There’s something special about dating a cougar.

They don’t like to play hide and seek games because they usually know what they want.

Most cougars want to be happy, feel wanted, and be young again.

In this article, we will be discussing ways and tips to get paid to date cougars and companies that pay or help you get paid to date older women.


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Why Should You Get Paid to Date Cougars? 

People date for pleasure, fun, path to marriage, and several other reasons.

The choice of who we date depends on our preference.

However, a cougar is an elder woman who dates or focuses her attention on young men, otherwise known as a cub.

The cougar concept represents an older woman who is dating a much younger man for personal reasons often pegged as weird or desperation.

Although people try to shy away from being called a cougar or anything that has to do with the concept.

But in reality, the cougar life is normal and common.

For some reason, people are coming to terms with the idea of older women being in a relationship with younger men.

We live in a time where all types of adult relations are valid and become more acceptable regardless of those involved.


10 Best Way and Tips to Help You Get Paid to Date Older Rich Women (Cougars)


1. Use the Right Apps 

Technology has made it easier and faster to get paid to date a cougar.

There are several online dating apps that can help you find a cougar.

Online dating platforms are strongly built on technology to help users find the partner they need.

Regardless of your age, sex and location, there’s someone that will meet your perfect match out there.


2. Be An Eye Candy

A typical cougar is looking for a fun and energetic young man.

Make sure your photos reveal this side of you.

Your photos have the biggest impact on what the cougar thinks of you before she meets you.

Upload only your bright and vibrant pictures.

Make sure you also upload pictures taken outside at interesting locations too.

Let your picture speak for you.


3. Be Fun and Energetic

One of the most important functions of a cub to a cougar is to provide fun and energy—however, it’s pretty difficult to provide fun and energy if you lack them.

Whether the cougar is looking for a hookup or a significant relationship, you are required to provide the relationship with excessive fun and energy to get paid.


4. Use A Catchy Username

Most dating platforms request a user name, and the chances are our real name is already taken by another user, so you have to come up with a creative username.

You have to come up with a better user name than “Bruce1234.”

Your username has to be catchy.

However, if you don’t know what username to use, avoid the steps below

  • Don’t use a variation of the word “Mom.”
  • Don’t make an age reference.
  • Don’t suggest that you use enhancement drugs
  • Don’t hint at dishonesty or anything negative.
  • Don’t reference your desires.


5. Write A Clickable Headlines 

Some online dating platforms include a teaser or headlines that displays your picture or profile when clicked.

What you put on your profile has a big impact on how many people will approach you.

Leverage this feature to market yourself and your profile.


6. Don’t Assume All the Cougar Wants is Sex

Many people make this mistake; don’t generalize and don’t assume.

Wait for them to tell you what they want without you assuming.

Cougars generally are looking for the entire spectrum of relationships; while some are looking for just hookups, others are interested in a long-term romance.

If all they want is sex, they will be upfront with you, and you both can reach an agreement.

Don’t give your match any reason to doubt you.


7. Be Genuine

Be truthful about your personality and what you want.

If you’re a guy in your 20’s don’t not lie about your age.

Cougars like younger men for a reason, so it’s important you’re truthful to yourself.

Misleading her about who you are or exaggerating your financial status because you want to impress her is a bad idea because it isn’t sustainable.

Most cougars on dating sites are already concerned about catfishing, so don’t give her a reason to think you’re a catfish.


8. Use Social Media Channels

You can also get paid to date a cougar through your social media platform.

You should not have issues meeting cougars if you are handsome, young, and constantly upload dope shirtless pictures.

Update your profile and include that you are interested in dating women older than you.

Picture-based apps like Instagram and Facebook are a perfect place to start.

However, you need to have a lot of uploaded pictures and upload pictures consistently to attract these women.


9. Have a Good Social Life

Most cougars are comfortable women looking for cubs to make them feel alive and young again.

They would love to attend parties, clubs, and gatherings with you.

Therefore, it is important you up your social game to make them constantly want you.

If you make them feel alive, they will make a lot of money because they would pay any amount to have you around.


10. Use the Right Agents

Working with an agent is another way to get paid to date a cougar.

Some agencies pimp out young men to women who are ready to pay for their services just like they pimp out women to sugar daddies.

Although the men pimping agent isn’t common, it still exists, and you can also get one if you dig around enough.

Some agencies may require you to go through the legal process, while others may be under the radar type of arrangement.


10 Best Companies & Apps That Help You Get Paid to Date Rich Older Women


1. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a famous dating site that connects partners worldwide.

Adult Friend Finders also focusses on rendering other services besides matching single cougars with cubs.

One of the best things about this site is that you can find partners with all kinds of kinks without too much trouble.

Membership is free, but you have to get a paid subscription to access features like messaging, members, forums, live cams, and video chats.

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get paid to date cougars


2. eHarmony

eHarmoney uses an excellent matching system that will help you find a compatible partner in no time.

It is a platform for older women looking for serious relationships rather than a casual hookup.

You will have to get a paid subscription to enjoy the platform’s benefits, and you can only communicate with other users through the app.

Click here to check out eHarmoney


3. Cougar Life

Cougar life is a dating platform dedicated to connecting older women, also known as cougars, with young men, also known as cubs.

The platform revolves around older women and younger men.

The registration is simple, and the platform has basic features designed to help you find a partner.

You have to upgrade to a paid subscription to exchange photos with other members in private.

The platform is available on the website and mobile versions.

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Cougar Life uses an excellent match-making system that helps you find the ideal cougar based on the available filters, and you can send gifts to other members as an ice-breaker.

Click here to check out Cougar Life


4. CougarD

CougarD is a cougar dating app that connects younger men with older women who share a similar view on life and other interests for a relationship or simply a quick date.

Although CougarD is new in the industry, it has quickly gained a large user base.

CougarD features allow you to look for single cougars near you, and once you find who you like, you can send out a heart to show your interest.

If the other user returns the gesture, you can start private conversations and exchange photos.

Click here to check out CougarD


5. Silver Singles

Silver Singles is one of the most popular dating platforms for older people above 50.

This platform was established in 2002 and has linked several cougars with young men.

With over 800,000 monthly users.

Unlike most dating platforms, you can use most of the features, including chatting with other members, viewing profiles, and sending photos for free.

The app is user-friendly, and you shouldn’t have issues navigating your way around.

In addition, the search filter allows you to find a match based on many preferences.

Click here to check out Silver Singles


6. Plenty Of Fish

You will find thousands of cougars on this platform.

Plenty Of Fish has an excellent matchmaking system that connects you with your desired partner based on your preference.

You will have to go through an in-depth registration process to create a profile to get started.

Once you’ve created your profile, you’ll need to upload a few photos to start connecting to other users on the platform.

You will need to get a premium subscription to enjoy the communication s features and advanced features on the platform, such as video chat.

Click here to check out POF

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7. Mature Dating

This is a dating platform for mature people and one of the best places to find older women.

The platform has been in existence for over eighteen years, connecting thousands of ladies to their desired partners.

The site has different advanced features, including the ability to find partners based on gender, age, location, etc.

The platform is available in web and app versions, making it easier to connect with different people.

The registration process takes less than ten minutes, and your profile will be validated in 24 hours.

Click here to check out Mature Dating


8. Bumble

Bumble is a “female-centric” dating app where women make the first move.

It is an excellent platform that connects older women with younger men and vice versa.

The female member must first show interest before the male counterpart can communicate with them.

The platform has a fantastic interface.

You can register on Bumble with your Facebook details or phone number and start making great friends immediately.

Most of the features on this platform are free; however, you may have to upgrade to a paid subscription to unlock advanced features.

Click here to check out Bumble


9. Older Women Dating

Older Women Dating is a dating platform that connects older women looking with younger men.

The user interface isn’t the best, but the platform gets the work done.

So, if you don’t mind the outdated user interface, Older Women Dating is a great place to meet cougars.

The registration process is easy, and you can register with your Facebook account.

Once you are through with your registration, you can start checking out members.

However, you can’t use advanced features, neither can you communicate with members without a paid membership.

Click here to check out Older Women Dating


10. Age Match

According to this platform, age is just a number.

Age Match is designed to bridge the gap between younger men and older women by connecting singles across the globe.

Age Match has been around for over 20 years and is one of the oldest dating platforms.

The site has millions of users worldwide, and 60% of its users are female.

The platform promotes serious relationships, friendships, and casual dating.

Click here to check out Age Match


Making Money Dating Cougars FAQs


Are All Older Women Cougars?

It is common to see people refer to an older woman dating a younger man as a cougar. This is wrong.

Cougar is a self-identifying term, and not every old woman dating a younger person ought to be called a cougar.

Most women dating younger men also hate the term because of its stigmatization.

They feel it makes them predators that take advantage of younger men, which isn’t the case.

This is a misconception that needs to be corrected.

As a man, sure you understand your potential’s opinion regarding this before going into the relationship.


Should I Use Free Mature Women Dating Apps?

Free dating app and paid subscription apps are both great choices.

However, you’re more likely to see serious suitors on paid subscription dating apps than free dating apps.

Most women on free dating apps usually want someone’s attention without plans to meet them in person.

That’s why a paid dating app or website is a better option because you will meet more serious-minded people over there.


What is a Cub in Dating?

A cub is a man that the cougar dates.

Usually, the cub is younger and the life of the relationship.

Any young man looking to date older people who whatever reason, is called a cub.

The cub can be of any age, but they are usually younger than the cougar.


What is a Cougar in Dating?

A cougar is an elder woman who dates or focuses her attention on young men, otherwise known as a cub.

The cougar concept represents an older woman who is dating a much younger man for personal reasons.

She could be any age, though most cougars are typically 40-60 years old.

Many women in their 20 and 30 identified as cougars.

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Are These Dating Platforms Suitable for Meeting Older Women?

Yes, they are.

Most dating apps allow you to choose the age bracket of people you want to date and match you with the age bracket you’ve selected.

You can also read the app reviews to know more about what to look forward to on the app.


Are Cougar Dating Sites Free?

Unfortunately, most cougar platforms are exclusively paid subscription platforms.

While most people don’t like paid subscription dating sites, you have to consider the advantages that come with the subscription.

If you have to pay a monthly subscription to stay on the app, there is less chance of finding a scammer.

The quality of service and value on a paid subscription site will be greater than that on a free dating platform.



Cougar dating is a great way to enjoy a simple date night or long-lasting partnership without the stress of relationships.

This article has explained the different ways you can get paid to date a cougar and ten companies that will help you have fun.

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