Yes, you can really get paid to camp!

This article explains how it works, the best ways to get paid and the best companies that pay or help you get paid to camp.



Whether you enjoy sleeping in a sleeping bag, beneath the shelter of a tent, the rustic feel, and experience of living in a cabin, or enjoy the upgrade of an RV experience, camping can be a wonderful experience.

Many individuals and families that enjoy camping will testify that the opportunity to detach from the world is a must to detoxify or de-stress one’s self from the complications and tentacles of the modern-day world.

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A true camping experience can be one associated with rest, relaxation, enjoyment of the outdoors, etc.

Camping is an opportunity to reconnect.

This reconnection can be with loved ones, with the world that we live in, and with ourselves.

An avid camper’s dream come true would be to be able to go camping and get paid to do so.

Packing up our gear and heading out to the outdoors let us explore some of those camping opportunities that are paid as well as companies that will provide employment.


10 Best Ways & Tips to Get Paid to Camp


1. Blogging 

If you have a fondness for camping and a flair for writing, a good way to get paid to go camping is by creating a camping blog site.

You could create your specific niche within the camping experience by bringing the reality of camping in a remote area or by trying out new camping products, etc.

As a camping blogger, you could approach various outdoor retailers to see if they would be willing to sponsor your blog.

You could also offer the opportunity for your followers to sponsor your content through donations.

To start your blogging site you can utilize or


2. Photography

If you have a love for the outdoors, camping, and a good eye behind a camera, you can earn money by taking photographs of your camping experience.

One such company that will consider utilizing your photographs is

Pursuing this opportunity could earn you up to $75 per camping site or property that you photograph.


3. Host 

Many organized campsites require that an individual or couple provide management oversight and be the point of contact for those campers who utilize these campsites.

Therefore, a good way to be paid to go camping is by being a campground host.

In addition to providing customer service to the guests, maintaining the cleanliness of the grounds, collecting payments, etc. you might also be required to manage any potential rentals of watercraft.

A host can be paid anywhere from $500 to $800 per month as well as being provided a free camping spot.


4. Caretaker 

Another employment position that pays for you to camp would be the position of cabin caretaker.

The job description of this employment opportunity would require that the trail be managed as it relates to keeping the trail cleared, possibly some minimal cooking, the maintenance of any buildings on the camping grounds, collecting any fees associated with the guest’s stay, etc.


5. Ridge Runner 

An opportunity for an energetic and robust individual would be the position of being a ridge runner.

A ridgerunner is an individual with a high level of outdoor experience and comes with a high level of energy and stamina.

Their role is to care for those that are hiking on the trail or who are just simply enjoying outdoor life.

Their actual responsibilities would be to shore up any areas of the trail that may have been compromised, fend off any dangerous wildlife, keep the shelters along the trail in good condition, and interact with the hikers to ensure their safety.

Possible employment positions could be researched by going to the American Hiking website.


6. Gear Tester 

Although being a gear tester is not being paid to camp per se, it is a way to be involved with the camping experience and potentially own some new and expensive camping gear for trying out the product.

To apply to become a gear tester you can click here.

The process generally requires a report that is based on three areas affiliated with the gear.


7. Maintenance Workers 

A maintenance worker at a camp will ensure that the property is kept in good and safe working order.

They also may be called upon to address any minor plumbing and electrical issues.

Also, the position may require the use of intermediate equipment such as a backhoe as the maintenance worker may be called upon to tend the campgrounds as needed.

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8. Cooks 

A critical employment position that some campgrounds need is a cook.

One such camping site needing cooking staff is operated by Under Canvas Inc.

At their location near Big Water Utah, they are advertising for a line cook with a starting wage at $17 an hour.

This position requires that the individual be familiar with the preparation of food providing beverage services, and offer the guests and team members nutritionally prepared meals.

Lodging at no cost is provided.


9. EMTs 

A critical employment position for some camping sites would be an emergency medical technician.

The service provided by these medical professionals is critical as often, the campsites and areas are remote, and basic first aid training and care is required till other medical help can be engaged.

One such location which recently has advertised for an EMT is a camping experience known as Aramark located at Olympic National Park near Sol Duc Hot Springs, Washington.


10. Workamper 

A workamper is a combination of two words as it relates to RVing and camping.

The first word of course is work with the second word being amper as part of the camper.

The two combined words define a new camping role for an individual who wants to enjoy the camping experience and yet still work to earn a wage.

Typical positions that are taken by a workamper include being a campground host, maintaining and keeping the grounds at an RV park, working reservations, housekeeping, etc.


10 Best Companies Programs That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Camp



SleepJunkie is/was looking for a family to go camping with.

They were willing to pay $500 a day or $1,500 for three days.

The offer included a three-night stay for a family at a campsite of their choice.

In addition to paying $1500, all of the camping-related expenses would be covered.

In exchange, the winner would have to compile a report about their camping experience.

The purpose of the study was to analyze the effects of outdoor sleeping on different people as it pertains to them physically and mentally.

Click here to check out SleepJunkie


2. KOA 

A recognizable business with a significant presence of campgrounds available for campers is KOA.

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By accessing their website,, one can find out about potential employment opportunities.

The enticement of working at a KOA is that it can be a seasonal opportunity and you can apply for a specific position. The work requirements include a commitment over a specific period with the commitment ranging anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

In addition to receiving a wage, you can also opt to camp your unit on the RV grounds.

Click here to check out KOA


3. Amazon 

Interestingly, Amazon works with a company and supports a program that attracts recreational vehicle owners for a variety of seasonal assignments at various Amazon facilities.

If selected for the program, you have your choice of which assignments you would like to be involved with that are located at a variety of different locations.

The benefits afforded to an associate include Amazon benefits and payment as it relates to utilizing your RV. Upon completion of your commitment, you may be eligible for an assignment completion bonus.

The name of the program that Amazon promotes is CamperForce.


4. Legacy RV Resorts 

Legacy RV Resorts provides its customers the opportunity to camp at a variety of locations from Texas to Wisconsin as well as utilize recreational facilities associated with the resort.

Some of the added features of the resorts include swimming pools, playgrounds, daily planned activities, deluxe cabins, a variety of campsite waterslides, a gaming arcade, and more.

By clicking on the employment link on the homepage you can upload your resume and provide other contact information to send to the resorts.

According to, there are opportunities for employment in human resources, maintenance, security officer, HVAC technician, etc.

According to GlassDoor, like employee benefits, there is an opportunity to have free nights lodging at these resorts.

Click here to check out Legacy RV Resorts


5. Happy Vagabonds 

A website that seems to be a one-stop-shop for individuals wishing to work at a camping site in exchange for a wage and camping can be found at

On this site, the individual can have access to campsites that are provided at no charge, RV parks and campgrounds, RV travel destinations, RV sites for rent, RV lots for sale, and a variety of rich information as it relates to camping.

Also, on this site, an individual or family can look at various websites, locations, and companies that are advertising for camp employees.

Click here to check out Happy Vagabonds


6. Vista Recreation 

This company is billed as one of the largest campground employers.

The two specific employment positions that they continually advertise for are Camp Hosts and Area Managers.

Their process begins with the hiring of camp hosts, training, and then promoting these individuals to the role of Area Manager.

Application with this company can be accomplished here at Vista Recreation.


7. Girl Scouts 

The Girl Scouts, a premier young woman development non-profit, administers the operation of several camps across the nation.

Specifically, there are several camping positions located in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Some of those positions include Camp Counselors to employers involved with the camper’s health and foodservice.

For more information click here.


8. TNT Fireworks 

Another opportunity for a workamper to be employed by utilizing the camping experience is with TNT fireworks.

On their website, click here, they are looking for individuals to sell their fireworks products in a variety of states.

The individuals selected for this position make 20% of all of the sales and the site indicates that anywhere from $3000-$10,000 or more can be earned in a matter of weeks planning upon which geographical location they are in.

They provide all of the new materials including the training.


9 American Land and Leisure 

American Land and Leisure is in the business of managing campgrounds.

Under their management involvement, they oversee 300 campgrounds.

These campgrounds are located in 9 states.

Those states include California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and West Virginis.

A variety of employment options are advertised.

Those positions include hosts, maintenance, booth workers, and clerks.

The employees receive a free camping site for their use along with other camping benefits.


10. RJourney, LLD 

This company currently is advertising for the employment position of an RV Park Work Camper at a number of their parks.

Their website is Also, an email from is a contact listing.


Personal Story

My first experience with camping occurred when I was nine years old.

The invitation to go camping was from a member of our church and involved going into the state of Wisconsin and enjoying a night at his trailer/cabin and fishing on the Wolf River.

Strangely, the invitation to be a part of this exciting adventure didn’t start with a fishing pole, sleeping bag, or tent.

It started with a paintbrush.

The arrangement was that I would paint a picket fence and restore it with a couple of coats of white paint.

In exchange for doing this work, I was promised a trip from the big city of Chicago to a small town on the banks of the Wolf River.

The deal was struck and roughly a month later the camping/fishing trip began and I soon found myself shivering in the cold Wisconsin morning and out on the lazy river learning how to fish for smallmouth bass.

To this day I can still recall the excitement of that camping adventure and am still exhilarated by the memory that almost matched that cold Wisconsin morning.

Other ways of getting paid doing unusual activities:


Making Money Camping FAQs


Is There Anything to the Phrase “Getting Fresh Air?”

If your parents ever encouraged you to go outside and get fresh air there was more to their instruction than just having you get out of the house.

The reality is that being outside near items, such as trees, will bring you closer to what is released into the air.

The significant product that trees release is oxygen.


Are There Health Benefits Associated With Camping?

By being outside and technically around trees your oxygen level will increase. Studies show that when you breathe in fresh air there is a corresponding release of serotonin that is derived from the extra oxygen.

The health benefits can include less strain on your body’s respiratory system.

It has also been demonstrated through research that spending time outdoors can improve your blood pressure, work positively on your digestive tract, and boost your immune system.


You Can Do It

We live in a fast-paced world.

The dynamics of this hustle and bustle can harm our lives and relationships and cause us to be disconnected from the important things of life.

Camping is the perfect opportunity to unplug from the world and re-connect with others and de-clutter our lives.



Camping is a marvelous opportunity to reconnect.

In addition, if one enjoys camping, there are possibilities that the combination of getting paid to camp through a variety of companies can occur,

It can easily be argued that getting paid to reconnect is the optimum plan of action to meet this goal.

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