Yes, you can really get paid to build Lego sets – talk about getting paid doing what you love, right?!

This article explains how it works, the best ways to get paid and the best companies that pay or help you get paid to build Lego sets.



In the Peter Pan fantasy, the recurring theme was about growing up or not growing up, and even in the musical, there was a song entitled “I won’t grow up.”

Obviously, that is part of the human experience with the reality being that eventually we all need to grow up and become the mature adults that we were designed to be.

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However, there’s still in some of us a desire to hang on to the memories and enjoyments of childhood.

In an effort to hang onto those memories and pleasurable times, we often indulge in playing games that provide amusement, and an escape from the responsibilities of adulthood.

Some of the more sophisticated games we play today include video games and if we are grandparents, we can get on the floor with our grandchildren and play games with them to amuse and entertain them but in reality, gain enjoyment as well.

Another memorable activity enjoyed when we were kids but now acceptable to be involved within our adult years is Legos.

The rationale of our continued enjoyment of Lego sets is the opportunity to be level-headed adults and the opportunity to monetize Lego Sets.

In our effort of not wanting to grow up let us look at ways that we can sell our Legos and companies that will help us in justifying our hanging onto toys through adulthood.


10 Ways/Tips to Get Paid to Build Lego Sets


1. Research 

When preparing to sell your Lego sets, it is important that you do your background or your research.

The research that you conduct should include information about the Lego sets, what their value is, and what they are likely to be sold for.

The factors that are considered for what you may be able to sell the sets for are whether they are in high demand, the quality of the item, the complexity of the set, etc.


2. Inventory

Perhaps, you don’t just have one set that you wish to sell but you have a number of sets and other items related to Legos.

Therefore, it is important to have an inventory and document what you have as it relates to pieces, colors, sizes, etc.


3. In-Demand 

Another important factor that drives the price of a Lego set is what is the demand or perceived demand.

Examples of high-demand Lego sets would be anything associated with Star Wars, the enchanted Castle from Disneyland, India’s Taj Mahal, or America’s Statue of Liberty.

These types of items would be most likely in great demand


4. Parts 

In order to identify the parts of a Lego set that you have and that may be separate from the set itself is sometimes a difficult process identifying and requires dedication.

In 2008, a Lego set included an inventory of parts into the instruction booklets.

It is good to know that each of the parts has an image and also captures the shape of the mold and color.

Brinklink is one of those websites that you can access to help identify the various Lego parts.


5. Current Status 

It is important that you critically describe the condition of the Lego set that you have in your possession.

Part of the identification could include whether it is used, still packaged in an original box, the condition of the box, and whether it was sold as a new item or otherwise.

The better the condition of the Legos the higher the asking price can be.


6. Age 

Another important consideration when thinking about pricing your Lego set is to take into account age.

Some Lego sets can go back almost decades and were the typical Legos and nothing extraordinary about them.

However, given their age may make them valuable.


7. Authenticity 

Authenticity is important to make sure that you get the best price.

The Legos need to be authentic Lego pieces and sets and anything less is certainly not valuable.

The best way to discover their authenticity is to take into account the glossiness of the Lego, the clarity of the color, the size, and the specific design.


8. Complete Set 

Another important consideration when thinking about selling a Lego set is to make sure that the product is complete.

This completion is defined as all of the original parts, still packaged in their original container, complete with instructions, part’s bags, various stickers, etc.


9. Size 

Another important consideration when thinking about selling your Lego sets is their size.

In this case, bigger is generally better as the larger sets were not distributed as widely as the smaller or medium-size sets.

Therefore, their availability adds to their value because there are not as many sets available on the market.


10. Theme 

Another important consideration with a Legos set is the theme that the building of the Legos captures.

Again, items such as the Statue of Liberty or India’s Taj Mahal or Star Wars theme, the Lord of the rings, or superheroes are always more expensive.

These items are more expensive due to the fact that licensing arrangements and costs needed to be negotiated.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Build Legos


1. Bricklink 

Bricklink is a website that is devoted entirely to the buying and selling of Legos.

They focus on both new and used Lego sets and individual bricks.

In order to sell on this website and Lego products, you need to set up a store.

The sales of your Legos can not only be sets but also you can sell bulk pieces as well as individual pieces.

This is also a website that you may need to investigate if there are specific rare pieces that are in demand.

Click here to check out Bricklink


2. eBay 

eBay is a large retail online forum in which an individual can register, set up an account, and begin listing their items for sale.

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With eBay, you can put a set price or you can sell your items to the highest bidder.

The possible downside of utilizing eBay is the commission that they take from the sale of items.

Click here to check out eBay


3. Sheepbuy 

Sheepbuy is a marketplace that also will help you sell your Lego sets.

This particular site does not require a commission to be paid nor are there any hidden fees or other costs associated with sales.

Selling on this website can be accomplished at no charge and all the transactions are between the buyers and sellers.

In other words, Sheepbuy is strictly a conduit between those that want to sell and those that want to buy.

Payment is made through PayPal.

Click here to check out Sheepbuy


4. Brickowl 

Brickowl is another online marketplace that specializes in the selling of anything Legos.

In addition, they offer for sale many figures as well assets.

In order to sell any Lego sets on this site will require the payment of a 2.5% commission on any products sold.

Click here to check out Brickowl


5. Craigslists 

Craigslist is an option if you wish to go outside of sites that deal strictly with Legos.

You can list through this advertisement forum what you have for sale and provide your contact information with a brief description of the Lego set.

As with anything, it is important to be cautious of dealing with any individuals that you are unfamiliar with.

Click here to check out Craigslist


6. Facebook Marketplace 

With Facebook, there is a marketplace in which items can be listed for sale.

Facebook Marketplace has a sterling reputation but again caution is important when selling to any individuals in which there are any potential opportunities of people not following through or not being honest in their transactions.

Click here to check out Facebook Marketplace


7. The Plastic Bricks 

Another website that will purchase your Lego sets is known as The Plastic Bricks.

In order to sell on this site, you would need a description of your Lego set along with accompanying photos.

If they agree to purchase the item you will need to pack and ship the set and they will pay you in cash or through store credit.

With this website, you may not get the optimum amount that you are looking for in the selling of your sets.

Click here to check out The Plastic Bricks

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8. Toy Brick Brigade 

Toy Brick Brigade has an inventory of Legos and purchases can be made and items sold. These Legos can be new and used.

The interested individual can buy Legos in bulk or individually.

Click here to check out Toy Brick Brigade


9. Bricks and Minifigs 

Bricks and Minifigs advertise themselves as a site that has extensive knowledge and a vast array of Lego products.

Also, it appears that this is a franchise with an opportunity to open up your physical store through the franchise opportunity.

They also host birthday parties and a variety of events.

It would seem that if you have a unique Lego set that this would be an opportunity to sell seta to be part of the ongoing service that they provide to their in-house customers.

Click here to check out Bricks and Minifigs


10. Private Sales 

There is always the opportunity to sell your Lego sets through other means.

Some of those means could include advertising through your social media websites that you have Lego sets available to purchase.

Also, more than likely, there is a Facebook group comprised of Lego lovers that may be interested in being part of any sales of your sets.


Personal Story

During the 1950s, while growing up, there were a number of construction types of toys that could be purchased for children.

The toys that I received from my parents that were given to me to help with my manual dexterity, utilize my imagination and learn about putting things together as well as keep me occupied were Tinker Toys, American Plastic Bricks, and Lincoln Logs.

The opportunity to play with these items always involved taking the container that they came in and dumping them out in their entirety on the floor.

Each moment spent provided opportunities to create something new.

Often, I would look at the building options included with the package but would eventually step away from the standard things to build and create items of my own choosing.

It would include the building of homes, items associated with being a cowboy, or other times I would just simply extend one piece to another to see how close to the ceiling I could go.


Make Money Building Lego Sets FAQs


What Was the Most Expensive Lego Set Sold?

One of the most expensive Lego sets that were sold was the Millennium Falcon. The sale price was $15,000.

However, the set was in pristine condition, called a first addition set and the packaging was encased in an airtight container. Also, the item was sold in the city of Las Vegas which added to its increased price


If I Had the Millennium Falcon Legos Set, How Long Would It Take to Completely Construct the Item?

If you had 16 hours, 10 minutes, and 29 seconds, you would be most likely able to complete the construction of the Legos Millennium Falcon set.


You Can Do It

In our younger years, we may have started collections.

The collections could have been the collecting of stamps, comic books, baseball trading cards, etc.

Little did we know at that time that the items that were given to us as gifts from our parents could possibly have value today and equate to significant amounts of money if we had only known and kept those items.



It is quite possible that on some days, we wish to revert back to our childhood days and exclaim that we don’t want to grow up.

We can justify our love and collection of toys from days gone by in that those items could someday be valued.

That quite possibly one day there would be an individual who would be willing to pay good money for those toys that we have hung onto and have cherished.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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