If you want to learn how to get paid to cross stitch, this article will really help.

It reveals up to 25 best ways and tips to help you get paid cross stitching.



At the end of a long day, the weekend, or as time permits, a great way of distressing and relaxing is to take up a hobby.

There are many hobbies that people indulge in and give them not only a release but a great deal of satisfaction in working with their captains were devoting time to a particular activity and often take great pride in what is accomplished.

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Examples of hobbies could include woodworking, being a coin collector, playing chess, crocheting, embroidery, bidding, etc.

It’s always amazing what we can do with our natural skills and talents and learning other crafts.

Another popular hobby or activity that has been around for a long time is cross stitching.

Cross stitching is similar to embroidery or sewing but the actual process or technique involves the forming of a stitch by crossing two stitches with each other.

With each crossing of the stitches and the formation of the next a variety of images or designs can come to life.

The other wonderful thing about indulging in a hobby is that sometimes our hobbies can earn us extra money as individuals enjoy the purchasing of handcrafted items.

Let us, therefore, crosses stitch a pattern or patterns that will earn money.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Getting Paid to Cross Stitch


1. Clean Hands 

One of the best tips to offer when handling the fabric and the flaws that will be utilized in your cross stitching project is to make sure that your hands are as clean as possible.

When the project is done you will certainly wash the completed item but to minimize as much dirt getting on the handmade item that you are working on it is best to make sure that your hands are as free as possible of natural oil, soil, dirt, etc.


2. Loop Method

As a seasoned cross stitcher it goes without saying that the best method of starting threads is utilizing the loop method.

The loop method is an excellent way of starting the cross stitch and does not utilize a knot.

The length of the floss is cut twice the length of what you wish to stitch with and then separate out one strand and fold in half.

Then thread both ends through the eye of the needle and the other end of the thread will form a loop.

You then bring your needle up from the back of your fabric to the front and start stitching leaving anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of the loop to floss at the back.


3. Length

The best way to measure the length of floss that you wish to start with is to use one of your arms and measure the floss from the fingertips to your elbow.


4. Protect

As part of the item that you are making it is important to make sure that the edges of the fabric are protected.

This is to prevent the fabric from being frayed.

The edges can be dabbed with the product Fray heck or you could even seal the edges utilizing painter’s tape.


5. Social Media

One of the best ways to advertise or get the word out about your hobby and how you will be selling your cross stitch crafts is through your social media platforms.

You can utilize the platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and post pictures of your handiwork.

You could also ask individuals to spread the word that if they like what they see and are interested in buying an item you could offer a discount if they do a referral and that referral purchases one of your crafts.


6. Gifts to Family and Friends

Another great way to get your crafts into the hands of people so that they can sing your praises as to your beautiful creations is to gift these items to family and friends.

The only caveat is that you would blatantly ask them to show off these pieces to their sphere of influence in hopes of increasing sales.


7. Craft Fairs

There are many craft fairs held in the community and for a small investment cost, you could purchase a booth or a table at a craft fair and display your wares.

You could also indicate to individuals that if they liked what they saw you could do special orders and of course charge extra for those special orders.

Craft fairs would be an especially profitable time as the holiday season nears.

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8. Word-Of-Mouth

One of the best ways of advertising is through word-of-mouth.

Those individuals that purchase a craft from you and you could ask them just simply to make a referral to others.

These referrals could be accomplished by actually engaging other individuals or can be done through their social media platforms as well.


9. Buy in Bulk

A good idea if you are going to create a number of cross stitch crafts is to buy your floss or your thread in bulk.

Generally, buying in bulk is cheaper especially if there are particular colors that are standard with cross stitch patterns.

Those basic colors would be black and white.


10. Test Stitcher

A way that you can earn money by being a knowledgeable cross stitcher is by being a test stitcher.

The test stitcher is an individual who will take a pattern and create the cross stitch left from that pattern with the intent of noting any inconsistencies.

Some of those inconsistencies could include the colors being in the wrong spot, the colors being misplaced, or broken symbols not properly displayed.

For your time and effort in testing, you would be paid.

An employment job site that you can research for these job opportunities would be logging onto www.indeed.com.


11. Selling Patterns

If you have an idea for a pattern that would make a beautiful cross stitch design you could create patterns and sell them.

The selling of cross stitch patterns can be accomplished by advertising through your social media sites or through your virtual online store with Etsy or eBay.

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12. Selling Your Project

Once you have created your project and have built up an inventory of a few items you can register on an e-commerce site such as Etsy.

Upon registration, you will be given the opportunity to open up a virtual online store and you can sell your crafted cross stitch items through this site.


13. Craft Store

With your love of cross stitching and your experience, you could open up your own retail store.

This could be a bricks-and-mortar store that is near a craft store or you could develop your own business website and sell everything related to the craft of cross stitching.

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The items that you would sell would be patterns, floss or thread, frames, needles, actual finished products, etc.


14. Blogger

Certainly creating your own blog site as it relates to process stitching would be a unique site that would be of interest to a specific part of hand-crafted hobby enthusiasts.

With your blog you could talk about the basics of cross stitching, going into more depth about cross stitching patterns, tips, tricks, etc.

Possible monetization of your blogging site could come through support from your followers, affiliate advertising, and possibly even gaining a hobby shop sponsor for your site.


15. YouTube

A potential way of earning money is by creating a YouTube channel that focuses on your cross stitching skills and talent.

Through this channel, you could teach others about cross stitching, the basics of the hobby, turning the hobby into a business, developing patterns, etc.

Potential revenue could be realized through your followers, affiliate advertising, the selling of merchandise through your YouTube channel as well as a possible sponsor for the site.


16. Teaching

Another way that you can earn money through your artsy skill and talent is to teach others.

A way that you can do this is through a website such as www.skillshare.com  in which you sign up on this site and offer your services as a tutor to instruct others regarding the craft of cross stitching.


17. eBay

Another online retailer that you can display your cross stitch elegant work on is eBay.

Once you have registered on this site and provided your financial information so that you can get paid, you can upload photos of your cross stitching work.

There are two ways that you can earn money through this process one is to have a fixed price or allow bidding.


18. Pricing

When pricing your cross stitch creation it is important to take a number of facts into consideration.

Some of those factors include:

  • Your time
  • Material
  • Cost of the pattern
  • Advertising or marketing costs
  • Etc.

Slso you want to make sure that you earn a profit but that you don’t price yourself out of any potential sales.

A good way to determine what price to fix would be to look at other sites and see what other cross stitching patterns are being sold for.


19. Etsy

Through the website of www.etsy.com, you can register and open up an online virtual retail store.

You can upload pictures of your cross stitching and offer them for sale to interested shoppers.

Once the purchase has been made it is your responsibility to send the item via mail as quickly as possible but Etsy will help with this process.


20. Cross Stitch Party

A fun but productive way of promoting your cross stitching and possibly realizing sales is to host a cross stitch party.

You could invite friends and family to your home and serve refreshments but also work on teaching others how to cross stitch while displaying some of the items that you have created.

Through your invitation, you can be forthcoming and reveal what the purpose of the party is which could include:

  • Having a fun time
  • Learning a new craft
  • Selling some of your items,
  • Etc.


21. Create Charts

Another way that you can earn money through the craft of cross stitching is to create your own charts.

A chart is a pattern in which the thread is cross stitched.

With the charts that you have created, you can sell them through your virtual online store or to interested family and friends by advertising through your social media platform.


22. Friends & Family

It is important to not hesitate to sell your craft to your family and friends.

They could purchase these products and support you but also provide these items as gifts to others for special occasions, especially during the holiday season.


23. Niche

A strategy that you may wish to consider with your cross stitching projects is to focus on and own a particular niche.

In other words, you may wish to provide to others cross stitched invitations to various special events in the lives of your customers.

Special events could include:

  • Birth of a baby
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Wedding
  • Birthdays
  • Etc.

Therefore, when individuals want to have that special invitation or announcement provided to others in a unique way they will think of you and your cross stitching talent.


24. Hang on to Thread

In order to maximize your earnings through your cross stitching enterprise, it is important to thoroughly use all of your materials.

Specifically, this means that you should endeavor not to throw away any excess thread that you may have as you never know when that threat may come in handy for the next project.


25. Virtual Assistant

A way that you can earn money through your knowledge of cross stitching is to offer your services as a virtual assistant.

By being a virtual assistant you will help cross stitch business owners run their businesses.

Your job role would include taking orders, fulfilling orders, answering emails, engaging social media platforms, etc.

You could advertise your willingness to be a virtual assistant to the business owners through social media platforms, Facebook, or by conducting research on businesses that are involved in cross stitching.


Personal Story

Growing up in the Midwest the seasons noticeably changed and usually right after the Labor Day weekend, the temperatures began to cool the rain would begin.

We found ourselves, as a family, enjoying each other’s company in the living room, watching TV, and ultimately my two sisters and mother would bring out their sewing baskets.

Their talent was in the area of knitting, embroidery, and cross stitching.

There was always something reassuring and relaxing for me to hear the needles clicking together or the other various sounds as the women in the family diligently went to work on their hobbies.

Ultimately, their hobby would become gifts at Christmas time for different members of the family who always enjoyed the beautiful designs and work that was placed in two the knitted, crocheted, embroidered, and cross stitched items.


Make Money Cross Stitching FAQs


How long has cross stitching been around?

The art or hobby of cross stitching dates back to the 16th century BC when the fabric has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs that indicate embroidery or cross stitching was practiced.


Why Do People Like Cross Stitching?

People enjoy cross stitching because of the added value that it brings to an individual’s life.

Specifically, it is a:

  • Great diversion
  • Great de-stressor
  • Provides individual time for the cross stitcher
  • Relaxing
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • And more


You Can Do It

You enjoy the hobby of cross stitching.

Individuals are amazed at what you are able to create and the intricate work that is involved in creating a design on fabric with various different colors of threads.

Individuals have encouraged you to utilize your talent and earn income.

You see the value of this advice and so you are going to begin this moneymaking process.



Hobbies are an important part of our life as they can be a therapeutic diversion from everyday stresses and challenges.

The added benefit to having a hobby is that some of these hobbies not only add enrichment to our life but can bring enrichment to our pocketbooks as well.

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