Yes, you can definitely get paid to deliver cars!

If you are someone who loves to drive cars around, delivering cars for others can be a very good and fun way to make extra money.

This article reveals how it works and some of the very best companies that can pay you to deliver cars.


Making Money Delivering Cars

As American workers, we each have a skill set that is acquired through our experience, education, and coupled with what we naturally enjoy doing.

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For example, those who love caring for others and have an affinity for the medical profession can become doctors, nurses, lab techs, etc.

For an individual who enjoys working with their hands and constructing or building things, a perfect match would be working at a construction job site, carpentry, sheet metal work, etc.

America’s economy needs all types of laborers.

One such unique employment opportunity that is available to an individual who enjoys the open road, the adventure of traveling, and doesn’t mind the solitude of traveling great distances.

That employment position is getting paid to deliver cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and getting paid to do something that they would do even if the pay was not available.


Personal Story

Growing up in the Midwest and living in the western part of the continental United States, an annual excursion was always to travel back to my parent’s home.

The journey of 2000 miles with children was always an adventure in itself.

However, strangely, the anticipation of being with family and especially my mother and father were always eagerly anticipated.

Additionally, the pleasure of the vacation and traveling home was the journey itself.

The journey was an opportunity to unwind, enjoy the family, leave the pressures and stresses of work behind, and simply disconnect from life.


10 Best Companies That Pay You To Deliver Cars


1. Auto Driveaway 

This company is one of the largest and more popular transportation companies on the North American continent.

Their specific purpose is to facilitate the transportation of vehicles by utilizing drivers to move those vehicles from one location to another.

The company has locations in 40 locales across the United States and including our neighboring border country of Canada.

The driver that Auto Driveaway employs is between the ages of 23 and 75 years of age.

They must have a valid driver’s license and have an uneventful driving record as it relates to tickets and other potential issues.

To become a delivery driver, the successful candidate has the option of selecting vehicles that range in different sizes.

Those different sizes are categorized as small ranging up to 10,000 pounds, medium size vehicles up to 26,000 pounds, and also driving trucks that are over 26,000 pounds.

The individual applies online along with their employment history and driving record for the previous 3 years.

Along with this information, they must provide their Social Security number, address along with other bits of information.

Once the driver is selected to work with this company, available jobs will be offered, and the option of the driver is to either accept or decline the offer.

Once the job has been accepted, the driver must put on their credit card a $300 to $500 deposit.

Once the destination has been reached with the job assignment, the deposit is returned along with a paycheck for the job accomplished.

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2. Roadie

Roadie is an app-based opportunity for driving vehicles from point A to point B.

In addition to transporting vehicles, the option provided by Roadie is also for the person to use their car and transport a variety of goods, packages, and other items along with a variety of routes.

Other services provided by Roadie to its customers include the transporting of luggage misplaced by the airline and returned to the customer, delivering medicine to homebound individuals, delivering groceries, etc.

To begin a possible working relationship with Roadie, the individual would need to download the app and then upon registration can ascertain as to what opportunities might be available in regards to using their car or transporting a car.

The individual is also aware of the payment, and they can choose based on this information and the job opportunity afforded to either decline or accept.

Payment for local transportation errands can help the individual realize a minimum of $15 per trip and also if driving cars across the country they can earn up to $650.

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3. Driveaway USA 

This car transportation company hires both full-time and part-time individuals. They are not deemed as employees but as independent contractors.

Driveaway USA has been in the business of transporting vehicles for over 30 years.

Their destinations include areas within the United States as well as Canada.

Their customers can be from the manufacturing world, corporations, automobile dealers, and transporting of cars that are part of commercial fleets.

If accepted as an independent contractor with Driveaway USA, the individual has the freedom as to whether they will choose to accept the offered job.

Also, this company encourages the use of safe drivers, and consequently, drivers can earn extra bonuses if they enroll and complete a safe driving course.

Click here to check out Driveaway USA

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4. Toronto Drive Away 

Given the name of this company is a giveaway that this company is based in Toronto Canada. This company has been in business since 1959.

The destinations that Toronto Driveaway transports cars to include the states of California, Florida, and Arizona.

These are prime destination spots for those individuals who are known as snowbirds.

These individuals spend the winter months away from the harsh Canadian winters and live in the sunnier regions of the United States over the winter months.

Consequently, these Canadian citizens require that their vehicles be driven and relocated to these moderate climate areas in America so that they have their vehicles available for them.

To be part of the drive system for this company, the individual must be at least 30 years of age and have a driving record that is without blemish.

Also, they should not have a criminal record and be able to cross the Canadian border into America freely.

This would require the individual to have a visa and a credit card for a deposit against their account and return when the automobile has been safely delivered.

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5. Auto Dealerships 

The online selling of cars has become a significant way for individuals to purchase a new or used car.

When the deal has been signed, then the car needs to be transported to the individual who has purchased that vehicle.

Therefore, online auto dealerships need individuals to drive the vehicle to the buyer’s destination.

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Some of those online car dealerships include:

  • Vroom
  • CarMax
  • Joy Drive
  • True Car
  • Gettacar


6. RV Driveaway Companies 

Another opportunity to be paid to drive a vehicle involves a recreational vehicle.

One such company that specializes in the transportation of recreational vehicles from one location to another is RV Delivery.

Types of vehicles that are transported by this company can include a travel trailer, 5th wheel, and actual RVs.

In addition to providing a driver for the various jobs, this particular website offers insurance on the motorhome of up to $250,000.

Also, as part of the deal, fuel and possible tolls are included.



7. J&J Driveaway systems

Another component to the moving of vehicles from one location to another is the relocation of trucks.

One such company is J&J Driveaway systems.

This company specializes in relocating one truck at a time up to four trucks in one haul. This is accomplished through a process known as decking.

Also, included in this special category of transporting vehicles is the moving of emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances.

This company indicates that they are always looking for qualified drivers.

The benefits of driving for this company include quick pay, a broad range of vehicles to drive, and job flexibility.

Click here to check out J&J Driveaway Systems


8. Private People 

In addition to companies needing drivers to transport cars across the country, some private individuals need the same service provided but choose not to use a professional company.

These individuals or private individuals often make their needs known through social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Often, the needs of the private people are a little bit more specific.

Those specific requirements could include their vehicle needing to be transported to different and more remote locations.

A prime example would be a snowbird living in Florida who may be physically limited and unable to travel long distances in a vehicle.

Therefore, the individual can work with these private customers and make that transportation needs happen.


9. Specialty Cars 

In addition to the categories of vehicles that need to be transported in the special listing of driveaway companies that specialize in transport unique cars.

These specialty cars sometimes don’t fall in the purview of various transportation companies or perhaps the customer just wants that added extra touch for their “baby.”

Consequently, one such company, Red Boots specializes in providing that added touch and care in the handling of these specialty vehicles.

The website does not refer to those that transport the vehicles as drivers, but they purposely use the word chauffeurs.

Examples of these specialty vehicles could include vehicles packed with belongings, RVs, electric vehicles, classic cars, vehicles with high mileage, etc.

Also, as an added feature, the chauffeured driven vehicles can transport clients as well as their household pets.

One other added component to this transportation company is the option for the client who may wish to be transported or chauffeured in their vehicle to choose a route that could include certain landmarks or scenic features.

Click here to check out Specialty Cars


10. Rental Agencies 

Big business, as it relates to the renting of cars, is rental car agencies.

Some of the top names could include Hertz, Avis, etc.

Quite often, the inventory of the car rental company needs to be shifted.

This shifting may require that certain part of the fleet needs to be moved to different geographical locations.

To accomplish this some rental agencies will utilize freelance drivers to make this transportation process happen.

Click here to check out Rental Agencies


Getting Paid as a Car Delivery Driver FAQs


What Are the Qualifications to Become a Car Delivery Driver?

To become a car delivery driver may require different qualifications for different companies.

However, the basics of becoming a car delivery driver or transporter include having a high school diploma or GED certificate and a valid driver’s license.

Additionally, companies that may be hiring require a fairly spotless driving record to make sure that it is free of legal issues that may disqualify the individual.

Also, depending upon which job you apply for, a certain license may be required. The primary example of a license that may be needed is a commercial driver’s license.

Also, a company that is hiring drivers usually gives drivers preference in regards to having any experience as well as having flexible hours and schedules.

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What Is the Income of Car Delivery Drivers?

The average hourly salary of an individual who drives as a car delivery employee can make on the average $19 an hour.

Additionally, employment websites indicate that the range can vary anywhere from $7.45 an hour as high as $36.54 an hour.


Who Pays for the Return Trip of the Driver?

This should be the responsibility of the hiring company or the individual who hired the driver.


You Can Do It

Individuals and families have always been on the move.

Most likely this will continue into the foreseeable future.

Also, with the increasing use of the Internet, many individuals are turning to this platform to make their purchases of a variety of things including the purchases vehicles.

Individuals who have the time, experience, and passion for driving are going to increase.

This is due to the reality that cars need to be transported from one location to another and the selling of items also needs to be delivered to the customer.

If you have a passion for the open road and are willing to be part of this emerging trend, you are in the driver’s seat.



As this article has shown, it’s indeed easy for just about anyone to get paid to deliver cars.

It also showed the best companies that really pay you to deliver cars.

Nothing quite epitomizes more about what being American is all about than putting together 3 particular loves that most Americans have.

Those 3 loves include their cars, the open road, and opportunity.

Getting paid to deliver cars is the perfect blending of those 3 loves that the majority of Americans have.

Perhaps, it’s time for a road trip and gets paid in doing so.

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