings. They use them as content for their graphic designs and other content needs… and they pay very good money for what they need.


3 Specific Ways to Make Money With Your Drawing

As an artist, your drawing must stand out before it could attract buyers. It must be unique and appealing to the potential buyer.

That said, here are some popular ways that most artists employ to make money with their drawing:

1. Take Advantage of Drawing Gigs or Jobs

You can be hired to become an artist. The client may give you a drawing gig that you can complete at a specific time.

You can be asked to draw, illustrate, or paint a concept, idea, or structure. You can get regular jobs from some freelance sites. and are two platforms where you can check out for full-time or part-time traditional drawing jobs.

How much you make on these gigs will be dependent on several factors that include your skill, the client, the type of project, and how much you charge.

2. Promote Your Drawings on Social Media

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms can be leveraged to promote your drawing projects.

You can share pictures or videos of your drawings on these platforms and advertise what you charge.

If you have a decent following on these platforms then you are more likely to get many people who would be interested in buying your work.

4. Share and Sell Your Drawings on Marketplaces Online

You can sell your drawings at online marketplaces where art lovers come to buy drawings.

There are many such marketplaces and each has its requirements. You may pay to list your work in some of them, while you may list on others for free.

Some will share the revenue with you, while others may ask you to take 100% of the earnings.

Also, some of these marketplaces may help you to market your drawings for free or for small fees.

Indeed, you will get many options to make money when you draw and sell online.

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10 Best Companies to Get Paid to Draw

There are many companies where you can get paid to draw.

If you have any drawing projects then you can take advantage of the details shared in this article to make money.

Most of these companies will allow you to list your drawings on them. You will make money when your drawing sells.

You can also be contracted by some clients to draw and get paid.

The list of the best companies that pay you to draw include:


1. Etsy

Etsy is the very popular marketplace for handmade crafts. You can use this site to list and sell your drawings.

This platform will provide you with an online store in which you can list your work for $0.20 per piece.

Etsy is a good place to sell your drawing because it is popular. A lot of people come to this platform to buy creative works like drawings, paintings, sculptors, and handmade crafts.

You should sign up with Etsy if you are interested in getting paid to draw. Yes, do your drawing and upload it on this site.

It would also be best if you can upload digital creations of your drawings on this platform.

You would be surprised at how often you sell your item here.

Click here to check out Etsy

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get paid to draw


2. Artfire

Artfire is an online marketplace where various forms of artwork and handmade crafts are bought and sold.

Artisans use this site from all over the world.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Among other interesting details, Artfire does not demand listing fees nor final value fees from artisans.

This is another company where you can make easy money with your drawing.

Visit this website and upload your drawing so that interested buyers can view and pay for what they like.

Click here to check out Artfire

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3. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is nothera very big and popular online art gallery that can help you get paid for your drawing.

Artists use this marketplace to sell their photographs, drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, etc.

If your drawing sells on this site, the company is going to keep 35% of the revenue as commission.

This may seem high but it would interest you to know that this company handles shipping and you must know that this company has a non-exclusive policy.

Click here to check out Saatchi Art

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4. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a popular Print-on-demand website for artists, illustrators, painters, etc. You can join this platform and post your drawing for free.

You can choose to sell your drawing as print copies or as digital copies.

DeviantArt gives you the chance to be in control of how you make money with your drawings.

With this platform, your artwork can get wide exposure and you can easily enjoy targeted sales.

DeviantArt buyers can pay for your drawings even it can support you by showcasing, printing, and shipping the product directly to your customers.

Your drawings on this site can be used on items like digital prints, posters, mugs, stickers, T-shirts, face caps, and so on.

Click here to check out DeviantArt

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5. Artfinder

Artfinder is another genuine online marketplace where artists can sell drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, photographers, and other artwork.

You can upload and list your work on this platform and earn from its more than 500,000 subscribers or potential buyers.

Note though that Artfinder takes a 30% commission when your drawing sells.

Click here to check out Artfinder

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6. CardGnome

CardGnome is one of the genuine companies that pays people who want to make money with greeting cards.

You can sell drawings that can be used on greeting cards to this platform.

It is a print-on-demand platform where you can easily use your art to design and customized greeting cards.

If your greeting card sells, then you earn a royalty which is 10% of the price of the card.

CardGnome does not charge any fee to set up your account.

Click here to check out CardGnome

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7. R.S.V.P Sellers

R.S.V.P Sellers is another well known and genuine website where artists can submit their best illustrations and drawings.

If you love to draw then this is one of the best places to sell your work. The company focuses on great concepts and talents.

You can upload up to 20 images when you are making a single submission.

Click here to check out R.S.V.P Sellers


8. Artplode

Artplode is one of the best websites where high-quality drawings and artwork are bought and sold.

If you want to be paid to draw then you use this company to list and sell your drawings.

Artplode charges a one-off flat fee of $60 to advertise each work. You will take home 100% of the amount that your drawing sells for.

The listing stays on the Artplode website until you remove it.

Click here to check out Artplode

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Other companies you can also check out include:

9. CODAworx

10. Printful



As you have learned from reading this helpful article, it’s indeed possible for you or anyone who loves to draw, to get paid drawing.

If you are one who loves to draw, your talent should definitely not be wasted.

You can draw for fun, upload your drawings to marketplaces where buyers can appreciate and get paid for your work.

This article didn’t just explain how it all works but also included the marketplaces and companies that can help you get paid for your drawings.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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